Chapter 968- high contribution
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Zhan Long Chapter 968- high contribution

Everyone else did not have any comments. Only Wang Ze Cheng held his spear and laughed coldly. "Royal Army already occupies all the mines around Fan Shu City. Now, it’ll actually get two more in Prohibited Dragon Land. I only want to ask something: Li Xiao Yao, you are the ruler of Fan Shu City and have one hundred thousand troops under your command. You also have tens of thousands of private troops. You have such a strong army. With your strength, no one in Tian Ling City can stop you, right?"

  I smiled. "Wang Ze Cheng, what are you getting at?"

  At the side, Fire Dragon Army General Long Zhong cupped his fists. "Fire Axe Army Deputy General is just speaking the truth. General Li is the Royal Army General and Suiding Duke. The power you hold is only below one. Rulers in the past used loyalty and restriction to lead. I am willing to give my life for His Majesty. Moreover, I also think that Suiding Duke isn't loyal to you. Since that is the case, we can't let Royal Army get stronger just like that."

  Les cupped his fist and said, "I agree."

  Rage filled my chest. I held my fist and looked at Lochlan. "From when I was appointed Royal Army General by Pearl, what have I done that wasn't for the strengthening and survival of Tian Ling Empire? If I am selfish, you can just take my power away from me!"

  Lochlan was stunned and said, "I've never suspected you at all. Master, please believe me!"

  At the side, Situ Xin took a deep breath and said, "Since General Long Zhong, General Les, and Wang Ze Cheng are all starting to be wary of the Royal Army’s might... why don’t we split its mines? We will take the two of the eleven mines back and give them to the Changfeng Army and the Imperial Guards."

  I was annoyed and looked at Situ Xin, whose eyes were brimming with apology. "General Li, please forgive me; I am forced by the present situation!"

  Lochlan looked at me. "Master Li, what do you think?"

  I waved my hand and sighed. "Forget it. Since that is the case, Royal Army will not touch this Prohibited Dragon Land."

  "Master Li..."

  Lochlan wanted to say something but stopped. His handsome face was filled with a bit more pain. After a few seconds, he said, "Why don't... I let Royal Army expand to two hundred thousand? I know how Master Li is; Royal Army is also loyal to me. It won't participate in the splitting of the mines in Prohibited Dragon Land, but..."

  As he said that, he paused, pulled out his sword, and slashed a corner of the table. "Whoever dares to insult Master Li and says he is not loyal will be like this table. I will only say this once; the next time, I will kill!"

  Long Zhong and Les were both stunned. Wang Ze Cheng's face was really ugly. He wanted to break apart the relationship between Lochlan and me, but who knew that such an outcome would occur? However, he had reached his goal. At least, he saw that Lochlan did not trust me 100%. That was good, though, for only then could he grow and have his own judgement as well as prestige, growing to become a proper ruler.


  The meeting ended just like that. Qin Ye, Long Zhong, and the rest returned. Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, and the others obtained the rights to their mines. Like that, the amount of Dragon Crystal Cannons they had were not much fewer than [Zhan Long]. This was a good thing. With them getting stronger, the China Region got stronger, too.

  "Master Li..."

  When I turned around and moved to leave, Lochlan suddenly called and said, "I want to speak a few more words with you!"

  I told Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian, "Wan'er, you all go out to play; I will find you all soon."

  Lin Wan Er smiled and pulled Yue Qing Qian's hand. They were around the same age and were like sisters; they had a good relationship with each other. In [Zhan Long], people who were close were like Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, Darling Duck, Dancing Forest, et cetera. Such such relationships were something males could not understand. Of course, the brotherhood between men was something women would never know, either.


  After I said goodbye to Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian, I followed Lochlan. There was only one other guard left. He said respectfully to me, "Suiding, His Majesty is waiting for you in the garden. Please follow me!"


  I followed the guard into the back palace. The royal garden gave off a fragrance; the maidservants holding fruits resonated with the maple leaves that fell to the ground. Lochlan stood within a pavilion. When I walked over, he told the guard, "Let me speak with Master Li."

  "Yes." The guard turned around and stood afar.

  Lochlan looked at our reflections in the water and smiled. He suddenly pulled the sword by his chest and stabbed at me. It was so sudden that I was caught off guard, but my reaction speed was really quick. I dodged to the side, energy surging in my palms. Butterfly instantly came out of the sheath as I slashed toward Lochlan.


  Lochlan's fighting spirit surged; flames exploded out of his sword. He slashed downward, using a spiral power to force aside the Butterfly's attacks. At the same time that I grabbed onto the handle of Butterfly, my body sank and I stabbed forward. Lochlan scoffed, his wrist twitching as the tough sword in his hands used the Sword Entangling Technique to wrap my Butterfly.


  My heart sank slightly. This kid learned things really quickly, but my speed was faster. The [God Tier] Butterfly roared out and my wrist shook slightly. With a sharp sword ring, Lochlan's King Blade was forced away. It was a really exquisite Shock Tremor Technique.

  "Master Li, be careful!"

  Lochlan held his sword handle, his body spinning in the air as it did a head-on douqi attack. My instinctive reaction was to lower my body backward while one of my Overlord Boots aimed at his hand.

  With a pa, the blade flew out of his hands. However, Lochlan's reaction speed was shocking. His body moved forward, his knee smacking on my leg, and he pulled out another sword, which smashed onto my God Slaying Armor. This was when I used Butterfly to slash toward his neck. This Tian Ling City Ruler was about to die in my hands, so I quickly pressed down my wrist to deviate the sword. With a keng, I left a deep sword mark on his armor but my body was also slashed by him!


  I was forced several meters out and was about to fall into the lake. A maid servant was about to scream when I activated [Icy Wings]. I flew into the air; my left palm was held low, and my fingertips nearly touched the water.

  "Master Li, are you okay?" Lochlan quickly stopped and asked. "I am sorry; I was too rash and wanted to win, nearly injuring you!"

  I slightly used strength to stand up. I then flew slowly into the pavilion as shock appeared in my eyes. I patted his shoulder and smiled. "You've definitely improved."

  "I have changed, too," Lochlan suddenly said in a distracted manner.

  I was shocked. "Why do you say that?"

  Lochlan gave out a self mocking laugh. "Master Li knows but still asks."

  As he said that, he looked at me with a complicated expression. "Qin Ye, Les, Xiahou Ren, and the others sent letters repeatedly to say that Master Li has huge power in Tian Ling City and you are more powerful than even me. My father sent a letter and said that, after you get the Flaming God Mountain mines and Fan Shu City, you can challenge the throne. He wants me to be careful and divide your power. His first step..."

  My body shook and asked, "Is it to take Han Yuan, Xia Ye, Long Xing, and Xiao Lie away from me?"

  Lochlan admitted directly. "Yes, he wants me to build four separate armies, each taking ten thousand men from the Royal Army. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie will guard Waterfront City. Long Xing and Xia Ye will prepare to attack Moon City. Then using Hybrid Demon Territory as a reason, take two hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons and give them to Fire Dragon Army. Order Long Zhong to embark on an expedition after. With Chang Feng and Fire Axe armies, these two hundred thousand soldiers, attack the Shura World that Annie is guarding..."

  I took a deep cold breath. My heart was icy-cold as I said with a trembling voice, "How vicious... How vicious..."

  Lochlan's eyes were filled with sadness and anger. "I also don't know what I should do. Father has his reasons, but I know that once the four of them leave, Royal Army will be weakened. Master Li will lose his helpers, and if we fail, the armies will be wiped out. Those three and Royal Army... are what my father doesn't want to have around..."

  I was happy and laughed bitterly. "Lochlan, since you can understand this, it is the honor of Tian Ling City. Your father wants your family to be powerful, but didn't think about protecting Tian Ling City. Still, everything is in your hands; I won't say anything no matter what you say."

  Lochlan cupped his fists and said, "Master Li, I won't let the empire's army attack the Hybrid Demon Territory without confidence. I don't want to see more people die there. Still... Royal Army, I-I..."

  I gave out a self-mocking laugh and looked at him. "You also think I hold too much power?"

  Lochlan stood there stunned; he did not even move as he looked at the petals falling to the ground.


  "Don't worry. I won't make things tough for you."

  I reached out to the Royal Army General and Commander in Chief tokens, knelt on one knee, and said, "Li Xiao Yao is willing to resign from my positions. From today onward, I am not a general of the empire!"

  "Master Li..."

  Lochlan suddenly knelt, tears flowing out. "I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry, but I'm unable to withstand the pressure..."

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