Chapter 169- Silently putting in effort
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Zhan Yue Chapter 169- Silently putting in effort

Change account, Shura!


    I was teleported and in the next moment, my body appeared in th sky. Black energy currents wrapped around my body and it also shone a golden light. My body had many magma-like patterns and the horns on my head were filled with really noble energy. The daggers appeared in my hands and along with an intense light, I appeared right beside my human account's corpse!

    Right, I was back!

    "En? !"

    In the distance, Ice Queen who was healing up was shocked. Her eyes were filled with evil, "What thing is here? !"

    I laughed and used Soul Star Explosion right away. I launched Dark Shadow Jump onto Ice Queen that was healing up and she instantly lost 7000+ Health. it seemed like the Assassin forms attacks weren't higher than Lin Xi!

    But, my advantage was in true damage and control and not pure Attack. In terms of pure attack, I definitely couldn't defeat a top Warrior. Their growth and job advantage was obvious.

    Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack!

    The moment I attacked her with the series of attacks, Ice Queen had turned around. She hollered and used Ice Strike on me. She was really quick and couldn't be dodged. Thus, I didn't dodge! When the Boss used her skills, I pouned with my daggers and my white robe flashed. I used White Cloak to dodge her attacks and also used Annihilation to slash across her chest.

    All of a sudden, her two ice peaks were being wiped out, like data chains being shattered, they were slowly breaking down. At the same time, large damage numbers rose up above her head--


    Annihilation crit and instantly took away a chunk of her health. At that moment, she screamed in rage, holding her staff up in the air and summoning Snow Storm!

    "En? Again?"

    This time I wanted to see if my SS Grade combo could interrupt it!


    Separated by water!

    Three golden words shone around my body.

Under the intense golden energy waves, the Ice Queen's body just shook slightly but she was still able to use her skill. It wasn't interrupted but she only took a series of my attacks. In the next moment, a huge storm descended from above and smacked onto my body.

    Since I was here, then I am going to go all out!

    I twisted my ring and activated Blood Barrier, covering my body in a blood colored shield which reduced all my damage. At the same time I activated Blood Drawing Blade and started hitting the Boss. Hunter's Edge, Annihilation, Dragon Will etc skills were used and I used everything I could in 12 seconds. The Boss's healthbar also dropped to 30%.

    "Lu Li you aren't following?"

    Beside my ear, I suddenly heard Lin Xi's voice which sent a chill down my spine. If I switched to Shura form, would it indicate anything in the party?

    Luckily since Lin Xi said that, it seemed like... They didn't notice anything, or that my picture in the party was still of my human account.

    No, time to return. My plan to stop the Boss from healing up was already fulfilled.

    Switch accounts, human race Paladin!


    The Shura Assassin directly disappeared from the Ice Queen's gaze which stunned me. So I could really switch freely in battle? If that was the case, if I was fighting using the Shura account and met any dangers, could I switch accounts to avoid? Hahaha, it sounded quite cunning but so what?

    My eyes lit up and my Human Race soul form appeared.

    I chased up to Lin Xi and the others. Actually I had only entered Shura form for less than 20 seconds. They probably thought that I was just stunned, they definitely wouldn't expect that I had returned to the battlefield to beat up the Ice Queen.

    I continued to run and about a minute later, I felt that Ice Queen should have started to heal.


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    Change forms, Shura!


    A blood red light descended from above onto the snow land. I stood up with an arrogant gaze as black energy circled around me. I used Dark Shadow Jump to lock onto the Boss and then used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack. Soul Star Explosion still had dozens of seconds so it was perfect.

    Thus after beating up the boss, I used both White Cloak+ Annihilation and the Ice Queen was now left with 19% health. The moment she used Eternal Chill, I switched accounts! Time to flee! Use your ultimate then, anyways I wouldn't take damage!


    I turned back to human form while smiling brightly. I continued to run behind Lin Xi and the others.

    A minute passed.

    The Boss was definitely healing.


    Change forms, Shura!


    I landed beside Ice Queen along with a bright pillar of light. I used Dark Shadow Jump to make her enter battle mode but I was much more careful this time. Soul Star Explosion's stats were over. If I had 100% of my stats I didn't need to fear at all but being careful was totally useless. With a loud explosion, I was hit by snow and lost 12000+ health. I was hit even worse than Lin Xi!

    I was an Assassin in the end and had to be low profile

    I changed accounts and returned to my human form. I just had top stop the Boss's health recovery and even drew another Eternal Chill attack. Based on teh game system, the Boss's ultimate had a limit. Once it used it several times, she wouldn't be able to use it again. If not, it would be easy for them to massacre players. So, there was a chance that Eternal Chill wouldn't be used anymore.

    Just like that, Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi all revived and were healing up near the Boss. I was the last to revive.


    I appeared in front of them as a Paladin.

    "You fellow, why are you so late?" Shen Mingxuan grumbled, "Fortunately, the Boss didn't heal up. Moreover, his health seemed lesser than before."


    Lin Xi said, "I remember that the Boss had 46% health when we were killed, why was she left with 27% now? Weird."

    I drank a mana potion and healed myself to full. Then I used Saint Light Technique on Lin Xi and said, "Let's not care so much. Maybe the Boss is cursed. Anyways just hit the Boss, don't let her recover!"


    Lin Xi turned around, "The tactic is still the same, follow me!"

    The battle started once more and it was still really intense.

    I stood on the 35 yard safety line and just looked at Lin Xi fight on the frontlines. I healed her time after time. Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan focused fire and along with Lin Xi's attacks, the Boss lost health quickly too. Not long later, she used another Snow Storm!

    "It was here!"

    Shen Mingxuan pulled her bow and used Stun Shot on the head of the Ice Queen. This time the stun actually succeeded! All of a sudden, Shen Mingxuan was filled with joy and she nearly jumped up in excitement.

    "Very good!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Continue, we will continue to go all out, Lu Li heal me!"


    Our attacks were really fierce and in less than two minutes, the Boss's last bit of health was cleared out. Moreover, it didn't use Eternal Chill this time which proved my hypothesis right. Eternal Chill needed a certain circumstance to use and Ice Queen could only use it twice!

    I was a Boss before so it was easy to think from their point of view!


    Ice Queen knelt onto the ground and dropped a bunch of gold and potions. At the same time, a loud bell rang--


    System Notification: Congratulations player Lin Xi for killing Soul of the Ice Queen (Treasure Grade Boss), obtaining the second kill and the rewards: Level +1, Charm +3, reputation +12000, Gold +8000, other players in the party obtain: Level +1, Charm +2, Reputation +6000, Gold +2000!


    "Shua shua shua~~"

    Golden light descended and two streaks of light landed on my head. I had dropped from 56 to 55 but due to the large remaining experience, I earned enough to get to 56. Along with the rewards, I got to level 57 right away!


    Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan smiled in glee, "Thank you system. Fortunately the Boss was cursed, if not it would be too difficult to get the second kill!"

    I dissed, "What system are you thanking, I was the one that did so much? Thank me!"

    But I didn't dare to say that. It was just too tough being a silent nice person!

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "Lin Xi, look at the spoils of war of the Treasure Grade Boss!"


    Lin Xi walked forwards and tossed the gold into her bag. There were four shining equipment on the floor. One was an axe wrapped in ice energy, a pair of bracers, a round helmet. Apart from that was a white cape. Firstly, she held the war axe and sucked in a deep breath, "I bet my weight, come, top quality axe."


    A veil of light formed into the shape of the equipment. As expected, the four of us were stunned on the spot--

    Xuan Ice Axe (Treasure Grade)

    Attack: 280-485

    Strength: +135

    Stamina: +125

    Agility: +105

    Effect: Lifesteal +5%

    Effect: Huge strength, damage +30%

    Effect: Xuan Ice, when attacking, there is a 15% chance of activating Xuan Ice power, dealing 200% Xuan Ice attacks on enemies in a small range.

    Effect: Armor penetration, ignore 15% of target's defence

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 45%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 42%

    Required level: 60

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