Chapter 980- Entertainment Club
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Zhan Long Chapter 980- Entertainment Club

"What, Xue Rou?!"

  My body shook. There was finally a confirmed location of Mocha; I was delighted! I went offline and headed out right after saying goodbye to Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. I drove the A4 out of the university toward the police base. At the entrance, Shen Bing walked out with her bag. In truth, she was not off work and I probably had the easiest work in the base. They would only call me when they had important missions; if not, I would just spend time with Lin Wan Er, but actually, protecting Lin Wan Er was one of my most important missions.

  "Is the location certain?" I asked.

  Shen Bing nodded. "Unless someone else used her identity card to open a room. Still, the chances of that aren’t high. She needs to use that to head to other cities. Jiaxin City might be a temporary spot for her and she might leave soon, so we have to rush over."


  I drove out of Hangzhou toward Jiaxin. Shen Bing held a tablet and she searched for some important information. Her identity was quite special, so the permission level of her account was A grade. She could use the satellite to get large amounts of encrypted files; her permission level was even above that of the police.

  "Set the GPS to Jiaxin's Langlang Holiday Hotel; Xue Rou has a room there."


  This time, it was even more certain. Hangzhou was not far from Jiaxin, but I was really nervous when I was driving. If I really saw Mocha, what should I say? Should I say that everyone forgave her and should I ask her to come back? If that was so, it did not seem enough to clear all her guilt? Let us forget it. I needed to see her first and confirm that she was fine.

  In less than an hour, we entered Jiaxin and parked below the hotel. I got off and Shen Bing walked in with me. It was already 11pm.

  I entered and the girl at the counter waved right away. "Hello, are the two of you staying?"

  I walked close and said seriously. "Hello, help me check which room did this person Xue Rou book?"

  She was stunned and shook her head. "Sorry, sir. Our hotel keeps client details a secret; please forgive me for being unable to help you check those details."

  I did not say much, just showing her my police identification. "I am from the Hangzhou Police, so help me check it. Thank you!"

  She was stunned and looked at both Shen Bing and me. Shen Bing showed hers. "I am his colleague. Beautiful, please be quick; we are rushing for time."

  The girl did not say anything anymore and typed in a line of words. "Room 412. Are you... two really cops?"

  "Can we be fake?"

  I smiled and turned around to bring Shen Bing up. When we stood in front of Room 412, we hesitated. I raised my hand but did not know whether or not to knock. Shen Bing could not take it anymore and laughed. "You are too hesitant; let me do it!"

  She walked forward and knocked on the door. After a few times, a voice came from inside. "Who is it?'

  Shen Bing replied, "Jiaxin Police. Please cooperate and open the door!"

  The person inside was shocked and opened it. It was a short-haired girl, who looked at us in shock. Her body was nice and her hair was wet and messy. She should have just taken a bath. She looked stunned. "You... are cops? Where are your uniforms?"

  I showed my badge and said, "This is for a private matter so forgive us. Based on what we know, Xue Rou is the one who booked this room. You are?"

  She stared at my badge and smiled. "Hangzhou Special Police, so it is you; you really are handsome. The legendary Xiao Yao Zi Zai... I finally saw you in real life, and you even came to see me yourself!"

  Shen Bing frowned. "Who are you?"

  The girl smiled and shook hands with me. "I am Zhao Feifei, her university classmate. She’s a little depressed, so I am spending time out with her. That isn't against the law, right?"

  I shook my head. "Of course, but where is she? We want to find her."

  "Oh, if that is the case..." Zhao Feifei blinked. "She isn’t willing to see you, though, so how about I call her?"

  "Where is she?"

  "She’s at the Yongta Bar nearby. She went to get a seat and I told her that I would head over after showering. Who knew that the handsome guild leader would come over so quickly... " Her eyes opened wide. "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, how did you find this place? Oh, forget it. You are cops; it shouldn't be too hard to accomplish this..."

  I smiled. "Feifei, can you bring us to that Yongta Bar?"

  Zhao Feifei thought about it and replied, "I can bring you there, but I can't promise that she’ll be willing to talk. She’s been in pain and I think that you can sense that. No one wants to be a traitor, let alone her, yet she betrayed two people at once: one is you and the other is Fang Ge Que. That's the dumbest thing she has ever done. She did try to get back to Zhan Long, though."

  I touched my nose and said, "Quickly..."

  Zhao Feifei smiled. "You have to at least wait for me to wear my clothes right. How about this: Give me five minutes to apply some light makeup?"


  Shen Bing and I headed out and rested along the wall. Not long after, Zhao Feifei was out with a black skirt, which looked youthful but a little wild. She smiled. "Xiao Yao, why are you looking at me like that? What’s with that gaze?"

  I smiled. "Your skirt is too short; are you finding a guy for the night?"

  Zhao Feifei smiled. "If I really meet someone handsome, I don't mind, but Rourou isn't in a good mood, so just forget it. I'll just drink with her before coming home."

  I nodded. "Okay."


  Not long after, the three of us reached Yongta Bar; it was average and could not be compared to the top bars in the big cities. However, in Jiaxin City, this was already really good. At 11pm, there were many guests inside. Under Zhao Feifei's accompaniment, we walked into the table that Xue Rou booked but she was not there.

  "She isn't here..." I guessed something.

  Zhao Feifei smiled. "Don't be disappointed. Maybe she is peeking at us from a corner. Since she's not willing to see you, I shall help her accompany you today? What would you like to drink?'


  I looked around and did not see any traces of Mocha. Shen Bing nodded at me and headed to the ladies to see if she was inside. A few minutes later, she shook her head.

  Holding the cold glass cup, I felt a stabbing pain in my heart. Was Xue Rou not even willing to see me once?

  The drink that she had ordered was really thick, high-density Vodka that was at least 20%. She placed it heavily on the table as if only one of us would be able to walk out of here tonight. "I heard from Rourou that you have good alcohol tolerance; I too don't get drunk easily. Let's have a battle tonight?"

  I was unhappy today so I nodded. "Sure!"

  I gulped down the glass that Feifei poured for me; the thick alcohol spun around my throat and my nerves started to get numb. My body was refined by the Yanyang Power until no poison could come in. I could actually use it to block the alcohol, but I did not do that. I thought about what I had done these few days: rising up with Zhan Long, battling with the Royal Army, and losing Zhan Long base. How many of such things could one do in a life? Maybe the moment before getting drunk was the best moment?

  Shen Bing saw that I was unhappy, so she drank with me, too. In less than an hour, four bottles of high alcohol content Vodka were finished. Zhao Feifei's face was red, but she still said that she was not drunk. Mocha's classmate was quite cute, pulling my hand and talking about her ex.

  Looking at how she dressed, her family background should be good. I laughed. Such a person actually said that her life was tough; what about people like Wolf, Old K, and Fox? In truth, their lives were quite good. Happiness came from within.

  We drank until six and finished seven bottles; our heads all felt heavy.

  Shen Bing and Zhao Feifei both rested on the table, fast asleep.

  My consciousness started to blur and the lights of the bar shone. People around moved their young bodies to relax. At this time, a familiar figure appeared in my eyes.

  It was Mocha.

  She wore a coffee-colored dress, which wrapped around her body. Where was this Mocha; it was more like Little Demon, the mature and alluring feel. I tried to open my eyes but was unable to remain awake. I could only raise my hand and look at her.

  She said something but I could not hear it. She got close and rested in my arms. My shirt was covered in her tears and her body shook. I just brushed her shoulders. My throat was so dry that I could not say a single thing. This lasted until I fell asleep.

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