Chapter 986- Sneaking in
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Zhan Long Chapter 986- Sneaking in


  Li Mu and I were both stunned. No one had expected that Leiding would actually have such a high-grade Boss mount. Currently, in Tian Ling City, all guilds were using Purple or Saint Spirit Tier mounts. As for a Demon Harvest Tier, it jumped over a Divine Tier and was just below Deity Tier.


  Behind me, Queen Zhi Shu crossed her arms and smiled. "I told you; this was why that old fox had been spending his time here. He was raising such a Furnace God War Horse. Huff! Fortunately, we’ve come here. If not, we wouldn't know what's been happening. If all his Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen rode such Furnace God War Horses, this army would become our nightmare!"

  Frost said, "These Furnace God War Horses are old and strong enough; Li Xiao Yao, I will leave them to you!"

  I nodded. Frost, Qingluo, and Zhi Shu all left, so only Zhan Long's management-level players were present. Li Mu gulped and smiled. "Furnace God War Horses, so strong!"

  Lin Wan Er: "Let's keep this a secret and not let others find out about this."

  I agreed. "En! Otherwise, we would draw a lot of unneeded trouble. Li Mu, how many Mount-sealing Crystals did everyone bring?"

  Li Mu replied, "When we headed out, we did consider that we would face mounts, so I ordered Valiant Bravery camp Flagbearers and management-level players to bring many. If we gather them, we’ll have a few thousand. As for the few of us, we should be able to gather a large amount?"

  Yue Qing Qian smiled. "Zhan Long Camp should be able to get a few thousand. Altogether, we should have at least ten thousand!"

  I nodded. "Then it’s fine. Gather all of them and let's get to work. At least half of these are level 1, while the others are level 2 to 10. It seems like Leiding wasn't able to train them all to level 1, so... let's seal all those at level 1 and kill the rest!"

  Li Mu laughed. "That is the plan; what about the rest of the people?"

  "Order them back to Dragon City to rest!"

  I looked toward the south and frowned. "We have destroyed Leiding's base, yet he still hasn't made an appearance, so something must be going on. If I were him and Dragon City wiped out my land, I would return eye to eye and lead my elites to sneak-attack the empty Dragon City while also opening up the land to the empire!"

  Wang Jian was shocked. "Brother Xiaoyao's words make sense; did Leiding really send people to Dragon City?"

  Yue Qing Qian was shocked. "Dragon City only has five Dragon Cavalry and some new recruits. If Leiding really did bring people to attack Dragon City, then it might really fall."

  I clutched my fists and said, "No need to say more; order the thirty thousand brothers to return to Dragon City at once. Remember: Protect the Royal Army troops in the north!"

  Li Mu nodded. "Okay, leave this to me; I’ll tame these Furnace God War Horses!"



  Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian ordered the management-level Cavalry to tame the level 1 Furnace God War Horses. As for me, I dealt with those that were not level 1 yet.

  Leiding was training Cavalry here, but he probably did not expect that this secret would be found out. If he knew, he would definitely spit out blood.

  My bag had five sets of Mount-sealing Crystals. Altogether, there were fifty of them. Similar Mount-sealing Crystals could stack, so we would not waste too much space. I entered the cave and started sealing the horses. When I sealed the first one, I shared its stats to everyone. Instantly, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and the other Cavalrywomen felt unhappy. Heavy-armored players could ride this, which meant that they would be unable to—

  Furnace God War Horse (Demon Harvest Tier Mount)
  Strength: +440
  Stamina: +435
  Agility: +430
  Magic Attack: +400
  Attack increase: +125%
  Defense increase: +170%
  Movement speed increase: +500%
  Health increase: +25,000
  Effect: Flying General, Quickness, decrease in speed reduction effects by 70%, raise city destruction ability by 40%...
  Effect: Travel. When the target’s movement speed increases by up to 50% and the rider attacks, there is a 30% chance of stunning them. This effect lasts for three seconds.
  Mount durability: +100%
  Mount Stamina: 350
  Stamina recovery: 2 points per minute
  Required level: 170


  "D*mn! Isn’t this too overpowered?" Li Mu jumped into the hole and was shocked by the stats that I had just shared.

  I smiled. "So beautiful! These Furnace God War Horses will definitely be the next trump card of Zhan Long. Once we have enough and have ten thousand—no, even five thousand are enough to sweep all the Cavalry armies of Tian Ling City!"

  Li Mu said, "I sent someone to investigate. All the caves are linked together. Don't underestimate Leiding's raising ability; I think that acquiring ten thousand won't be a problem for us."

  Wang Jian smiled. "That is great! What are we still talking here for? Let's get to work!"

  Everyone got busy and went to seal the mounts. Li Meng Yao, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, et cetera signed contracts and changed into new mounts. Furnace God War Horses were just too strong; only my God Dragon Horse was stronger. Elders, Flagbearers and the others would all be the same as normal players.

  Right at that moment, a cold wind blew in. Qingluo carried her sword and her face showed a slightly harried look. "Sir Dragon Rider, things aren’t good!"

  I sealed a Furnace God War Horse and asked, "Did Leiding lead some elites to attack Dragon City?"

  "Ah! How did you know?" A look of awe appeared on Qingluo's face. "I got news from the War Hawk Knights that, ten minutes ago, Leiding and Kate led three hundred thousand to attack Dragon City. Frost ordered all of us to rush back. Sir, we can't wait for you here anymore!"

  I nodded. "Then go back, all of you. I'll also send my troops back to assist. They can get there faster than you. Tell Frost not to rush; let the War Hawk Knights lead the way. Dragon City won't be taken down so fast. Once we are back to Dragon City, protect my Royal Army and ensure that they remain alive."



  The Royal Army, which was housed in a small city north of Dragon City, would be fine to guard for a few hours. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and Long Xing were really strong. Moreover, I had moved a batch of Dark Moon Elves from Fan Shu City, so if Leiding wanted to take them down, he would have to pay a hefty price.

  As Qingluo left, the dense sound of horse hooves came from above. The Dragon City Cavalry was returning; if they moved quickly, they should arrive there in an hour’s time. Still, the Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons could not be transported back so quickly. The NPC army was not as mobile as we were, since we could just teleport back to the city.

  After less than half an hour, I had gathered fifty. As I was still too worried, I told Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Qing Qian, and Li Mu about it before returning to the city myself!


  I appeared within the Dragon City walls just in time to hear cannons being fired in the distance. The dragons were circling above; Qingluo had led nine Cavalry to assist. Dragon Crystal Cannons were out, so Dragon City was only relying on the weaker Flame Dragon Cannons. A large number of Grave Digging Ghosts climbed up the walls.

  Frost stood on the edge of Dragon City and slashed about in the air to kill one Hybrid Demon after another. Under the rising sun, I saw flames of war in the direction of the stone city. Demon Spirit Swordsman were attacking the city, but they had not broken through yet. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing, and the others led the Royal Army to defend.


  With Butterfly out of its sheath, I looked at my mentor. "Frost, I will be heading to the Royal Army camp; they need me!"

  Worry appeared in Frost's eyes. "Go, let me send you there!"



  Frost stepped on the air and slashed with her blade. She turned into a blade wind, which sliced through the monsters. At this time, a bunch of Sword Spirit Cavalry passed by, and they were killed by her sword energy. These level 7 Hybrid Demon Sword Spirits were the nightmare of players, but they were nothing to Frost.

  I did things, too. I used Icy Wings and followed Frost, slashing down from afar several times to kill many low-Health Cavalry. I opened my hand and used the Great Realm of Desolation to send a bunch of these Grave-digging Ghosts plummeting below.

  In less than two minutes, I had landed heavily on one of the walls. The Royal Army troops raised their heads. "General is here; General is back!"

  As blades clashed, the battle entered its intense stage.


  Frost opened her hands and hollered. Instantly, a frost energy storm exploded, turning many Demon Spirit Swordsmen into ice before ripping them apart. This was the advancement of Ice Domain and was much stronger than what I could use.

  "I'm going back; you be careful!" Frost said.

  I nodded. "Go. You should also be careful of Leiding and Kate!"


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