Chapter 966- Splitting the cake
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Zhan Long Chapter 966- Splitting the cake

"Don't panic. Block them!"

 Moshan waved his Fire God Spear and tried to fight back while he strove to raise the morale of his men. "Nine Heavens City's allies will teleport over soon; our number disadvantage will be overturned!"


 Moshan's words made sense, which was why the time that we had left was really limited. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others entered a Berserker state. They brought the Fire Dragon Cavalry and charged at the enemies. However, [Thunder God] was the top guild in Nine Heavens City, after all, so it was a given that they would be really strong. When they were close to collapse, they fought back even fiercer. Archers, Mages, and other job classes attacked in groups of ten. Fire Dragon Cavalry, Steel Blade Cavalry, and the others were killed one by one. After this battle, only close to a few people of fifty thousand that Moshan led were left alive, but [Zhan Long] too lost half of ours. One could see how strong [Thunder God] was.


[Icy Wings] wrapped up a chill wind behind it. The [God Tier] Butterfly in my hand slashed about and no one could stop me. [Zhan Long] players, along with the Cliff Dragon Cavalry, went all out in striking the enemies; we quickly broke apart the last defensive line that Moshan had prepared. In front of us were the players who teleported over from Nine Heavens City. The [Zhan Long] players did not hesitate to face them head on. It was yet another bloodbath.

After ten minutes, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Li Mu, and roughly ten thousand people drew near the array. Around us were all Nine Heavens City players. Looking out, there were over one hundred thousand of them. The array was right in front and around it were many Nine Heavens City's NPC Mages injecting power in it.

"Kill. Destroy all the Mages!" Old K shouted out as he charged over on his warhorse like a madman. One Second Hero, Death God's Elegy, Star Blade, and the others did not hesitate anymore and charged together with Old K.

"Brace yourselves!"

Moshan held the Fire God Spear, stabbing it into the waist of a low-Health Fire Dragon Cavalryman and hollering, "Protect the NPC Mages and hold on for a while more! The dragon crystal mines in the Prohibited Dragon Land belong to Nine Heavens City!"

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the other people charged forth, but they were blocked off by thick shield walls. Moshan had gathered over twenty layers of shield players to protect the teleportation array. Moreover, the Cavalry players here were all elites of the various countries in Nine Heavens City. Although the country marked on each of their heads was different, they were fighting together.

My body sank low as I charged with my blade. [God Tier] Butterfly flew upward. I charged into the crowd like a spiral. My blade slashed down and I forced backward one Cavalryman after another. However, I was only able to open a small channel but could not totally break through the defensive line. Even the thousands of Cliff Dragon Cavalry led by Chi Yu Han were split up and each was killed off one by one. If this dragged on, our troops would be at risk of all dying.

I was anxious. Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai, Q-Sword, and the others were all anxious. In the distance, Enchanted Painting's body appeared. She led a bunch of Earth Bane Ox Cavalry out, but there were simply too many Nine Heavens City's players. The key to this battle truly lay on that teleportation array. Only by destroying it could we win. Otherwise, we would have to fight an endless war against all the Nine Heavens City's players who would teleport over.

Looking at the attacks of [Zhan Long] getting weaker and weaker, Moshan heaved a sigh of relief. The Flagbearer beside him laughed out loud. "We should fight like this; let's see what they can do!"

I sucked in a deep breath and jumped into the sky. I slashed down furiously with my Zhen Yue Blade. I blew one of the Mages to low Health.

While I was attacking, the surrounding NPCs all chanted, using healing magic to regenerate my target’s health quickly!


 I retreated and dodged dozens of arrows. I was so furious that I nearly spat out blood. The NPC Mages actually could heal; how were we going to fight them?

 The delight on Moshan's face became more and more pronounced.

 However, at this moment, a sharp eagle cry came from the sky in the distance. Following which, a dense number of Flame Cavalry appeared. A bunch of Flame Hawk Archers finally entered our sights; the twenty thousand of them covered the area. They locked onto the teleportation array. The players on the ground could not attack them anymore. Moshan raised his head, his face filled with shock. "What is that?!"

 In the next moment, flame arrows dropped like rain. Pa pa pa! They landed on the bodies of the NPC Mages. This was a crowd-damage ability and even healing magics would be useless against it. Instantly, dozens of them were killed. Their teleportation array also dimmed, the strength of it disappearing.

"Now, charge!"

I twisted my blade and charged forward. However, how could Moshan give up so easily? He brought his men and did a final attack. Their counterattack far exceeded our expectations. The Fire Dragon Cavalry in front swiftly killed a hundred people.

Just at this moment, a cold and familiar voice came out from behind me...

"Xiao Yao, I will deal with this. Charge!"

It was not anyone else but the majestic Fang Ge Que. The flame fan in his hand was wrapped in flames; it was the [Fire God Roar] ability. Wave after wave of it charged down, dealing 50,000 to 100,000 damage. It was too strong, such that everyone around Moshan who had low Health was killed! Fang Ge Que waved his fan once more, and a fire array appeared in the crowd. It was a SSS ability, [God of Fire Formation]!

Not only Fang Ge Que; at least thousands of [Legend]'s sixth-class Mages cast [Magma Abyss] and [Pillars of Fire and Ice], swiftly destroying the final defense of Nine Heavens City's players. The [Legend]'s Mages really looked like the top in China. With Fang Ge Que at the helm, they coordinated really well; their magic attack was also superb. Probably, only someone like Fang Ge Que had the ability to use purely Mages as vanguards. Behind them, Lu Chunyang and Xuan Yuan Feng led a bunch of Berserkers and Swordsmen to clash with the last of Moshan's forces.

In the south, Ye Lai's furious roar spread out. [Judgement]'s Ice Frost Rams finally arrived. Wherever the blade passed, a frost glow covered it, such that the Nine Heavens City's players were caught off guard. On the other side of the hill, Q-Sword sped into the crowd. As his blade slashed into them like a dragon, blood spurted out. Q-Sword was so fast that no one could block him. Behind him were all the Second Division members of [Hero Mound], their powers no weaker than before. Although their morale was affected, Q-Sword would definitely find a name change token to change it to the name guild. Although he could not use the same name, he could not let Second Division remain, as it looked like an insult. Under his leadership, his comrades fought furiously. They were angry and these Nine Heavens City were for them to vent it on.

Troops losing was like mountains collapsing. Along with the attacks of the Flame Hawk Archers, Cliff Dragon Cavalry, the Nine Heavens City's teleportation array was destroyed so no more people could teleport over.


The moment it broke, the situation became under the China Region players' control. [Prague], [Judgement], [Flying Dragon], and the other guilds charged into the canyon. Drunken Spear led the five-thousand-man Autumn Harvest Army over. He held his spear before him. On his shoulder were the Country Protector General rank and the Autumn Harvest Army General mark. It was really eye-catching and majestic.

"It's basically settled!" Li Mu killed a low-Health [Thunder God] Berserker while saying this. "Moshan has lost and there is no way to turn it around!"

I looked into the distance as Moshan led forty thousand players from Nine Heavens City into retreating to the south. It seemed like he was prepared to get out from within the canyon and then head back to Nine Heavens City. Their battle plan turned to dust under the concerted attacks of our nineteen thousand Flame Hawk Archers, so he could only return in defeat.

However, what made me uneasy was that Nine Heavens City had shone the tip of the iceberg of their power. Moshan's commanding ability caused half of [Zhan Long] to die. Along with the strong 7K guild, Nine Heavens City could not be underestimated. Probably, in the next country war, we would see how Nine Heavens City performed.

Li Mu and Wang Jian led ten thousand [Zhan Long] Cavalry out to chase Moshan. Even the Royal Army, Long Xing, and the other Cavalry chased them. Under the orders of the General, they attacked. Even killing players could give them some experience, so I followed them over.


After an hour, the battle slowly ended. Moshan, 7K-SAN, and the other players headed back to the city, but they paid a hefty price. At least, two hundred thousand Nine Heavens City players filled the Prohibited Dragon Land map and they did not dare to revive. [Zhan Long], [Legend], and the other guilds started cleaning the battlefield. Much equipment had dropped and it was really a huge cake. What we cared most were the dragon veins in the Prohibited Dragon Land.

I jumped on the horse and rode the God Dragon Horse. I brought Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, and Dong Cheng Yue, these three, into the canyon. I entered Prohibited Dragon Land, where many Tian Ling City players had gathered. Ye Lai, Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, Soaring Dragon, and Bai Li Ruo Feng were all waiting here.

When Lin Wan Er and I reached the place, Fang Ge Que waved his hand. "Since Xiao Yao Zi Zai is here, let's discuss!"

"Discuss what?" I was shocked.

Fang Ge Que said, "Let's discuss how to split the dragon crystal mines in the Prohibited Dragon Land, or else we can fight to decide who gets this place."

I looked into the depths of the land. "Are there still [Rising Sun Like Blood] players within?"

Q-Sword held his blood stained sword and replied, "Basically no!"

Behind Q-Sword, Jian Tan, Sword Tears, Tang Gu, Ai Ye, and the other people had bloodstains on their blades. Moreover, Q-Sword led at least twenty thousand people to battle. It seemed like he had taken revenge. [Rising Sun Like Blood] fought many battles and could not block at all. After being attacked by a bunch of [Hero Mound] players, most of them were wiped out.

Looking at this bunch of [Hero Mound] players, my heart turned cold. Q-Sword's revenge was just too scary.

The reason why [Rising Sun Like Bloo] could disband the main [Hero Mound] guild was that Wang Ze Cheng had invited the experts of many main cities. This meant that, unless Wang Ze Cheng brought people like Rhythm of the Rain, Fight or Die, and Xue Yuan to his side, their strength was weaker than that of [Hero Mound]. This was not doable. Those guests all had large strength in the main cities and definitely could not always be at Wang Ze Cheng's beck and call.


Fang Ge Que continued speaking. "I checked. There are eleven mines; how should we split them?"

Q-Sword frowned. "Depending on killing numbers?"

Jian Feng Han: "Then won't the guilds that came late be at a disadvantage?"

Yan Zhao Warrior looked at me. "Xiao Yao, what do you think?"

I smiled. "How we split the mines depends not on us but on the Tian Ling City's king. Only then can your forces dig up the mines. No matter how excellent our mining skills are, we can't collect them. This proves that those mines aren’t normal. I think that we should head to Tian Ling City to discuss this..."

Fang Ge Que nodded. "En, let's follow what Li Xiao Yao said!"


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