Chapter 167- Protector of Steel
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Zhan Yue Chapter 167- Protector of Steel

 As expected they were here to steal!

    I frowned. Gu Ruyi was right, the safety in this region wasn't good recently, but that was okay... Since I was here then this place would be fine. Moreover, I didn't expect that I would bump into such a thing on my first day. Maybe this was what they called fate!

    Right when the two of them were about to enter the storage, I walked from behind the wall and opened the flashlight on my phone. I shone on their faces, "Cough cough... Will you turn yourselves in? Or should I send you to the station?"


    They covered their faces and the thinner one laughed, "Friend there is no such need right? We are all trying to survive. Who are you to the people here?"


    I said, "I am the person hired for a high fee to be their Protector of Steel, do you have a problem?"

    "Damn, you really are asking for it!"

    The thin kid laughed coldly and punched towards my phone.


    His movement was too slow and I just raised my arm to easily avoid it. I grabbed his neck and pressed him onto the wall. Shortly after, I used a light knee hit. With a low thud, he started to cry. My hit definitely wasn't as light as I thought.

    "Why didn't you listen to your big brother?"

    I smiled, "Steal steel then, you actually want to bully the girls inside. Why don't you be a proper person?"


    On the other side, his brother reached out to grab my arm.


    I kicked his stomach and instantly he twisted like a shrimp, hugging his stomach and kneeling on the ground. He cursed in dialect that I couldn't understand and said, "Friend, my brother and I are working and recently the factory isn't doing well. We couldn't pay rent so we wanted to steal steel to pay it off, forget it..."

    He gritted his teeth, "Let us off and we definitely won't come in the future. Please. I am okay,

but my brother is only 17. If he is reported then he probably won't be able to get a good life."

    "But your brother isn't a good perosn."

    I smiled and tried to make myself look fierce. I looked towards the teen that I pressed on the wall and smiled, "But that is fine, I am great at dealing with people like you. I recorded you trying to steal steel this time and also your faces. This is your first offence, if you dare to come again, I can ensure that the two of you will definitely get jailed."

    After saying that, I tossed the teen onto the ground. I still felt annoyed and kicked him right on his butt, "Scram! If you dare to come again I will break your legs!"

    The two of them jumped across the wall and hobbled away.



    I was speechless. I used my phone to light up the walls here and realised that it was really low. The steel structures on top of it was rusty and did need some fixing. Moreover, I was lying when I said that they were recorded. I had just came here and the only cctv was on the streets, it couldn't capture this area at all.

    "Why not I help them place a few cameras here tomorrow?"

    I muttered to myself before sighing, "Damn, didn't I come here to take revenge? Why did it look like I suddenly became their Protector of Steel?"

    Forget it, maybe I was born to be a good person.

    I returned back to the guard post, wearing the game helmet and going online!


    My character appeared on the same spot and not far away, Lin Xi pulled her blade out from a stone giant. She smiled, "You are online?"

    "En, sorry for making all of you wait." I smiled.

    "Nothing, continue to level."

    "En, I will attract the monsters."

    Thus, we continued our training tempo like before. Right when I was drawing and killing the monsters, a voice message came from Lin Xi. We were in the same party so why did she private message me? But, I still accept it. In the next moment, her voice could be heard, "Did something... Happen just now?"


    I told her honestly, "Two people came to steal steel and I caught them on the spot."


    She was stunned, "Someone really came to steal. Are you fine?"

    "I am." I smiled, "Don't look at me, I am indeed really skilled."

    She laughed, "Good good good, Shen Mingxuan really chose the right person. Thank you."

    "But Lin Xi."

    I frowned, "The studio is filled with girls and it isn't safe at all. Moreover our entire courtyard does not have cameras and is badly lit, no wonder people will come to steal. I think we should buy some cameras and monitor the entire villa to be safe."

    "Do you know how to do such things?" She said, "I thought about it, but... The few of us are cumbersome and even if we buy it we won't know how to fix it. So it was something we haven't bothered to do."

    I smiled, "That is my strength, I did say in my interview that I was a data analyst. At the same time, I did equipment management and system mantainance. So you just need to give me a some of money and I can help you do this well. The entire courtyard will have no deadzones and you can view the scenes upstairs."


    She opened her beautiful eyes and asked carefully, "Is it expensive? The studio has just been set up and we don't have much funds..."

    I broke into a laugh, "Don't be too worried, it won't be too expensive. Each camera costs around 200 so we can buy around 6 of them. As for software, I can deal with it myself and won't need to spend any money. You just need to give me 1500 and I can complete everything. I won't charge you anything."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Okay, add me on WeChat and I will send it to you?"


    Finally, I got the WeChat of the top beauty in the server!

    Not long later, Lin Xi became my WeChat friend. The recent post she did made was of fishhead soup from dinner. I looked through and it was mostly food and drinks.


    A message, Lin Xi transferred 1500, I got the money.

    "Then I shall leave everything to you!" She smiled.

    "Don't worry."

    "Focus on levelling."



    This time I could finally focus on training!

    As we pushed forwards, the Ice Giants in Snow Canyon fell one by one and turned into experience and gold. We trained all the way to 12:40 and my experience reached level 56 20%. At this moment, the entire map was cleared by us. At the end of it, a giant ice formation appeared!

    "It most probably is the Boss!"

    I held my sword and smiled, "It is about to spawn!"

    Lin Xi was excited and looked at the formation, "If we are right, it should be a Treasure Grade Boss, this is the first Treasure Grade Boss we are fighting, we must go all out!"

    Shen Mingxuan said calmly, "Lin Xi don't be too optimistic. Elements used 50+ people to kill one Treasure Grade Boss. There are only four of us and the gap is strength is too huge."

    "Let's just try!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "At most then we will each lose 1 level but if we succeed then we can get the second kill. Isn't Feng Canghai trying to get teh second kill? We won't give him the chance!"

    "Cough cough..."

    I coughed, "Lin Xi it seems like you don't like Feng Canghai? Before this I heard some rumours..."

    "Don't say it."

    Lin Xi turned around and stared at me, "I know. Recently there are some rumors saying that With You is joining Elements, they even say that Feng Canghai and I.... Scoff, those are rumors. Elements and I only worked together once and there isn't anything more. Those people are just grasping at shadows and have nothing better to do!"


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Feng Canghai is such an overconfident fellow, how can Lin Xi fall for him? What strongest player couple, scoff, what a joke!"


    I smiled, "I was being nosy, I am sorry. Hahaha~~~"

    Lin Xi said, "Okay, prepare to fight the Boss. We must go all out and when needed, Lu Li you must prepare to be cannon fodder do you understand?"


    Right at that moment, an ice formation shone bright and everything around felt much colder. Snow descended from above and landed in the center, gathering and condenscing. In a blink of an eye, snow power started to be spit out.

    Strong powers were rising up!


    I frowned and I already sensed the power rising up. On the side, Lin Xi frowned and looked at me in shock, "You also sensed it?"

    "En, the Boss's aura is really strong!"

    She was surprised and nodded, "Yes."

    Right at that moment, a white crystal-like body stood up and snowflakes landed on her skirt. Her tall and thin body made one tempted but the ice around scared people from getting close. Ice energy gathered and formed a magic staff and then frost turned into silver hair. In a blink of an eye, a female Boss appeared in front of us.

    Her, she was here! We were about to fight our first Treasure Grade Boss, his aura was really strong!

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