Chapter 977- Enemy of everyone
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Zhan Long Chapter 977- Enemy of everyone

"Darling Duck, heal me; I will tank!"

 I activated Wall of Douqi and flew forward, smashing into the war horses around me. Zhou Hai and his horse were forced to retreat. Before he turned around, I sliced his arm. White energy exploded from under my feet and the words ‘Holy Ghost Grade 3’appeared as I activated Strength of a Thousand Men. I used Stab+Sweep+Hack. A strong power surged into my body as I used Wind Blade to break through his defense and deal 210,000 damage.

 Aggro started to increase as I retreated and used Great Realm of Desolation. Butterfly turned into three streaks of light, which pierced through his body. I dealt him another 180,000 damage. Finally, I attracted 70% of the aggro and the result was him pouncing on me!

 "You brat, you’re asking for death!"

 Flames wrapped around the halberd and Zhou Hai stabbed it to my chest, causing large damage numbers to appear—


 Zhou Hai slapped after roaring furiously. Fire blazed in his palm and I was the first to suffer from it. More damage numbers flew up—



 The fire was just too strong and forced me several dozens of steps back, drawing a huge line on the ground. At this time, I used Cleansing Rain plus Heal and drank another Health Potion. Thousand League Spring and Darling Duck both healed, and my health started to jump. I raised my head and saw that Zhou Hai and his horse had reached my front. He used another Flame Sweep!

 I held Zhen Yue Sword before my chest to block and was forced back again. The aggro value jumped once more; I was about to exceed it. I reacted and Butterfly flew out, slashing at his body. I then followed the trajectory, grabbing Zhen Yue Sword’s handle and striking. A golden star shone on the body of the blade as I slashed about, helping to reduce the aggro value.

 I grabbed the five-star God Tier Butterfly and went into a defensive mode once more. I blocked his halberd, and without dodging, I attacked him with my Zhen Yue Sword. Just like that, I had barely stabilized the situation. Still, Zhou Hai's Attack was too high and he mainly used skills. He not only damaged me but also the surrounding, nearby players. To kill this Boss, we were going all out. Many Cavalry players died and revived, with some even dying twice. One could only revive once every hour.

 A few seconds later, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and Dong Cheng Yue cleared out some Demon Hall Cavalry and started to help. Finally, we were fighting this Deity Tier Boss as a full one-hundred-man team. Although he was strong he could not insta kill all of us, so we basically won. However, his aggro numbers jumped really quickly and exceeded the limit. He started to charge at the group, such that our long-ranged players did not escape. Even Dancing Forest was killed once.

 Skill light shone in Boar Abyss. It was already night and the only sounds left were from us. Zhou Hai's health started to drop. He tried to kill me a few times, but Thousand League Spring and Darling Duck healed me. Moreover, they used special skills to maintain our advantage. Thus, though Zhou Hai tried to kill the main tank many times, in the end he could only give up and look on as his health was slowly whittled down.

 Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all attacked. The long-ranged and close-combat players reduced his health. Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, and One Second Hero did not retreat. They could tank the Boss's attacks; as the person taking most of the damage was me, they would not get insta-killed. Especially One Second Hero, with Blood Blade in his hands, his Attack was really high. His blade hacked at the Boss's neck. Actually, Zhou Hai wanted to kill that fatty, but he was unable to do so.


 "Be careful. His health is close to 10%!" Lin Wan Er used Twin Blade Harmony before retreating. "He’s about to use the final move!"

 Before her words were completed, Zhou Hai hollered. Lightning started to roar and the clouds split open. A blood-colored halberd appeared and stabbed into his body. At this time, a giant person had entered his body and a majestic-looking General appeared behind Zhou Hai!

 "Lu Bu..." Li Mu could not help but say.

 Wang Jian was shocked. "Zhou Hai's final skill, Enemy of All! He got possessed by Lu Bu, then?"

 I raised my blade. "Probably. Be careful. I might lose aggro. He is as strong as those Hybrid Demon Kings!"

 Dancing Forest held her Huangzhong Bow and said, "Right, these Bosses are the replacements of the kings, and maybe in the next patch, they’ll replace them to become one of the sixteen."

 "Then let's kill them now!" Old K smiled.

 I nodded. "Attack!"

 As I said that, I used Icy Wings and brought Ancient God Tiger forward. Little Tiger roared; he was even faster than I was as he clawed at Zhou Hai. Alas, Zhou Hai just stabbed forth, and Little Tiger instantly lost 100,000 Health, even nearly getting wiped out.

 "Pets aren't good enough!" Li Mu said. "We need to rely on humans!"

 Many people did not even release their pets while fighting Deity Tier Bosses. Even Demon Harvest Tier Boss pets were the same; they were not useful against Deity Tier Bosses.

 I kept Little Tiger. At the same time, I used Strength of a Thousand Men to strike Zhou Hai's chest before cleaving him with my Zhen Yue Sword.


Zhou Hai was forced back, yet his face was still brimming with pride. He swept his halberd forward and a blood-colored shockwave spread forth at once. "Prepare to die—Thousand Army Break!"

When it hit my armor, I felt like my bones had been sliced off. My health started to drop, and what was worse was that Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Star Blade, and the others who followed me forward were all hit, too. That blade actually insta-killed two of them—







I got hit for 130,000 and Li Mu for 150,000; however, since he had around 170,000 Health, he managed to preserve his life. Wang Jian was not so lucky and he immediately fell to the ground. Old K activated his skill and survived, but Star Blade was the weakest out of the five of us, so the 200,000 damage killed him!

All of us were shocked. Li Mu retreated and Old K nacked off after using Whirlwind Slash. Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, and One Second Hero did not charge in time and could only see the Boss smack my Godslaying Armor twice. It dealt a lot of damage. At the same time, Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword slashed at the Boss. If I Lifesteal-ed a little, maybe I would not die.

As expected, Zhou Hai's two hits did at least 200,000 damage and was nearly able to insta-kill me. However, Twin Dragon was activated and the ice and fire dragons protected me. Alas, they only had 25% of my health, so both were instantly destroyed. Fortunately, my Lifesteal recovered 50,000 Health, so I did not die right away!

I used Wall of Douqi at once. Li Meng Yao had rushed over finally. "Don't bully my brother!"

She used Saint Hall Chant and it attracted aggro. She also stabbed forward and forced Zhou Hai back, stunning him for three seconds. I used this time to recover with all the Heals. Luckily, the Healers we brought were the top ones in Zhan Long. Average players healed for 10,000 and that was not enough for them with their over 200,000 Health. As for Thousand League Spring and Darling Duck, each of their Heals was 30,000!

Lu Bu's image behind Zhou Hai got more and more vicious and he waved his halberd to deal more and more damage. Instantly, he killed Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero. Lin Wan Er was nearly killed, too. This Deity Tier Boss was so arrogant!

I continued to fight. This time, everyone focused their Heals on me and my Wall of Douqi reached full durability. Along with Darling Duck's Well of Awakening, I could tank Zhou Hai's attacks. This lasted for three minutes, and with a loud cry, Zhou Hai finally fell off his horse!


 I leveled up to 172. The experience from directly killing this Boss was really good.


 Wang Jian, Star Blade, Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero, and the others revived and they were all a little embarrassed. They were famous in Zhan Long, so to be killed by a Boss here was not a good thing. However, since this was a Deity Tier Boss, it was not too embarrassing.

 "Time to see the equipment!" Li Mu said.

 I nodded and walked forward. I looked at Zhou Hai's equipment; there probably were some God Artifacts.

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