Chapter 981- Underground Workshop
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Zhan Long Chapter 981- Underground Workshop


  Early in the morning, the sunlight shone on my face. I struggled up. Where was I? What happened last night? I thought I saw Mocha; was that really her?

  I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying in bed with a blanket over me. No, not only a blanket. There was also a soft arm draped over my chest. I lowered my head and saw Shen Bing in my arms. Her hair was messy. Her brows were really beautiful and they were very gentle. One could not tell that she was a manly girl.


  I pushed her shoulder. "Sister Shen Bing, wake up!"

  Shen Bing opened her lazy eyes and noticed that she was in my arms. She was stunned and climbed up. She looked around and smiled. "Snort. I thought that something had happened. I didn't even take off my clothes. Did Zhao Feifei send us back? This girl really isn't smart. How can people not be naked when sleeping!"

  I was speechless. "Wash up and let's return to Hangzhou."


  Shen Bing stood up and was about to bathe when she said, "Right, I remember Xue Rou appearing last night..."

  I nodded. "So you remember, too. She did appear. Go bathe; I will head out to take a look!"



  I wore my shoes and looked at my chest. There were still the stains from tears on my shirt. Mocha left that.

  I headed out to Room 412 but saw that the room was empty. Mocha and Zhao Feifei left before 9am, so I went to the counter and asked, “When did the two from Room 412 leave?"

  The girl smiled. "Around 7, right. Your colleague and you left your documents here; please take a look."

  I was stunned, and on the table were both our police badges. D*mn. Looking at the girl, I knew that she had misunderstood. She definitely felt that girls and guys in the force were filled with so much lust. When I got back, I had to think of a way to blame Captain Wang for this!

  Mocha left too early probably because she had no face to see me. Forget it. It was up to her. Once she had enough fun outside, she would come back. Me coming to Jiaxin also showed my attitude. Zhan Long did not give up on her and I did not, either. That was enough. This trip was worth it.

  I brushed my teeth and washed my face. We returned to Hangzhou; it was around noon when we arrived. After bathing, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue went offline. We finished our food at where we lived with Tang Qi and Qin Wen.

  Lin Wan Er sat beside me on the sofa and helped me to tidy my collar. "Did you find Mocha?"


  Tang Qi's eyes lit up. "What happened in the end? Did the second place on CBN Battlenet finally pledge loyalty to Zhan Long?"

  "No," I shook my head, replying, "Xue Rou wasn't willing to see me. She only appeared once I was drunk. She didn't say a single word and she left at around 7am."

  Lin Wan Er pouted. "Then who did you sleep with?"

  D*mn! She was getting jealous!

  I answered seriously, "No one. After drinking I slept alone."

  I did not dare to say the truth. If I said that I slept with Shen Bing, she would probably just toss me down from the window.

  Moreover, nothing happened between Shen Bing and me, so I was not afraid of anything.

  Dong Cheng Yue asked, "Mocha didn't say anything?"

  "En, she can't get over it. If she returns, how will Zhan Long view her? Even if people like Li Mu, Wang Jian, Little Wolf, and I don't mind her losing Dragon’s Den, how will the one-hundred-thousand Zhan Long players view her? Forget it. She’s Little Demon and has her own plans. Let's just wait for her to return..."

  Qin Wen smiled. "Anyways, her loyalty lies with Zhan Long, right?"

  I clapped and smiled. "Right, that is the theory. With this, we won't have to worry. She will come back and give Zhan Long a more perfect Mocha."

  Tang Qi smiled. "Mocha... CBN Battlenet second rank, Pulse Breaking Style creator. One can say that her skills and ability make her the top Cavalrywoman in the server. Which guild won't want her? Actually, I don't want to hide things from you. Q-Sword, Bai Li Ruo Feng, and Jian Feng Han sent people to find Little Demon, but they all failed. It seems like Li Xiao Yao is the closest."

  Dong Cheng Yue laughed. "That probably isn't it? Mocha's heart is basically here and has never left. Is that right, Brother Xiao Yao whom all girls like?"

  I felt my hair go numb. "What are you saying? I only love Wan'er, okay? Plus... Mocha and I are just normal partners. She calls me boss and I treat her as a sister; what is wrong..."

  Qin Wen smiled. "Many cheaters start from brothers and sisters..."

  I tugged at Lin Wan Er. "Sister Cang Tong, did you fail to fall asleep from thinking about me last night?"

  Lin Wan Er looked at me. "En!"

  Dong Cheng Yue: "No hope..."


  At this time, lunch was ready; the two girls went to the kitchen to get the food. Tang Qi and I opened a bottle of red wine. Who knew what we were celebrating? Forget it. Let us just treat it as us celebrating the Royal Army being chased out of Tian Ling City!

  If we hunted Hybrid Demon Army troops in Dragon City, the rewards would be unimaginable for other players. Examples were the Flame Scorching Sword, God General Bracers, and Thousand-man Enemy skillbook that I got yesterday. Those rarely appeared in Tian Ling City, but when killing Bosses in Hybrid Demon Territory, all these were not very uncommon.

  I asked while eating, "Nothing happened last night and this morning in the game, right?"

  "Basically nothing," Dong Cheng Yue replied.

  Lin Wan Er added, "Apart from Old K and his two-hundred-man team being wiped out."

  I was shocked. "D*mn! Who's so arrogant to dare and wipe out our Zhan Long team?"

  "Berserker Lei Ding..."

  "..." I sweated. "Why did he do that?"

  Lin Wan Er replied, "We received an SS-grade mission in Dragon City to search for a scout team in the plains. The quest wasn't tough, but Old K was rash and led people too deeply. He entered the Death Plains, and maybe because he was unlucky, Leiding, who was leading a bunch of men to scout the area, encountered Old K's group and finished them all."

  "D*mn! Lei Ding is so arrogant!"

  I smiled. "Bring some men over, and if we have a chance, let's wipe out this ranked fourth Boss!"

  Dong Cheng Yue smiled. "En! I think so, too."

  Players' strength was increasing; if we formed a ten-thousand-strong team to challenge Lei Ding, with players like me being the tank, we would have the chance of winning, but we did not have the courage. After all, the Hybrid Demon Territory was filled with danger and no one was willing to lose levels after 160, for that price was too huge.


  At 1pm, I went online!


  I appeared in Dragon City and went to the blacksmith to fix all my equipment. Coincidentally, Yue Qing Qian walked over. "Brother Xiao Yao, portraits of you are pasted on Tian Ling City walls. Luo Xun is after your head..."

  I laughed coldly. "Scoff scoff. How can it be so easy to kill me? Plus... I am a player; no one can just chop off my head."

  "En en." Yue Qing Qian nodded. "Frost has been giving out all sorts of quests. Brother Xiao Yao take a look; with your closeness to Frost, you should be able to get a different quest."

  "Okay, I shall head over!"

  I used Icy Wings and flew into the main hall. After I entered, I realized that the hall was bustling. Many Zhan Long players were walking to and fro. Frost arranged ten Dragon Cavalry to give out quests. Maybe, as there were too many players here, the system gave this place plenty of new quests.

  I took a look and they were basically to look for people, hunt monsters, collect items, bounties, et cetera. They were all ABC tiers, which I was too lazy to accept. I had to get those that were at least S Tier. I walked toward Frost, who was wiping off the frost on her blade. She looked at me and revealed her teeth. "You came?"

  "En, Dragon City has been really busy recently!"

  "Right, we are expanding. Many adventurers came from Ba Huang City. Qingluo is selecting a bunch of elites to join our Dragon City warriors!"

  I asked, "When I entered, I saw that Silver Dragon Cavalry Yu Dan was gathering people; what is he doing?"


  Frost opened her mouth. "You even saw that? We are preparing for a secret mission."

  "Oh, what secret mission; can you tell me?" I was interested.

  Frost replied, "There is a volcanic area on the Death Plains; Leiding crafted many furnaces there. They are creating large-sized cannons. If they succeed, Dragon City might be destroyed. I'm planning to strike them first and destroy those workshops!"

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