Chapter 982- Loyalty of Xia Ye
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Zhan Long Chapter 982- Loyalty of Xia Ye

My eyes lit up and I smiled. "You can't leave us out of this; we can help. If you need to head out, the adventurers will definitely have to go with you!"

  Frost smiled. "Okay, then. I will give out orders. When the sun sets, we will head out and enter Death Plains to catch Lei Ding off guard. How is that?"

  "Okay, how many people are you sending? Do you need the Royal Army to help?"

  "No need. The Royal Army only has twenty thousand and we can't let them have any more losses. Just let them train up."



  I walked about the Royal Army camp and waited for the sky to turn dark. Not long after, someone sent a message that Ba Huang City's Queen Angela had arrived!

  On the stairs to Dragon City, Angela brought a bunch of Ba Huang City Generals over. After a few jumps, she stood in front of me and smiled. "General Li Xiao Yao, long time no see. I didn't expect a pillar of the empire to be forced to such a stage."

  I was speechless. "Didn't I see you a few days ago? Can you say something fresher!"

  Angela burst into laughter. "Okay, let me say something practical!"

  She turned around and pointed at a general with a mustache. "This is Ba Huang City's Mowu College Dean; he is General Lin Zhao who is in charge of teaching war tactics!"

  I cupped my fists and smiled. "Hello, General Lin!"

  Lin Zhao held up an iron spear and cupped his fists, too. "Suiding Duke doesn't have to be so polite. We are here to help the Royal Army recover!"


  Lin Zhao answered, "To expand Dragon City's troops; Queen Angela has moved fifty thousand people over. At the same time, thirty thousand graduates of Mowu College are awaiting orders. The Queen wants me to bring these thirty thousand to enter the Royal Army!"

  I was stunned. "I thank Queen Angela for her thoughts. The Royal Army will remember your kindness... General Lin Zhao is the dean of Mowu College; I don't need such a general. Thank you but I don't dare to use General Lin, Queen Angela!"

  She looked at me and smiled. "I didn't expect that young and ignorant teen to grow into such an invincible general. Don't worry; I didn't arrange Lin Zhao to stop you. If you don't want to, then I won't give him to you. Anyways, he is really good on my side. I shall just give you those thirty thousand new troops. They will come to report really soon!"


  Han Yuan held his blade and came over. "General, the Bright Light Hall has sent the two thousand Royal Army troops back. All of them are on the way back and half have become Saint Hall Cavalry!"

  I clapped. "That is great!"

  Angela looked at me, "So what are your future plans? If... You are planning to get Tian Ling City back and pull Luo Xun down, Ba Huang City will support you! I think that Lady Frost will be willing to send Dragon City's troops to support you in reclaiming glory!"

  I smiled. "Forget it; I am not thinking about rebelling. Luo Xun isn't planning on killing me. If he dares to attack Xia Ye and then Dragon City, then I will really attack Tian Ling City and totally kill that scum."

  I shushed. "Plus, I am not a general of the empire and don't have that much power."

  Angela smiled. "You don't need to be so pessimistic. You also saw that, although you returned your badge, so many soldiers are still willing to follow you. Moreover, Lochlan didn't remove your Suiding Duke title. Although Luo Xun is hunting you, in Lochlan's heart, you are still his master and the Suiding Duke of Tian Ling Empire!"

  I nodded. "I know. If not, Luo Xun will have attacked the Royal Army and Fan Shu City already."

  Angela said, "Let's be prepared!"

  "En, I know that. Anyways, thank you for the troops, Queen! If Ba Huang City is ever in danger, I will try my best to help!"

  "Okay, that is all I wanted. I am returning. Many Ba Huang City policies are awaiting me to settle."



  I looked on as Queen Angela left. Han Yuan stepped beside me and smiled. "This Ba Huang City Queen is a beauty. General, I think that she is interested in you. If you don't like it in Tian Ling Empire, then why don’t you marry this Ba Huang City Queen? After you take over Ba Huang City, along with the Royal Army and Dragon City, we will have a chance against Tian Ling Empire."

  I glanced at him. "Han Yuan, are you interested in Angela?"

  Han Yuan touched his nose. "General, I have never seen so many beauties in my life. Dragon City's Frost, Zhi Shu, and Ba Huang City's Angela, they are all beauties. Is the General not tempted?"

  I took a deep breath and replied, "No, my heart is firm as stone. If you really are interested in Angela, I can let her know. If she likes you, then you will become royalty in Ba Huang City..."

  Han Yuan looked into the sky and smiled. "I have a tough life and won't be so lucky. General doesn't need to say such things to make me happy. The only thing I want to do is follow you to war. Once we unify the world, General can give me a small city as my land and give me a farmer girl."

  "Okay, I will definitely satisfy you!"

  I looked at him and thought. Han Yuan looked muscular but he was kind deep down. Those rich family girls looked down on generals like us. Like what he said, if he married a farmer's girl, she would not look down on him and would treat him well, too.

  Han Yuan said, "Sir, there’s news from Tian Ling City about the Royal Army."

  "Oh, what news?"

  Han Yuan answered, "To recruit General Xia Ye, Luo Xun wants to marry his daughter to him and also holds the wedding in the Royal Army camp. This wedding has filled the entire Tian Ling City with joy."

  I frowned. "Marry? This Luo Xun is just so cunning..."

  Han Yuan smiled. "Sir, don't worry; General Xia Ye is so smart. During the night of the wedding, the bride was shot by an assassin. They said that he’s someone from Dragonling Army Qin Ye's side. Luo Xun was furious and ordered Qin Ye's family branch to be wiped out.

  My heart felt cold and I did not say anything.

  Han Yuan smiled. He also knew that the only person who could assassinate the General's bride in the tightly guarded camp was probably Xia Ye alone.


  Not long after, the Royal Army troops that came from Bright Light Hall passed Dragon City and entered the Royal Army camp. With these two thousand who were high level and strong, even if the Hybrid Demon Army attacked, we would have a chance. Moreover, a short while after, thirty thousand new troops from Ba Huang City arrived. I arranged the new faces to the south of Dragon City, since they might not be able to handle the cold.

  "Sir, how should we arrange for these new troops?" Xiao Lie asked.

  I did not think much. "Select the leaders and experts of the Royal Army as teachers to teach them formations and fighting techniques. We don't have much time."

  "Yes, sir!"

  I walked to the front of the new recruits and looked at their armor. Angela was too kind; she had made new armor for them that actually had the Royal Army badge on the shoulders.

  By the time examining them was concluded, the sun had already set. Finally, Dragon City had released a new army quest, Expedition to Death Plains! Moreover, this was only for Dragon City players, which were basically all Zhan Long people!


  I discussed with Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, and Yue Qing Qian for forty thousand Zhan Long members to join. We were basically going all out. The others went to other maps as those slightly lower-level players could not head over.

  Exactly when the sun set, the forty thousand Zhan Long players had gathered. Once the snow stopped, we started to move toward the Death Plains. As for Dragon City, almost everyone headed out. Frost, Queen Zhi Shu, Odelia, Qing Luo, et cetera all headed out. Only five Dragonriders and the new troops were left to guard the city. Apart from that, we moved fifty Dragon Crystal Cannons and two hundred Flame Dragon Cannons. These were all the heavy machinery from Dragon City; after all, this city relied on itself, unlike the Royal Army, which had the support of Tian Ling City.

  I looked at the Dragon Crystal Cannons, which creaked as everyone proceeded forward. I started to miss my Royal Army on Fire God Mountain. Xia Ye had four hundred of these and over one thousand Flame Dragon Cannons. D*mn! If they could all be moved here, we would just rip out the Death Plains!

  Xia Ye's loyalty toward me was not a problem; I was just waiting to return to Tian Ling City.


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