Chapter 964- 5 kill
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Zhan Long Chapter 964- 5 kill

From afar, horse hoof sounds spread out on the plains of Prohibited Dragon Land. After a few minutes, a bunch of Nine Heavens City Cavalry players appeared in my field of vision. The ones in front were from 7K; their levels were around 155 to 165. Such levels were already considered above average. As for equipment, theirs was not much weaker than that of [Zhan Long] players. If one talked about what they lacked, it would be the Royal Army and Dragon’s Den troops.

  "Dragon Crystal Cannons!"

  I reached out and said, "Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, prepare to use Dragon Crystal Cannons to welcome them. Chi Yu Qing, Chi Yu Han, lead the Dragon’s Den army to block them; try to kill them all. [Zhan Long] Valiant Bravery Brothers, guard the valley entrance together with me!"

  No matter how strong 7K was, I would still use the Royal Army and Fan Shu City Dragon’s Den Army to welcome them. Cliff Dragon Cavalry had 120% of my stats, so killing them would be as easy as cutting vegetables.

  At this moment, a rumbling sound pervaded the valley behind me. It was not coming from the Dragon Crystal Cannons, yet it was really dense and made my heart shake.

  "What is that?" Li Mu looked out in shock.

  I turned around. Right in front of me, Moshan had jumped onto his horse. The dense [Thunder God] group had prepared to fight back.

  "Prepare to fight!" Wang Jian held his sword and hollered.

  Bai Qi frowned and asked, "What sound is that? Why doesn't it sound like horse hooves or thunder? What is it?"

  I squinted my eyes. "It seems like... it's coming from underground?"

  "Underground?" Li Mu was shocked. "That couldn't be, could it? I've never heard of any mount or class that could dig underground. That's just too weird—"

  "Be careful! Moshan is about to attack."


  Moshan's Cavalrymen, which were two thousand yards away from us, had slowly raised their charging speed at this moment. That underground rumbling got even louder and denser as if there were a thousand rocks rolling underground. We had no clue what was below.

  Finally, just as we were about to charge, pieces of dirt protruded out from the ground. A green oily beast had just drilled out of it; the name on its head was blood red. It was really small, around a meter tall, but its skin was like stone. In its hands were stone axes, stone hammer, and other cumbersome weapons. All of them charged at us with killing intent!

  "D*mn it!" Li Mu was shocked. "Level 170 [Ancient Tier] Earth Elf. F*ck! How did they appear here? Why do they only attack us and not Moshan?"

  Wang Jian sucked in a deep breath. "They're like the Barbarian tribe; they’ve been bought over by Moshan. F*ck! We miscalculated. Who knew that Moshan had such a plan? So many of them, how long did they take to gather!"

  "Defend!" I said loudly. Facing the dense and uncountable Earth Elves, if we charged, we would lose out too much. We could only defend using our long-range troops to wither them down and then block the Cavalry. However, on the other side, the [Zhan Long] camp was not that successful. [Rising Sun Like Blood]'s Ice Spirit Cavalry main force was still there and holding on.

  Instantly, I cried in my heart. We had really underestimated the opponent; who knew that Moshan had this planned out? I also did not expect that 7K would come so quickly. Now that [Zhan Long] had to face attacks on three sides, we were in a bad situation.

  In front, the Earth Elves roared. They waved their weapons and started to charge at the [Zhan Long]’s player formation. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the other higher stats players charged a distance in front to attract more damage and deal more damage. I used [Icy Wings] and charged to the Earth Elf group along with the Ancient God Tiger. With a slash, a streak of sword energy pelted out from Butterfly and dealt six digits of damage. They were just [Ancient Tier] monsters, and after a few sword slashes, a large number of them died. At least to me, they were not much of a threat.

  The true threat was from Moshan!

  I raised my head and the dense group of heavy Cavalry charged over with Moshan at the head. He brought his Twelve God Generals and charged at the core of [Zhan Long]. Li Mu was first to be hit and used [Covering Sword Slash] at the crowd. He also started moving backward; sparks flew as his blade hit the strike of one of the Twelve God Generals, Golden Horse Reigns. He hollered as his blade formed a combo, forcing Golden Horse Reigns back. His eyes were filled with shock; he had not expected that a [Zhan Long] elder would be so strong.

  What a joke. Li Mu's prestige in [Zhan Long] was only lower than that of mine. This elder was similar to half a guild leader.

  Cries rang about as a few Fire Dragon Cavalry players were killed by the people led by Moshan. The frontlines also started to waver under the attacks of both players and Earth Elves.

  I quickly flew over, raising my sword and striking down from above. I directly struck Genxing, one of the Twelve God Generals. Sparks flew and my Butterfly left a deep cut in his armor, dealing 30,000 damage at the same time. Genxing was shocked and retreated. At the same time, he used [Skyshaker Stab]. I did not hesitate and reached out; the Overlord Arm Guards' [Defeat the Dragon] activated and he was grabbed. I attacked with both Butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade. Using a level 14 combo with one [Great Realm of Desolation], in the end, this high-Health Cavalryman was killed!

  "D*mn it!"

  Moshan saw that and hollered in rage as he brought men over. He brought five of the Twelve God Generals. One of them raised his bow; it was the armor-breaking arrow ability!

  I hollered, refreshing the [Wall of Douqi] skill. My Zhen Yue Blade shook and smashed onto the arrow. I dodged and MISSed Hell Snake's [Battle Axe Throw] ability. A sword light came forth from Eternal Chariot. This sword energy slashed down diagonally. He also used [Blade Rush] to inflict a double-attack on me.

  I looked at everything that was happening around me and took a deep breath. My body sank low and I lay on the ground. I raised my Overlord Boots and kicked out. As expected, Eternal Chariot used [Blade Rush] to pierce my location, but his back was kicked by me. Before he reacted, I jumped up. He quickly turned and used [Whirlwind Sword Break] on me.

  However, I had predicted that move, so when [Whirlwind Sword Break] was in the middle of being cast, I had taken a step backward. I used my shoulder to smack his chest. I slashed from below with my Zhen Yue Blade, and two large blue words ‘Skill Broken’ flew up in the air instantly. I turned around and used [Fierce Ice Blade ] and [Strength of a Thousand Men] to insta-kill Eternal Chariot.

  Just as he fell to the ground, I retreated and frantically dodged Golden Horse Reigns' axe. I raised my hand, and after Butterfly was wrapped up in [Blade Spin] energy, I struck forth. Two consecutive strikes landed on Golden Horse Reigns' chest, dealing 30,000 damage twice. I used [Great Realm of Desolation] and he was brought to low health!

  "Golden Horse Reigns, retreat!" Moshan shouted.

  However, I did not give the guy that chance. I activated the 3-star [God Tier] necklace, Champion Broken Blade's Trampling Thunder and directly killed Golden Horse Reigns from a distance. At the same time, I drank a level 9 Lanling Flower, so 100 Rage was recovered. I quickly used [Sword Tempest] to charge forward.


  Moshan hollered and he charged forward with his shield, which flashed a golden light!


  My body shook as I was actually struck back. Sparks flew from the Fire God Spear. Instantly, a fire dragon engulfed my body and burned away 40,000 Health. At the same time, an intense pain racked my shoulder. During that short period, I was hit by two [Battle Axe Throws] and three [Breaking Dawns], becoming the focus of all their firepower.

  The moment I retreated, I stretched out my arm and used the sword handle to smack the arm guards of Hell Snake. Hell Snake exclaimed in shock. My Butterfly broke his attack in such a dazzling manner. Using the flying effect of [Icy Wings], I turned around and landed Zhen Yue Blade onto his neck, killing him!

  I stepped onto the ground and once again used [Ice Domain]. Instantly, 70% of the [Thunder God] players around me were frozen in place. I slashed all about with [God Tier] Butterfly and smashed onto Moshan's shield. Moshan, who was charging, was forced several steps backward by this strike. His eyes became full of disbelief and shock.

  The [Thunder God] Archers shot several arrows at me. My Violet Heaven Cape's [Twin Dragon] effect was activated, and two dragons guaranteed my safety. I jumped a hundred meters above the ground and left the attack region. Before that I slashed out a few times, and along with the Ancient God Tiger, I killed Muguang.



  Moshan's eyes were filled with shock and fury. He held his Fire God Spear and retreated by dozens of meters. He looked at me with both hate and shock. Even when they attacked so heavily, I was able to kill five out of the Twelve God Generals. This was something that he had probably never expected. Moreover, the Twelve God Generals seemed to underestimate my survivability and attack. Without these stats, how did I survive the chaos of Tian Ling City? Moreover, after so much training, my skills were pretty much on the level of Jian Feng Han. I would not lose out on mechanics!

  The Earth Elves were still roaring out as they attacked. After the [Zhan Long] Valiant Bravery camp's defense line was broken several times, they built it back up. However, as we were fighting in Fan Shu City land, we were confident in winning. Like that, Moshan's army was showing signs of exhaustion.


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