Chapter 979- Overlord rebirth
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Zhan Long Chapter 979- Overlord rebirth

I immediately replicated an effect. My original helmet was top Demon Harvest Tier, the Hero’s Helmet; wearing this meant that I did not have to experience any speed reduction or negative effects like stuns. This was its strongest stat, so I would just replicate it!

  A red light flashed across and then it was successfully replicated. Hero’s Helmet started to drop in the rankings after losing that effect and it became 2000+ ranked Demon Harvest Tier equipment. D*mn!

  After which, I equipped the Overlord Helmet and my stats jumped to a whole new level—

  Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Country Protector Dragon Rider)
  Level: 172
  Attack: 39805-53360
  Defense: 26828
  Health: 255935
  Magic Attack: 35910
  Charm: 1728
  CBN Battlenet Rankings: 6
  Title: Suiding Duke


  My Attack stats were through the roofs; actually, the basic stats did not seem too strong. All my equipment had loads of different effects, which was the most terrifying part. Moreover, there were large numbers of Attack additions. My equipment at least added over 900% of Attack, especially after the inclusion of the Overlord set. It was simply overpowered. The 50,000 basic attack, in truth, was actually a 500,000 true attack. This was why normal players did a thousand damage, while I did at least 100,000.

  I charged into the abyss and through the smoke. After breathing in fresh air, I felt much better.


  Yue Qing Qian said, "Brother Xiao Yao is out. Congratulations! You’ve obtained another Overlord set part!"

  I was stunned. When I obtained the Overlord helmet, the guild channel did talk about it, so it was no wonder that Yue Qing Qian knew about it. Lin Wan Er smiled sweetly. "Take a look. Now that you have three pieces, is there a new change?"

  "Oh, I forgot..."

  I checked the equipment. Having obtained three pieces at , I could finally see the set effect—

  Overlord Set
  2 pieces: Attack +140%
  3 pieces: Defense +200%, Magical Resistance +150%
  4 pieces: Battle of Julu special effect, raise user's Attack by 200% and increase health by 100,000.
  5 pieces: All In special effect. The more health lost, the higher the increase in hidden Attack, and when health is as low as 10%, Attack will increase to 500%.
  6 pieces: Overlord Rebirth. Summoning the soul of Xiang Yu can increase all the hidden stats, and if killed, can immediately revive. Level -1, all stats increased by 30% and can stack infinitely until one goes offline.


  I looked at the Overlord Set stats and everyone fell silent for a moment. After a long while, Li Mu tapped my shoulder. "After you gather them all, we will make you drop dozens of levels and then we will kill Lanais, Dalun, and Lei Ding together to get a few more Country Weapons and God Artifacts for Zhan Long. What do you think about that?"

  I replied, "Dropping tens of levels will increase my stats by 300%. I think that, with their intelligence, they'll hide from me and not fight against me head on. Sooner or later, I will go offline, and the substantial level sacrifice will be for nothing. What do you think?"

  Li Mu said, "We can still try..."

  "Try your sister! If you want to die, go die by yourself!"

  "I’ve just taken Little Wu as my sister; you wanna try her?"

  I: "..."

  Dancing Forest just stood there without saying a word.


  Thus, our Zhan Long expedition in Hybrid Demon Territory was a huge success. Li Mu obtained the Flame Scorching Sword and Thousand Man Enemy; Wang Jian got the God General Bracers; finally, I obtained the third Overlord Set part and activated the set effect. Maybe just like what Li Mu said, after I gathered six Overlord pieces, I could crush everyone on the continent.

  I thought back to the warring states; would I be able to use this effect to crush everyone? Maybe it was possible, just that I would have to lose some levels. Thus, these days, I would work hard to level up so I could make up for the levels I would lose in the future. As long as I got all the Overlord equipment, I would be like a nuclear bomb. I could shock every single main city!

  Since everything was done, I headed back!

  The corpses of the boars we killed still had not respawned, so Long Xing ordered the soldiers to drag them away. They did not use any machines but just dozens of Cavalrymen, tying up the limbs of the boars and pulling them back. We did not face many problems on our way back, and in over an hour we returned to Dragon City. We cut the dozens of boars to reward the Royal Army soldiers, while the players headed back to Dragon City to complete the quest.


  A hall covered in frost and Frost's office was within. When I entered, she looked at me and smiled. "Have you managed to save Long Xing?'

  I nodded and took out Zhou Hai's head. "This is Iron Halberd God General Zhou Hai's head. We killed him—oh, we are here to get the reward..."

  Frost smiled. "Okay, since you are so direct, I shall give the rewards directly..."


  [System notification: Congratulations for completing SSS-grade main quest Save Long Xing! Obtained rewards: +170% experience of current level, +20000 gold, +30 Charm.]


  D*mn! I actually did not get any extra equipment or skillbook. Still, the experience was quite a lot. Along with what I had, I managed to advance to level 174. Golden light pelted me and the ninety-nine Zhan Long players each leveled up twice or thrice. Anyway, this quest took less than seven hours, so the experience was worth it!

  I bugged her to give me another quest, but she told me that Dragon City did not have anything going on.

  I had no choice. Time to see the Royal Army to train the troops and gain some experience.

  I did not get any equipment here, but 70% of those of the one hundred did. Lin Wan Er got a piece of Demon Harvest Tier equipment, which could be sold for much. Wang Jian got wearable leggings. I watched as they returned to the city to do business and level, while I returned to the camp.

  Snow floated down. South of Dragon City was autumn, but the north was already winter.

  In the huge snow, the Royal Army soldiers were cooking. Many huge boars were slaughtered. Such boars were treasures, their skin could be fried in oil. These boars lived in the wilderness and did not have any fats on their bodies. I looked as the soldiers sliced off piece after piece of meat and gulped down my saliva. Such a simple life was something that everyone looked forward to.


  A Lieutenant bowed to me and smiled. "Sir, would you like to eat with us? Dragon City's weather is so unbearable; come eat some hot meat and have a gulp of wine to warm your body?"

  I shook my head. "No need. Have Han Yuan and Xiao Lie returned?"




  Not long after, two people climbed down from Dragon City. They were Han Yuan and Xiao Lie. Their faces were covered in snow and Han Yuan looked solemn. "General!"

  "Have you buried them?" I asked.

  Han Yuan nodded. "Most have been buried. There are some who were burned, but..."

  "But what?"

  Han Yuan's eyes were red and he nearly teared up. "We were too late. Luo Xun only ordered people to bury the corpses of the Fire Dragon Army and Rongdi Army, while they left our brothers’ corpses exposed. Many of their bodies were eaten by wolves and dogs..."

  Han Yuan knelt on the ground and cried. "General, our Royal Army has fought for the empire for so many years, yet so many of our brothers died. Why is this the outcome? Why is the world so unfair?"

  I helped him up. "You were only treated like this because you followed me; if not, you would’ve been promoted. I’m sorry!"

  Han Yuan shook his head, hatred appearing in his eyes. "No, all this is because of those fake rulers. They control everything... If I ever get the chance to return to Tian Ling City, I'll break all of this!"

  I nodded. "En, train the troops well! The Royal Army will return one day."

  "Yes, General!"


  I cherished such a loyal and righteous person like Han Yuan. He was the general I loved the most in the Royal Army, but such people would most probably end up dead. Since I had reached this stage in the game, I would do my best and let these people have a good life!

  As I looked around the Royal Army camp, before I knew it, it was night already. I finished having dinner with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue around 9pm and headed into Hybrid Demon Territory alone to kill some Hybrid Demons as well as to train my skills. Unfortunately, I was unable to find higher-grade food and herbs, such that my Wine Brewing and Potion Making skills had not improved.

  When it was close to 10pm, I received a message from Shen Bing: "Li Xiao Yao, I found a spending record from Xue Rou in Jiaxin City ten minutes ago!"




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