Chapter 166- Not forgeting initial intentions
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Zhan Yue Chapter 166- Not forgeting initial intentions

 Those were really tall ice giants and their bodies were covered in thick layers of frost. Their arms were translucent and looked like they were filled with power. Each step they took on the snowland gave off a really heavy feel to it. Lin Xi walked at the front and shared the ice giant's stats to the party channel. Apart from her, no one else could read the stats (If the level difference is more than 5, one wouldn't be able to read the stats)--

    Ice Giant (Treasure Grade Monster)

    Level: 62

    Attack: 2200-2950

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    Defence: 1700

    Health: 100000

    Skill: Frost Stone Skin, Extreme Chill Strike, Heavy Snow Hit

    Introduction: Ice Giant, a being formed from ice spirits. After these Ice Giants had a certain level of sentience and strength, they treated any living being that invades their land as their enemy. Be it humans or demons, any being that enters their land will be hunted down.



    Shen Mingxuan's eyes opened wide, "Finally Treasure Grade monsters, these stats... They are much stronger than Precious Grade ones, their attack and defence are at least 30% higher. Their Health also doubled."


    Lin Xi's lips curled up, "Stats have been greatly increased means that experience is too. Moreover, such monsters has a low chance to drop Treasure Grade equipment."

    I asked lazily, "Boss, what is called super purple equipment?"

    She was speechless, "Precious Grade equipment is already what everyone call purple equipment but they aren't the most purple. Above that is one more grade, as the grade is higher so the color is darker which is why we call it super purple."

    "You made it up yourself right?" I dissed.

    Lin Xi's face flushed red, "Shen Mingxuan, don't prepare Lu Li's breakfast tomorrow."

    "Yes mam!"

    Shen Mingxuan raised her bow.

    I was helpless, "Okay okay I am wrong,

I want to eat breakfast."

    Lin Xi burst into a laugh, "Good that you know that you are wrong. Okay, let's start to train. Ruyi, use Fireball Spell to lead one lone Ice Giant over and then we shall test it out. We need to be more careful after all it is a level 62 monster. To say something hurtful, it already has the strength of Mingxuan and Ruyi."

    "En, safety first!"

    Gu Ruyi stepped forwards and judged the distance carefully. When she was around 40 yards out, she held her staff up and opened her fingers. With a "shua", a fireball appeared in her palm and she tossed it out. With a "peng", it smashed into the body of an Ice Giant. Just that alone could show that Ruyi was nearly first rate. As compared to her, Ah Fei was a total noob.


    After getting hit, the Ice Giant roared out in rage and charged over. Lin Xi used Assault and stunned it right away, following up with Double Hit+Flying Flame Slash. Right when Flying Flame Slash landed, it actually did 9000+ damage. Lin Xi was shocked, "Fire skills deal extra damage! Use more fire skills."

    Fire counters ice, that was expected.

    The Ice Giant's health bar was too long. After Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Ruyi used a series of skills, they were still unable to kill it. Right at that moment, the Ice Giant hollered in anger. It raised its hands and smashed down onto Lin Xi.


    Lin Xi used the Heaven Sword Umbrella to block it but was still forced back. Where she was being hit at, ice spikes shot up from the ground and formed a series of damage. Lin Xi frowned and said in the party channel, "Heavy Snow Hit has a strong splash damage. Lu Li and I need to stay apart if not the heal would be for nothing."

    "I understand."

    I nodded my head and used Saint Light Technique on her. I used Assault and coordinated my attacks with Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi. This also removed the last bit of the Ice Giant's health.

    "Wu wa~~~"

    The Ice Giant hollered in rage and fell to the ground. The ice on its body shattered, turning into big chunks. At the same time, a huge gold coin fell onto the surface.

    "Ah? !"

    Lin Xi was shocked and opened her mouth, "Normal monsters actually dropped gold coins?"


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "At the current game state, gold's value is 1:4 which means that each Ice Giant we kill, we get four dollars, one meat bun. That's good!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Okay okay, let's kill them quickly. I will draw three over, I will kill two while Lu Li tank one for me. Mingxuan and Ruyi can use your AOE skills. Lu Li and I will draw their attention and increase efficiency."


    I nodded to express agreement.


    A few seconds later, Lin Xi ran backwards and she was being chased by three fierce Ice Giant. While running, her hair danced in the wind. She said solemnly, "Okay, take one!"


    I used Assault right away and then followed up with basic attack+Judgement+basic attack to fully attract one of the Ice Giant. I then slid to find the right angle to use Saint Storm on the three of them, causing a wave of AOE damage. Lin Xi also used the Heaven Sword Umbrella's AOE to instantly hit the three of them from an angle.

    From afar, Gu Ruyi raised her staff and used Frost Domain, Storm etc skills. She was undoubtedly our highest damage dealer and she dealt much more than Lin Xi did. It was obvious that Mages were always sons of the game and that had never changed!

    After a series of hits, the battle ended quickly and we gained another three gold.

    Lin Xi picked them up and then looked at me, "Lu Li, why not you... Attract the monsters, draw more of them, we can handle 4-5 of them.After that then use Ash Fortress to tank and then heal yourself. The three of us will damage them, how about that?"

    My lips twitched, "Are you not worried I will die?"

    "Probably not, you also want to reach level 55 to equip the Lance Deep Ocean Shield right?"


    I nodded and smiled, "Then wait here, watch me perform."

    "En en."

    I held the shield on my left and a sword on my right as I ran towards the monsters. My level was slightly lower so I had to be more careful. I moved carefully and wasn't greedy at all. Right when I attracted five of them, I returned right away and dashed towards where Lin Xi was at. She smiled, "Ash Fortress only last for 7 seconds, after you get hit then use it!"


    I turned around and used Saint Storm on the monsters, hitting all of them. A golden storm swept them up and dealt 150% damage to the giants. Then, all sorts of giant arms landed from above and hit my shield. Instantly my health started to drop and my close to 40 thousand Health dropped to 24000 in less than three seconds. The level and stats difference was too huge!

    "Ash Fortress!"

    I hollered and a golden shield appeared around me reducing the damage. At the same time, I used Saint Light Technique on me and used a health potion. All of a sudden, after I healed three times, the five Ice Giants roared in anger and started attacking with much higher frequency.

    Based on the game system, when training, players that heal would attract attention. This was why Priests would get killed easily. If their heals were too high, they might draw all the attention. This was also how Paladin's survived. Before taunt skills appeared, they could only rely on such methods to act as a tank.

    On the side, Lin Xi had started to attack. She used Blade of Dawn, Frost Slash, Flying Flame Slash etc while Gu Ruyi used her Bluewater Staff and continued to be the highest AOE damage dealer. This time the effects were much quicker and our speed was 20% faster than before. When they fell one after another, experience flew towards us and my experience bar shone bright. It felt so good!


    Just like that, we trained to 11pm and with a light descending from above, my Shura account was already level 56 so I adjusted the Paladin by one to 54. I maintained being 2 levels lower than the Shura account so that people wouldn't suspect.

    Right at that moment, I heard a rustling sound but it wasn't from the game. The game only had the sound of cold wind while that ruslting was of someone stepping on leaves. Moreover, it was not far away.


    I frowned, "Go train, I will go offline for a while."


    Lin Xi turned towards me, "What happened, Lu Li?"

    "Nothing, I will go get a call."

    "Oh, return quickly, we will wait for you here."



    I summoned the secretary and went offline. I pushed open the door to the guard post and walked out. My body sunk into the darkness. Not far from me, in the back of the With You's villa, two people were moving towards the storage. Were they really here to steal?

    Energy flowed in my body which made my footsteps light. It was as if I had a sort of light movement technique which allowed me to get close to the storage room. I pressed myself onto the walls and instantly, I heard two people trying to keep their voice low--

    "Softer you idiot, don't let people hear us!"

    "So what, I heard that only a few girls stay here. Moreover they are quite pretty so what do we need to be afraid of. If they notice us then let's charge at them and make them feel good!"

    "Nonsense! Are we hear to bully girls? We are here to steal steel, do you know what is called not forgeting initial intentions?"

    "Hmm, big brother's words make sense..."

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