Chapter 948- Huangzhong Bow
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Zhan Long Chapter 948- Huangzhong Bow

I placed down the spear and picked up the bow. Instantly, One Second Hero gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Dancing Forest opened her eyes wide and stared at me. When I reached out and showed everyone the stats, all the Archers opened their mouths wide at once. Speaking of which, this was definitely the top bow currently...

 Huangzhong Bow (Country Weapon)
 Attack: 7200-9000
 Agility: +300
 Stamina: +275
 Strength: +275
 Magic Attack: +260
 Bonus: Raise user's attack by 110% and attack speed by 90%.
 Bonus: Neglect 50% defense.
 Bonus: Critical Strike effect rises by 40%.
 Special effect: Strong weapon. Weapon durability reduction speed lowered by 70%.
 Special effect: Locked skill cannot be dodged.
 Special effect: Huangzhong's Anger. After being cast, it raises the attack of all friendly Archers in a one-thousand-yard radius by 100%. Neglect enemy’s defense by 30%, lasting for ten minutes. Consume 100 Rage.
 Introduction: The weapon of the ancient famous general, Huangzhong. Can fire hundred steps in a row, with every shot hitting the target. A Rare Strong bow; it needs absolutely strong strength to equip this.
 Special effect: Heavy-armored class special
 Special effect: China Country Weapon
 Special effect: No class restriction
 Needed strength: 1500


 Holding onto Huangzhong Bow, I giggled and smiled. "Okay, our [Zhan Long] is going to have the top Archer in the game. Come, the people who satisfy the requirements; top three damage dealers, ROLL!"

 Li Mu rubbed his hands and smiled. "My strength is enough; the top three swordsmen can ROLL?"

 I stared at him. "Are you an Archer?!"

 Dancing Forest looked at her stats and said, "I have 1727 Strength; it is enough."

 Lian Po said, "I have 1552, it is enough too."

 The other dozen Archers did not meet the Strength requirements, either, so the two of them just ROLLed. In the end, the ever unlucky Lian Po ROLLed a 27 while Dancing Forest got 92. It seemed like the bow would blossom in Dancing Forest's hand.

 The Huangzhong Bow instantly changed to suit Dancing Forest. This was good. After Mocha deleted her account, the number of Country Weapons of [Zhan Long] went from two to one. Now that Dancing Forest had the Huangzhong Bow, [Zhan Long] had two more again. Moreover, this Huangzhong Bow Rage meant that Dancing Forest would be the top Archer of [Zhan Long].

 I continued to look. I picked up the spear at the side; the stats were really bright, too...

 Zhangba Snake Spear (Superior Deity Tier)
 Attack: 7700-9050
 Strength: +375
 Stamina: +350
 Agility: +345
 Magic Attack: +330
 Bonus: Raise user's attack by 140% and attack speed by 55%.
 Bonus: Neglect target's defense by 35%.
 Bonus: Raise user's health by 20,000.
 Special effect: Raise user's attack range by five yards and change normal attacks to a five-yard splash damage.
 Special effect: Unbreakable; usage will not reduce durability.
 Special skill: Roar of Zhang Fei. Summon the roar of the ancient general, Zhang Fei; raise all ally attacks in two hundred yards by 150%, lasting twenty minutes and consuming 120 Rage points.
 Introduction: The weapon of the ancient general, Zhang Fei; it is said that the spear can summon a spirit to protect itself. One needs huge strength to use it or else they will be unable to even lift it.
 Required level: 160
 Required Charm: 700
 Required Strength: 4000


 "[Deity Tier]..."

 I gulped down my saliva. F*ck! Recently, the [Deity Tier] weapons were much stronger than my Dragon Reservoir Sword. If not for [Kill for Blood], Dragon Reservoir Sword would have been eliminated a long time ago. I held the spear and looked at everyone. "This Vanguard Luoding must’ve loved the three kingdoms; if not, why would he live for ten thousand years and specially collected weapons of famous generals from that time?"

 Li Mu rubbed his hands and smiled. "Why didn't you take Guan Yunchang's weapon?"

 I smiled. "Even if it dropped, Swordsmen were great at weapons. Let's not snatch the weapons of others. This spear is that of cavalry, so let the top three Cavalrymen who dealt and tanked the most damage earlier ROLL!"

 Yue Yao Yan smiled. "Meng Yao, do you meet the requirements?"

 Li Meng Yao shook her head. "I am only at level 157; I don't meet the level. Why don’t you all ROLL?"

 Yue Yao Yan pursed her lips. "My strength isn't enough; I am short of 200!"

 One Second Hero's body shook. "Does it belong to me?"

 I swept the namelist of the guild; the one who could compete was Death God's Elegy. He was an attack cavalry with a high enough level but did not come. As such, it belonged to One Second Hero; after he had the spear, his damage would greatly increase. With the BUFF, once we met a strong opponent, it could turn the tables!

 "Yong Jie, hold it well; don't die and lose it..." I said sincerely.

 One Second Hero was helpless. "Why don't you have high hopes for your brother?"

 "Okay, just don't take it to pick up chicks."

 "Don't worry. I use my face to get chicks!"

 "B*llsh*t! When have you ever..."

 "Your sister..."


 I continued to look. The following two pieces of equipment made me feel slightly disappointed. The boots were [Demon Harvest Tier], ranked 7000+, which Yue Wei Liang ROLLed away. The ring was [Divine Tier] and added much strength, which Meng Yao got.

 Standing on the spot, I walked up and looked at the corpse. "Bring his head away; if not, we can't explain.”

 Thus, I pulled out the Dragon Reservoir Sword and sliced off Luoding's head. Oh, why did it sound metallic? I even saw some sparks flying from it!

 Looking closely, I noticed a purple glass thing there. What was this? Was it that one lived for a long time that his bones had become something like a Celestial?

 It should not be. I reached out and grabbed it. The bone actually felt cold like a crystal... I stepped on the corpse. The sight of me doing this made Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue unable to bear it, and they said, "Oi, dummy! What are you doing? You look really disgusting..."

 With a pa, I took several steps back. I held a pale purple crystal in my hand; it was long like a spine but also a natural crystal. I looked at the stats and was delighted...

God Crystal: High-grade crafting material. After melting, it can upgrade equipment. Grade +1!


I was always worried that Dragon Reservoir Sword, which was a [Demon Harvest Tier] could not be upgraded, but now the chance was here. It could actually raise the grade by +1. After this Dragon Reservoir Sword was upgraded, it would be [Deity Tier]; if grade +1, would it not become a [God Tier] weapon? I was delighted when I saw that and waved the crystal. "I will be selfish; let me use it to upgrade my Dragon Reservoir Sword, alright?"

Li Mu laughed. "Say it softly even if you want to grab equipment! You have to learn from me about that..."


I held up Luoding's head and headed back to the ship. It was time for us to return. We won. Even the Vanguard Army Marshal was killed. If I took the head back, I would be promoted. However, as I was the Suiding duke and also the commander in chief, what could I even get promoted to?

Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the other generals collected the Royal Army troops and returned. The Royal Army had no more than a thousand casualties and most of them were Fan Shu City’s troops. This was my goal. The Royal Army soldiers could not revive after death. Even if he recruited new ones, they would not be strong enough. Fan Shu City's troops would be unable to level up and one just needed resources to recruit. As such, using five thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers in exchange for Luoding's life was very much worth it.

Of course, Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the other Royal Army generals had too high AI; they were like real people. I was not so vicious to use their lives in exchange for Luoding's merit points and equipment, and I could not bear to do so as well.


     Two hundred ships slowly returned; about one hundred ninety went to the Royal Army docks on War God River. I brought ten to carry the [Zhan Long] players and the Royal Army generals to the Sea of No Return. By the ocean, there were some scattered Dragon Armor Army troops, which came out and were chased by Fire Dragon Army and Fire Axe Army.

The ships docked. I brought Luoding's head and entered the tent along with Han Yuan and Xiao Lie.

"Commander in Chief Li Xiao Yao has arrived!" Messenger hollered.

Lochlan, instantly, stood up from his throne and said, "Master Li, you didn't return for so long and we didn't know where you went. Fire Dragon Army Deputy General Fang got news that you killed Vanguard Luoding; is it true?"


I tossed Luoding's head to the side and said, "Your Majesty, this is Luoding's head."


Lochlan was delighted and said, "Master Li really killed Luoding?"

I nodded my head. "En, I brought fifty thousand Royal Army and twenty thousand Fan Shu City’s troops over to the Sea of No Return and blew up Luoding's camp. We then worked together and killed Luoding himself. However, at this moment, the Royal Army and Fan Shu City both suffered heavy losses. I hope that His Majesty can give me more gold and also let the Royal Army select a bunch of students from the Battle Academy."

Lochlan was delighted. "Naturally, I agree. It seems like we won the Sea of No Return’s defense battle!"

I said, "The forces all suffered heavy losses, and even though we won, it was a tough battle. After this, we have to train and prepare for the chaotic world situation."

Lochlan said, "Master Li's words are correct and I will remember them!"

Thus, everyone waited quietly for the server to end the Sea of No Return’s defense battle and then for the rewards to be handed out.

Lin Wan Er held my hand and said, "Piggy, last time, during the country war, you said that you’ll select three people to enter Zhan Long Hall, but then the Rage of the North battle delayed it. Now, we have to deal with it; many are waiting for the outcome!"

"En, I will deal with it right away!"

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