Chapter 960- Prohibited dragon land
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Zhan Long Chapter 960- Prohibited dragon land

I nearly laughed out loud. "F*ck!Don't tell me that you are the other person who has been competing with me?"

 Drunken Spear laughed helplessly. "Apart from me, who else would it be? My horse speed was really quick.Coincidentally, I know where to get tiger bones, deer antlers, and fire rock fruits, but I don’t know where to find any thunder fruits..."

 I smiled and did not try to hide things. "If you want it, you have to go to the Sea of No Return, in the old base of the Dark Moon Elves. There are many of them here and I alone can't collect them all."

 Drunken Spear asked, "Is that true?"

 "En.Unfortunately, you don't know how to fly. If you want to cross the ocean, you need a ship, but you can use your identity as Autumn Harvest Army General to have the Dragonling Army bring you over onboard a ship. Of course, you have to be careful when you are crossing the ocean, as there are many giant whales feeding here. Don't become live bait to them."

 "Hehe! This is something you don't know about." Drunken Spear smiled delightedly. "I am a Cavalryman, so I have three mounts: One war horse, a water dragon that can cross the ocean, and finally a BOSS-grade war eagle that is even 50% faster than your God Dragon Horse! I can ride the eagle over!"

 "Faster than my God Dragon Horse?" I was stunned. "What a good Cavalryman!Where did you get it from?"

 "Oh, last time, Ye Lai and I bet who could head up Wentian Peak anddestroy that large bird’s nest. In the end, I obtained this level 157 pet egg, [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS mount.It is strong, right?"

 "Robbing a bird nest..." I was momentarily speechless. "There are actually such things in this world, able to get a BOSS-grade mount. That makes no sense.Okay head over. If not, I’ll take all of the thunder fruits here."

 "Leave some for me, brother!"


 I could not help but break into a laugh. Drunken Spear was not only someone crazy with leveling;he was also crazy about skills, as expected from a talent.

 Thus, after close to two hours, I collected nearly half of the thunder fruits in the Dark Moon Elves’ territory before heading back happily. I purchased malt powder and then started brewing. Reaching level 8 took a high demand of familiarity.Nearly two hours had passed by the time I completed the level requirement. I once again became the first to reach level 8, obtaining 60 Charm!


 Level 8 wine was known as Bamboo Leaf Green; it needed two ingredients: tender bamboo leaves and fire rock fruit. There were many fire rock fruits to be found in the mountain range; the source of bamboo leaves was also really simple. One just needed to find more bamboo forests. Queen Fiona's new Dark Moon Elves home, Purple Bamboo Forest, had many of such. However, the bamboo leaves there were purple and did not fit the requirement. Then I could only switch to another forest, the Giant Demon Bamboo Forest, on the northern shore of the War God River. This forest neighbored the Fire Crystal Basin that the barbarians lived in and was a place where players often went to level. Many tender bamboo leaves were definitely there.

 I made use of the night to head over. While I killedGiant Demons to raise skill levels, I searched for tender bamboo leaves, the result not quite meeting my expectations. There were many bamboo leaves in the area, but very few were tender bamboo leaves. Seven to eight stalks of bamboo could only produce one tender leaf. I spent a full three hours gathering tender bamboo leaves before I went in search of fire rock fruits. I brewed once more, and when I charged to level 9, it was already 7am!

 Luckily, I was still the first to reach level 9, obtaining 70 Charm!

 I felt the sky outside turning bright, but I still did not want to give up. Continue, search for the level 9 wine recipe...

 Lanling Flower Lv-9: +100 Rage, 60-secondcooldown, 50% reduction on skill cooldown. Ingredients:x5 Lanling fruit, x20 malt powder, x1 fermentation vase...


 Just looking at the stats, I drooled. Instantly healing 100 Rage, this meant that I could spam skills. [Zhen Yue Battlesong], [God Domain], [Trampling Thunder], [Defeat the Dragon], and [Ghost God's Dance], haha! Who would be able to stop me? !

 I spent close to forty minutesfinding Lanling fruits east of Forest of Monuments in the Fallen Sword Pool. After which, I purchased deer antlers in the city. The outcome did not disappoint; the Tian Ling City players were just so terrifying. There were actually people who started to sell these level 5 ingredients. Although it was a little expensive, for the sake of leveling up this skill, I did not bargain. I swept everything, and close to noon, I charged to level 10, obtaining 80 Charm once more.

 I looked at the level 10 wine.This was already the top wine in the game currently...

 Celestial Drunk lv-10: +110 Rage, 60-second cooldown, 55% reduction on skill cooldown. Ingredients -x5 Celestial fruit, x50 Fire rock fruit, x20 Glutinous Rice, x1 fermentation vase...


 I withstood the sleepiness and continued searching for the level 10 wine ingredients. Celestial fruit, that was something I was unable to find. Lin Wan Er also started urging me to head offline. I did and went to sleep after eating a little.

 I was smiling in my sleep.Within a day, I reached level 10. I was probably the first in Destiny, right?

 When I woke up, it was already around 8 o'clock in the evening. I opened my eyes and looked at my phone. It was from Lin Wan Er, who told me to ask her to get offline when I woke up.

 After I sent a message, I went to take a bath. Once I was done, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were already offline. They said that the chef was on holiday, so we would go out to eat. We went to buy something simple, and just as I was eating my packed food, Lin Wan Er received news. She raised her head and looked at me. "A battle is occuring at Flaming God Mountain Range."

 "Oh?"Flaming God Mountain Range was within the territory of Fan Shu City. The Royal Army and Dragon’s Den Armywere defending them. Many [Zhan Long] players were there, too; who would dare to offend us?I took a drink and asked, "Who is it? Is it [Legend]?"

 "No." Lin Wan Er shook her head. "Since you told Fang Ge Que that you don't want Dragon’s Den, [Legend] has stopped provoking us. The attackers are from Nine Heavens City."

 "Nine Heavens City?!"

 I was shocked. "Weren't their makeup really complicated? Why would they choose to strike, going around Flaming Cloud City just to attack our Flaming God Mountain Range?"

 Lin Wan Er smiled. "Strictly speaking, they didn't attack the Flaming God Mountain Range; they wanted the dragon crystals within."

 I clapped my hands and asked, "As expected, it’s for resources!Why?"

 "Let me check."

 Lin Wan Er sent a message to ask Yue Qing Qian about the matter and eventually said, "It's Wang Ze Cheng!"

 I was slightly furious. "What did that idiot do?"

 Lin Wan Er's mouth curled. "Wang Ze Cheng is the Deputy General of Fire Axe Army.He has three Majors under him. He brought twenty thousand Fire Axe Army troops and headed near Flaming God Mountain Range. He found a map known as Prohibited Dragon Land, which players didn't find. Many dragon crystal mines can be found there."

 "Prohibited Dragon Land?" I took a deep breath. "We didn't scout well.Who knew that there would be such a map near Flaming God Mountain Range?"

 Lin Wan Er said, "So Marquis Louis told Wang Ze Cheng to uncover the dragon crystals in the Prohibited Dragon Land. Unfortunately, [Rising Sun Like Blood] people leaked this information, so the German players of Nine Heavens City have sent troops over."

 "Who sent troops?"

 "The top guild of Nine Heavens City, [Thunder God's Hammer].The guild leader, Moshan, led fifty thousand people over. Apart from that are close to forty thousand Nine Heavens City Summer Fire Army. Moshan is the top player of the GBN Battlenet. At the same time, he is one of the two Deputy Generals of Nine Heavens City.He is one of the most powerful people in Nine Heavens City."

 My brows locked together. "This is problematic. I didn't plan on being enemies with them, but this Moshan actually led people to enter Tian Ling City territory to fight us."

 Dong Cheng Yue asked, "Then what should we do?"

 I smiled. "What else could we do?Eat your food and we will head back. Tell Qing Qian to gather [Zhan Long] players. When we return, we will head over. No matter what, this batch of dragon crystals won't be given to Nine Heavens City. If not, Tian Ling City's safety will be threatened."


 I ate little.Inwardly, I was still thinking about how Nine Heavens City was finally dragged into this war spiral. Nine Heavens City had dozens of small- and medium-sized servers; their population was the highest and they could not be fought head on.


 Not long after, I returned home and headed online.


 I swiftly entered the guild treasury system.Apart from reserving for my own use part of the wine I brewed, I threw the rest in. The guild players could use a portion of their points to exchange for the items. This would also greatly improve the attack strength of everyone.

 I teleported to Fan Shu City; the city was really busy, too. [Zhan Long] were gathering. Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry each gathered over twenty thousand people. The total number of people ready exceeded fifty thousand.

 "Do we need to use the Royal Army?" Li Mu held his blade and asked.

 I thought about it. "Bring half, just in case."



 I jumped on the horse and moved toward Fan Shu City. The Fan Shu City mark on my shoulder shone dazzlingly.

 Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, and the rest of guild management each led ten thousand people to head over to Flaming God Mountain Range in an orderly manner. When we appeared on the plains, there was an ocean of players already. Some were from China and some were from Nine Heavens City.

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