Chapter 965- Demon Mountain plan
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Zhan Long Chapter 965- Demon Mountain plan

"Guild leader, should we retreat?"

 A [Thunder God] Flagbearer player pulled his long spear from the chest of a Steel Blade Cavalryman as he shouted that hurriedly. At the same time, his head was smashed by a trifecta combo by Wang Jian and was left with low health.

 Moshan held his Fire God Spear and charged at the crowd while shouting, "Wait for news from 7K; don't retreat! SAN won't let us down!"

 Thus, Moshan led his players to fight back, launching yet another round of attacks toward the [Zhan Long] players along with the Earth Elves. However, the Valiant Bravery players were able to block it easily. Along with more and more Earth Elves dying under our long-range attacks, [Thunder God]'s attacks had ended in failure. Of course, to be able to force them back, our losses were high, too.

 A few minutes later, killing shouts came out from the right wing of [Thunder God]. Old K, One Second Hero, Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, and the others had finally led the [Zhan Long] players here. At the same time, I received a message from Lin Wan Er: "[Rising Sun Like Blood] has retreated into the depths of Prohibited Dragon Land; there's no more reason for us to chase, so we came back to assist."

 I sent a reply: "En, send five thousand to assist the Royal Army and Fan Shu City troops. If not, we'll suffer heavy losses!"



 I was the Fan Shu City City Lord, so the Cliff Dragon Cavalry numbers within the walls of the city was something that I paid great attention to all the time. From the start of the intense battle up to now, about half of the ten thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalrymen had died. It made me feel really heart-pained. Although the Cliff Dragon Cavalry had my stats, they did not have healing skills and rejuvenative abilities. Once they were focused by Archers and Mages, their health dropped really quick. Naturally, to kill them, 7K definitely paid a hefty price!

 I jumped up and looked into the distance. In the plains behind me, the Royal Army Cavalry launched their attack and clashed with 7K guild’s main force. However, they did not suffer too heavy losses. That was because a bunch of people had stabbed into their backlines from the Flaming God Mountain direction. They were players from [Legend], which was led by Enchanted Painting. [Legend] finally acted. Following closely behind were [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Hero Mound], who launched attacks at Nine Heavens City's players with 7K Guild at the helm.

 Nine Heavens City had mobilized a large group this time. Along with the people from [Thunder God], they had a total of three hundred thousand. However, it still seemed insufficient. If not for [Zhan Long]'s defenses being too strong, there was a chance that we might have lost. Fortunately, I brought the Royal Army and Dragon’s Den troops over, or else Moshan would have occupied the Prohibited Dragon Land.

 "Brother Xiao Yao!"

 On the ground, Yue Qing Qian held her dagger and slashed into the crowd. Her movement was like a butterfly, her dagger flipping about as she assassinated the Nine Heavens City’s players in her way. She raised her head and looked at me. "We only killed thirty thousand of the people that Moshan brought. There are still many hiding within the valley. Our scouts have gotten news that a bunch of NPC Mages whom he brought are currently building a large teleportation array inside the valley. Once they complete that, there’ll be an ocean of Nine Heavens City’s players entering this place. At that time, Prohibited Dragon Land may not belong to China Region anymore!"

 My heart went cold. "Is that news true?"

 "En, it is. We have pictures as evidence!"

 Yue Qing Qian waved her hands and showed several pictures to me. They were the scenes from within the value. Hundreds of NPC Mages were injecting magical powers to activate the teleportation array. A few hundred Mages surrounded a hundred-meter-long circle. Once such a large teleportation array was completed, the Prohibited Dragon Land would really be dangerous. This map was just at the corner of Fan Shu City. Once someone occupied it, the number of Dragon Crystal Cannons of Nine Heavens City would soar. At that time, this main city would not be willing to continue lying silent.

 Moshan, 7K-SAN were the top players of Nine Heavens City. Since they were working together, they must have come to an agreement to obtain more resources. The various servers of Nine Heavens City had also probably come to a temporary alliance!



 A message came from Fang Ge Que: "Xiao Yao, [Legend] is on the backlines of 7K and is attacking. We also learned that the Summer Fire Army has hundreds of NPC Mages building a large teleportation array. We are a distance away and [Zhan Long] is the nearest. Lead your men to delay them; [Legend] will arrive soon!"

 I replied: "Then inform the other guilds to head into the valley right away and not waste time. I suspect that their reinforcements have already arrived!"

 "Okay, go quickly. Be careful."


 Although I knew that heading in head-first would result in heavy casualties, I had no choice. I raised Butterfly, and sword energy ravaged the surroundings. The three [Thunder God]'s guild players in front of me fell to the ground. I held up Butterfly and shouted, "[Zhan Long] camp, Valiant Bravery camp, prepare to engage the enemies; we'll forcibly break into the canyon. They're preparing to teleport people over. Nine Heavens City wants Prohibited Dragon Land and we can't give it up. Don't let them look down on us!"

 Everyone raised their weapons; morale was at an all-time high. At this time, Moshan did not hesitate to raise his spear and kill the many [Zhan Long] players. Him not retreating and advancing instead showed the truth within the valley.


 I marked the coordinates of Moshan in the map and then flew over. I raised the [God Tier] Butterfly and threw down a [Beheading] from above. Moshan raised his head and saw me before hurriedly raising his shield to block my downward cleave. At the same time, he used a special effect. A golden ripple appeared around him, and a skill, which greatly reduced damage, actually caused my seven-strike combo to only deal 40,000. However, a beautiful shadow flashed by. Lin Wan Er activated [Hermit God’s Arrival]. Her two arms moved forward and her daggers sliced ahead, directly breaking the enemy’s skill. Following closely were Wang Jian and Li Mu, who had also charged over.


 Moshan huffed and his Fire God Spear swept out, forcing Li Mu and Wang Jian aside. He tried to turn the horse to retreat. When I was about to charge, ten swordsmen used [Breaking Dawn] and [Sword Control Technique] to strike me, forcing me to summersault away. When I tried to chase him, he had already disappeared in the crowd. However, it was okay. [Zhan Long]'s morale continued to soar.

 At this moment, I activated the city system and ordered the nineteen thousand Flame Hawk Archers under Chi Yu Qing to head out. We had to destroy the teleportation array. If not, Prohibited Dragon Land would be in danger. It was said that Prohibited Dragon Land had half of the dragon crystals on the mountain. If we gave it all to them, the advantage we had had in terms of Dragon Crystal Cannons during the last country war would be lost. Before our main Cavalry force had over 200,000 Health, no one was willing to tank the cannons. That was just a nightmare.

 Flame Hawk Archers flew really quickly, so they were set to arrive at Prohibited Dragon Land in less than ten minutes. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and I were a lot quicker and had already entered the canyon. As expected, when I flew in, there was a cannon blast. The impact of which had forced me back several meters. They were the Dragon Crystal Cannons. Moshan had already set up cannons to wait for us. Fortunately, we did not charge in before the Earth Elves attacked. If not, we would have been wiped out.

 "Speed up!"

 I held Butterfly and charged at the front. Two hundred yards away from me was the defensive formation that [Thunder God] had set in place. Moshan's strategy was to block us out of the valley and then use Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons to block our path, such that we would be unable to mount a concerted attack. Only then could they win with the number disadvantage. 

 I did not charge too quickly, stopping one hundred yards outside the valley. I was waiting for Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Old K, Wang Jian, and the others to lead more than one thousand people over before starting to charge. [Zhan Long] only had this one chance.

 Looking in front, I could see many white lights rising in the air. That was from the large-sized teleportation array; many Nine Heavens City players were charging out from it. They were very fast. I had to destroy the array. Otherwise, Moshan would have more and more people. He was the leader of the German Region and I was unsure whether or not [Zhan Long] alone could face the shocking ten million people from that territory.

 My Zhen Yue Blade shook as I activated the effects of [Zhen Yue Battlesong]. At the same time that Dancing Forest flew into the crowd, the Huangzhong Bow trembled, and [Huangzhong Rage] buffed the surrounding Archers’Attack by 100%!

 [Zhan Long] people were all skilled. Lin Wan Er held her daggers and charged to [Twin Dragon], activating all her abilities. [Heaven Voice], the enemies in a hundred yards were all stunned. At this moment, she drank a Lanling Flower Wine, causing her beautiful cheeks to become flushed. The system was able to simulate a slightly drunken state. At this moment, Lin Wan Er was like a goddess who was slightly drunk. Her dagger shook and formed a storm that exploded in the crowd. That was her dagger's ability. With the wine system, Lin Wan Er was able to launch her skills consecutively.

 Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and the others were the same, each activating their skills to charge into the crowd. I also activated [Ghost God's Dance] and killed in an unrestrained manner. A moment later, the [Zhan Long] elites had broken through.

 Moshan's face was extremely ugly. He did not expect that his men would be so weak. In truth, the Twelve God Generals and the [Thunder God] elite players had almost all been wiped out by us outside. The players left were mostly second-rate, so they naturally could not block our most concentrated assault.

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