Chapter 970- One more killed is one less remaining
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Zhan Long Chapter 970- One more killed is one less remaining

Fairy’s Path Forest was lined up with Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons. We did not bring War Hawk Knights to scout this time, for the scouts we sent out did not return, which meant that they had been killed. The Dragon Crystal Cannons were five hundred meters away from us, and a dense number of troops formed a defensive line before the cannons. Many Lieutenants and Captains lined up and commanded the cannons to shoot at us.

  Peng peng peng...

  Dragon Crystal Cannons exploded and the shockwaves swept everything. Under the breeze, flags fluttered. This was Qin Ye's Dragonling Army. On the other side, it was Violent Thunder Army’s flag. Right ahead of us were the sound of countless footfalls;  many Rongdi Army’s Heavy Cavalry had charged over. A Major held his spear and shouted, "Li Xiao Yao is leading the Royal Army traitors out of Tian Ling City and wants to join the demons in the north; kill them all and leave no one alive! His Highness General of the South has given orders; people who slice off Li Xiao Yao's head will be rewarded ten thousand and made Commander in Chief!"


  More Dragon Crystal Cannons shot at me and a bunch of Barbarian Soldiers were smashed into pieces. A scorched arm landed below my God Dragon Horse. The hand twitched as if the owner wanted to kill them but was too late.

  My heart was filled with sadness and rage. I questioned myself how I was not a famous general but still had a deep understanding of the art of war. I did not expect that Luo Xun would actually be so bold to ambush us here. We were the thorn in his side; it was such a good chance for them to kill us here.


  The God Dragon Horse neighed and turned into frost which condensed on my back. Icy Wings was activated and I pointed the God Weapon Butterfly toward the east. "Don't panic! Charge toward the east with me and break through their Dragon Crystal Cannons; once we enter Green Qilin Abyss, we won't need to fear those cannons!"

  Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing, and the other Generals roared as they led the Heavy-armored Cavalry forward. The Barbarian Soldiers also dashed with their shields ahead of them. However, as cannonballs landed one after another, the Royal Army suffered heavy losses. We were being killed for no reason at all. At this instant, I blamed myself. If it had not been for my carelessness, the Royal Army would not have suffered like this, right?

  Shockwaves burst all around me and my health started to drop. My skin felt like they were being sliced by blades, but all this did not matter. As compared to the losses to the Royal Army, this pain was nothing at all.

  This five-hundred-meter distance was just a few seconds to me with Icy Wings. When I was right in front of Dragonling Army's formation, I used Seven Star Fragment Slash and then used God’s Dance to pierce through the shields. The Godslaying Armor effect caused attacks against NPCs to double. With my strong Attack, one sword dealt 60,000 to 70,000 damage. With the effect, it was around 150,000. One sword would kill a few, so the Dragonling Army had no way of fighting back at all.


  Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the others all caught up. Although the Royal Army troops were constantly being shot off their horses, no one backed off. They rushed forward and broke through the formation, while I led the charge. I kicked a Dragon Crystal Cannon and caused its direction to change. It fired and caused two nearby Dragon Crystal Cannons to topple. 

  At the back, killing shouts filled the sky. The Rongdi Army was chasing the Royal Army infantry. The Barbarians turned their heads to slash. These infantry did not fear at all even when fighting Cavalrymen. All of a sudden, Fairy’s Path Forest was filled with the smell of thick sulfur and blood.

  At the same time, I noticed that each NPC I killed would cause my achievement points to reduce by a little, but it did not bother me so much.

It was what it was. I was going to kill my way today!

  I slashed while clicking on Fan Shu City's city system, mobilizing Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers out. Flame Hawk Archers flew really quickly, so they should be able to arrive within thirty minutes. At this time, I opened the guild channel and shouted, "Wan'er, Qing Qian, Li Mu, something happened!"

  Lin Wan Er was shocked. "What?"

  I said, "I had my title as Commander of the Royal Army removed and I brought thirty thousand troops to head to Dragon City, but when I was on Fairy’s Path Forest, I was attacked by the NPC army led by Luo Xun. Gather Zhan Long players over quickly; if not, I am going to get wiped out along with these thirty thousand!"

  Lin Wan Er nodded. "Understood. I will contact Legend for them to activate Dragon’s Den's teleportation formation so that we can assist you quickly!"



  With the speed of Zhan Long players, they should be able to arrive in less than ten minutes, should they not?

  I could only pray. At the same time, I waved Butterfly to slice off the head of two Dragonling Army Captains. I shouted, "Qin Ye wants to be enemies with us and wants to kill us all. Don't hesitate; even if we all die, we will kill all of the Dragonling Army!"

  Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the others replied with shouts, and instantly, Fairy’s Path Forest turned into hell on earth.


  "Cannons, continue to fire!" In the distance, an old man riding a horse appeared. It was Luo Xun dressed in armor and holding the sword that belonged to the South Protecting King. He shouted, "Li Xiao Yao and his army must die here today; fire without hesitation!"

  Les turned around and shouted, "South Protecting King, our Violent Thunder Army has engaged with the Royal Army, so don't fire! If not, our men will be injured!"

  Luo Xun laughed coldly. "Don't worry, General Les. This is the needed price to pay. As long as these thirty thousand are wiped out and Li Xiao Yao is killed, you will become the next Suiding Duke!"

  Joy flashed on Les's face and he led the Violent Thunder Army to continue the charge and slash at the Barbarains in our backline.


  The battle was really cruel; I looked on as the Royal Army troops fell down one by one. The thousands of people around me were decreasing. Xiao Lie, Han Yuan, and the others led the remaining troops forward. Many of the Royal Army troops were Saint Hall Cavalry with giant light shields, which they pushed toward the Dragon Crystal Cannons. They slashed their swords down and terrified the Dragonling Army.

  Dragon Crystal Cannons continued to fire in the crowd, killing us along with Dragonling Army soldiers. Luo Xun was insane, but this madman was the one who was causing our losses to pile up.

  In the blink of an eye, we broke through the Dragonling Army's formation. Ahead were roughly five thousand or so players. They were not from Zhan Long and were Legend's Earth Bane Ox Cavalry. They were housed in Dragon’s Den, which was right next to Green Qilin Abyss. Thus, they were the fastest to arrive, but... Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting were both Fire Dragon Army's Majors and Long Zhong was leading Fire Dragon Army's Cavalry to charge at us from the back. Was Enchanted Painting here to aid or kill us?

  Butterfly shook as I dashed over. I held my sword horizontally in front of my chest and I said loudly, "Xue Jing, what are you all doing?!"

  Enchanted Painting's beautiful face was filled with a slight rage. "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you idiot! Do you think that I'm here to kill you? Leave quickly; your Royal Army only has so few, yet you dared to fight head on? We got news that the South Protecting King had mobilized over three hundred thousand troops to surround you. Leave, we will cover for you!"

  Lu Chunyang held his sword and said coldly, "Don't think too much. These are orders from our guild leader. If not, I wouldn't even think about saving your dogshit Royal Army. Your death doesn't concern Legend at all!"

  I naturally would not have hopes of Lu Chunyang having any friendly feelings toward the Royal Army or Zhan Long; that would be too one-sided, but I saw through Fang Ge Que. He was righteous, and to have become the top player on the server, his magnanimity could not be compared to anyone.


  "Let's go!"

  I shouted and ordered Xiao Lie and the other Generals to charge out with me. I looked on as the Royal Army was covered in blood as we charged out of the situation; I felt slightly more at ease. Maybe our losses were lower than I imagined. At least, we could keep ten thousand of us alive. Fortunately, these Royal Army troops were all experienced warriors. If not, not many would have survived from the Dragon Crystal Cannons.

  Behind me, Enchanted Painting and Lu Chunyang's five-thousand-plus Legend Cavalry players had engaged the Dragonling Army and Violent Thunder Army. They would have achievement points deducted for killing these NPCs. I knew that I owed Fang Ge Que a lot this time. At least, Dragon’s Den was not a huge matter anymore. Even if Legend took it, this repayment was enough.

  Right at that moment, the forest ahead shook and more NPCs appeared. This was the Fire Dragon Army's Heavy Cavalry led by Long Zhong. He looked at me proudly. "Li Xiao Yao, you have had your rank stripped off. You're just a traitor, yet you actually wanted to join Lanais; I knew you were a scum! I’ve finally seen your true nature today! Tian Ling City soldiers, charge together with me and kill this traitor; slice off Li Xiao Yao's head and that person will become the new Commander!"

  Before Long Zhong even charged, there were killing shouts from the back. Zhan Long's Cavalry players were finally here. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and the other players slashed into Fire Dragon Army's backline.

  "Don't kill too many; your achievement points will drop!" I said.

  Li Mu smiled. "It is okay. We are from Dragon City, so we won't drop achievement points for killing Fire Dragon Army troops. Are you stunned now, General Li Xiao Yao?"

  "Okay..." I was speechless.


  A few minutes later, the sounds of hawks came from the sky. The Flame Hawk Archers had arrived!

  Time to fight back. Since this was a chance, let us kill a few Commander-level NPCs. Anyway, they did not want me to live, so I did not have to be kind to them.

  Toward such people, one more killed was one less enemy!

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