Chapter 974- Xue Rou's gift
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Zhan Long Chapter 974- Xue Rou's gift

Only until the morning of the second day did the Royal Army finally set up camp north of Dragon City. Half of the small stone city was built up. The city walls were not really firm, but they were enough to block the attacks of common Hybrid Demons. Moreover, I wrote a letter, asking Fire God Mountain Range to move five thousand Dark Moon Elf Archers over so that they could defend the camp. With all that done, we should be really safe in the meantime.

  I yawned and had just decided to go offline when Old K sent me a message: "Little Li, it is Wolf's birthday today, so come eat dinner and celebrate together. That kid has been alone in Hangzhou for so many years and he doesn't even have a girlfriend. He’s only left with a few of us."

  I replied right away, asking, "En, does Wolf have anything he wants? I don't know what to give him."

  Old Ki answered, "Actually, he just lacks a girlfriend, but you probably can't settle that. Just buy a random gift."



  I went offline and took a bath before heading out to eat something. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue looked like they were well rested. During breakfast, I asked them about gifts and Lin Wan Er suggested buying some high-class male clothing, while Dong Cheng Yue suggested a leather belt. In the end, I decided to buy a super dagger for him.

  I did not sleep right away and went online to Tian Ling City. I chose for a long time on the auctions before finally finding a new dagger, level 163 Divine Artifact. Its Attack was decent and the armor penetration effect was decent. I placed it in the guild armory and designated the person as Little Wolf. The added note was: ‘Happy birthday! Grow more and more handsome so that you can find a girlfriend soon!’

  After dealing with all this, I could finally go offline to sleep.

  When I woke up, the sky was about to turn dark. I looked at my phone and there was a message from Fox: "Xiao Yao, quick! We are at the restaurant opposite the studio; we are all heading over."

  It was from ten minutes ago. I got up and washed up in ten minutes’ time before heading out. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were in charge of Zhan Long today, so they did not head to Little Wolf's birthday. However, that was fine. It was not as if they were really close to one another.

  I drove my A4 toward the restaurant. As it was not a weekend, there were still parking lots during dinner time.

  When I opened the suite, a strong heatwave rushed to me. The dishes were served and there was a giant cake at the side. This was a rare reunion of the Zhan Long Studio; only four of us came. It was the initial four of us: Little Wolf, Old K, Fox, and me. The four brothers were together once more.

  However, the atmosphere was quite sad, probably due to Mocha?

  I smiled. "Okay, today is Wolf's birthday, so don't make things so sad. Come, since the dishes are all here, then let's drink?"

  Old K smiled. "Didn't you drive here? You still dared to drink?"

  "That's okay. Tell Dong Cheng and Wan'er to help drive the car away."

  "En, okay. We won't go back until we are drunk!"

  Finally, we started talking. We then continued to discuss the game equipment and scenarios. I also told Song Han that I had bought him a dagger worth 150,000 ingame; it was the top of current Divine Artifacts. The reason was that Demon Harvest Tier equipment was too rare. Luckily, its level was high, so a level 163 was no different from a level 140 Demon Harvest. 

  After three rounds, Old K and Fox both became flushed. Due to my cultivation, I had only become slightly drunk, whereas Wolf had gotten totally drunk. His face was flushed and his hand holding the cup was shaking.

  "Eat the cake?" I suggested. "How about I cut it? It is time to show off my blade skills!"

  Fox laughed. "Okay, you do it!"

  I opened the cake, and just when I was about to pick up the plastic knife, the door opened. A guy held an exquisite bag and asked, "Is Mr. Song Han here?"

  I stood in front of Little Wolf and asked, "Why, what is the matter?"


  The guy held up the bag and replied, "When I was downstairs, a girl gave me this and told me to give it to a Mr. Song Han, who is currently celebrating his birthday. She said that this is his gift."


  I took it and smiled. "Thank you, brother!"

  "No worries."

  The guy turned around and left while I was shocked. After confirming that there was nothing dangerous, I passed it to Wolf. "Eh, you still insist that you have no girlfriend? See, didn't a girl just give you a gift!"

  Fox smiled. "Right, you really make people envy you."

  Wolf smiled and then opened it. He took out a piece of paper and a car key. It was a black car key and I could see that it was a Cadilac XTS key. This car was worth around 400,000 yuan.

  Wolf saw the words and his body shook. He started to tear up with the key in his hands.

  "What happened Wolf?" Old K asked.

  Wolf passed it to him, and after Old K saw it, he was instantly stunned, too.

  "What happened?"

  I frowned and took the paper from Old K. I saw the first line: Wolf, you said that your dream was to have a Cadilac XTS, so I bought it for you. It is parked in the parking lot at the shopping mall. You can just go get a car plate. Happy birthday! You must be happy. Also, help me apologize to Boss and everyone else— Mocha who always loves you.


  "She has never forgotten my words..." Wolf shook and he rubbed off his tears. "No matter what she did, she’s still our Mocha, right?"

  I nodded and ran out. A few seconds later, I reached downstairs. I ran toward the corner, but I did not see Mocha. There were too many people around and I was unable to sense her. Moreover, she should be far away already.


  I shouted at the street at large. "Come out! Stop hiding. Come out. You shall bear the consequences for what you did;  when will you run up till?!"

  I shouted with all my strength and my voice was about to go hoarse.

  After a while, Fox walked out from behind me and slapped my shoulder. "Forget it. If she doesn't want us to see her, with her intelligence, we won't be able to."

  I stood there. At that moment, Song Han and Old K walked out, too. Song Han was still holding the paper and the key. "Brother Xiao Yao, forget it; let's not force her..."

  I nodded. "En, let's... go cut the cake!"



  After eating the cake, we continued to drink. We only stopped when we were drunk. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue came around 10pm, and only after sending the three of them back did we go back home. I also told Song Han not to go get the car until he woke up as it was too dangerous.

  Life was too precious. Dong Cheng Lei had already left us. I did not want to lose anyone else.


  After going back, I did not go online. I went to sleep and only woke up in the morning. I went online after breakfast. It was time to deal with the Royal Army. I had not gone online for such a long time, so there were definitely many things to do.

  In the end, when I went online, I heard a lot of claps that came from the Zhan Long players. Everyone realized that they could learn Blade Spin from Frost. In terms of killing ability, Blade Spin was a Holy Ghost Tier technique!

  I teleported to Dragon City; this place was snowing once again. I tightened my armor and walked toward the border. I saw that the Royal Army camp in the snow was much better, and around the stone walls were many arrow towers. Dark Moon Elves were standing within the towers. The Dark Moon Elves were stronger than humans and they were able to handle the cold. In such cold weather, even strong Barbarians had to be wrapped in cotton, but these Dark Moon Elves were dressed in simple leather armor and bracers. Their leather dresses shone in the light. The Royal Army guys were definitely tempted by the sight, so to a certain extent, it helped fight against the cold.


  I headed down Dragon City and landed on the city walls. The soldiers around all knelt. "Commander!"

  I nodded and did not try to say that I was not anymore. After all, these people swore to follow me; if I said that, it would sound like I was not taking responsibility. Since they followed me, I would ensure their future and safety.

  "Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing?" I asked.

  A Lieutenant replied, "General Han Yuan, General Xiao Lie went to Green Qilin Abyss with two thousand people. They’re burying the bodies of the fifteen thousand brothers there!"


  "General Long Xing led one thousand Cavalry to hunt monsters. They headed out at first light and should be coming back soon."



  A black shadow flashed across the sky and it was a hawk scout. The wings were injured, so it landed unsteadily on a nearby wall. The Cavalry riding it was flung several meters out. I helped him up. "What happened?"

  His chest had a broken arrow, from which fresh blood flowed. "General Long Xing's one thousand men fell into a deep abyss in the north; we fell into a Hybrid Demon trap!"


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