Chapter 976- One roar forcing back an army
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Zhan Long Chapter 976- One roar forcing back an army

"Ang ang..."

 A bunch of scythe holding little ghosts roared at us, and the next moment, they all charged over. All one thousand level 2 Little Sickle Demons did so at once. I was stunned. One thousand of them were still okay, but what about the next wave? The final wave would have level 7 ones, and it would not be so easy anymore.

 "Prepare for battle!"

 My sword shone coldly as I guarded our small area. The Little Sickle Demons leered as they charged at us. From afar, they had to tank a round of our Blade Spin attacks along with ranged player shots and spells. Hundreds of them fell right away. My team's damage really was not low.

 Very quickly, the Little Sickle Demons surrounded us and sliced down, such that a few Mages and Archers died. I felt like I had miscalculated, but I could not say anything and could only order, "Attack!"

 All of a sudden, Blade Spins were used and the entire battlefield was covered in Hellfire, blades, and axes. Dense damage numbers rose. Among those, mine was the most outstanding, with one sword dealing 100,000 damage. The Little Sickle Demons only had 1,400,000 Health, so they were easily killed.

 In just twelve minutes, we killed the one thousand Little Sickle Demons. We lost seven people and all of them returned after getting revived.

 "Iron Bucket Formation!"

 I ordered and everyone summoned their pets. Along with forty Cavalry, one hundred formed a circle and protected the ranged players and Healers. If not, we definitely would be unable to block the next wave of attacks.

 One Second Hero used the Deity Artifact Zhangba Snake Spear and asked, "Guild leader, when should I use the special skill Roar of Zhang Fei?"

 I replied, "It only lasts for twenty minutes, so wait for the last wave. Otherwise, we won't be able to hold on at all."


 I then looked at Dancing Forest. "Your Huangzhong's Rage, also wait for the final wave to use it with my Zhenyue Warsong. The final wave will be the toughest for us."

 "Okay," Dancing Forest said.

 Thousand League Spring looked at Darling Duck and smiled. "Darling Duck, you can use your special skill."

 I smiled. "What skill?"

 "The healing skill on her ring, Well of Awakening, recovers the health of party members within thirty yards, lasting twenty seconds, for 100 Rage. It has a cooldown of ten minutes!"

 I clapped. "That’s a really good skill!"

 Darling Duck said, "I have two skills that can be used repeatedly. One raises healing by forty percent and one helps to increase attack speed. If not, we wouldn't have finished those Little Sickle Demons so quickly. Guild leader, don't you think that your attack speed is really high?"

 "That's true, so it’s because of your skill..."

 "Hehe! Give me some Lanling Flower Wine, or else my Rage value can't keep up. Healers don't attack so that we won't get damaged. As such, our Rage can only rely on getting hit and drinking wine."


 I turned around and gave her twenty and then looked at the 100+ in my bag. I also gave some to the Cavalry players that used the Drunken Sword Style.

This could ensure all our damage and also allow us to defend against the crazy attacks of the Hybrid Demons.

 Very quickly, the next wave of monsters attacked. They were the level 2 Barbarian Warriors, which we finished in twelve minutes!

 After which, although the next few waves threatened us, they were not that lethal. This went on until the ninth wave. Finally, when the area around us was covered in corpses, two thousand Hybrid Demons faced us from the opposite side. At least, we did not feel the number disadvantage anymore.


 Among the monsters, a Hybrid Demon General walked out; his name was red in color. This was the commander of this army and his name was really eye-catching—

 Iron Halberd God General Zhou Hai (Deity Boss)
 Level: 172


 It was a Deity Tier Boss, huh. I started to have confidence. Although there were only one hundred of us, these one hundred were all Zhan Long elites. If we sacrificed half of us, we should be able to kill this Boss, right?

 Zhou Hai raised his arm and laughed coldly. "Tian Ling Empire's Suiding Duke, who knew that you’d end up like this? When you killed General Luoding and Blood Giant Kale, you didn't expect this to happen, did you? Usually, you would send armies, but today you only sent one hundred to fight. This Boar Abyss will be where you are buried, but don't worry as I am merciful. Therefore, I’ll let Long Xing and those one thousand Royal Army troops die with you!"

 I did not say anything. Zhou Hai gave his orders and the ninth wave came. Level 6 Three-horned Beast. We had seen how strong they were, and during the battle of Sea of No Return, many players died to their Three-Horned Killing Formation. After that battle, it was said that at least a million players had died!

 "Three-horned Beasts again!" One Second Hero held his Zhangba Snake Spear and smiled. "Why do I feel my legs trembling?"

 Wang Jian was speechless. "You’re holding the Zhangba Snake Spear, yet you actually dared to say such things?"

 One Second Hero laughed. "Do you want me to scare all of them off? I don't have the skill..."

 I said, "Pay attention. If you are below fifty percent, then get healed. Try to stop them and not let them get close, or else it will be a problem! Men, take over me; I’ll draw them to us!"

 One Second Hero replaced my position and I charged out. I used Blade Spin on the dense group and then Icy Wings to retreat. I led the Three-horned Beasts around our formation. Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Lian Po, and the other ranged players then killed them.

 However, this did not last long. As more and more of them came, there was nowhere I could fly to and I could only start slashing at them. The Three-horned Beasts roared and smashed onto my armor. They then used the Three-horned Killing Formation, which made me feel like my body was about to get ripped apart. My health dropped, and in the blink of an eye, I only had half left. I used Cleansing Rain and then resumed slashing at the monsters. I attracted three hundred plus of them on the outskirts. Of course, only dozens could get close. Otherwise, I would have died long ago.

 Around the formation, ninety-nine Zhan Long elites and six hundred plus Three-horned Beasts battled. Many players died, but plenty of the Three-horned Beasts died, too. In fifteen minutes, they were all killed. My Godslaying Armor was in a mess from this battle.


 I did not have time to pick the spoils up. Li Mu looked at Zhou Hai and said, "This wave will have a Boss; this Zhou Hai will be tough!"

 "That is okay. We have a chance of winning!" I said. "Use the large-scale buffs right away. The one thousand Demon Hall Cavalry will attack and this wave will be their strongest. Those who die try to get revived right away. We need to go all out!"


 Sounds of horse hooves could be heard as the enemies charged at us. I did not dare to be careless. Demon Hall Cavalry's Bone Stab Ring and Whirlwind Sword Break were all high-damage skills, so I could not tank them.

 Luckily, Zhou Hai did not charge along with them, or else we would definitely get wiped out. After all, this was just a SSS-grade quest. If we were all to die here, very few guilds would dare to accept such quests in the future.


 "Get ready. Use our skills!"

 When I was about to get hit, I used Zhenyue Warsong, which greatly increased everyone's Attack. One Second Hero used Roar of Zhang Fei and Dancing Forest  used Rage of Huangzhong. Our Attack was going through the roof. Darling Duck also used Well of Awakening to protect us.

 When our opponents turned into a fan and hit our defensive formation, I activated Ice Domain to freeze a large bunch. "Use your strongest skills!"

 I opened my palm and lightning surged between my fingers. Thundering Heavens descended from above and smashed into the crowd. Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, and the others used their killing skills. While the Demon Hall Cavalry was frozen, we beat all up. In the end, Thundering Heavens was too strong and at least two hundred of them were killed.

 After Ice Domain ended, hundreds of Demon Hall Cavalry charged. They activated Bone Stab Ring and Whirlwind Sword Break and killed dozens of Zhan Long players. I had expected that. Darling Duck and the others revived the corpses, while Lin Wan Er used Wintry Clothes of a Minstrel's Heaven's Ode. Instantly, the Demon Hall Cavalry were stunned.

 We took the chance. Our damage was too strong and in less than five minutes, only two hundred of them remained. However, at that moment, there was a furious shout. Iron Halberd God General Zhou Hai was finally here. He smashed down on Li Meng Yao's shield!


Sparks flew and 110,000 damage was dealt. Luckily, she had 150,000 Health and was not insta-killed. However, she was still forced back due to how strong that attack had been.

Another Cavalry followed up but was unable to block this assault. Zhou Hai swept and then thrust forward to kill him. At the same time, his halberd became covered in flames. He roared and the flames spread, burning twenty Zhan Long players to death! So vicious!

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