Chapter 165- Don't flirt with Ruyi flirt with me
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Zhan Yue Chapter 165- Don't flirt with Ruyi flirt with me


    Fishhead restaurant.

    The scent of a pot of fishhead soup spread around and just one sniff and one was craving for it. Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan sat at the side while Gu Ruyi and I sat opposite and looked at the boiling fish soup. Shen Mingxuan licked her lips and smiled, "Eat slowly. Anyways we aren't in a rush to level, anyways Lin Xi is leading the entire city."

    Lin Xi tried the soup in the bowl while smiling, "What lead, didn't you see that Feng Canghai was already level 58? I am only level 57 30%, I am a far way behind."

    "Wasn't it because of your faction quest."

    Shen Mingxuan looked at her and said, "To defeat that July Wildfire, think about how much time you didn't spend on experience?"

    "That was worth it..."

    Lin Xi's voice was really soft and her eyes were filled with deep meaning, "As the system Boss, July Wildfire was just too arrogant in Linchen County. Not only did he treat players as experience, he even stole equipment, scoff... As Dawn Faction's envoy do you think I can sit at the side and do nothing?"

    "Okay okay okay, you represent justice."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled while taking a piece of fish for her, "Eat more and get more collagen to protect your position as the most beautiful warrior!"

    Lin Xi laughed, "Then you should eat more too, most beautiful Archer."

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "You two are just praising one another ya?"

    "Yes, the server's most beautiful Mage." Shen Mingxuan smiled.

    I was shocked so I took a piece of fish for myself and said, "Since that is the case then the most handsome Paladin shall eat more."

    Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Shameless..."


    Right at that moment, a bunch of students entered and all of them looked tired.

They looked like they had just went offline. When they passed out table, all of them couldn't help but look towards Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan. One of them even exclaimed, "Wa, that table... Those few girls are so pretty!"


    A student whose hair was dyed yellow said, "Don't you think the girl sitting on the outside is very familiar? She looks like... She looks like Lin Xi!"

    "What? !"

    The other few stretched their necks to look, "That can't be, Lin Xi is eating here?"

    All of a sudden, the atmosphere became a little weird.

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Next time, we probably need to book a room before we come if not we attract too much attention. It is all your fault Lin Xi."

    Lin Xi was stunned, "What are you blaming me for?"

    "If you didn't look so pretty then you wouldn't have attracted so much attention!"

    She burst into a laugh and didn't know what to say.

    Fortunately our combat strength was relatively strong and in less than an hour we were finished. Shen Mingxuan hugged Lin Xi up the wheelchair and got back to our living area. As usual, the three of them went upstairs while I went online in the guard post.

    I took the helmet out and confirmed that the gate was locked. I raised my head and looked at the dark sky and had a feeling of disbelief. I was actually staying in With You's studio. If this was three days ago, I definitely wouldn't imagine this. However, things were just so unpredictable and one wouldn't know what would happen next.



    I went online and appeared on the east square of Linchen County. The moment I went online, there was a voice message from August End. After accepting it, Ah Fei's familiar voice spread into my ears, "Hehehe, how is it over at With You?"

    "Everything is normal." I said.


    He smiled, "Have you seen Lin Xi?"

    "Yes." I nodded.

    "How is she, is she beautiful? How is she with regards to her image in game?"

    Lin Xi's beautiful face appeared in my mind and I smiled, "I am afraid she is even more beautiful than in game. I think she lowered her beauty in game by at least 10%."

    "Damn, how can that be?" He was stunned, "What about the other two? Bright Moon and Follow Heart are pretty?"

    "They are."

    "Then what are you planning to do next?" He asked.

    "Do what, I shall just level myself up and contribute to the studio!"


    He was speechless, "You went to With You for that? Weren't you going to pick up chicks?"

    My mind was in a blur, "Damn... If you didn't say that I would have totally forgot. Let me to it slowly. Anyways I don't have too many thoughts so I shall just remain in With You!"

    "Okay, also take care of our inscription business and don't play that Paladin account all day. Don't give up on the Shura as we still need to depend on it for materials. Right, level 5 inscription is too hard to reach. A few days have passed and I am not even at 10%, with this speed I can't keep up to player's stats requirements."


    I nodded, "Let me give you a good treasure for you to wear before you do inscriptions. It would be much quicker."


    In the next moment, I was already by Ah Fei's side and opened the trade platform. I passed the Skill Necklace to him and his eyes opened wide, "Damn, why didn't you give me this long ago, it is so strong! My Little Brother Ah Li is just so strong, he acan get all sorts of weird tools!"

    I was speechless, "Okay, just sit down and do your business. I need to meet them to train now."



    I purchased potions and fixed the equipment and gathered in the east gate. Ruyi and I were the first there.

    She held her light blue Bluewater Staff and her robe wrapped around her body. Under her shirt, her peaks rose and she looked really alluring. Her snow white legs could be seen from the gaps in her robe. Her face was really gentle and like her name Ruyi, she was everything a guy desires. Such a gentle and cute girl along with such a name, she was indeed a great choice as a wife.

    "Ruyi, why are you so early?" I smiled.


    She smiled and nodded, "I am ranged so my equipment doesn't need to be repaired which was why I was quick."

    "Oh oh."

    I held my sword and guarded beside her. Instantly, we looked around but didn't know what to say so the situation was quite awkward.

    "Lu Li."

    She bit her lips and looked at me with those beautiful eyes, "Are you still used to things in the studio."

    "Yes." I nodded.

    She pursed her lips and wanted to say something but stopped. After a few seconds, "Actually you don't have to go online outside but recently the security here has been bad and a week ago the neighbour was lockpicked. To be safe we can only trouble you. But it is okay, after a period of time Lin Xi and Mingxuan should let you come online in the house with us."

    "That is fine."

    I looked at her solemnly and smiled, "I can understand, after all before today, I am just a foreign guy and it is right to be wary against me. That is your self protection so I don't mind. I will use time to prove that I am someone you all can rely on and trust."

    After saying all that, my face flushed red. When I thought about my goal for coming here, I instantly felt guilty.

    "It is gerat that you can think that way!"

    Gu Ruyi's eyes were filled with joy, "I belive that you can be trusted and I believed that from the start."

    "Thank you Ruyi."

    I nodded my head and smiled. That thank you came from my heart. Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan felt distant from me but only Gu Ruyi didn't. Since I entered With You, she treated me as one of them.


    "What are you two talking about?"

    Shen Mingxuan's voice spread from behind and when I turned around, I saw the bow weilding player. She teased, "Ruyi, don't get cheated because of his few words. Lu Li might look harmless but what if he is a scum, that would be bad~~"

    I was speechless, "Shen Mingxuan what nonsense are you saying, I am not hitting on Ruyi!"

    "Scoff scoff, good if you are not!"

    She bumped me with her shoulder and gave a teasing smile, "Don't hit on her, hit on me! I am easy, I will get hooked right away!"

    I stared at her, "You really are shameless, you probably are the toughest right? !"


    She smiled widely and that attracted the gazes of everyone around. Lin Xi walked out with her silver robe and her exquisite armor shone purple. She smiled, "Since Lu Li came, the studio became much more fun~~ Let's go, our night work is about to begin!"

    "En en, let's go!"


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    Half an hour later, Canyon of Despair.

    We returned to the place where we killed the murloc leader. As they were high level monsters, those murlocs didn't spawn. We continued forwards and in less than five minutes, we were swept with a cold bone piercing breeze. The entire atmosphere changed and there were even snowflakes in the sky. The map had became an snow canyon.


    Lin Xi found it cold too and buttoned herself up, "Why did it suddenly become so cold. I remember that when we left the weather wasn't like that?"

    "This map might be something that spawned recently?"

    I raised my sword and said, "Maybe some sort of power entered which was why the map changed."

    "En, that is possible."

    She smiled, "Let's go, prepare to level."


    Ahead of me, in the snow canyon, many three meter tall shadows moved around aimlessly.

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