Chapter 959- pot of wine
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Zhan Long Chapter 959- pot of wine

Level 6 wine brewing of the legendary wine, Nu'er Hong. As for the materials, they were not really rare...

 Nu'er Hong Lv-6: +70 Rage, 60-second cooldown, 35% reduction on skill cooldown. Ingredients - x5 Fire rock fruit, x20 rice, x1 fermentation vase...


 Glutinous Rice was a level 1 ingredient and could be found all over Tian Ling City’s wilderness. It was not anything rare. However, Fire rock fruit was a level 6 ingredient that had not been seen yet. Even when I searched the forums, if anyone had seen where the Fire rock fruit was at, there was no one who could answer. I could only look for them myself. I asked in the guild and no one knew where the fruit spawned. As such, I could only search manually.

 Fire rock fruit, as the name suggested, grew on rocky terrains. The first choice would be Ziwu Mountain, where the volcanic eruptions were the most regular.

 I activated [Icy Wings] and flew to the space above Ziwu Mountain. However, the skill did not reveal any Fire rock fruit on the mountain. I had no choice and could only select the next map, Steel Blade Mountain. Magma flowed over the year, and the temperature was really high, too. Let us hope that this place had the Fire rock fruit!

 I charged down. Hundreds of [Zhan Long] players were currently here, searching for level 1 beasts to be their mounts. Although the grade of the Steelblade Cavalry was already really low, the low-level players were willing to be among the Steelblade Cavalry. After all, the said cavalrywas a symbolic existence.

 "Guild leader!"

 Everyone looked at me. I stopped slightly, motivating and cheering them on a little before flying up and about. I only noticed a few granules of malt powder and nothing else. Change map once more and head to Flaming God Mountain Range?


 The Violet Heaven Cape fluttered in the air. I was like a meteor as I flew towardFlaming God Mountain Range. From afar, I could see the scenes of the rebuild of Fan Shu City. This secondary city was now the base of [Zhan Long]; it was at 90% completion. All that was left was strengthening the city walls and organizing the things within the city. After the rebuild, the scale would be much higher than before. Although the players left, the NPC army number increased instead of dropping. Excluding the close to one hundred thousand increase of the Royal Army, there was the Dragon’s Den Army. Fan Shu City's production was really strong and it was not a problem for me to recruit thousands of Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers. If there was no war, in one month, I would be able to form two hundred thousand Dragon’s Den troops. However, that was not possible as the next country war would not be a month later.

 Korean, Japanese, and Indian players were still waiting for revenge. Moon, Swirling Abyss, and Iron Skull cities were all eyeing us aggressively. No one was willing to watch China Region get stronger every day.


 Very quickly, the Flaming God Mountain Range appeared beneath me. Flaming Mountain Clouds spread above. After I flew across, I dragged long trails of smoke and flames. Just at this moment, the ability finally rang out. The Fire rock fruit, which I had marked, appeared inside a hot mountain body on the map. Moreover, the main mountain of the Flaming God Mountain Range had a dense number of Fire rock fruits!

 I swiftly charged down, and with a pa, I roamed on the rock layer. In front of me was a large cave, which headed right into the mountain body. At this time, it was where the Royal Army was camped at. Hundreds of soldiers defended outside with their spears, swords, and other types of weapons. A Lieutenant knelt on one knee and said, "General, why did you come here?"

I smiled. "There’s no need to be so polite; I’m heading in to collect some Fire rock fruit."

"Fire rock fruit?"

TheLieutenant frownedand said, "Based on what I know, the Fire rock fruit is affected by the magma and has no taste. Its texture is dry and spicy; what does sir want them for?"

I smiled. "Wine brewing, Nu'er Hong."

The Lieutenant smiled back. "So General is such a fine person;Shall I accompany you inside now?"

"There’s no need," I opened my hand and said. "I’ll head in by myself. You all can just guard the entrance; don't let anyone from the other armies enter. The mines within belong to our Fan Shu City."

"Yes, sir!"


I floated into the cave directly. Along the waywere many miners who were pushing carts of dragon crystals and gold. Most of them were people hired from Tian Ling Empire. Their faces were all covered in dust and some were skin and bones. It seemed like there was a need to speak to the officials so that they could treat these workers better. However, even if I mentioned this, it would not be of much use. This was an era of slavery and their understanding of society was not as civilized as modern-day people like me. Even if I mentioned it, the officials would not bother. There was just no solution.


"Commander in chief!"


There were many Royal Army troops in the cave, and they all knelt on the ground and greeted me when they saw me. The rank I had was pretty much above all except for one, but for some reason, I did not feel satisfied at all.

I nodded to all of them before flying through the tunnel as if I were fleeing from things. I pulled out my Butterfly. Instantly, the seven-colored light, which only a [God Tier] artifact had, shone and illuminated everything. All around me were commoners wrapped in ropes, hammering down on the gold and dragon crystals. There were also many red fruits on the walls. They were the Fire rock fruits that I had been looking for.

I flew over with a huaand floated in the air before beginning my collection of the Fire rock fruits. The process was quite enjoyable, and the number of these fruits I had in my bag increased bit by bit. Before long, I had collected thousands of them and pretty much swept all the fruits in this area. I looked at the time and it was around 8pm. I smashed a City Return Scroll and headed back to Tian Ling City!


 My eyes lit up. Tian Ling City was really busy. Not only Chinese players, many from Waterfront City and Nine Heavens City were here, too. They requested for peace mode so they could enter other cities to trade goods. However, many of them were scoutingfor information. The structure of Tian Ling City was not much of a secret, though,so even if they learned about it, it would not be of much value. The construction of Fan Shu City could easily get exposed, and due to this, Han Yuan and Long Xing brought people to guard the mountain. When they saw players, they would directly kill them. Those were the rules of the game; even if they went to complain, no one would bother about them.

 As expected, already many people were selling rice, for the price of1 gold a set. It was quite expensive, but it was convenient. Plus, I did not need to collect them by set. Thus, I swept every shop clear, and after buying enough, I headed into a nearby weapon store to brew. Looking at the set after set of Nu'er Hong entering my hand, I felt satisfied!

 After spending close to one hundred minutes, there was finally a notification. I became the first player to reach level 7, the first in the entire server...


 System notification: Congratulations!Your wine brewing technique has risen up! As you are the first to reach level 7, your obtained rewards: +20000 gold,+40 Charm!


 I instantly made up my mind to continue charging. Levels 8, 9, and 10 would give me more gold and Charm rewards. The Charm may even exceed 200, right? It was too much of a waste if I did not try. My Heaven-grade potion refining skill stopped because the ingredients could not be found. However, the materials for wine brewing were easy to gather so I could continue to charge.

 Looking at the time, it was now 9pm. Thus, I headed offline, heated up the meal, and ate quickly before I came back online.

 Continue.Level 7 recipe had appeared...

 Hushang Wine lv-7: +80 Rage, 60-second cooldown, 40% reduction on skill cooldown. Ingredients – x5 Thunder fruit, x20 malt powder, x1 fermentation vase...


 Thunder fruit was yet another new item. I searched on the forums, but there was no information. I could only search for help in the guild channel, and in the end, Yue Qing Qian's sweet voice sounded: "Brother Xiao Yao, I know where it is at!"

 "Where?" I asked excitedly.

 Yue Qing Qian replied, "North of Sea of No Return, where the Dark Moon Elves used to live in the past. Wei Liang and I went there before, and we noticed that such an item existed!"

 "Okay.Thank you, Qing Qian!"

 I was really excited, heading out after equipping myself with potions and cards. I flew toward the Sea of No Return. After twenty minutes, I arrived there and my body floated across the surface. When I was in the middle of searching, I noticed that a giant shadow was swimming towardme. The next moment, a giant whale charged up and opened its mouth to swallow me!


 I received quite the fright and immediately flew up by several meters. I dodged the swallow and was now two hundred meters above. Only then did I fly towardthe base of the Dark Moon Elves without worry. That was too frightening. This Sea of No Return was definitely not a place for people to visit arbitrarily. The previous time when the Royal Army fought the Vanguard Army, this giant whale did not appear. The heavens were truly protecting us.

 I entered the Dark Moon Elves land. It was barren now. When they left, they burned all their special houses. However, the many trees which gave off thunder lights were still around. Some of them had the fruitthat I had been searching for. I was on cloud nine and flew there, collecting all of them for my own use. Scoff.That madman would not level as quickly as I did, right?


 Just at this moment, there was a message which came from Drunken Spear. "Xiao Yao, you madman, you’ve reached level 7 so fast! I admit defeat! I still can't find where the level 7 Thunder fruit is at."

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