Chapter 947- Killing Luoding
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Zhan Long Chapter 947- Killing Luoding

"Ao ao..." cried the Flame Hawk Archers. A patch of flames wrapped around the hawks and then they soared in the air. Ten thousand Flame Hawk Archers spread out and shot out fire arrows, which were aimed right at Luoding!


Luoding was frightened and quickly spun around to avoid the dozens of arrows. However, he was hit by several others, each at roughly 40,000 damage. Still, as they were too dense, even a [God Tier] BOSS would be unable to block such attacks. Being killed was something that would occur sooner or later.

Chi Yu Han's whip slashed across with a pa and directly formed an entangling effect, which enveloped his body. He ordered, "Now is the time; turn this old fellow into a porcupine!"

The Flame Hawk Archers all fired, and as expected, Luoding cried. His armor was burned by Chi Yu Han, so how could he block the attacks of the Archers? In the blink of an eye, he indeed resembled a porcupine!

The arrows were dense on his body, yet more and more continued to pile up.

However, his body still floated in the air; that blade rang out and he showed no signs of dying. Instantly, a Flame Hawk Archer, who could not take it anymore, frowned. "This old fellow can't be not yet dead, can he?"

Before he could finish speaking, Luoding's body suddenly disappeared in the distance. The next moment, he appeared behind the Flame Hawk Archer and his blade slashed out. With a kacha, the blade slashed across and blood from this Archer instantly scattered in the air.

Luoding stood proudly in the air, the arrows on his body falling one by one, showing the flesh underneath. However, it was not the true flesh body but rather many golden runes wrapping around him. The Flame Hawk Archers' attacks did not cause much physical damage. Luoding carried his bloody blade and blurted aloud, "Chi Yu Qing, do you think that these weak Archers could kill me? Keep dreaming! My Demon Body was trained to this realm ten thousand years ago; for your bit of attack to kill me, what a joke!"

This was when a cold arrow flew through the air and pierced Luoding's stomach armor. The arrow shuddered and dealt 10,000 damage, but there was also a defense breaking effect. It was Dancing Forest's bow effect. Her three arrows all hit the target and then she cast a [Rising Dragon Shot]. After shaving off 20,000 health, she smiled. "Eh, Hybrid Demon King's defense is just so-so. Saying that he has a Demon Body, tsk!"


Luoding did not say anything else and just roared, the blood light around his body growing brighter. I hurried toward Dancing Forest's direction and said loudly, "Dancing Forest, you stabbed the hornet's nest; everyone, protect Dancing Forest and try to pull down Luoding for us to kill!"

At once, Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero, Li Mu, et cetera moved to shield Dancing Forest from the front. In the next moment, Luoding held his blade and charged over, the blade forming a storm. This was his passive skill [Spiral Blazing Slash]; each time he attacked, there was a 50% chance of activating the spiral attack effect, causing splash damage!


Luoding's simple attack caused a deadly blade storm among the [Zhan Long] group, instantly killing a few Fire Dragon Cavalry. Dancing Forest was smart and directly used [Crystallize]; the one second invisible effect MISSed the attack. Luoding charged into the sky, but before he could get far from the ground, I used [Icy Wings]. I used the [Zhen Yue Battlesong] effect of the Zhen Yue Blade and struck from above. Using [Seven Star Fragment Slash], this +14 level skill, onto his shoulder smacked him back onto the ground.

Hong! Dust flew all about.

Before the dust settled, my chest suffered a sudden attack. I lost 60,000 health and Luoding's holler reached my ears. "Kid, you really are stubborn! Are you that Tian Ling City’s Royal Army General Frost's disciple, Li Xiao Yao, whom Lanais talked about? Tsk tsk! Today, I’ll carry your head back. That bitch won't insult the strength of my Vanguard Army anymore!"

My blade blocked his attack as my war boots stepped onto his stomach. I activated the [Ice Domain] effect, but the frost MISSed. I gritted my teeth and used [Blade Rush]. Just as I pierced Luoding's body, Li Mu arrived with the [Zhan Long] elites. From afar, Chi Yu Han also bandaged himself and brought the Cliff Dragon Cavalry over.


Sparks flew from the Dragon Reservoir Sword, the huge explosion nearly making me lose balance. I retreated dozens of steps and was only left with blinking red health, waiting for Darling Duck to heal me up.


Han Yuan held his blade, and after shouting, he led the Royal Army cavalry to charge over. Ling Luo brought the Archers and fired one after another. Luoding's twenty thousand Hybrid Demons were all wiped out by us. Everyone here, including the fifty thousand Royal Army troops, twenty thousand Fan Shu City Dragon’s Den troops, belonged to me. Along with the two hundred from [Zhan Long], there were seventy thousand. Luoding was destined to die here today. As for Lei Ding, he most probably fled when he saw that the battle was not going well. Only a smart BOSS could live long. Igoras, Lei Ding, and Lanais belonged to such a type.

Luoding slashed in the crowd as if he had gone mad; where his blade slashed, many Royal Army troops were ripped apart. However, the players and NPCs dealt high damage, too. In not more than ten minutes, he was only left with 30% health. The Flame Hawk Archers dealt the most damage, with a bunch of them firing from above. Even the top king of the north could not handle it!

"D*mn it! You bunch of ants!"

Luoding raised his head and looked into the sky. His Golden Demon Body effect had more or less collapsed. He stepped down and charged into the air. The blade flashed across and his spiral slash effect landed on the Flame Hawk Archers. Instantly, blood scattered on the ground and hundreds of them were killed. When Luoding's health dropped to just 10%, he suddenly stopped and pointed upward. "The deeply slumbering Lightning of Death in hell, wake up! Punish the unfairness in the world for me. I Vanguard Luoding demands, Hell Lightning!"

The sky suddenly turned dark, and in the next instant, lightning swept all about, forming many lightning god punishment effects. Instantly, the Flame Hawk Archers in the air became targets and they cried. The flame hawks could not handle the lightning attacks and became charred. Along with the wind, they became dust which flew all about!

My heart hurt from watching the battle. Ten thousand Flame Hawk Archers came and only seven thousand remained. This Luoding was too vicious; was he planning to kill them all?

Who knew that Luoding's AI was not bad? After the lightning, he held his blade and flew toward the north, hollering, "Let us decide the battle in the future!"

"You want to leave?"

Chi Yu Han's face was filled with rage, he threw out a whip, which restricted Luoding in the air, instantly tying him up. He cried as the thorns stabbed his body. Luoding had no choice but to use God Power to struggle free. The Death God was here once more. Chi Yu Han jumped in the air and landed three strikes onto his chest. Blood scattered. Chi Yu Han held the sword with two hands and smashed it down!


Luoding, who could not turn into a flying dragon, was once again smashed back onto the ground. Lin Wan Er raised a hand and brought Li Mu and Wang Jian over to smack him. I also joined in. The battle became really cruel. The ranked 12 Hybrid Demon King was being bullied by us by sheer number. When his health was at one percent, they all retreated and decided to let me, the [Zhan Long] guild leader, Royal Army general, Fan Shu City’s lord, kill Luoding. I also knew what Lin Wan Er wanted; killing this one would give achievement points, and only then could I head back to the top of the MVP list. As long as Sky Rose did not kill more, then I would win.

[Wind Carrying Slash] and [Strength of a Thousand Men] activated and Luoding was unable to bear it any longer. When my level 14 consecutive hits swept across, he was finally at the end of his ten-thousand-year lifespan. He cried and then all his equipment dropped. He really gave me a lot of achievement points; the MVP was definitely mine...


System notification: Congratulations, Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) for killing Vanguard Luoding, one of the Sixteen Hybrid Demon Lords! Obtained rewards: +2,000 achievement points, +2 level, +120 Charm, +1,000,000 gold. Congratulations China for killing the head of the Rage of the North! Player's war losses recovery rose by 30%!


Unfortunately, we did not kill Lei Ding; if we did, it would become 60%, would it not? If that had happened, most players would have been able to earn back the achievement points that they had lost.

Li Mu knocked my arm and smiled. "Okay, stop immersing in the joy and take a look at what Luoding dropped!"

"En, okay!"

I walked up and kicked away Vanguard Luoding's body. I then looked toward the ground which Dragon Crystal Cannons shot into; there lay four pieces of equipment. That made me excited; four pieces of equipment! Normally, there would only be three and a whole bunch of green and gold. Now, I prayed for my +1,000 Charm to let everyone get rich!

Four pieces of equipment, and two of them were weapons. One was a bright blood-red spear, which was like a long halberd, belonging to the spear type of equipment. The other was a bow, which was gold; many ancient patterns were carved on it. Next was a pair of old leather boots and a ring that glowed brightly.

I smiled and held the spear, asking, "Let's see what this is?"

Dancing Forest shook her head. "No, guild leader, why don’t we look at the bow first?"


"Based on past examples, the first equipment opened will be a great one!"

"Okay, then..."


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