Chapter 987- Quickness Effect
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Zhan Long Chapter 987- Quickness Effect

Standing on the stone city, Han Yuan and Xiao Lie's robes were bathed in blood. Our city was built on a high mountain, so the area under attack was small. At least, one hundred thousand Hybrid Demons were attacking us, but they were all Demon Spirit Swordsmen, Beast Blood Spearmen, et cetera at level 4 or 5. As for those level 6 and 7, their assault was concentrated on Dragon City.

  Leiding's goal was really obvious: wipe out the twenty thousand Royal Army here with his one hundred thousand average troops and bring down Dragon City with his main force. Their real goal was to conquer Dragon City. From afar, one could hear the beating of war drums. Windrider Kate was leading a large number of troops toward Dragon City. The sight of them covering the Bloody Plains in the north could send a chill down one's spine.



  Butterfly was really sharp and easily sliced the head off of one Demon Spirit Swordsman; I gained some experience and merit points from this. Han Yuan hollered and swept his blade forward to chop down three of them. A bunch of Hybrid Demons in front of us were all shot down.

  I raised my head and saw a bunch of Dark Moon Elves behind us. Although Ling Luo was on Fire God Mountain, these Dark Moon Elves were enough.

  The gap in numbers meant that we would suffer huge losses, though. What made us feel helpless was that a few Earth Giants, seven meters tall, were currently banging onto our pitiful city gates, which did not even reach four meters.

  "Sir!" Xiao Lie looked at me with worry.

  I gritted my teeth and used Icy Wings. "Come, let's kill those few giants!"


  My Overlord Boots brushed along the walls as I flew above the Earth Giants. I charged down and stepped onto a nose filled with blackheads and pores before stabbing Zhen Yue Sword and Butterfly into the left eye of one of these giants. Blood splattered and the weak point attack dealt 200,000 damage. This quasi-Demon Harvest Tier Boss retreated. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie both jumped up and stabbed its chest. Just as the giant stumbled backward and fell to the ground, I used the Great Realm of Desolation to claim its last bit of health.

  The other few Earth Giants did not have full health. The Royal Army Archers dealt them a large amount of damage, but they just kept hammering. Their iron hammers landed on the walls and smashed a few Barbarian Warriors into meat paste. One of them held the hammer up once more; a Saint Hall Cavalry used Saint Domain Shield to block it. At the same time that his shield landed on the giant's wrist, he jumped up. He stabbed the giant's neck with his sword, dealing a large amount of damage.

  Saint light shone on the city walls from all the Saint Hall Cavalrymen. Fortunately for them, we were able to protect our base.

  After killing a few of the Hybrid Demons, I returned up the walls and defended the city. There was a numerical disadvantage, but the gap in strength was luckily not big. If Leiding and Kate only attacked us with these one hundred thousand, we would be able to defend.


  Right at that moment, lightning flashed in the sky. That was... Berserker Leiding?!

  As expected, the next moment, Leiding slashed toward Dragon City with his axe. That axe was stronger than the one Igoras used. If the city took it head on, it would be turned into ruins.

  However, times had changed. Frost only had Saint Domain Strength previously, but now she was a god!

  Just as predicted, Frost stood there proudly and stabbed her sword into the ground. She crossed her arms and golden energy spread out. A shield grew larger and larger and covered the entire north wall!


  A loud explosion shook the earth. Dragon City remained perfectly fine, but Leiding was knocked back. He had lost some blood and was now in a bad state.

  Frost did not fare better; her face had turned ashen-white. She held the handle of her sword, but her body did not move. She stood there in shock. "What?"

  Many wind elemental powers wrapped around her arms and legs. A body flashed. It was ranked 13 Hybrid Demon Lord Kate. His face was filled with killing intent. With his robe fluttering in the wind, he said, "Lord Slayer Frost, you killed Luo Lin whom you’re loyal to, so die now!"

  The clouds parted with a weng, and the wind turned into a sword which sliced down!

  Frost struggled to break free but was unable to do so. At her side, Queen Zhi Shu moved. She punched upward and the energy turned into a dragon, which smashed into the wind energy. Both shattered and they were even. At this time, Odelia's body flashed. She appeared right before Kate and sent out a stab to him!


  Kate's energy shield broke and his face became filled with shock. Odelia was so quick; with a shake of her arm, blood splashed from Kate's chest. He retreated as a dozen Sword Spirit Cavalry slashed. "You thief, don't hurt our master!"

  Odelia turned around, and after delivering that slash, she returned to the city. "Have you seen such a beautiful thief? A bunch of ignorant fools!"

  Leiding cleaved downward with his hammer once more. Frost saw this. Taking a deep breath, she broke out of Kate's restrictions and sent out a slash. The sword energy struck Leiding, and both sides’ energy exploded. The wind was so strong that everyone could not open their eyes.

  Right when everyone was blocking the wind, an arrow descended from above!


  Blood splattered. The one hit was Queen Zhi Shu. An arrow had stabbed her between her peaks. That arrow had actually pierced her body, which was protected by energy, so how sharp was it?

  Everyone raised their heads, and in the clouds, Lanais could be seen. She held a bow in her hands and did not say anything.

  Lanais was here, too!


  Zhi Shu retreated and her face was ashen white.

  Frost said hurriedly, "Zhi Shu are you okay?"

  Zhi Shu pulled the arrow out and her face was in pain, "I am fine, it is just a small injury, this injury isn't much to a dragon."

  Frost remained silent. She knew that normal arrows were nothing to Zhi Shu, but since the one who had shot it was Lanais, it was a totally different matter.

  The atmosphere was now deadly silent. Lanais had brought over an army, too, which numbered one hundred thousand. This time, they did not look like they were here to give experience but to take down Dragon City truly.


  The attacks mounted on the stone city got stronger and stronger. Finally, Leiding sent the Demon Hall Cavalry and Barbarian Wolf Cavalry to attack us. They thought that the stone city was just a small hill, but when toppling down the city took longer, Leiding grew furious. Fortunately, there was no other God-level NPC here, or else Leiding would have to attack us personally.

  That was good. We were only willing to face normal Hybrid Demons. Let us forget about Lords like Leiding, for we probably could not defeat him!

  The Demon Hall Cavalry slashed and charged to the city walls. The stone turned into shrapnels. Moreover, many of the Royal Army troops were injured; if we continued, we were bound to lose!



  A message came from my girlfrien: "Royal Army camp is about to fall?"

  "Yes!" I said directly. 

  Lin Wan Er sent a smiley emoji. "Hold on for five minutes; I will send reinforcements!"



  In the end, in less than five minutes, a sea of red charged down the cliff. From afar, I could tell that it was the newly obtained Furnace God Iron Cavalry. Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, Moon Feather, and the others rode the horses in front and led One Second Hero, et cetera down!

  Ten thousand Zhan Long players came and two thousand of them were Furnace God Cavalrymen. The middle comprised ranged troops, while the back were made up of two thousand Furnace God Cavalry. I was shocked. We already had four thousand of them? We were invincible!

  "Open the gates and prepare to welcome the reinforcements!" I said loudly.

  Han Yixiao nodded. "Understood!"

  The Furnace God Cavalry stats were overpowered. My sister Mengyao was leading them and she activated the Quickness effect of the mount. She waved her sword and stunned one Demon Hall Cavalry. Her speed did not decrease as she continued to stun any Demon Hall Cavalry on her way to us. Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero did, too. With that effect, none of the Demon Hall Cavalry could fight back.


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