Chapter 967- best arrangement
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Zhan Long Chapter 967- best arrangement

The Prohibited Dragon Land battle had officially ended. [Rising Sun Like Blood] was pretty much all wiped out. Q-Sword had also ordered the [Hero Mound] players to defend Prohibited Dragon Land. Not only that, he allied with [Emerald Porcelain] to guard the corpses. [Emerald Porcelain] was among the top 20, large-sized guilds in China's guild rankings. It was eleventh place, with the deputy guild leader being Yuzi Chengshuo. [Ordinary World] was ranked sixteenth; it was weaker than [Dao Jian Xuan], [Moonlit Lake] but was above [Wrath of the Heroes]. Along with [Hero Mound], [Rising Sun Like Blood] had no chance of rising back up. At least, in Prohibited Dragon Land, they had no chance. This was karma. Q-Sword was called the most perfect guy in China and his solo PvP skills and equipment were top-class. He was also one of the Battle Style Masters. How could he take the humiliation of disbandment? This Wang Ze Cheng had probably underestimated Q-Sword's desire for revenge. …… Outside Prohibited Dragon Land, moonlight scattered onto the cold forest. I brought Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian to roam the streets slowly and check the surrounding area. Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting brought a bunch of [Legend] people over, but they did not hold any animosity. Fang Ge Que waved his fan. After the battle, he seemed to have felt much better and looked like he did in the past. His eyes were filled with confidence and he said directly, "Xiao Yao, Dragon's Den has reached level 11, but the city can only recruit normal soldiers. You've insisted on not taking it back in this half a month, so I've helped you manage it all this time. It is time." After he said that, he opened his palm and a token appeared in the Mage God of China’s hand. He looked at me, his eyes shining. "This is a conquering token that I bought from Nine Heavens City. There aren't many in the entire server. You can apply to attack any player territory by using this. Let [Zhan Long] apply to attack Dragon’s Den. The main guild has Fan Shu City, so maybe you don't need it, but you can let the First Division take it. If you don't, then I will choose to abandon it directly!" I was shocked. "Fang Ge Que, what is the meaning of this?" Fang Ge Que smiled. "I never like owing people things. Moreover, Xiao Yao has already left the game for some time. Dragon's Den was a decision she made out of anger; I don't want to owe her anything." Lin Wan Er held her dagger, her beautiful body looking exceptionally beautiful under the moonlight. She said, "Fang Ge Que, there is no need. Li Xiao Yao has no interest in Dragon’s Den. Even if it is a level 11 playerbase, its production power is just like a small town compared to Fan Shu City." Enchanted Painting held the Water God Halberd and said, "Even so, [Zhan Long] needs to take back Dragon’s Den. This is a city that [Legend] doesn't need." Lu Chunyang held his sword and walked up. "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, just take it back. Take it as a base to collect taxes. At least, [Legend] won't need to feel like we owe [Zhan Long] something." As he said that, he swallowed his saliva and paused. After a few seconds, he continued speaking. "You know that every expert has their pride. Xiao Yao is the same. Maybe we didn't deal with the matter properly, which forced her to choose such an option. [Zhan Long] must believe that [Legend] players aren't such people. I've known Xue Rou for so many years; though I don't know her that well, I at least know that she's a really stubborn girl. You know the temper of a little girl. At this point, I represent all of [Legend] to apologize for our deputy Guild Leader and to thank [Zhan Long] over your half a year of care and concern for Xue Rou!" Dong Cheng Yue frowned. "What is the meaning of this? Xue Rou returned to [Legend]?" Fang Ge Que felt a little awkward. "No, she left in anger. She probably isn't willing to forgive us..." I looked at the forest, taking a deep breath. "No, it isn't that she's unwilling to forgive you; rather, it’s herself she’s unwilling to forgive." Fang Ge Que nodded. "Maybe, but I have no other choice. I must return this Dragon’s Den to you. I spent all the resources to recruit laborers so that we could raise the production. Apart from Fan Shu City, it is the number one playerbase in Tian Ling City." Enchanted Painting said, "Xiao Yao, we have to return Dragon’s Den to [Zhan Long]. You should know why." I smiled. "There's no need. Once an arrow is fired, it can't be taken back. The moment [Legend] accepted Dragon’s Den, we didn't think about taking it back. We now have Fan Shu City, so all the more, we don't need Dragon’s Den." Lu Chunyang was a little furious. "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what is the meaning of this? Our Guild Leader nicely wants to return Dragon’s Den, so what game are you playing?" My eyes turned cold. "What game am I playing? You think I am playing? Xue Rou left, giving Dragon’s Den to [Legend]. Didn't you all happily accept it? Don't forget that to get it, Wang Jian, Li Mu, and Wolf Totem were all killed by her. This debt can only be claimed from [Legend]. Now, you want to return it? It isn't that simple. If I don't want it, then I don't; if I want it, then I'll dye it in blood to get it back!" Shock appeared in Fang Ge Que's eyes. He was caught off guard. A few seconds later, he smiled. "Yes, Xiao Yao Zi Zai isn't that Xiao Yao Zi Zai. He is the mighty [Zhan Long]'s Guild Leader, the Royal Army General, Fan Shu City City Lord, so how could he... let us off so easily?" I turned toward him and smiled. "Fang Ge Que, there is no need to be like this. How about this: Dragon’s Den is an eye sore. Now that we have Fan Shu City, we don't want Dragon’s Den. If you really find it problematic, then why don’t you give it to an ally of [Zhan Long]?" Fang Ge Que's eyes lit up. "I really can?" "Of course," I thought about it and said. "Contact Ye Lai. [Judgement] has enough people. He’s also recently become the Xia Yu Army General. He needs a large enough territory to be the base, so this Dragon’s Den is a huge gift to him." Fang Ge Que nodded. "Then you can inform Ye Lai?" "Okay." Fang Ge Que's goals were really simple. He wanted to let me have this favor, so I directly opened my friends list to find Ye Lai and send him a message. It was roughly regarding me giving him Dragon’s Den. In the end, he was so excited he nearly fainted, saying he would treat me for a month. He invited me to some Shanghai gathering. However, I was a lowkey person, so I rejected his invitation. …… A while passed, and the [Zhan Long] players around Prohibited Dragon Land had mostly left. Thus, we headed back to the palace in the city together to discuss the Prohibited Dragon Land’s mines issue. Within the city walls, Imperial Guards could be seen all around in one-hundred man groups. Apart from them were the Cavalrymen and Sentries. This was a big difference compared to the past when Owen and Rob were in power. Lochlan pretty much reduced half of the maid servants. In the back palace, he released all of Rob and Owen's concubines. Lochlan focused on martial arts and did not even have a single woman. When I entered the main hall, Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai, and Q-Sword were already inside. Moreover, Qin Ye, Louis, Les, and the other NPCs could be seen standing in a row. There was a giant map in the middle featuring the area surrounding Tian Ling City. Lochlan, who was in green armor, held his sword as he walked around. There were several marks on his shoulder. It was probably left by the guards while they sparred. The guards were quite bold. I brought Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian to step into the hall. Lochlan raised his head and smiled. "Master Li, you are here. Is it regarding the Prohibited Dragon Land?" I nodded but frowned, "Your Majesty, why are there sword marks on your shoulder? Which guard is so bold to spar with you using a real sword? What if a mistake occurred?" Lochlan laughed. "Master Li, don't worry. I sparred with Situ Xin!" Situ Xin cupped his fist and said, "I was reckless but His Majesty insisted on sparring with me, so I had no choice but to agree." I looked at him and said, "General, just remember to use the practice sword." "Yes!" …… Lochlan scratched the back of his head and smiled. "Master Li, the Entangling Sword Technique you taught me is really useful; I am actually able to be at an advantage under General Situ Xin's sword." I: "If that's really the case, your armor wouldn't be such a state." At the side, Qin Ye said, "Your Majesty, let's discuss the dragon mine arrangement in Prohibited Dragon Land." Louis said, "Master Li has already occupied the Flaming God Mountain Range’s dragon mines and probably doesn't need these few in Prohibited Dragon Land. Why not split them into the other armies of the empire?" I broke into a laugh. "Marquis is so bold. Can you even swallow it all? Prohibited Dragon Land has eleven; Royal Army wants two. What does Your Majesty think?" Lochlan nodded his head. "Royal Army is the strongest force, so having two out of eleven is good." Not far away, Wang Ze Cheng held his halberd and walked up. "Fire Axe Army also wants two. After all, the monsters within were cleared by us." Ye Lai laughed. "So what? Fire Axe Army doesn't have the strength to consume two mines. Isn't that right?" I nodded and did not say anything. Lochlan was helpless and said, "Generals, please stop fighting. Unfortunately, my father South Protecting King isn't here, so I have no advisor. Master Li, tell me how we should split this." I was delighted and spoke frankly. "Simple. Royal Army wants two. Xia Yu Army, Chang Feng Army, Autumn Harvest Army, Fire Axe Army, Dragonling Army, Violent Thunder Army, and the Imperial Guards each want one. That’s nine. The last two, give those to the strong Fire Dragon Army." Lochlan smiled. "Department of Rites minister, what do you think?" The minister, who was an old man, nodded and said, "His Majesty is wise! Suiding Duke is smart!" . . . . . .

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