Chapter 962- Fire God Spear
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Zhan Long Chapter 962- Fire God Spear

"What is Moshan's weapon?" I suddenly asked. After looking at the battle for so long, the long spear that Moshan held attracted my attention. The weapon, which looked like the Water God Halberd, gave terrifying crowd damage. It was also thanks to that spear that he could freely go into the [Rising Sun Like Blood] crowd.

 Lin Wan Er blinked her eyes and replied, "It is the Fire God Spear, the country weapon of the German War Region. Its attack is similar to your Zhen Yue Blade, but it has splash damage; the overall damage is higher than that of the Zhen Yue Blade, too. That weapon’s special effect doesn't have that big a range."

 "Fire God Spear..."I took a deep breath and smiled. "Another God Weapon has appeared in this world!"

 Li Mu cupped his fist and said, "Then let's find a chance to make him drop it; let's see what else he can rely on to be arrogant."

 I could not help but smile, patting him on the shoulder. "Do you think that he relies solely on one weapon? Take a look; his skills are not bad at all. Moments ago, I saw him drink wine to raise Rage. That kid has at least three to four special skills. If we go one on one, it will be tough."

 Dancing Forest held her Huangzhong Bow and walked over, smiling confidently. "As long as he enters my range, that spear is useless."

 I smiled. That made sense. The weapon Huangzhong Bow in his hands was a China Region’scountry weapon. If they really fought, with Lin Wan Er and me defending, relying on the long-range damage of Huangzhong Bow, Moshan would be unable to get close and he would have to die.


 Not long after, [Rising Sun Like Blood], which was unable to fend off the attacks from Moshan, officially collapsed. Even Free Time, Su Yan, and the main force were wiped out by Moshan's Twelve God Generals. Wang Ze Cheng himself used his high health and defense to escape. With his face looking green, he hollered, "Retreat! Enter the Prohibited Dragon Land!"

 Call Me Master was stunned. "Guild Leader, the BOSS and monsters inside haven't been cleared yet; if we rush in, aren't we asking to die?"

 Wang Ze Cheng shouted, "Call Me Master, we don't need to care about so much! Go, protect Bai Mo Yan and the other long-range people; I’ll hold up the line—f*ck!"

 Wang Ze Cheng looked at the Fire Axe Army group and cursed out. He was probably regretting bringing the twenty thousand of them out. Now, they had no choice and were probably going to become spirits under the blades of Nine Heavens City's soldiers.

 Seemingly sensing that the situation was not good, a Fire Axe Army Major held his blade and walked out, saying loudly, "Deputy General, you back off! I will cover you. F*ck! If these Nine Heavens City dogs want to kill you, they’ll have to step on our corpses first! Our Dragon Crystal Cannons won't let them feel good, either."

 Wang Ze Cheng nodded his head. "Retreat when you can; don't stay for too long!"


 This loyal Major held his spear and hollered, "Spearman Formation, block this bunch of Cavalry. You must block them. Dragon Crystal Cannons, just fire!"

 A Fire Axe Spearman Unit held their spears. The close to three-meter-long spears were anchored on the ground, the other end stabbing at the Cavalry. A large number of them were new. Looking at the strong enemy, they lost their courage to fight, but as soldiers, they had no choice.


 Moshan held the Fire God Halberd and after shouting, [Thunder God] and the Summer Fire Army Cavalry charged forth. A bunch of Swordsmen-class players charged at the front in an experienced manner. They tossed out their swords when they were close to the formation. That was the sword control technique. After they pushed the spears aside, the horse hooves trampled over. The Berserkers all used [Battle Axe Throw] to disturb the Spearman Formation. Just from the detail alone, one knew that [Thunder God] was the top Nine Heavens City guild. Not only that, the Summer Fire Army was also really strong. Most NPC officials were high-level [Divine Tier] BOSS. During the country war, Nine Heavens City fought with the Korean and Japanese players from Waterfront City. Summer Fire was the top army and had gone through much hardship.

 Moshan and the Twelve God Generals charged into the Spearman Formation. A bunch of Shield Cavalry were blocking the arrows, and after sacrificing thousands under the shots of the Dragon Crystal Cannons, they finally arrived at the cannon unit. Moshan waved his hand and hollered something out, which we could not hear. However, we saw that they were killing the Fire Axe Army troops of the Heavy Cannon Unit.

 "This isn't good!" Li Mu licked his lips. "It seems like he wants to take the Dragon Crystal Cannons from the Fire Axe Army!"

 I nodded, pulled out the [God Tier] Butterfly, and smiled. "Our chance to show off is here. Let's go; attack their wings and crush them!"

 As I said that, I looked at Chi Yu Han and Han Yuan. "Chi Yu Han, lead the Cliff Dragon Cavalry from the east; Han Yuan, lead some to the south and charge!"

 "Yes, General!"


 This time, I brought ten thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry and twenty thousand Royal Army Iron Cavalry to end this quickly and kill Moshan's army without incurring any losses. More importantly, were the seventy thousand [Zhan Long], so pretty much all the elites were here. We had confidence in defeating the enemies and there was no need for more people.

 [Zhan Long] main guild's Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry followed me to charge to the north of [Thunder God]. They seemed to be prepared. [Zhan Long] had so many people looking on from afar and they knew that we would attack. A bunch of Shield Cavalry blocked us with Archers and Mages behind. Apart from that, many Flame Dragon Cannons were aiming at us.

 "Break through right away; let's not delay!"

 I raised my sword and hollered, "Everyone, once we get close go all out and don't hesitate!"

 After I said that, my Zhen Yue Blade shook and [Zhen Yue Battlesong] was activated, raising all allies' Attack by 4000 in one thousand yards. Instantly, a bright Zhen Yue Blade symbol appeared above their heads and then they clashed with the enemy shields.


 God Dragon Horse forced the enemy Cavalry back. I raised my hand and the power of lightning wrapped around my arm. Swiftly, [Thundering Heavens] exploded at where the shield formation was densest. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others charged in. The most arrogant was Old K, who swept over with [Whirlwind Slash], causing hundreds of people to fly into the sky. This bunch of people were hit even before they landed. The war axe had flames on it, burning the enemies until they died. He used [Savage Jump Slash], like an eel in the crowd.

 Hong hong hong!

 Loud cannon sounds as the Flame Dragon Cannons exploded out in the [Zhan Long] crowd. However, the Flame Dragon Cannons were not as strong as the Dragon Crystal Cannons and could only deal 20,000 damage, unable to kill our Cavalry. However, Archers, Musketeers, and Mages could be killed. Their defenses were weaker, and when hit, at least 40,000 were taken from them. Most Archers and Musketeers would be directly killed. Mages were smarter; [Mana Shield] was activated, so even Dragon Crystal Cannons could not kill them.

 Moshan and his Twelve God Generals were not here. The [Zhan Long] took the chance to enter and swept across in just ten minutes, swiftly destroying their defensive line. Meanwhile, Chi Yu Han and the Cliff Dragon Cavalry successfully broke in from the far east. The Royal Army's horse hooves also started to cut apart the Summer Fire Army.


 Finally, after thirty thousand were killed by us, Moshan finally realized where the true enemies were at. He stopped attacking [Rising Sun Like Blood] and raised his blade to bring the [Thunder God] players back. However, what faced him were the ten thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry led by Chi Yu Han.

 "D*mn it!"

 In the crowd, Moshan was a little anxious as he said, "Is this [Zhan Long] that dealt heavy losses to Clear Black Eyes? Where is the country war MVP Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

 I was two hundred yards from him and did not show fear. I jumped up; God Dragon Horse turned into ice wings. The [Icy Wings] skill buffed me and I charged over at the same time that my [God Tier] Butterfly slashed down. I laughed. "Moshan, looking for me?"

 "What?!" Moshan was stunned. He did not think that I would come over so quickly. He raised his Fire God Spear to block my attack, and with a keng and with sparks flying to illuminate the surroundings under the night sky, this one strike, Moshan and his horse were forced several meters backward. I immediately used [Wind Blade] and [Great Realm of Desolation]. Moshan's reaction was really quick; he held onto his horse tightly as his shield rose to block my following attack. However, his health continued to drop fast...



If not for the defense of the shield, he would have taken 40,000damage from me. Moshan had around 170,000 Health and his assault was strong, too. When my attacks stopped, he stabbed forth. He did not use any skill and just directly touched my armor!


[Wall of Douqi] buzzed and I swiftly used [Ghost God's Dance]. Instantly, a golden light glowed out following the god rank technique, [Wind Carrying Slash]. If I killed Moshan, [Thunder God] would be impacted and they would lose their fighting spirit. Then [Zhan Long]'s losses would be reduced to the maximum.

 Ka ka ka...

 Sword stabbed into the armor and blood splashed out. Moshan was shocked and his health dropped substantially, chunk by chunk. His face was filled with disbelief. His equipment was top-notch and he was also equipped with a shield, so his defense was very high. However, under Butterfly’s slashes, it was still really painful...







 The surrounding [Thunder God] players could not heal him in time. Moshan's face turned green and his arm guards shook. A golden light surrounded him. My remaining [Wind Carrying Slash] struck his shield. It left many cracks and activated the knockback effect, forcing him step after step back.

 At this time, his face was more ashen white. The invincible shield was unable to block my shocking damage. In fear, the Nine Heavens City soul did not retreat. He shook his shield, and with a peng, he forced me back. Dozens of Healers helped to heal him.

I gritted my teeth. The assassination mission had failed. I jumped up and used [Seven Star Fragment Slash] in the crowd. After killing dozens, I left the range of the enemy Archers. I stood in the wind and looked down at Moshan.

Moshan also raised his head and looked up at me. However, though he did not attack, his expression was really complicated. "What a Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

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