Chapter 972- Heaven Control
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Zhan Long Chapter 972- Heaven Control

Frost's tone was really polite. She even smiled. "This place belongs to Dragon City and it has no relations to Tian Ling City. Your Highness, South Protecting King, please go back. Although Dragon City doesn’t belong to the Tian Ling Empire, I always respect it. The person you are chasing is my student and the person I care about the most. I hope that you can let him off."

  Luo Xun's face turned green and killing intent surfaced in his eyes. "Lady Frost, are you really not going to let this end nicely? If that’s the case, then you will have to pay an unimaginable price. Don't think that Dragon City can't be taken down. Can Dragon City withstand the two hundred thousand thousand troops behind me?"

  Frost smiled. "You can give it a try!"


  Luo Xun probably did not expect that Frost would be so tough. He gritted his teeth and said, "Li Xiao Yao relies on his contributions to take over power in Tian Ling City and he even wants to replace the emperor. He even sent letters to Lanais, wanting to lead the Hybrid Demon Army into attacking Tian Ling City and killing Emperor Lochlan!"

  "Where is your proof?" Frost asked.

  Luo Xun raised his hand which held a letter. "The proof is here! This is the letter between Lanais and Li Xiao Yao. Since there is proof, Lady Frost can't protect him anymore, right?"

  Frost opened her hands and the letter floated toward her. When it landed in her palm, she read it and smiled. "No one has seen her handwriting, so what makes you so sure that this is from her? Moreover, if Lanais and Li Xiao Yao are planning to revolt, why must they write letters? With Lanais's ability, she can just head to Tian Ling City easily."

  "You..." Luo Xun was furious from his shock. "Why is Lady Frost protecting Li Xiao Yao so much?"

  Frost opened her palm and that letter turned into dust. "I have no reason. I just want to say that planting evidence is so common and that I hold you in disdain. Li Xiao Yao is right behind me; if you want to kill him, kill me first. If not, then what’s the point of doing all this?"


  Luo Xun was totally furious, so he hollered in rage, "Rongdi Army, prepare to attack! Five thousand men a layer, charge ten times and crush this bunch! Cavalry Archers, prepare the ropes and shoot those d*mn Dragons down!"


  Keng keng keng...

  Li Mu, Wang Jian, and I pulled out our swords and prepared to fight!

  However, at that moment, Frost opened her palms and smiled at me gently. "No need. Leave this matter to me; the Rongdi Army can't do anything to us."

  A dense group of Rongdi Army troops charged over while waving their blades. Their bright war armor and weapons reflected the light.

  Everyone held their breaths. There were so few of us and Luo Xun had over two hundred thousand at his beck and call. If he really continued this charge, we would be unable to block them at all. We could only place our hopes on Frost.

  Right at that moment, Frost sucked in a deep breath and closed her eyes. An icy-cold glow rose in the sky. She opened her left hand, and instantly everyone was shaken. We could sense our bodies becoming lighter as if the gravity around was being affected.


  A loud explosion.

  Behind us, the small hills cracked and turned into many shrapnels. Those pieces of stone floated in the air and hung hundreds of meters above us. There was a large pile of them, which made one feel suffocated.

  Frost started to sweat. She frowned and waved her hands forwards. "Go!"

  The air seemed as if it had been sucked out. Instantly, thousands and tens of thousands of stones flew into the distance at lightning speed. They smashed into the Rongdi Army’s Cavalry and those fist-sized stones instantly pierced through the thumb-thick shields. They left huge holes in the chests of the Cavalry, and half of the first wave of five thousand men were killed. Both men and war horses cried out in dismay as they were reduced into terrible states.


  A Major had his entire arm snapped off by the stone. He retreated as he cried, "This... is not the power of humans! Oh, my god..."

  Luo Xun's body shook and his throat gave out a beast-like sound. "D*mn! This... is Frost! Just like what the legends say, she has the power of the gods?"

  The few Majors agreed. Luo Xun turned his horse around right away and shouted, "Retreat!"


  When we were the only ones left in the wilderness, I heaved a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, Frost could do that. If not, we would all be buried here..."

  Han Yuan said, "General, we have lost many brothers..."

  I nodded my head and gritted my teeth. "Don't worry. We will take revenge sooner or later!"


  Frost turned around and looked at me. Her eyes glanced across my broken armor and blood stained bracers. Her face showed that she was heart-pained. "You killed so many evil demons for Tian Ling City and helped Lochlan to the throne. You even trained such a strong Royal Army to protect Tian Ling City, and this is what you got?"

  I felt pained and looked at Frost with a lonely gaze. "It is okay; I have done my best. As for the rest, it will depend on destiny...

  Frost smiled. "En, what plans do you have next, General Li Xiao Yao?"

  I waved. "I have no plans, but I can't treat these Royal Army troops who have followed me too badly. We will probably have to stay in Dragon City. Are there enough rooms?"

  Frost burst out laughing. "There are many rooms, but they are located above Dragon City, which is really cold and not suited for Tian Ling City soldiers. You can choose any place to build a camp for your Royal Army in Dragon City. I will prepare all the logistics for you."


  Since everything was basically completed, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Song Han, and the others led the players to do quests and kill monsters. Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Dong Cheng Yue, and the others followed me into Dragon City to see if there were any army quests. After all, most Zhan Long players were living in Dragon City.

  Having returned to Dragon City after a long time, I walked on the icy-cold path while I hugged Lin Wan Er to my side. Frost looked at her and Lin Wan Er looked at Frost. Frost asked, "Flaming Cloud Infanta, what is your relationship with Li Xiao Yao?"

  Lin Wan Er replied, "His lover in another world."


  Frost was not surprised at all and she smiled. "Treat him well and love him more. Don't let him down and then realize that you don't love him enough."

  Lin Wan Er was stunned. "En, I know..."

  I asked, "Frost, what was that move that you did to the Rongdi Army?"

  Frost answered, "Heaven Control. It is the power of a domain and is also my strongest move. Only people who have the power of the gods can use it!"

  Dong Cheng Yue giggled. "One move scared off three hundred thousand troops. Amazing!"

  Frost smiled, too. "Heaven Control has high demands, and after I use it once, I must rest for a long time to recover my strength. That’s why the move was only to scare them off. If I really used it consecutively, I would end up hurting my own body."

  Frost looked at me and asked, "Li Xiao Yao, where are you planning to let the Royal Army set up camp?"

  We were already in Dragon City and I looked up at the north sky. "North of Dragon City!"

  Qing Luo was stunned. "Sir Dragon Rider, north of Dragon City belongs to the Hybrid Demons. Many Hybrid Demons will invade; do you really want them to set up camp there?"

  I nodded. "Right. The empire has abandoned us, so we must train ourselves. If not, we won't be able to solve any trouble that comes our way."

  Han Yuan cupped his fists and smiled. "General's words are true."

  Xiao Lie looked really sad. "Sir, we brought thirty thousand Royal Army troops and only fifteen thousand remain; many of them are injured, too."

  Frost said, "Don't worry. I will arrange for doctors to treat them."

  "Thank you, City Lord!"


  I sent Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han to lead the Dragon’s Den army back to Fan Shu City. Moreover, I gave them an order that they should defend Fan Shu City for now and not head out. If anyone dared to attack, they would fight back. With Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers, no one would be able to take Fan Shu City in a short time. If they were really attacked, I could move over troops from Dragon City to help. Frost was on my side, so that would not be a problem.

  That night, Angela led people from Ba Huang City over. This Ba Huang City Queen empathized with me and cared about what happened to me. She told me to recruit troops here and Ba Huang City would provide everything the Royal Army needed. This helped to solve my worries; at least, I did not need to stress about the food and horses of the Royal Army.




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