Chapter 983- Flame thorns
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Zhan Long Chapter 983- Flame thorns

As the vanguard army, the Zhan Long players led the way. We sent a large group of players over and the Fire Dragon Cavalry tanked the damage of the Demon Spirit Hunters in front. We charged in, clearing out the monsters along the way. We passed through the Bloody Plains and stepped into another patch of wilderness.

  Any further forward was a desert and dragons roared in the sky. Very quickly, Qingluo rode a crystal dragon and landed. The giant eyes of the crystal dragon opened and closed. Qingluo grabbed the leather reins and smiled. "This is the legendary Desert of the Dead. Be careful, as there are many strong beings here. Legend has it that, hundred years ago, the human empire tried to fight the Hybrid Demon army, but a two-hundred-thousand-man army got lost here. The demons in the desert swallowed them all, leaving only a pile of bones behind."

  Li Mu carried his Flame Scorching Sword and said, "I keep thinking that this beautiful female Dragon Cavalry is scaring us..."

  Qingluo giggled. "Anyways, be careful. Although I think that the natives of the desert won't be able to stop our advance."

  I nodded and warned in the guild channel, "Focus. The desert ahead is known as the Desert of the Dead, so the levels of the monsters here shouldn't be too low. Carefully push forward in groups of one hundred. We will clear all the monsters here."

  This bunch of flagbearers and team leaders replied, "En, understand!"


  One Second Hero carried his Zhangba Snake Spear and led the way. His eyes looked around the sand warily as his horse left marks along the way. His cape fluttered under the scorching desert breeze. As a businessman, the way he walked was a little weird and made him look a little like a strong general.

  Sha sha...

  Sand started to flow beneath us. I carried Lin Wan Er and stepped onto Desert of the Dead. This map was red in color, and even with my level, it was still red. Thus, one could tell that the level of the monsters here was higher than me.

  Suddenly, Yue Qing Qian, who was on Li Meng Yao's horse, said, "Be careful; there is something underneath!"


  One Second Hero, who was currently in front, was shocked, for the small sand dune beside him had started to shake. A pair of brown eyes stared at One Second Hero. This was a giant lizard, of which the body was covered in thorns. It looked terrifying. It was like a giant crocodile and was really scary. Before One Second Hero could react, the giant lizard bit him. One Second Hero tried to block it, and with a loud keng, 20,000 damage was caused. This Attack was really high!


  One Second Hero was not the type to take hits without fighting back. He stabbed the Zhangba Snake Spear into the giant lizard's head and dealt 40,000 damage. Zhangba Snake Spear was indeed really strong; it could actually allow a Cavalry with random Health and Attack stats to deal such high damage.

  Alas, that hit caused One Second Hero to suffer 8,000+ damage as the lizard's body reflected damage.

  Li Mu and I charged forward; at the same time, I shared its stats on the channel. I did not expect this to be a level 6 Hybrid Demon. Hybrid Demon Territory was just sick; the monsters along the way were already level 6—

  Flame Thorn Lizard(Level 6 Hybrid Demon)
  Level: 173
  Attack: 18,200-23,700
  Defense: 17,200
  Health: 2,200,000
  Skill: Flame Bite, Thorn Halo, Flame Wheel
  Introduction: These are Flame Thorn Lizards that grow in the mountains and deserts. They can take the heat and cold and are born with the fire element. They can deal burn damage while attacking. Moreover, they have thorns over their bodies, so when being attacked, the thorns reflect 20% of the damage. Not only that, they have really strong attacks to crush enemies. History book records that even armies had to avoid them.


  God Dragon Horse neighed and I was right beside One Second Hero. I raised Butterfly and used Wind Blade to deal 170,000 damage. At the same time, two numbers jumped up beside my head—


  Fortunately, I managed to lifesteal 20% health, so it evened everything out. My Defense was quite high and I just needed to use Cleansing Rain to heal myself.

  The Fire Dragon Cavalry split up and they found their own Flame Thorn Lizards to kill. In truth, we were too careless. Star Blade and the rest slashed Flame Thorn Lizards and their health dropped to 40% from all the damage reflected. Several 20%-Health Flame Thorn Lizards cried and curled up. They bit their own tail and started to spin about crazily. This was their Fire Wheel skill!

  Pa pa pa...

  Under their heavy attacks, Star Blade and the others, who had low health, retreated. Alas, one Steel Blade Cavalry was unable to dodge and was killed by the Fire Wheel.

  Lin Wan Er was stunned, and seeing that no one dared to attack, she charged forward with her umbrella. She opened it and the Fire Wheel caused sparks to fly around from the umbrella. Lin Wan Er slashed and stunned a Flame Thorn Lizard. She then used a series of skills to kill it.

  Li Meng Yao smiled. "So that’s how we kill these lizards!"

  Thus, the bunch of Cavalry players replicated that. Once any Flame Thorn Lizards used Fire Wheel, they would retreat and use their shields to get close. Normal Cavalry could use Heroic Ram to break the skill. Those with hidden jobs like Mengyao had other skills, too. Just like that, the Flame Thorn Lizards were unable to do anything to us.

  Unexpectedly, the entire Desert of the Dead was with Flame Thorn Lizards. Our speed was much slower than expected, but that was fine, for they provided large numbers of experience. The equipment they dropped was good, too. In less than two minutes, Li Mu picked up one and laughed. "Set equipment, this map is not bad!"

  He shared the stats on the channel and they did look decent—

  Flame Thorn Lizard Chestplate (Saint Tier Artifact)
  Type: Leather Armor
  Defense: 1,450
  Agility: +175
  Stamina: +172
  Strength: +170
  Bonus: Raise Magical Resistance by 90%.
  Bonus: Raise user's Defense by 40%.
  Bonus: Raise Health by 10,000.
  Effect: Reflect 7% damage. Can stack.
  Set equipment, Flame Thorn Lizard Set Chestplate
  Introduction: Flame Thorn Lizard Set, a set of leather armor made of Flame Thorn Lizard's skin. It has a really strong damage-reflecting effect and the leather armor is really tough. Its Defense is not much lower than heavy armor. Legend has it that King Lanlou ordered the blacksmith to make 1,000 sets of this for his own Cavalry Archers. These Archers were invincible and won all battles, becoming legends.
  Required level: 165


  Leather-type equipment that had damage-reflecting capability and also increased Attack and Attack Speed, it was what Archers, Assassins, and Musketeers loved. The key was that this was level 165 equipment and was a good level for above-average players. If Zhan Long’s leather-armored players had sets like this, their Health would be really high. Thus, even when they get charged at by Cavalrymen, they would be able to tank them!

  Wang Jian looked at his chestplate and smiled. "Not bad for a leather set! Those leather-armored players, ROLL for it?"

  I nodded. "En, settle it by yourselves. Those who want it can go grab it. Those who don't, then don't ROLL."

  We started to split it on the spot. Most of Zhan Long’s elites had headed out. Archers, Assassins, and Musketeers all followed. Lin Wan Er, Dancing Forest, Yue Qing Qian, Song Han, Lian Po, Fox, et cetera all wanted Divine Tier and Demon Harvest Tier equipment, so they were not interested in the Flame Thorn Lizard set. However, to those mid to low tier ones, they craved such equipment.

  I charged in front. Due to my 20% lifesteal, I was not afraid of these lizards’ ability to reflect damage. At the same time, the Blade of the Champion on my beck was a three-star God Weapon and it had the Champion of the Three Armies effect. There was a 50% chance of knockback, so I was not afraid of Fire Wheel. If any Flame Thorn Lizard dared to spin in front of me, two swords would force it back. This effect was just so delightful.

  We charged into the Desert of the Dead. At the same time, many sets of Flame Thorn Lizard armor appeared. Not long after, our Archers, Musketeer, and Assassins changed into them. One could tell how strong this level 165 Saint Tier equipment was. The Attack and penetration each brought was not too low; I even personally witnessed an Archer of Zhan Long who used to deal only 7,000+ damage to the Flame Thorn Lizards, after getting a set, actually dealt 16,000. Moreover, his Attack Speed increased and his overall damage was four times more!

  Even though three hours had passed, we were still traveling in this seemingly endless desert.


  Sha sha...

  Frost rode her horse over. "Li Xiao Yao, maybe we can use another path. This Desert of the Dead is too far and we might take too long to reach Death Plains."

  I shook my head. "No, this path is more suitable for us as there are no Hybrid Demons troops here. We can walk along Ghostly Rope Bridge, but it’s too narrow and heavy cannons won't be able to pass. If anything negative happens, we will lose a huge advantage." 

  Frost looked at me and smiled. "Okay, let's follow what you said. Continue onward!"

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