Chapter 985- Furnace God Horse
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Zhan Long Chapter 985- Furnace God Horse

"Prepare to fight!"

  When Frost saw those two hundred thousand Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen, she could not hold back anymore. The sword in her hands shone brightly as she jumped in the air. "Dragon City Warriors, spread out and equip the Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons. Prepare to battle. As long as we crush these Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen, Death Plains is ours!"


  After the Dragon City Warriors' team leaders gave their orders, the twenty thousand soldiers readied their shields and swords. They held their shields in front of their chests as dragon energy gathered on their swords. All of them had trained in techniques that Frost personally taught and had also absorbed spiritual energy in Dragon City over long periods of time. Their strength was naturally not something that normal NPC could compare to. Even the Royal Army could not compare to them. Maybe those from Bright Light Hall could? Fortunately, we were one and not enemies.

  Lin Wan Er held her dagger and her breath, saying, "Our numbers can't compare to them. Form a circular formation to defend against their charge; don't let them backstab us!"

  I carried Butterfly and looked at my girlfriend in awe. Lin Wan Er was really sharp regarding war formations. Since we were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers and had lower mobility with the enemies’ speed exceeding our Fire Dragon Cavalry, as long as Leiding was not a fool, he would surely use that to decimate us. That would make the battle extremely tough.

  Our advantage was in our elite strength, the heals and replenishment that the players provided!


  Dong dong dong...

  The sound of wardrums rang out on the plains and all the Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen looked like they were raring to go. They noticed that this was a fight to the death, and if they won, they would manage to protect their base. If not, they would have to move.

  I stood while holding Butterfly alongside the Zhan Long vanguards and looked into the distance. "Ensure that the formation doesn't break. If we block their first wave, we will have mostly won this. Healers pay attention to your heals and pay attention to your buff timings. Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen mainly inflict physical damage, so don't buff magic resistance. Prepare to fight!"

  Before I finished, the Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen launched their attacks. Their giant wolf hooves trampled through the plains as they waved their large saw blades. They roared and surged at us like flood!


  Dong Cheng Yue said, "Ranged, prepare to fire; listen to my orders—three-two-one, fire!"

  Dense arrows, magic, and gun skills were tossed out. Our direction was the one getting hit, so the elite ranged players gathered their attacks over at us. Dancing Forest's Meteor Shot pierced through, Yue Qing Qian used Grip of the Firefox, and the Fire Dragon Cavalry all used Blade Spin. Instantly, the hundreds of Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen in front fell. Dense white experience flew toward our formation.

  However, during the cooldown of Blade Spin, more Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen charged over. This time, we were unable to kill them from afar. I placed my Azure Dragon Crossbow and raised my head. The fastest Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen were right ahead. I activated Icy Wings and welcomed them with my slashes. At the same time, I used Zhenyue Warsong and drank Lanling Flower Wine as I used God's Dance.

  It was as if I had climbed out from hell. When I entered the dense Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen crowd, I activated Sword Tempest. Seeing that my Rage value was enough, I used Trampling Heavens and a bunch of low-Health Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen instantly fell to the ground.

  Li Mu hollered as he used Thousand Man Enemy. War God Lu Bu appeared above his head and he waved his Flame Scorching Sword. Covering Sword Slash and Whirlwind Sword Break slashed into the crowd, causing many terrifying damage numbers to fly out. 

  Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian used their Unyielding Spirit and used their high health to fight the enemies head on. Basically, all the top-rate Zhan Long players were busy, trying their best to reduce the pressure on one another. Dong Cheng Yue, Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, and the others all went all out.


  The battle had been on for ten minutes when there was a hasty roar from the right, "Not good! The third party has been broken!"

  I turned around. I jumped to the area, which was two hundred meters away from me. I shouted, "Mengyao, One Second Hero, head over with me to cover the gap!"

  On the ground, Li Meng Yao moved her horse while One Second Hero brought dozens of elites to head in that direction. I used my flying advantage to go over. There were hundreds of Steel Blade Cavalry lying there. Their defense was not enough, so they were breached. Hundreds of Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen swept the backline like tigers heading into a sheep herd.

  I did not hesitate and used Thundering Heavens. Lightning stirred up an intense wind, which swept the crowd. When I landed, my Rage value had become full. I activated the Wall of Douqi and slashed into the crowd of enemies. Death God's Dance plus Trampling Thunder had become my signature combo. I killed dozens of them at once. At that time, Li Mengyao and One Second Hero had brought a bunch of elites over. The Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen that had charged in were digested by us and the danger was solved.

  When the danger on this side was solved, there were shouts on the other side. Three breaches to our formation appeared at once.

  Lin Wan Er was really calm. "Qing Qian and I will go to the left side, while Li Mu and Wang Jian will go to the nearest one. Pig, you bring Old K to the one on the right!"

  I nodded my head as Old K said, "D*mn! It’s a thousand meters away; I won't be able to rush over!"

  "Let me bring you there!"

  I used Icy Wings and flew across. I hovered around the crowd and pulled Old K and his horse up. However, the system did not allow us to fly too far. After we did this twice, we finally arrived at the nearest breach. I tossed Old K down and he used Whirlwind Slash plus Barbarian Jump right away. At the same time that I activated Ghost God's Dance, I used Ice Domain to stun the Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen around. Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands also brought the Mages over and they used Magma Abyss to salvage the situation somewhat.

  In the distance, cannons were fired. Dragon Crystal Cannons were fired under our protection and weakened the attacks of the Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen. At this time, those low-Health opponents got close, but their arrival only served to give us experience and equipment.


  The battle was really intense, and within an hour, our formation was broken twenty-seven times, so one could tell just how bad the losses were. Luckily, we had many super players here, so we could automatically fill up the breaches. We blocked the Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen’s attacks and guarded our formation more dearly.

  The 30% of land that Dragon City's soliders guarded was the safest. First, they had Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons helping them; second, there were ten Dragon Cavalries flying in the sky, who would spit down dragon breath ceaselessly. How would the Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen be able to handle such attacks?

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  Frost stood in front of the crowd with her sword and waited for the Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen to charge over before she attacked. Her sword caused frost and wind to surge about; she actually slashed out a hundred-meter, fan-shaped storm region, which killed a bunch of the opponents instantly. Wherever Frost was at, those Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen would actively try to avoid going. Even the Hybrid Demons knew that this God Tier expert from Dragon City was not easy to deal with.


  However, Leiding had yet to appear!

  Even after three hours had passed, with the two hundred thousand Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen about to be wiped out, he still had yet to appear. It was as if he had given up this piece of land.

  Another half an hour. We swept the battlefield. Leiding's main force was already wiped out by us and the price we paid was an average of one level lost per member. Nonetheless, experience could be gained back, and the equipment that the Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen dropped was the compensation. Apart from that, around five thousand Dragon City Warriors died, which made Frost heart-pained. I was used to such scenes, so I did not feel much.

  After clearing the battlefield, the army pushed forward to a giant furnace workshop. From above, it was really busy below. Many Dark Elves were enslaved and crafting siege weapons. When we opened the entrance, they fled.

  I climbed down from the ladder and landed on the ground. I waved my arms, which were sore from killing, as I walked forward with Butterfly. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and Frost followed me. We walked around the furnace and saw that Leiding was crafting some black cannons. They seemed to be around the strength of Flame Dragon Cannons, but they were not as good as the Dragon Crystal Cannons.

  "Destroy these?" I asked.

  Frost nodded and smiled. "All of you, move out."

  Everyone retreated. Frost then placed her hands on the cannons and used strength. Instantly, a blood-colored light shot forward and turned the cannons into a pile of debris. She really was powerful!



  Just then, Frost sent a cannon flying and it smashed onto a cliff, causing a corner of it to break. The area behind the cliff was revealed; one could see some light coming from it.

  "What is that?" I was shocked and flew forward.

  Frost followed and looked at the cliff. "There’s something you like there!"


  I walked over and used Double Hit. My Butterfly slashed the entire cliff; we were actually in another area which stretched one hundred meters down. There was an area with bluegrass; many wild horses sporting magma patterns were eating this grass. Moreover, one of them was a level 1 mount with words that nearly caused all of us to stop breathing—

  Furnace God War Horse (Demon Harvest Tier Mount)
  Level: 1
  Specialty: Can be tamed.



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