Chapter 963- 7 kings
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Zhan Long Chapter 963- 7 kings


 Moshan waved his Fire God Spear. After flipping a Steel Blade Cavalryman, he fled. The Twelve God Generals followed closely behind, killing [Zhan Long] players who gave chase. Not only [Thunder God] players, even the Summer Fire Army NPC soldiers retreated. These people all treated Moshan as their leader.


 Dust bellowed as the [Zhan Long] players chased, killing the Summer Fire Soldiers who were at the rear. Especially Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the other Royal-Army-led Cavalry, they pretty much ripped the Moshan-led NPC army into shreds. The Summer Fire Army pretty much had no way to fight back under this strong assault of the Royal Army.

 "Brother Xiao Yao, Brother Xiao Yao!" Wang Jian shouted from afar. "Moshan retreated into the valley south of Prohibited Dragon Land. Should we chase them?"

 I shook my head. "No, don't enter the valley; let's just defend outside. Prepare to enter Prohibited Dragon Land. We can't let [Rising Sun Like Blood] take the dragon crystals in the Prohibited Dragon Land. If not, Tian Ling City will descend into chaos!"


 Half an hour later, the ninety thousand players and NPC troops that Moshan led were all blocked up in the valley. Half of the ninety thousand were killed, especially the NPC troops; thirty thousand out of the forty thousand Summer Fire Army were killed. This was a large weakening of the overall strength of Nine Heavens City. Since Moshan dared to come, then he should naturally be mentally prepared.


 Sha sha sha...

 The sound of horse hooves on the grassland spread over. Moshan held the Fire God Spear and brought hundreds of Cavalry players out of the valley. He gave a provocative smile. "So the strongest guild in China [Zhan Long] only dared to look on from the outside. Are you perhaps all transporting Dragon Crystal Cannons and prepared to turn us, along with this valley, into ruins? Oi, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, do you think that you're really strong? If you've got balls, then bring people over to fight; otherwise, scram back to Tian Ling City and stop showing off here! I heard that, during the end of the country war, your [Zhan Long] base, Dragon’s Den, was stolen. Hehe!As expected from the top guild!"

 "F*ck!" Old K hollered, the axe in his hands trembling. "That Moshan is really arrogant. Such a person actually dared to mock our [Zhan Long]? Little Li, attack! They're left with so few people. Just [Zhan Long] can wipe them out! Attack!"

 I waved my hand and said, "No one is to leave this place!"


 "Moshan is deemed as the top person of Nine Heavens City; do you think that his reputation is fake?" I smiled. "Looking at how quiet the valley is, there are definitely troops hiding within. If we charge in, we'll only be jumping into a trap. He isn't such a simple person and won't fight a battle he doesn't have confidence in winning."

 Old K was rash. He pointed at my nose and said, "F*ck! I've seen through you. When Fang Ge Que took down Dragon’s Den, you didn't say a word and didn't dare to get it back. Now that others are rubbing salt on our wounds, you are still so calm. Little Li, what are you thinking? Are you not a man?"

 I was stunned and was silent for a few seconds. Song Han was furious. "Old K, was your head kicked by a mule? What are you saying?"

 Old K stared at me and said, "My brain is really direct. I only know how to take revenge. Fang Ge Que took our Dragon’s Den, so we should take revenge. I only know that Moshan mocking us like this will cause [Zhan Long] to lose its dignity!"

 "Old K," Song Han was completely livid, saying, "can you calm down?"

 I placed my hand on his shoulder. I held Butterfly and walked up. Looking at Old K, I said word by word, "There are some things that I don't want to say aloud, but can I say it now?"

 Old K's brows rose. "Say it!"

 I asked calmly, "Why don't I want Dragon’s Den, do you know?"

 "I don't know. Say it. I want to hear what sh*t you have!" Old K seemed like he was really angry.

 My brow rose as I said, "You know why Mocha had to hand Dragon’s Den over to Fang Ge Que, why she had to kill Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Little Wolf, and why she decided to do that?"

 Old K was shocked. "Why?"

 I replied calmly, "If she didn't, then she had to return to [Legend] and hand herself over to Fang Ge Que. After that, she would officially be our enemy and would kill more than three or four. She's Xiao Yao. She didn't want to kill thousands of [Zhan Long] brothers personally; why don't you get it?"

 Old K was shocked. He reached out and pointed at Moshan and asked, "Why are you allowing him to mock [Zhan Long] just like that?"

 I gave a sad smile. "He mocked us, but could his mocking kill any of us? Could they make us lose any health? If not, then why would we bother? If you want to scold me, then scold me. Since I am the guild leader, then I am in charge of all your mistakes, but I can't bring people to attack the valley just because of you scolding me, sending tens of thousands of brothers to hell."

 Old K asked, "How do you know that there's an ambush within?"

 I asked, "Do you want to use one level of tens of thousands of brothers to prove that you are an idiot?"

 At this time, Fox held his spear and walked up. "Old K, back down. What rights do you have to speak here? I think that you're having such a good time in [Zhan Long] that you don't know your place!"

 Old K stood there in shock.

 I walked up and patted his shoulder and said, "Old K, I know that you are more explosive. Just because Mocha left, the studio is in ruins and the atmosphere isn't that good. However, this period won't last for long. To tell you the truth, when Mocha gave Dragon’s Den to [Legend], I was really angry. Still, as time goes by, I feel happier and happier. This means that she’ll return sooner rather than later. If she didn't give up Dragon’s Den and returned to [Legend], then she'd never return. If I can let Xiao Yao willingly join us, with her reputation, strength, and influence, how can one Dragon’s Den compare to that?"

 Old K nodded his head, his face filled with a look of enlightenment. "So are we attacking or not?"

 I nearly spat out blood. "If you want, then you can go alone!"

 "Then I won't go..."

 "Then keep quiet and prepare to bring people into Prohibited Dragon Land."



 Tens of thousands of [Zhan Long] players lined up, and close to 50% of troops defended the entrance to the valley, blocking Moshan and his forty thousand, such that they were unable to enter Prohibited Dragon Land. The other 50% of men attacked Prohibited Dragon Land. The resources within were really rich and we could not allow the Fire Axe Army to take them all. If Louis got powerful, I would not be in a good state. Moreover, [Rising Sun Like Blood] was our enemy and we had no reason to let them take the mines to strengthen themselves.

 Since the army system developed up to this date, the players roughly understood that now was the time for player guilds and NPC troops to fight together. With the Heavy Cavalry troops of Mages, Archers, et cetera working alongside the Dragon Crystal Cannons, this was how war was going to happen. As such, the various guilds were developing their resources. Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai, Drunken Spear, Q-Sword and other top players were raising their ranks, too. The stronger they were, the stronger their guilds would get!

 Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian brought Old K, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, and the rest to attack Prohibited Dragon Land. I led the Valiant Bravery Camp people and guarded the valley. Moshan definitely was planning something and would not allow us to do what we wanted.


 A message came from Yue Qing Qian: "Brother Xiao Yao, I noticed that Enchanted Painting led twenty thousand people to enter Fire God Mountain. Apart from that, [Hero Mound] also sent men. Q-Sword led thirty thousand people over Fire God Mountain; the two guilds acted together. That's unusual. Nine Heavens City must be planning something."

 I replied, "Scout, let people from Flaming Cloud City get news to see whether or not people from Nine Heavens City have entered the borders of Fan Shu City."

 "En, okay!"

 After a few minutes, Yue Qing Qian's message was sent over: "Brother Xiao Yao, I got the latest news. The third guild of Nine Heavens City, 7Kings, from the Netherlands Region sent roughly fifty thousand people to leave the Flaming Cloud City map. After thirty minutes, they will be entering Prohibited Dragon Land. 7Kings refers to the seven kings, 7K-San, 7K-Link, 7K-Lulu, and the others are among the 7Kings. Moreover, that guild is a workshop and is supported by Intel. They have large funds and skilled players, so we can't underestimate the fifty thousand people. The guild is pretty much the gathering of all the Netherlands elites."

 I nodded my head and took a deep breath. Nine Heavens, that main city, was so quiet during the last country war, such that we did not pay attention. However, now we had no choice but to keep a close eye on them. Nine Heavens City had gathered the various large European servers of the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, et cetera. The Europeans' overall number was not as many as Indian Region, but the players were much stronger. Moreover, guilds like 7Kings were really work-like, as if they were living for the game. Naturally, they were much tougher to deal with.

 Ten minutes later, we got news that [Prague], [Judgement], and the other guilds were heading towardFlaming God Mountain Range. This was good. War was starting and I had reason to believe that Nine Heavens City had sent not only [Thunder God] and 7Kings.


 Roughly twenty minutes later, a [Zhan Long] War Eagle Cavalry landed from the sky and smiled. "Guild leader, 7Kings is here; apart from that, there are dozens of medium-sized Nine Heavens City guilds, around two hundred thousand people."

 I nodded my head. "Okay, prepare to fight!"

 Behind my back, Li Mu frowned and said, "Be careful. Moshan and his men are about to attack, too."

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