Chapter 971- Wanderer
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Zhan Long Chapter 971- Wanderer

"Kill who? !"

Li Mu held Neptune’s Blade and slashed his way into the crowd, slicing the heads off of many Dragonling Army NPC soldiers.

I led Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the other Generals to counterattack. I said, "Lock onto two people, Dragonling Army Commander Qin Ye and Violent Thunder Army Commander Les; these two must die!"



After the order was given, we all charged forward. The Dragonling Army was not good at fighting, and in the end, their formations were crushed by the Royal Army and Zhan Long's players. Qin Ye held his sword and charged into the crowd. He was originally chargingat us, but halfway, when the situation had reversed, he turned around and tried to flee.

Right at that moment, lightning smashed down from in front. Qin Ye retreated. It was Chi Yu Han with the Heaven's Spite Sword, who led the Cliff Dragon Cavalry down Green Qilin Valley. He shouted with pride, "Qin Ye you dog, you dared to sneak-attack my master; you're really asking for death!"

Qin Ye trembled. The Dragonling Army troops around him were being shot down by the Flame Hawk Archers. The remaining ones were all killed by Zhan Long's Fire Dragon Cavalry. At that moment, he dropped his sword onto the ground and knelt towardme. "General Li, let me off! Luo Xun held me hostage, which was why I became enemies with the Royal Army. I am a soldier of the empire and need to follow orders; please pardon me!"

Qin Ye's body shook. I did not even look and just waved Butterfly. "Flame Hawk Archers, deal with Qin Ye!"


He raised his head and looked up at me. "Li Xiao Yao, I gave you respect but you didn't take it. Do you think that I’m really afraid of you?! Come.Even if I die, I’ll take you down with me!"

I charged towardhim with my sword hanging low, and one Blade Rush I pierced his body. I turned around and used a Level 14 Double Hit. Qin Ye was brave and he aimed a slash at my shoulder!



It was not really painful.At least, my Godslaying Armor could tank it. My body shook slightly, and once again, I sliced Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword onto his head. At the same time, Chi Yu Qing, who was riding a Flame Hawk Archer above, whipped. That whip stretched, binding the target’s arms. Arrows rained onhis chest. This Dragonling Army Commander spat out blood and was turned into a porcupine, dying on the spot!


I charged forwardand ordered, "Kill Fire Dragon Army's Commander Long Zhong!"

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others laughed as they charged forwardwith me. Lin Wan Er jumped behind me and smiled. "Send me over!"

Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing, and the others galloped forward. Each time they waved their blade, a few Fire Dragon Army troops would get killed. This Attack was not something that players like us had. The Dragonling Army was wiped out and the Fire Dragon Army's morale was affected. Nonetheless, even then, a bunch of Fire Dragon Army Cavalry, who had gathered on the slopes, was still prepared to charge at us. Long Zhong was in their midst. He was one of the few whom I had to kill. Like Qin Ye, Long Zhong was loyal to Luo Xun and he had control of the strong Fire Dragon Army. Such a character had to be killed; if not, he would continue like a parasite.


Facing the charge of at least ten thousand Fire Dragon Army Cavalry, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others did not retreat. Fortunately, Dragon’s Den came to assist. Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han were really strong and they were the deciders of this battle. Both sides started to charge and kill each other in Green Qilin Valley.

Frost appeared on Long Zhong's sword and each of his slashes killed one Blade Shield Warrior of the Royal Army. Those Barbarians were not his match and they died really quickly. I was anxious and flew over with Frost Wing. Lin Wan Er and I coordinated with each other to attack.


His blade blocked the dagger before he punched with his left arm. Flames wrapped around his arm while Lin Wan Er raised her iron umbrella to block it. Flames spread in all directions and Lin Wan Er was forced back by ten meters while losing 30,000 Health. Fortunately, it was not lethal.

I was really close. White energy waves spread beneath my feet asthe Holy-Ghost-grade trifecta combo, Strength of a Thousand Men, exploded and smashed onto Long Zhong's chest. Both the horse and he were forced back, then five damage numbers rose—








Long Zhong was forced back and spat out fresh blood. My attacks had caused him to be slightly injured. He stared and shouted at me, "Li Xiao Yao, you traitor, you actually dared to hurt me! Let me ask you: What identity are you using to attack the Fire Dragon Army?Are you still our empire's Commander?"

I nodded. "Yes!"

Long Zhong gritted his teeth. "Since you are a Commander, then why aren't you stopping?!"

I laughed. "I am loyal to this country, not to a scum like you, Luo Xun. Just die with ease here today. You should’ve been loyal to the ruler, not the South Protecting King!"


Before Long Zhong could say anything, Li Mu and Wang Jian's attacks forced him back. Yue Qing Qian's Grip of the Firefox landed on his head, and along with a wave of Flame Hawk Archers’ attacks, Long Zhong's health dropped more than half. His helmet dropped and his hair spread out. He charged forward as he hollered, "Warriors of the Fire Dragon Army, cover my retreat! Li Xiao Yao has rebelled; the Royal Army has betrayed the empire!"

He only ran ten meters before Han Yuan charged out and slashed. Instantly, Long Zhong fell off his horse. Han Yuan sliced one of his arms and then cut off his other arm, too.


Xiao Lie raised his right arm and thrust his spear forward. He tossed it right at Long Zhong's chest. Along with Chi Yu Qing, Chi Yu Han, and the Flame Hawk Archers' attacks, Long Zhong knelt onto the ground. Blood surged from his broken arms and the glow in his eyes disappeared.

Fire Dragon Army General Long Zhong had died!


However, the instant when Long Zhong died, cannons rained from above. The Dragon Crystal Cannons exploded in the crowd-killing NPCs and players. Luo Xun was truly vicious. The Fire Dragon Army suffered heavy losses, and so did my side.

Li Mu looked around, frowning as he asked, "Xiao Yao, should we kill Les, too?"

I shook my head. "The situation has changed and we can't continue killing anymore.Retreat!"


Han Yuan raised his blade and we all got out of this blood and cannonfire-filled battlefield. In the forest on the side, Enchanted Painting, Lu Chunyang, and the others led around one thousand Earth Bane Ox Cavalry out. They were all bloody. To block the troops, they suffered at least 80% losses.

"Guild Leader Xiao Yao, is Long Zhong really dead?" Enchanted Painting asked.

I nodded. "En, yes!"


She was delighted and smiled while raising her Water God Halberd. "Since Long Zhong is dead, the next general of the Fire Dragon Army should be our guild leader!"

I nodded. "Let's hope so.Who knows!"


After leaving Green Qilin Valley, ahead was the Dragon’s Den, which was still in the Grave of the Warring States. Unfortunately, it was a Dragon’s Den that belonged to Legend and would belong to Judgement soon. I could not remain here. With Luo Xun's personality, he might order them to just blow and flatten the entire Dragon’s Den. I led the men to circumvent it and head to Dragon City, instead. That place was our safe harbor.

Behind us, a black swarm of Rongdi Army Cavalry was giving chase. There were at least fifty thousand of them, and with the might of heavy cannons, I did not dare to turn around to fight them. The Royal Army only had ten thousand people left; Dragon’s Den troops had suffered heavy losses, too. I did not want to disturb guilds like Prague, Hero Mound, and the others. After all, this was our private matter. I did not want them to lose achievement points by killing NPCs, which might cause them to be hunted down by the system.

After crossing Desolate Cloud Swam, the Rongdi Army got closer and closer to us. In fact, they were less than five hundred meters behind us. We could even hear the breaths of their horses.


Seven Rongdi Army Majors shouted, their voices filled with killing intent, "Whoever kills Li Xiao Yao will get ten thousand!"

I laughed bitterly. Tian Ling City had three Commander in Chiefs, namely Les, Louis, and me. Now that I had lost my position, only two were left. Becoming a Commander in Chief was really enticing.

"Look, Dragon City is just ahead!"

Yue Qing Qian sat on Yue Yao Yan's mount and pointed towardthe east.

We looked in the direction and saw a bunch of Black Cavalry galloping over. In front was a white horse with a beautiful female General sitting on it. Obviously, this was Frost. Moreover, many Giant Dragons circled above. Dragon’s Den sent out only seven Dragon Cavalry, but this was enough.


"Quick, Dragon Rider Sir!" Qing Luo's voice came from above. She rode a crystal dragon and smiled. "Head over; we will cover for you!"

I brought the Royal Army and Zhan Long's members onward, while Frost blocked the enemies behind us.

The war horses neighed and the wind blew across the plains. The atmosphere was really solemn and intense.

Luo Xun slowly rode his way to the front of the crowd. He said seriously, "Frost, you are guarding Dragon City and are one of the Marquis of the north. Today, Li Xiao Yao is trying to join Lanais and you are protecting a traitor. You should hand him over and I will let you off!"

Frost raised her left hand and she smiled. "Dragon City has never belonged to any country. We are just wanderers at the border; what do you mean by betraying anyone?"

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