Chapter 975- Saving Long Xing
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Zhan Long Chapter 975- Saving Long Xing

"How many people did the Hybrid Demons send?" I asked.

 The War Hawk Knight reported seriously, "I couldn't tell, but they should be around ten thousand. They have a really strong General. Sir, you must be careful!"

 I nodded my head. "Where is the doctor? Bring him over to get healed!"

 A few soldiers carried the injured scout down, and when I stood up, I received a quest—


[System notification: Will you accept SSS-grade quest, Save Long Xing?]


I confirmed and I received another bell sound.


[System notification: Congratulations for accepting the SSS-grade main army quest, Save Long Xing! You can share this with ninety-nine people and form a one-hundred-man team to head over. Find the legendary Boar Abyss. Long Xing and the others are trapped there, but be careful, for a really strong Hybrid Demon army is lying in wait at the place and is awaiting reinforcements. You must kill all enemies and ensure that Long Xing remains alive. If he dies, the quest will fail. Lastly, kill their General and bring his head to see Frost; the quest rewards will double!]


I did not think too much and just opened the management-level guild channel and shared the quest to everyone. "Wan'er, Dong Cheng, choose ninety-nine people to do this quest with me. They must be the best; if not, we won't be able to complete it."

Lin Wan Er smiled. "Okay, I was just feeling bored that I had nothing to do, and then suddenly such a quest appeared!"

Li Mu said, "In terms of Cavalry, let's bring those who learned Blade Spin. Their tankiness and damage should be enough."

"Okay, you make the decision, I’ll wait for all of you at the Royal Army camp."


In less than twenty minutes, a hundred or so from Zhan Long arrived. All were elites of their jobs. There were twenty Healers to ensure enough healing and forty Cavalry. All of them were Fire Dragon Cavalry possessing Hellfire weapons. Moreover, they all knew how to use Blade Spin, so they could be considered the top experts of Tian Ling City.

The Fire Dragon Cavalry did not feel too cold in this snowy weather. I held Butterfly and said, "Head out after doing preparations, but be careful. Split twenty Cavalry to protect the ranged Archers and Healers. Assassins, do reconnaissance. This is the Hybrid Demon Territory, so we can't be too careless. Don't get wiped out."

Everyone became solemn and had stopped joking around. We all focused and started moving in the snow.

Based on the War Hawk Knight, Long Xing brought one thousand Royal Army’s Cavalry to hunt down a bunch of boars, which was why they fell into this Boar Abyss. This place definitely had something to do with Hybrid Demon Territory. If not, they would not have surrounded this place so quickly. The boars should be food that the Hybrid Demons raised, like animals that humans raised. This was so that the Hybrid Demon Army would not starve to death from the lack of food.

Lin Wan Er, Song Han, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, and the others scouted. These few had extraordinary strength in Zhan Long, and even if they faced the demons, they would not be killed right away. At least, they had the ability to flee. However, I didn't dare to underestimate the Hybrid Demon Army. After all, even Long Xing was trapped, so one could see how strong the demons were.

"Be careful!" Yue Qing Qian's voice spread from the party channel. "They look ranged!"

"Ya?" Lin Wan Er's voice appeared, too. 

 The next moment, a beautiful body slid through the forest as she rolled. At the same time, many spears landed where she had been a minute ago. Countless red dots then appeared on the map, and at least thousands of Demon Spirit Hunters had shown up; they were clearly here for us.


 I activated Icy Wings and charged forward. I used Butterfly to block in front of Lin Wan Er and helped her tank twenty spears. Luckily, my Defense was high and each dealt 3000+ damage. I lost a total of 70,000 Health. I had a total of 240,000 Health, so it was impossible for grade 1 Hybrid Demons to kill me.

 "Cavalry, attack together; just charge down these Demon Spirit Hunters!"

 I ordered while charging forward. At the same time, I drank a Health Potion. I sank and used Blade Rush to dodge the spears. I then pulled out the Zhen Yue sword and hacked into the crowd. I also activated Death God Dance and Sword Tempest before using Seven Star Fragment Slash. Instantly, the hundred Demon Spirit Hunters were torn into shreds. When facing a player like me, they could only get killed. I did not even need to get healed; lifesteal alone could ensure that I would remain perfectly fine.

 Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all charged, too. The most obvious change was that these players tossed out their weapons. Blades, swords, axes, et cetera all spun to the monsters and many of the hunters cried in dismay. Facing Zhan Long's Fire Dragon Cavalry, there was nothing they could do to beat or kill us.

 When Dong Cheng Yue, Lian Po, Dancing Forest, and all the other ranged players came forward, the one thousand of them were only left with one outcome: defeat.

 After close to ten minutes, all enemies were cleared out. Along with the patches changing, these Demon Spirit Hunters leveled up and were now level 170, so they provided large amounts of experience. Meanwhile, the last patch had two details: First was to correct the armor piercing damage of Archers toward heavy-armored players so that the damage generated could be increased. Second was to remove Attack-rebound skills. Each player would be compensated with 10,000 gold as that skill was too strong. 


 We headed forward and spent twenty minutes passing through the forest. When we stepped into the wilderness region, many boars appeared. I did hunt these when I was the Dragon City Scavenger, but they were not so huge. These were all like tanks and each weighed at least three tons. No wonder Long Xing targeted them as each one would feed two thousand soldiers for a day. If he captured these, more than the army's daily food supply would be solved.

 However, Long Xing was just a Major and did not come into much contact with Hybrid Demons. This was why he had misjudged the danger. The Hybrid Demon Army was not the most terrifying thing here; there were dragons, serpents, et cetera. These boars were just bait.

 "Level 170 Ancient Tier Boar. D*mn..." Lin Wan Er smiled.

 Li Mu asked, "How, kill them?"

 I nodded. "Kill, if they run then don't chase, just kill those nearby."



 The hundred of us proceed forward quickly. I opened my palm and used Defeat the Dragon to grab a level 169 Boar. I used Strength of a Thousand Men and it was left with low health. Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian slashed twice and the target died. Its giant body fell into the wilderness and the ground shook as if there was an earthquake.

 "Don't touch the corpse." I smiled. "It isn't much for us, but they can be used as food, so don't waste it."

 Wang Jian smiled. "Brother Xiao Yao really is a general and considers more than all of us."

 I smiled. "I observed that the NPC system of this game is very organic. The food, warmth, and morale all affect combat strength. For example, I saw that the stats of the basic Royal Army soldiers are related to food, warmth, morale, and Rage. Once they get angry, their Attack will increase, but their ability to dodge will drop."

 Dong Cheng Yue said, "Mages need to be calm as Rage affects their magic attacks."

 "Right, that is the case."

 I thought about it and added, "Let the Royal Army eat to their fill and sleep well, and the chances of them getting sick will decrease. If not, thirty percent of them will fall sick and their stats would be reduced by forty percent."

 Li Mu laughed. "Save Long Xing; if not, he might get swine flu in that place."



 A bunch of people pushed forward and turned the Boars into experience and equipment. Ahead was a blood-red map. We were about to reach Boar Abyss; what I did not expect was that the Hybrid Demon Army had not attempted to ambush us and was just lining up around the abyss. Just like the intel suggested, there were ten thousand of them from level 1 to 7. However, I was unable to see their General.

 The hundred of us got close. I held my Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword and walked in front.

 Before I got close, a Lieutenant tossed his spear and it stabbed into the dirt right ahead. "Royal Army's Li Xiao Yao, you are an abandoned General of the Tian Ling Empire! Even though you have the power of a war god, you won't be able to do much. Why don’t you join the Hybrid Demon Territory? We can release your thousand men if you follow us for a good life in the Hybrid Demon Territory!"

 I smiled. "Hybrid Demons actually know how to ask one to surrender. Weird. I am not used to it!"

 The Lieutenant became furious. "Little ones, rip them apart. Hundred people dared to save the Royal Army Major; they are really dreaming!"

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