Chapter 961- Demon Mountain
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Zhan Long Chapter 961- Demon Mountain

Prohibited Dragon Land.

 Many hills combined to form something like a flying dragon. Outside the Prohibited Dragon Land were many stone steeles, which were as sharp as blades. On them were several ancient words that people could not understand. Apart from that, many Skeleton Soldiers stood in the Steele Forest. These were the monsters that defended the Prohibited Dragon Land.

 The east side of the forest was already broken through. Players cleared out three hundred miles of monsters and were pushing forward. At this time, they had already noticed the dragon crystal veins in the Prohibited Dragon Land. From afar, the forty thousand China Region players had formed up. They were from [Rising Sun Like Blood]; the other twenty thousand were from Fire Axe Army.

 Wang Ze Cheng was using Louis to become the strongest person in Fire Axe Army officially, his power was far above that of Q-Sword. He was in a state of glee, wanting to use the resources of the mines to strengthen the Fire Axe Army and rise up once more.

 [Rising Sun Like Blood] and Fire Axe Army faced a bunch of Nine Heavens City players. They were from [Thunder God]. Not only were their numbers more than [Rising Sun Like Blood], what was worse was that the Nine Heavens City player, Moshan, had a large army behind him. He had brought at least over fifty thousand NPC troops. Trebuchets, crossbow carriages, Flame Dragon Cannons, etcetera had been prepared. Who knew whether or not they brought Dragon Crystal Cannons over, too?


 I rode to the front of [Zhan Long]. Suddenly, Wang Jian held his sword and ran out from the crowd. He said, "Brother Xiao Yao, look; someone is ahead of us."


 I turned around and could see people from [The Knights Templar]. There were around twenty thousand of them. Under the leadership of Shang Li, they charged from a corner of the mountain. Looking at their aura, they wanted to smash into the wing of [Thunder God] and help [Rising Sun Like Blood]. Apart from them, there were a few small- and medium-sized guilds, which had been invited over by Wang Ze Cheng.

 Lin Wan Er sat on my God Dragon Horse; she lay in my arms and said, "Wang Ze Cheng invited so many Nine Heavens City players to fight and help him crush [Hero Mound].To think he actually didn't try to draw in Moshan, he really failed at his planning..."

 Li Mu smiled. "I heard that, out of the thousands of guilds in Nine Heavens City, more than half of the top twenty rejected his invitation. That Moshan was their representative. Moshan was really direct, insisting that he wouldn't interfere in the internal battle of other servers, which was why he didn't bother about him. I heard that Wang Ze Cheng had sent five million blades to invite Moshan and the fifty experts under him to join the battle, but Moshan still rejected his request."

 Yue Qing Qian sat on Li Meng Yao's war horse and blinked. "Moshan has always been someone who supported fighting. When we were rebuilding Fan Shu City, he led people to clash with Clear Black Eyes at the connection between Waterfront City and Nine Heavens City. Clear Black Eyes wasn't able to gain any advantage from that person."

 I took a deep breath. "Moshan looks like a brute, but he is actually so amazing?"

 Yue Qing Qian giggled. "Brother Xiao Yao, Nine Heavens City players judge Moshan as a person who is bold, scheming, and decisive. Moshan was so bold to go around Waterfront City and Flaming Cloud City to enter China Region solely for the dragon crystal mines."

 I raised my head and looked into the distance. "However, they only brought fewer than one hundred thousand people. Can they really block our forces?"

 "I don't know..." Yue Qing Qian shook her head and smiled. "I am only in charge of scouting. The other things are not what I can complete. Strategizing is Sister Cang Tong and Brother Xiao Yao's jobs."

 Wang Jian asked, "Brother Xiao Yao, are we going to strike?"

 I decisively shook my head. "No, let's watch first. We don't have to show our strength to Moshan right away. Let's see how [The Knights Templar] and [Rising Sun Like Blood] handle them!"



 Just as they were speaking, the crisp sound of cannons rang out in the distance. The Fire Axe Army behind Wang Ze Cheng started to fire the Dragon Crystal Cannons. The Fire Axe Army had around one hundred Dragon Crystal Cannons, and this time they brought fifty. However, their firepower was still really shocking. Many Dragon Crystal Cannons fired at the [Thunder God] players, dyeing their shields and armor red, smashing some of them. At this time, Moshan pulled out his spear and held it above his head. "Warriors from Nine Heavens City, attack! Break their defensive line!"

 What was surprising was that Moshan actually attacked first. He did not even use the Flame Dragon Cannons, leading Cavalry to charge at the base of [Rising Sun Like Blood] and Fire Axe Army camp. Not only [Thunder God], even the Summer Fire Army that Moshan brought attacked!


 The war horse smacked aside the shield of a [Rising Sun Like Blood] player. Moshan charged in with shocking strength; he waved his spear, and instantly, the energy wave of a fire dragon swept the crowd. Roughly fifty yards of players suffered damage. A player known as Eternal Water Chariot, a level 166 Swordsman, swiftly headed forward. Sword light pelted down and he slashed out a long-range sword energy [Heavy Strike], directly killing a bunch of people. With a keng, he broke Sick For You's [Battle Axe Throw] tempo. He followed up with a level 13 combo, directly killing Sick For You.

Wang Ze Cheng was furious. "Free Time, bring people to block!"

Free Time brought a bunch of Ice Spirit Cavalry over to attack, the sword in his hand glowing brightly with the [Whirlwind Sword Break] and [Breaking Dawn] skills. Moshan grinned.He did not continue attacking; instead, he pulled his horse's reins and backed away. A beautiful German Cavalryknown as Bipo raised her shield and blocked both attacks; two damage numbers jumped out. Free Time's face instantly turned green...



It didn't even break through her defense. The German beauty used [Skyshaker Stab], removing 17,000 Health from her body. Their attack stats were totally not in the same league.

"I’m here!"

A Berserker behind Bipo rode over, the axe in her hands turning icy. She laughed out loud and swept over, forcing back an Ice Spirit Cavalry back. Although their defenses were not bad, facing such attacks, the pure power was just too much.


"F*ck..." Looking from afar, we all took in a cold breath. Li Mu was shocked and said, "Moshan and that bunch of people are just so strong..."

Yue Qing Qian nodded her head. "Moshan is the top GBN Battlenet player. He is really strong, on par with Hand of Waterloo and Smile. What is worse is that he has so many guilds under him; twelve of those he selected are called the Twelve God Generals. That person known as Eternal Water Chariot is the best among them and is the deputy guild leader of [Thunder God]. He is third in GBN Battlenet, while that beauty known as Bipo is second and fifth on the battlenet. Her defense is the strongest in Nine Heavens City, so Free Time's attack naturally was unable to break her defense. Apart from that, the Berserker known as Golden Horse Reigns is the 11th on the GBN battlenet. The weakest of the twelve is still fifty-first on the GBN Battlenet. 

Butterfly in my hand shook a little as I asked in shock, "That Moshan probably decides everything in the German Region, right?"

Yue Qing Qian acknowledged this and smiled. "That's right.In the German Region, he is top. He is really powerful in Nine Heavens City. Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, et cetera all respect him."

I licked my lips. My eyes still continued to look at the battlefield as I said, "During the next country war, Nine Heavens will become a crucial city and Moshan will be an extremely important figure."

Li Mu cupped his fists, the cape behind him fluttering in the wind like a top general. "Then what should we do, fight or not? In less than thirty minutes, [Rising Sun Like Blood] will be wiped out!"

Lian Po said, "If we attack, Moshan will hate us. During the next war, Nine Heavens City may become our enemy."

Lin Wan Er smiled. "En, more or less..."

Dong Cheng Yue held her staff. "Brother, you are the guild leader; do you think we should fight or not?"

I clenched my fists and replied, "Fight, we have to fight! If we don't let him see our strength, how will he bother about us? We have to make him feel pain; only then will he be willing to sit down and discuss it with us!"

Song Han said, "Brother Xiao Yao, when should we attack?"

I smiled. "Relax. When they’re about to fall down, then we will go. Remember: We can leave some of the players he brought, but we have to kill all forty thousand of them!"



I brought tens of thousands of [Zhan Long] players to watch from the sidelines. We were not slacking, either; I had my own considerations. If we attacked now and crushed [Thunder God], then what if Wang Ze Cheng attacked us? [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army would be unable to survive the pincer. If Wang Ze Cheng could take revenge on even Q-Sword, then what about me?

The battle got more and more intense. Under Moshan's leadership, the Flame Dragon Cannons of the Summer Fire Army aimed at people from [The Knights Templar]. In the end, Shang Li, after bringing tens of thousands of people to charge in, was unable to breakthrough. Close to half of them were wiped out under the cannon fire.

On the main battlefield, Moshan led the Twelve God Generals to slash into the [Rising Sun Like Blood] defense line, killing people in an unstoppable manner. Cavalry troops still charged even with arrows in their bodies.





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