Chapter 973- Floating Clouds
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Zhan Long Chapter 973- Floating Clouds

It was very quiet, this late into the night. It was a rare night, which Dragon City did not snow. Thus, a large number of civilians and soldiers went to work to ship resources north of Dragon City. I held Butterfly to guard the camp as the Royal Army started to set up camp around one thousand meters in the northern part of Dragon City. If we were to be attacked, Dragon City could send reinforcements within ten minutes. The Dragon Cavalry were quicker and could arrive in minutes. 

 "Qing Luo!" I shouted.

 Qing Luo was eating an apple, and maybe because the wind was too cold, her cheeks flushed. "Sir Dragon Rider, why did you call me?"

 I pointed at the camp and replied, "The Royal Army is quite exposed here. Before our city walls are built, can you bring four Fire Dragon Cavalrymen to defend this area?"

 Qing Luo smiled. "Sure, but everyone listens to Lady Frost, so she has to give her approval for that!"

 Frost, who was standing on a giant stone not far away, training her frost god power, smiled. "Qing Luo, just follow Li Xiao Yao's instructions. From here onward, his orders are second only to mine but above everyone else. You don't have to ask me for everything."

 "Yes, Lady!" Qing Luo smiled and nodded.

 I asked, "Frost, what about Queen Zi Shu and Odelia; why haven't I seen them?"

 "They went to Charging Canyon to search for treasures. Odelia said that she had sensed some God Weapon power fluctuations there. As such, she called Zi Shu over."

 "D*mn! Wasn't Charging Canyon guarded by one of the Hybrid Demon Kings, Windrider Kate? What if something happens..."

 Frost smiled. "Don't worry. Queen Zi Shu and Odelia's strength have reached Deity, and if they really encounter him, you should pray that Kate doesn't get his head sliced off by Odelia."

 "So that’s the case. They’ve improved so quickly; even Odelia reached Deity."

 "En, she’s really talented and hardworking, so naturally, she’ll become strong."

 I looked at Frost and she stood on the giant stone like a fairy. Sword light spun around her as many streaks of god power surged on her sword. The ribbons looked like they were dressing her in beautiful skirts. I could not help but say, "Frost, although Dragon City is strong, we should continue to strengthen it. For example, twenty thousand isn't enough for future wars. The Vanguard Luo Ding has a million troops and the other Demon Kings aren't any fewer. I think that we should at least expand to one hundred thousand so that we can fight for ourselves."

 Frost smiled. "You have been spending too long in the camps and are looking more and more like a proper commander. Truthfully, I think the same way, but we don't have many talents, so we can only keep to this number. Still, since you said so, I’ll choose more talents from Ba Huang City. It should be no problem to raise our numbers to fifty thousand.

 I nodded. "While training them, we can also let them open up farmland to the south of Dragon City and build our own sources of food. We can send some to the East Ocean so that they can build ships and fishing boats to capture more fish. That can also help increase our naval force."

 Frost blinked. "This, okay. I really haven't thought of that..."

 Qing Luo giggled. "Lady Frost, I think that with Sir Li Xiao Yao’s return, Dragon City has really gained a true commander. You’ve been focusing on training, not on military affairs. Sir Li Xiao Yao really came back at such a good time."

 Frost nodded and then turned to look at me. "Unfortunately, he won't stay here for long... Eagles should fly to further skies."

 My heart shook and I looked back at her. "No matter how far I go, this place will always be my home."

 Frost smiled. "Okay, I’ll remember that. Don't forget Dragon City; don't forget me..."

 I nodded. "En!"

 As we spoke, I suddenly thought about another matter. "Frost, many adventurers have joined Dragon City and most of their contributions are high. What rewards did you give them?"

 Frost was shocked and replied, "This... Dragon City has at most twenty thousand soldiers, so we can only have two Majors and twenty Lieutenants. That’s the only situation. Moreover, I am not a ruler so I can't make Commander in Chiefs, Country Protecting Generals, and others..."

 I said, "Then you can reward them in other ways... For example, those with enough points can learn one or two of your skills?"

 Frost smiled and then jumped by my side. She got close and she looked at me. "You fellow, what are you planning? I know that many of them are your friends. Say, what do you want? If it’s not too much, I might just accept it."

 I nodded. "En, nice..."

 Frost: "..."

 I laughed and continued. "I just hope that you can teach them basic skills. I know that they can't learn domain skills like Heaven Control, but... Blade Spin, Frost Armor, etc. can be passed, right?"

 Frost was a little helpless. "So this is what you want... Although I created Frost Armor and Blade Spin, after all, they aren't my students. If I pass those to them, what if they use the skills for evil? Wouldn't I become a bad person, too?"

 A cold wind blew and I shuddered. I held Frost's arm and she was stunned. However, she did not resist and allowed me to hold it. I said, "Don't worry. The people who have joined are my brothers and they have good personalities. Besides, they are ours, and the stronger they are, the stronger the Royal Army and Dragon City will be. You don't want to see the Tian Ling City army crushing us so easily, right?"

 Frost looked at me with stars in her eyes. "Okay, I can't take you anymore. Still, only one of the two can be learned. Choose one. I will make an exception just for you!"

 I did not think at all. "Then Blade Spin!"

 I knew about Blade Spin's strength. It was a really strong AOE skill. If Zhan Long players all learned it, just imagine if Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Yue Yao Yan, Death God's Elegy, Bai Qi, and the others used it at the same time and the blades pierced through nine times, that would be a nightmare, would it not?

 Frost nodded. "En, I understand!"

 I pointed at the Zhan Long emblem on my arm. "Remember, only those with this can learn it. The rest, just tell them that they don't meet the requirements..."

 Frost laughed. "Okay!"


 I protected this place until the morning of the second day. The small city that the Royal Army was building started to take shape and the city walls were made of heavy stacked stone. After they were high enough, white iron was poured on top to increase defense. At least, this could prevent the attacks of Gravediggers. As for white iron, Fan Shu City had a large amount, so I just ordered people to send some over.

 At the same time, news from Tian Ling City said that Luo Xun brought the two hundred thousand Rongdi Army into Tian Ling City. He ordered a few Majors to guard Waterfront City. This time, the South Protecting King finally took over Tian Ling City. If Lochlan were not his son, he would kill him right away. 

 However, this was still possible. Luo Xun really wanted power, and one day, he would try to take over the throne. I did not have much time. Lochlan was waiting for the time that his Master Li returned to Tian Ling City to clear out all the filth.

 At the same time, there was another piece of news. The Dragonling Army was pretty much wiped out by us in Green Qilin Valley. They barely made up ten thousand; a girl known as Floating Clouds was appointed as the Commander. Based on the news from Yue Qing Qian, Floating Clouds was one of Luo Xun's concubines and was valiant. On another end, with Long Zhong's death, Luo Xun wanted to appoint his own man as the Commander. However, Baili Ning and Situ Xin debated, so Lochlan chose Fang Ge Que as the new Commander. He also allowed him to expand the army to eighty thousand. Now, with the Royal Army gone, the Fire Dragon Army was the top military force apart from the Rongdi Army.

 Next was the news that I cared most about. The fifty thousand Royal Army troops at Fire God Mountain Range were still being trained by Xia Ye. Luo Xun did not touch them. First, to crush them, his Rongdi Army would have to pay a hefty price. The other reason was that Xia Ye could enter Fan Shu City and seek help from Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han. With these three working together, there was nothing Luo Xun could do. More importantly, Dark Moon Elf Queen Fiona personally went to Fire God Mountain Range and visited Ling Luo and the ten thousand Dark Moon Elves. This was clear that, once Tian Ling City dared to touch them, the outcome would be that they would be enemies with the three hundred thousand Dark Moon Elves’ army!

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