Chapter 978- Overlord Helmet
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Zhan Long Chapter 978- Overlord Helmet

There were a total of three pieces of equipment: a red sword, red bracers, and a shield covered in black energy. There was also another skillbook. I shared the stats of the sword, bracers, and shield to the guild channel so that everyone could have a look—

 Flame Scorching Sword (1-star God Artifact): Attack 7,700-10,050. Can increase Attack by 145%, increase Health 24,000. Level required: 168.

 God General Bracers (Deity Tier Artifact): Defense 3,210. Increase Defense by +70%, Rage 100; special effect: God General, raise Attack and Attack Speed by 50%; special skill Ghost God’s Dance. Level required: 168.

 Warsong Shield (Demon Harvest Tier): Defense 3750. Increase Defense +92%, Block +45%; special effect: Impenetrable, chance to reduce damage greatly. Required level: 168.


 Time to roll. I did not want any of the three. After all, my Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword were much better than the Flame Scorching Sword. As for the other equipment, I wanted to gather the Overlord Set and did not need all this anymore. That God General Bracers were actually the same set as my leggings and they increased Rage’s limit by 100 points. There was also Death God’s Dance effect and was equipment that Drunken Sword Style players loved!

 Very quickly, the roll outcome was out. The General Faction brothers were the biggest winners. Li Mu rolled for the Flame Scorching Sword and his Attack was greatly increased; it would definitely be better than Neptune’s Blade. Wang Jian got the God General Bracers, which solidified his position as a top Zhan Long Warrior. Warsong Shield was taken away by the Fourth Cavalry of Zhan Long, not bad. His Defense had become quite high, too.

 After dealing with all this, I picked up that green book. I waved it and its stats appeared in the sky. Instantly, everyone was shocked; this skill was really strong—

 Thousand-man Enemy (Deity Tier Skill): Summon ancient war god Lu Bu and obtain an increase in stats. Moreover, when facing players with lower strength than the user, this can deal additional 50% damage. The bigger the gap in power, the more the killing power. Under Thousand-man Enemy state, all skill damage will increase by 30%. Skill lasts for thirty seconds. Cooldown of sixty seconds. Consume 50% Mana and 100 Rage value. Required level: 165. Consume 50 Charm. Required job: Warrior, Berserker.


 I carried it and looked at everyone. "Only two jobs can learn it. This is a Deity Tier skill with sixty seconds cooldown and thirty seconds duration. As long as one keeps drinking wine, they can maintain Thousand-man Enemy state for 50% of the time. This skill can be said to be on the same level as a God Tier technique!"

 Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and the others looked forward to rolling for it. I backed out of the Roll. This skill needed high Rage; if I used Thousand-man Enemy, it would mean that God's Dance, Trampling Heavens, Defeat the Dragon, et cetera would be unusable to me. Moreover, in terms of an increase in Attack,  Turmoil Sword and Icy Wings were enough, so I truly did not need this. More importantly, by letting the top players in the guild get stronger, Zhan Long would get stronger as a corollary!

 In the end, Li Mu was really lucky today and obtained the Deity Tier skill!


The skillbook disappeared in his hands, and in the next moment, he activated it once. The color of the sky changed and a blood-colored halberd smashed onto his head. Lu Bu's war soul possessed his body and the Flame Scorching Sword turned into the shape of the Fangtian Halberd.

He looked really majestic, like a famous general.

 "He does look quite handsome..." Dancing Forest smiled.

 Li Mu said emotionally, "Thanks! Thank you, Xiao Wu!"

 Dancing Forest smiled. "I said that the skill’s handsome, not you."

 "Still, thank you!"

 Lin Wan Er smiled. "Now is good. Dancing Forest's Country Weapon Huangzhong Bow represents the leading bow, One Second Hero's Zhangba Snake Spear represents the Attack leader, and Li Mu's Thousand-man Enemy means that he is about to turn into Lu Bu himself. Our pig is gathering Overlord gear and once he gets them all, he’ll be like the reborn of Xiang Yu. Zhan Long is really filled with talents!"

 Yue Qing Qian smiled. "En, Zhan Long has more top players than any other guild in Tian Ling City. Even Legend can't compare with us, especially since Little Demon left!"

 Yue Qing Qian turned around. "If Sister Mocha is really willing to come back and join us with her identity as Little Demon, we will really be invincible!"

 Song Han said, "She probably won't, at least not in the meantime. Sister Mocha is still blaming herself and is really feeling guilty. We can only hope that she forgives herself soon, for only then will she come back."

 I nodded. "Then let's wait patiently!"

 After saying that, I split the items that the Boss dropped and also sliced off Zhou Hai's head. I placed it around my waist and walked toward the edge of Boar Abyss. I noticed that this place was covered in flames, and at the edges, Long Xing and the thousand Royal Army troops were trapped. One could not see clearly and I could only shout, "Long Xing, are all of you fine?"

 Long Xing's surprised voice came. "General, General is here to save us!"

 The soldiers cheered. "Wait for a while; we will come down to save you!"

 I looked at Wang Jian, Lin Wan Er, and the others and said, "Find some vines and toss those down for them, or else these NPCs won't be able to climb up. Let me go down to take a look!"

 "En en!"

 Lin Wan Er and the others did as told. This was our quest; if we did not save these NPCs, we would not get any rewards at all.



With Icy Wings, I flew into the abyss. I could not open my eyes from all the smoke, so I landed really slowly. Very quickly, I saw Long Xing and the others. They were coughing really badly. There were not any boars in Boar Abyss, for this was like an active volcano. At the center, there was a cracked layer of rock, and without thinking, I could tell that this was the work of the Hybrid Demons’ army. They made the sides look like it was flat land. If not, Long Xing and the others would not have fallen in. Luckily, no one actually got hurt or died from entering the lava.

When I landed, Long Xing and the others knelt onto the ground. "General, we deserve to die; we fell into the Hybrid Demons’ trap and landed here, making the General worry!"

I laughed, helping up Long Xing and saying, "This isn't much. I wasn't familiar with the Hybrid Demon Territory. Let's take things step by step. In the future when you head out, bring enough War Hawk Knights and familiarize yourselves with the territory, or else you will fall into the trap of the crafty Hybrid Demons again."

Long Xing looked at the head by my side and said excitedly, "General, you have already killed Zhou Hai?"


"General is so strong!"


Not long after, many green vines were dropped from above. The Royal Army troops loved their war horses, so they used the vines to wrap around the horses for those above to pull them up. I saw everything around and no players had come here. This was easily seen, for there were no human tracks at all. However, there was something in the thick mist that attracted me.

Overlord Boots and Overlord Bracers jumped as if they were being summoned by something. I confirmed that there was actually a part of the set here. Definitely! If not, there would not be such a reaction!

I ordered Long Xing and the others to retreat. I flew toward the bottom and the smoke got thicker and thicker, such that I could not open my eyes. I had finally reached the place and spotted the source of the Overlord equipment's resonance. There was a giant cage twenty millimeters above the magma. Without needing to think, I could tell that the equipment was inside.

I flew close and tugged at the rusty lock. I tried to pull it but failed to break it. I stood up and slashed it with the Zhen Yue Sword. With a keng, sparks flew. Even this Country Weapon could not break it and showed that the toughness of the lock far exceeded my expectation.

Speechless, I kept Zhen Yue Sword and used my five star God Artifact Butterfly, slashing down at it with all my might!


After a crisp sound, the lock was broken. I opened the cage with anticipation, and as expected, a shining, dark gold helmet was lying quietly inside. This equipment was only for Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai; if not, it would move to another point. It seemed like the system was quite reliable. I was the first with an Overlord set, so the entire set could only belong to me. 

I looked at the Overlord Helmet stats and was delighted. Another piece of Overlord equipment with replicable stats—

Overlord Helmet (Deity Tier)
Type: Heavy Armor
Defense: 5200
Strength: +525
Stamina: +520
Agility: +515
Magic Attack: +510
Bonus: Increase user's Magical Resistance by 155% and Defense by 65%.
Bonus: Raise user's Health by 22,000.
Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 80% and base attack by 3,000.
Effect: No level restriction.
Effect: Overlord, Courage of the Gods. Raise user's Strength by 3,000.
Effect: Replicable
Set equipment: Overlord Set Helmet
Introduction: In the ancient era, a king swept the continent and his courage was unparalleled. Many people followed him. Tens of thousands of years later, god blacksmiths collected his soul and forged it into a top treasure. This was the Overlord equipment. Legend has it that people who complete the set can command the world. Obtain one part and there is a chance that other parts drop when killing high-grade monsters. Unique set.
Required level: 200
Required Charm: 1000

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