Chapter 984- Three thousand sets of armor
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Zhan Long Chapter 984- Three thousand sets of armor

Even when it was 7pm, we still continued to travel through the Desert of the Dead. We still had not finished this map, but we were not in a rush. In any case, this place could give us a lot of benefits. The Zhan Long players had become familiar with how they should hunt down the Flame Thorn Lizards by now, so we were able to kill them without incurring any losses. Moreover, we could strengthen the leather-type jobs; that made leveling in the desert really blissful.

  I went offline to eat and then went downstairs for a twenty-minute stroll.

  The weather was really getting colder, and soon, it would be summer. Many university girls were wearing short skirts and their legs caused my breathing to speed up. Fortunately, the girls by my side were more pretty. Lin Wan Er wore a skirt that reached her knees and she looked really fresh. She wore a white shirt, and under the light, her beautiful cheeks were really alluring.

  "Let's go quickly..."

  Lin Wan Er pulled my hand and smiled. "We need to level later!"

  I laughed. "When did our Little Miss become so hardworking?"

  Lin Wan Er stared at me. "Huff! When wasn't I hardworking? Since I went from Fan Shu City to Ba Huang City and Tian Ling City, I have always been working hard, unlike someone who relies on country wars and patch MVPs to chase up."

  My face flushed. "I have no choice. After all, I have a job. I still need to help the weak, right?"

  At this moment, the gazes of two guys holding textbooks, who seemed to be on their way to self-study, condensed on Lin Wan Er's body; they showed shocked expressions. Lin Wan Er's dressing style was really fashionable and the clothes she wore were all international brands. She looked really generous and gave off a really good vibe, so the guys naturally could not look away.

  I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her into my arms. Lin Wan Er, who knew that I was staking my claim on her, laughed. "Be confident, young man!"

  I was a little annoyed. "How am I not confident..."

  "Okay, let's go back quickly. Dong Cheng is waiting for us to go online. If we spend too much time, that lass will probably spout some nonsense..."

  "En, she’ll say that we enter Dongfan Park to do something unspeakable!"

  "Hehe! Isn't that what you want?" Lin Wan Er laughed.

  I touched my nose. "You can spend the night with me then."

  "Wistful thinking!"

  "Then I will go to your room!"

  "No, Sister Qin Wen comes to my room every night to check; it isn't convenient..."



  Thus, after spending some time with my girlfriend, we returned. Dong Cheng Yue stared at us. "Why do I feel like I have been abandoned!"

  "Let's go online; our friends need us!"

  Dong Cheng Yue was definitely planning to get us to say something, but I did not give her a chance, making her stomp in anger. Lin Wan Er giggled and pulled Dong Cheng Yue back to her room.


  I went online and appeared in Desert of the Dead. Not long after, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue appeared beside me. I jumped on my horse and brought the two girls forward. We were a little late. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others were roughly five hundred meters ahead.

  When I got close with the girls, Wang Jian sucked in a deep breath. "Brother Xiao Yao, we are about to get out of Desert of the Dead!"

  I smiled. "That's a good thing. Let's tabulate our gains from this map!"

  "You can ask Sister Xiao Wu; she’s already tabulated it!"


  Before I asked, Dancing Forest carried her bow over and smiled. "The gains are pretty good; we leveled on average 1.2 to 1.5; we gained many pieces of equipment, too!"

  "Why not talk about the number of sets..." I said.

  Dancing Forest burst out laughing. "You are too anxious! Okay... I estimated that we had gathered three thousand sets of Flame Thorn Lizard Armor, which means that we have three thousand impenetrable leather-armored players. We split the items among the Assassins, Archers, and Musketeers."

  "Impenetrable; that is too much of an exaggeration?" I laughed.

  Dancing Forest pushed her chest forward and replied, "I don't think it is too much. Although they aren't really impenetrable, they can fight against average Cavalry teams. Which means that if we face Wrath of the Heroes, I have confidence to bring three thousand of them to take down ten thousand of their troops!"

  I nodded. "Zhan Long's leather-clad players have you, Wan'er, Qing Qian, Wei Liang, Wolf, Lian Po, and the other experts. If you can't take down ten thousand Wrath of the Heroes Cavalry, then we can just quit. Okay, let's push forward quickly and get out of Desert of the Dead. After all, this isn't our quest and we can't stay here for too long."



  Not long after, Zhan Long's forty thousand marched forward and we got out of Desert of the Dead. We swept all of the Flame Thorn Lizards in the desert. At the same time, if Flame Thorn Lizards spawned again, the drop rate would drop a lot, probably less than 20% of what it was currently. This meant that the three thousand sets were basically most of the contribution of this map. It was good that we squeezed it all dry.

  Tian Ling City had been calm recently, with most of the battles being between Hero Mound and Rising Sun like Blood. Legend, Prague, and Judgement all went to train and gain equipment. These were all the things the guilds were busy with. These were the main elements for future battles. It had been a long time since Zhan Long had such a large-scale activity, so this was a rare chance. At least, we were able to strengthen our leather-clad players a lot this time.

  After stepping out of the desert, further north was a piece of wilderness. There were not many monsters and only some wild wolves here. They were all Titan Tier or Ancient Tier. We suppressed all of them, but we did not move too quickly as we had to wait for the NPC army. Only when the twenty thousand Dragon City warriors protected the two hundred fifty cannons and exited the desert did we continue forwards.

  After twenty minutes of traveling, the land started to level out. Further ahead were plains that Cavalry could ride on. At the same time that the map turned blood-red, Death Plains could be seen right in front. Berserker Lei Ding was defending this area, so we would definitely face him this time. Luckily, Frost, Zhi Shu, and Odelia were all here. We had an absolute advantage in the number of God Tier experts. Thus, if the only one here was Lei Ding, we would have the ability to kill him!


  From afar, the Hybrid Demons with lions lined up the plains. They were in roughly five hundred a group; moreover, we recognized the demons.

  "Level 6 Hybrid Demons, the Beast Tamer Cavalrymen!" Li Mu smiled. "We’ve finally encountered them again. They used to be level 5 only previously; now, their level has increased to six."

  Wang Jian pulled out his sword. "Just kill them!"

  I nodded. "Maintain our formation and push forward. Don't get messy and try to kill them without any losses!"

  Everyone nodded their heads and the forty thousand of us surged forward on the plains. If one looked down from the sky, this scene would definitely look majestic. This was a scene that would make the blood of every male boil. If one had a chance to command ten thousand troops in their life, their life would be well lived.


  From afar, those Beast Tamer Cavalrymen noticed us. One of the leaders raised his sword and hollered, "These d*mn humans actually dare to invade our territory. Kill them all; wipe everyone out and use their skin for lamps!"

  The Zhan Long frontline pulled out their swords and all were Hellfire. They charged twenty yards ahead and started to attack while being in the healing range. These Beast Tamer Cavalrymen's attacks were not too high, but their mounts were really strong. Be they lions or wolves, their attacks could not be underestimated.

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  Luckily, the Zhan Long members were strong, too. We pushed forward and the five hundred plus Beast Tamer Cavalrymen naturally became five hundred corpses. We continued ahead and covered the Dragon City army as they pushed forward. If Leiding did not have scouts, he might not know that Frost, Zhi Shu, and Odelia had brought the Dragon City army along.

  Leiding being careless was what we wanted.

  Alas, Leiding was not Blood Giant Kale. Although Leiding would become invincible once he went berserk, he was not dumb. One could even say that he was a scheming person. Me failing to kill him at Sea of No Return showed that. Leiding, who knew when to advance and retreat, was the same as Igoras and was a general that could fight.


  After an hour, we entered the core Death Plains land. Right at that moment, smoke rose in the sky. It was black on the surface, but from the land, one could not see the hidden furnaces.

  "Be careful!"

  Lin Wan Er held her dagger and looked ahead. "Leiding's army is here!"

  From afar, one could see a lot of sawtooth wild wolves appear on the horizon. We had met the Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen at the battle of Sea of No Return before. Louis's son, Luote, was killed by them. These Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen were Leiding's concentrated soldier-type. This time, there were more of them. There should be two hundred thousand, at least?

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