Chapter 168- End of first battle
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Zhan Yue Chapter 168- End of first battle

 "Pa ta!"

    The Boss stats were shared by Lin Xi who was the highest in the party to the party channel--

    Soul of the Ice Queen (Treasure Grade Boss)

    Level: 62

    Magic Attack: 3200-4050

    Defence: 2000

    Health: 1500000

    Skill: Ice Strike, Ice Seal, Snow Storm, Eternal Chill

    Introduction: Ice Queen, the queen of the Ice Snow Race, she was a living being that was born out of snow nad ice and once ruled a large piece of land. But the Dimension Legion invaded the region and after Dragon City was lost, the ice snow race was under huge threat. In the end, they were wiped out by the Dimension Legion. Her soul descended on the Canyon of Despair and she became bloodthirsty and violent and she became one of the frontline forces of the Dimension Legion.


    "Such strong stats!"

    I was stunned, "Magic Attack over 4000 points, who knows how much that would hurt... Lin Xi allow me to be direct, but our party might have a problem. The Boss has four skills and seem quite strong. Moreover its Defence is really high. A 2000 Defence Treasure Grade Boss probably has over 5000 true Defence points, along with the 1.5 million health, it would be really tough."

    Lin Xi bit her lower lip, "Since we are here let's just think about how to fight it?"

    I said, "If we want to take it down, we need to control the battle. Snow Storm is definitely an AOE skill so someone need to have a stun to interrupt it. As for Eternal Chill, we temporarily don't know what it is and will only find out once we fight."


    Lin Xi looked at me with her beautiful eyes, "We have to control our skill usafe. Lu Li you are in charge of healing. Don't get too close and suffer from unneeded damage. Your Assault and Mingxuan's Stun Shot will be left for Snow Storm. The moment the Boss uses Snow Storm then you two will break it. As for Eternal Chill, I will leave my combo for it. Along with Heaven Sword Umbrella's effect, maybe we can suppress it."


    I nodded my head, "Then... Let's begin?"



    Lin Xi looked at everyone, "Is everyone at full health and full mana?"


    "Then I shall start on the Boss."

    She turned around, holding a purple sword on one hand and the chaotic energy wrapped Heaven Sword Umbrella on the other. She slashed through the sky and used Assault on the Ice Queen's body. There was a loud "Peng", and as she was the person with the highest level, the stun from Assault succeeded!

    "Firepower follow up!"

    I moved forwards with my sword and shield and stood still 35 yards away from Lin Xi. I could heal Lin Xi from this distance and also back out of the battle region to avoid the Boss's AOE damage. At the same time I could interfere right away. This was the most suitable distance for a milk cavalry.

    "Those dead people shall welcome the snow storm!"

    Right when Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi dealt a series of attacks, Ice Queen shrieked furiously. She waved her ice staff and instantly a drill shaped piece of ice swept forwards and hit Lin Xi's body.


    It was over ten thousand, what a strong magic attack!

    My heart shook and I raised my sword right away to lock onto Lin Xi. I used Saint Light Technique right away and at the same time, Lin Xi slid and appeared behind the Boss. Her sword shone and she used Flame Slash and Flying Flame Slash together to reduce the Boss's healthbar. At the same time, Gu Ruyi's Fireball Spell and Shen Mingxuan's Explosive Shot landed one after another. Everyone was really smart and they knew the skills to counter the Boss.

    "Shua! Shua!"

    Second, third Saint Light Technique all landed on Lin Xi's body. Along with her health potion and lifesteal, her health was full right away.

    At that moment, the Ice Queen spread her arms towards Lin Xi and shouted angrily, "Evil lifeform, receive judgement- Freeze!"


    Ice energy descended from above and covered Lin Xi's body. In the next moment, her body was covered in a layer of frost and she was actually locked in eyes. This was the Boss's second skill, a single target control spell!

    "Not good!"

    Lin Xi was shocked and said in the group channel, "I am sealed and I will definitely be targetted, Lu Li!"

    My reaction was even quicker and I used Assault before Lin Xi finished. "Peng", I knocked Ice Queen's skirt but as my level was too low, I wasn't able to stun her. At the same time, I waved my sword and used basic attack+ Judgement+ Saint Storm. But my attack wasn't enough. Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan's aggro value was even higher than mine!


    I used Saint Light Technique on Lin Xi's body and instantly pulled my aggro value to the highest level. Ice Queen raised her staff and summoned an Icicle Spell towards me.

    "How dangerous..."

    Lin Xi was terrified, "Fortunately Lu Li's reaction is fast enough!"


    I planted my legs on the ground and used Ash Fortress. Instantly a grey gold shield formed around me. At the same time, I stabbed towards her legs and used my shield on her hip, forcing her back. The rage on her face became more intense.

    "Receive the punishment of the snow!"

    She waved her staff and used Ice Strike on me, dealing 4000+ damage. As expected, with Ash Fortress, my stats were much tankier than Lin Xi but Ash Fortress only lasted for 7 seconds. Moreover, after Lin Xi rejoined the battle, my aggro value dropped so I could only retreat and focus on Lin Xi's health.


    Just like that, Lin Xi's health deviated between 60-80% health and she also got Ice Sealed once more. I had to interfere in the battle. The Boss's healthbar started to drop and 5 minutes later, her health was finally at 50%.

    Our damage was too low and Lin Xi's Blade of Dawn could only deal 2000 damage. My basic attacks were only a pitiful 300-400. Judgement and Saint Storm did less than 600+. The four of us were biting at a stubborn stone. One had to say that a Treasure Grade Boss exceeded the strength of current players. Previously when Elements attacked a Treasure Grade Boss, who knew how many people they sacrificed.

    Just when I was thinking about it, Ice Queen raised her staff and her eyes became really violent. She muttered the curses, "The extreme power of frost, awaken, turn all enemies into powder-- Snow Storm!"

    "Hong hong hong~~~"

    Streaks of lightning light shone and both snow and ice ravaged the land. The range was actually around 40 yards and the ice storm descended like that of blades.


    "Stun Arrow!"

    Shen Mingxuan and I used our stuns together but two huge Misses filled us with despair!

    "I will tank it!"

    Lin Xi said, "The rest of you back out of the zone!"

    She gritted her teeth and dawn light appeared around her. She activated Dawn Protector to reduce the damage but Snow Storm dealt too much damage and large damage numbers rose up from her head. In a blink of an eye, she was about to lose it! Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and I charged out of the Snow Storm range. We turned around and saw that Lin Xi's health was dropping.






    In a blink of an eye, Lin Xi's healthbar was emptying out!

    "Not good!"

    I charged in and after gulping down a red potion, I activated Ash Fortress once more. I used Saint Light Technique after Saint Light Technique on Lin Xi. While I used it, Ice Queen stared towards me with rage and mockery.

    "Ah? !"

    "Ding", just one gaze from her and a cold current descended from above, covering my body. I was instantly sealed. My health dropped until less than 10 thousand remained. I was close to danger!

    "Sleeping snow and ice spirits, listen to me. Swallow all warmth and light in the world- Eternal Chill!"

    Ice Queen shouted and it made all of our hearts tremble. We were finished, this was too much!


    A black light spread out with the boss at the center and covered all of us. The attack range reached 100 yards and the area around became dark. The heat disappeared and it reached an extreme level of coldness. It was as if even light was frozen. Snowflakes stopped in midair and everything on earth stopped!

    The only thing that didn't stop were our healthbars!

    "Shua shua shua!"

    Our healths dropped.


    Lin Xi used her combo and used Gale right away but there was nothing she could do. The huge Miss filled one with despair. Ice Queen's skill was above the S Grade Combo. Although Lin Xi used it but it didn't matter and it was unable to break the Eternal Chill. As for the few of us, Shen Mingxuan was first to die. I was the second. My health was already low and I was sealed in ice so my healthbar couldn't take it at all.


    My eyes flashed white as I died. This was a feeling that I hadn't felt in a long time!



    A weak soul form appeared in the nearby cemetary. Around me, Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi appeared. Our With You actually got wiped out in the first day!

    "Too strong!"

    Shen Mingxuan was speechless, "This Ice Queen is a battle machine, can we still fight it?"


    Lin Xi was not willing to lose. She charged out and said, "We are just five minutes away so charge and revive right away. Don't let the Boss's health regenerate if not we have no chance!'


    The three of them charged and I followed behind. In five minutes, the Ice Queen's health would at least be above 70%... If we fight it then, we would probably get wiped out and the chance of us succeeding would be low. We had to try something different. Right, it was time for my Shura state to appear!

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