Chapter 946 - Deity vs Demon God
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Zhan Long Chapter 946 - Deity vs Demon God

At the Bridge of Fate, the drawbridge was slowly raised. Many Royal Army soldiers started to surge out. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and so on led 200 [Zhan Long] players over. When the empty ship stopped, they boarded the ship. I still stood on the drawbridge and told them to go first. Very quickly many more empty ships docked by the shore.

  Han Yuan held his blade and asked curiously, "General, for what reason did we prepare these 20 empty ships?"

  I didn't explain, "Just prepare the sailors. They will come into use!"

  "Yes, sir!"

  A few more minutes later, the heavy thumping of horse hooves came from where the military grain was amassed. Closely after a bunch of Cliff Dragon Cavalry with Fan Shu City emblems charged through War God River. Chi Yu Han was at the front. He immediately dismounted his horse and knelt on the ground, "Sir, 10 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry and 10 thousand Flame Hawk Archers have arrived!"

  I nodded my head, "Board the ships!"

  "Yes, sir!"

  The Cliff Dragon Cavalry made their way onto the decks. The Royal Army ships could fit 500 people per boat at most, let alone heavy cavalry like the Cliff Dragon Cavalry. Not long later all 10 thousand had boarded. The Flame Hawk Archers didn't need to take ships. Under Chi Yu Qing’s personal lead, a group of Flame Hawk Archers circled the sky. They just needed to rest up on the ships occasionally.



  A message came from [Prague] Guild Leader Yan Zhao Warrior, "Xiao Yao, what did you go to do? I don't know if there’s going to be a next wave. Lochlan and Luo Xun have called for a meeting, so why are only Cang Tong and you not here?"

  I smiled, "Uncles, you should start the meeting first., Wan'er and I have some other matters to attend to. It’s a secret!"

  "Okay." Yan Zhao Warrior said, "Sky Rose led her own army and completed a large scale assassination mission, obtaining 1500 achievement points. She’s now the top of the entire server. You’re the one with the highest chances of exceeding her, so good luck, I hope that you can keep this MVP reward in China."

  "I understand. You all work hard too."


  After switching off the communicator, my ship sailed out of War God River and into the sea. There were shipwrecks all over the Sea of No Return. It was obvious. These ships came from the years of hard work from Luoding. However, he probably didn't expect that his million troops would fail to wipe out Tian Ling City. It was payback time now.

  "The wind is perfect!" Han Yuan held his blade and stood on the boat as he ordered, "Signal all ships unfurl their sails and sail with full speed ahead!"

  "Yes, General!"

  The flagbearers on the ship started to signal with flag language that we couldn't understand and instantly the 200 Royal Army ships started to sail along with the wind. The wind pushed the ships towards the north. We couldn't see much after we entered the mist. However there was nothing to be afraid about. Luoding had used up most of his warships and now was the time for us to show him.


  Half an hour later, the outline of the north shore appeared on the map. We could clearly see a cluster of red Hybrid Demon camps. Soon after, sunlight pierced through the clouds and the dense fog. The Hybrid Demon camp appeared clearly before our eyes. There were only a few simple transport ships at the docks and their warships were mostly wiped out. On the shore were many Hybrid Demon Commanders ordering swordsmen and blade ghosts to move things. They looked like they had given up on this war.


  To one side of the ship, Lin Wan Er pointed towards the distant and said, "Is that where the Commander is leading us toward? Vanguard Luoding and Berserker Lei Ding might be there."

  I nodded my head and raised up a hand. I said seriously, "Fill the Dragon Crystal Cannons and attack their camps. Blow them to shreds. Then have 50 Dragon Crystal Cannons focus and obliterate that commanding hall!"

  "Yes, General!"

  We were nearing there. When the 200 Royal Army ships charged out of the fog, we were less than 500 meters from the Hybrid Demon Camp. Cannons bellowed and flames of war surged up from the shore. A group of Blade Ghosts, Barbarian Soldiers and other low rank hybrid demons were blown to pieces. The simple stone walls were unable to block the cannons. The Dragon Crystal Cannonfire ripped apart everything in the Hybrid Demon Camp. The red colored flags burned as they all cried out in pain.

  The commanding hall turned into a sea of flames, reduced to ruins. Many Demon Hall Cavalry charged out but under the dense cannon fire. They died, blown to pieces along with their horses.


  A white light rose up into the sky. That was the glow of the blade light which ripped apart the attack of a Dragon Crystal Cannon. The owner of the blade charged out. It was a white bearded old man. It wasn't anyone else but the legendary Vanguard Luoding, the first human to step into the Holy Domain. He cultivated for many years and was in the Heaven Realm now, becoming a God. However he was a Demon God, unable to match someone like Frost who was a God.

  "Damn humans!"

  Luoding looked towards us fiercely and cried out, "Do you all think that you can wipe out the Vanguard Army just like that? Come on, let me see how strong you all are, since you’ve actually dared to come deep into the north. You are just asking to die!"

  I pointed my sword at the shore and said, "Stop the cannon fire, head to shore. Whoever beheads Luoding will be rewarded with 100 thousand gold and a promotion to Royal Army Major!"

  The Lieutenants and Captains under Han Yuan all riled up. The ships approached the shore and the Royal Army Heavy Cavalry charged off before they had even stabilised. Ling Luo also led a bunch of Dark Moon Elves to shore. I activated [Icy Wings] and I killed a Demon Hall Cavalry with a raise of my hand. At least 20 thousand low health Hybrid Demons were waiting for us to  be cleared.

  "Haha, time to earn achievement points!"

  Li Mu laughed out loud and jumped off the warship. We charged into the monsters along with the 200 [Zhan Long] elites. They were all at low health, so it was really quick, especially for ranged players like Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng Yue. It was basically easy points for them. Over 5000 low health demons instantly turned into experience, achievement points and equipment.

  I raised a hand and Chi Yu Han led 10 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry to shore, forming an orderly formation. He raised his sword and smiled, "Cavalry, let’s demonstrate our strength. The front, spread out! Archers gather in the middle and form a wedge formation at the back. Charge!"

  Luoding raised his blade and stood in the air arrogantly. He grinned and laughed coldly, "10 thousand of the Dragon Armor Army, charge! Today we will kill all of these human bastards of the south!"

  Luoding actually led the troops personally and charged down from above. He landed in front of the Dragon Armor Army and waved his blade. The blade light slashed past the crowd and 3 Cliff Dragon Cavalry were killed. He dealt 300 thousand damage. The Cliff Dragon Cavalry possessed my stats and were between players and NPCs, so the damage they suffered  was more than players but less than NPCs. However that was already impressive damage!

  A dense group of Dragon Armor Army cavalry on their horses, clad in dragon armor, clashed with the Cliff Dragon Cavalry. The outcome was determined the moment they made contact. My stats were clearly much stronger than Rank 7 Hybrid Demons, so the different in strength was obvious after they clashed. Under the charge of the Cliff Dragon Cavalry, thousands were killed in just a short five minutes!

  Luoding was still slashing about in the crowd. Over a hundred Cliff Dragon Cavalry had died under his hands, which was painful to me. These were all troops that I spent so much effort into recruiting!

  "You old thing, take my sword!"

  Chi Yu Han called out. The blade, filled with Douqi, slashed Luoding's shoulder. Energy spread out instantly. The attack failed to even penetrate flesh and instead made Luoding turn around. The sharp tip of Luoding's blade handle knocked against Chi Yu Han's chest. Chi Yu Han was a [Deity Tier] BOSS after all, so with a parry of his sword, he opened his hand and he formed an energy shield to block!


  The energy shield broke and Chi Yu Han staggered several steps back. He gritted his teeth and stopped in mid air. The sword trembled and lightning gathered on the blade. His eyes were filled with killing intent and said, "City lord, cover for me!"

  With a "Shua", I brushed past him and the Zhen Yue Blade slashed Luoding's waist. I thrusted the Dragon Reservoir Sword forwards and used [Strength of a Thousand Men]. Even a BOSS as powerful as Luoding still ended up crying out and taking several steps back. The blade light gleamed and his palm strike landed on my chest, instantly forming flames. I was blasted dozens of meters away and fell into the crowd in a haggard manner. A few Royal Army troops parted in a hurry to make way for me and shouted, "Make way, don't let General knock you down!"

  I was speechless "..."

  I raised my head and Chi Yu Han used a Lightning Slash to smash against Luoding's blade. The lightning swallowed Luoding's surroundings and melted the armor around him. This [God Tier] BOSS cried out. The feeling of a [Deity Tier] attack definitely was not pleasant.


  "Chi Yu Han, you despicable person!"

  Luoding yelled out. Demon God Power exploded around his body and forced back Chi Yu Han. Luoding pursued and slashed with his blade. Blood scattered in the air as an extremely deep wound appeared on Chi Yu Han's chest. 40% of his health was wiped out by that attack!


  Chi Yu Qing's eyes reddened as she swung her whip and said loudly, "Flame Hawk Archers, shoot and kill that bastard Luoding. Cover for brother's retreat!"

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