Chapter 949- Hundred thousand health era
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Zhan Long Chapter 949- Hundred thousand health era

It was already ten on the second morning. After waiting for an hour more, the country war achievement point rankings did not change. Sky Rose's points were below mine; she probably did not find any good way. Windrider Kate and Wound of the Dragon Bone Anna, these two Demon King Tier BOSSes, attacked Iron Skull City. Sky Rose did not have confidence to kill them; if not, their achievement points would exceed mine. I was also really surprised. Sky Rose, that woman who had seen me once, how skilled was she to raise her points to such a high level?

  Everyone waited outside the tent. I held the Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked out, defending beside Lochlan. He naturally smiled and asked me to teach him some skills. I spoke endlessly, going all out to teach this student.

  Louis held his sword and stood on the shore with his horse. He looked at the family of the dead, who came over, and his eyes turned red. "Your Majesty, I know that the empire military has laws that the dead will be buried on the spot, but... I’d like to bring Luote's body back to Tian Ling Empire and bury him there…”

  Lochlan nodded his head. "Marquis, don't worry; Luote is the Zhongyong marquis and the commander in chief. Naturally, he can be brought back to the Forest of Monuments for you to bury."

  "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

  Ye Lai looked at the bunch of Xia Yu Army troops behind him and selected some higher and stronger ones as lieutenants. He appointed twenty right away. Although these lieutenants could only be in charge of around 200 troops, I could tell that Ye Lai was about to build the Xia Yu Army into a twenty-thousand-man new army.

  Q-Sword followed behind Louis silently. He was still the major; in his hands, he held ten thousand Fire Axe Army troops. Wang Ze Cheng was the deputy general, but the number of troops he held was fewer than Q-Sword’s. Without thinking, Wang Ze Cheng brought the first division of [Hero Mound] to form [Rising Sun Like Blood]. On the surface, Q-Sword did not say anything, but he must be annoyed and would definitely want to take revenge sooner or later. Fire Axe Army would be really interesting, with two people fighting for power and the old dumb Marquis Louis above. Who was going to die in whose hands?

  Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword were the same and they both kept silent.

  Jian Feng Han chatted with Purple Spirit Army General Xiahou Ren; both seemed to be having fun. It appeared that Jian Feng Han would be the deputy general. However, that was also tough to say as the NPCs never followed the rules; maybe another person would replace him. At that time, Jian Feng Han would be happy for nothing.


  After waiting for a while more, finally the war matters of Iron Skull City, Moon City, and Dragon City  had come to an end. A bell reverberated in the air and the rewards were given out...


  System notification: Congratulations, all players! The Rage of the North path has been opened. The various Hybrid Demon armies have been repelled. The victors are in the light, and in the future game, the Hybrid Demon generals will invade the seven empires and various monsters will enter maps. During this event, Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) became MVP with 7235 achievement points, obtaining reward Champion Broken Blade [God Tier 3 Stars], also activating set effect, obtaining reward Overlord Arm Guards [Deity Tier]; Player Sky Rose (America) got second place with 5984 achievement points, obtaining Flame Moon Armor [God Tier 2 Stars]; Player Fang Ge Que (China) placed third with 5740 points, obtaining Red Vengeful Robe [God Tier 1 Star]. The fourth to tenth players are Clear Black Eyes (India), Mu Xin (Russia), Rhythm of the Rain (America), Drunk Maple (India), Cang Yue (China), King_Lee (Korea), and Smile (England) respectively.

         Various awards were handed out right away. Among which, due to the China players killing Demon King Tier Hybrid Demon, the losses and equipment would recover by 30%!


  Around me, the players obtained experience from their achievement points rewards; dense golden streaks of light landed. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu, et cetera had all leveled up. I had risen up by two levels and was already at level 170. I also got 150 Charm, so my overall Charm now reached 1433. It was overpowered.

  However, what I cared more about was the equipment that I got. A three-star [God Tier] artifact, a pair of Overlord Arm Guards. Both rewards made me delighted. This MVP reward was great; it was just too great!

  The grade of the equipment slowly floated about. Above [Divine Tier] was [Demon Harvest Tier]; above that was [Deity Tier]; next were the one-star to five-star [God Tier] weapons; lastly, above that was [Epic Tier] equipment. For me to get a three-star [God Tier] artifact was already not bad. After all, we only spent twenty-four hours, with the country war lasting for seven days, and only then did I get the God Slaying Armor.

  Naturally, the MVP of the country war, Rage of the North, would not have such high rewards. Although I did not appear at the Hero's Wings Finals, my ID alone shocked the world!

  I opened the package; the Champion Broken Blade was not a weapon but a golden-colored necklace. I held it in my hand and took a look. Tsk. The stats were just perfect...

  Champion Broken Blade [God Tier 3 Stars]
  Strength: +455
  Stamina: +450
  Agility: +442
  Magic Attack: +435
  Bonus: Raise user's attack by 90% and magical resistance by 140%.
  Bonus: Raise user's health by 30,000 points.
  Bonus: Raise physical defense by 70%.
  Special effect: Ruler of the Three Armies. When one's strength is higher than that of others, there is a 50% chance of forming a knockback effect and 10% chance of stunning the target for one second.
  Special effect: Thunder Stepping. Summon the thunder hidden in the ground to form a one-hundred-yard lightning strike directed at the target, causing a stunning effect. Attack speed and movement speed reduced by 50%, lasting seven seconds, spending 30 Rage with a cooldown of thirty seconds.
  Required level: 170
  Required Charm: 1000
  Required class: Heavy-armored class


  I looked at my original necklace, Broken Blade of Hell’s God, [Demon Harvest Tier]. It had a special ability. However, it was now gone. The group damage ability Thunder Stepping was just too strong. It consumed few and recovered quickly, able to be used once every thirty seconds. With my attack strength, the opponent could not cry even if they wanted to. The reduction in speed would also be helpful for the battle. In this era, the stats of this ability were much better than my last one!

  I immediately swapped gear and my stats increased by a substantial grade. I was in no rush to look at it… Inside it were a bunch of reverse thorn arm guards; this was the pair of Overlord Arm Guards, one of the parts for the [Deity Tier] set. Moreover, its stats were not just the normal kind of strong...

  Overlord Arm Guards [Deity Tier]
  Type: Heavy armor
  Defense: 4950
  Strength: +520
  Stamina: +514
  Agility: +510
  Magic Attack: +505
  Bonus: Raise user's magical resistance by 125%.
  Bonus: Raise health by 25,000.
  Bonus: Raise user's attack power by 70% and base attack by 1,000.
  Special effect: No class restriction.
  Special effect: Overlord. Raise user's strength by 3,000.
  Special effect: Replicate. Replicate a certain stat from another equipment of the same part.
  Set: Overlord Set Arm Guards
  Introduction: During ancient times, a king, with his unparalleled  strength, swept the entire continent and was worshipped by everyone. Thousands of years later, the god smiths of the world collected this emperor's power to smelt his soul into a rare treasure, forming this Overlord Set. Legend has it that the person who gathers the entire set will be able to command all power in the world. Obtaining one part and one will have the chance to get the other via killing high-grade monsters. Unique in the set...
  Required level: 200
  Required Charm: 1000


  Looking at the stats, it made one want to cry. Overlord set—this was a really overbearing set. At least, in terms of strength, it was untouchable, right?

  However, what I paid attention to the most was the replicating effect; it could actually replicate the stats of another piece of equipment of the same part. Could it replicate special effects, health addition, attack, and other stats? If it was more vicious, it could directly replicate defense. That would be dual strength armor. Could other physical-damage-class people attack me? Even if Lin Wan Er used her 50% defense-breaking, she would be unable to break through it, right?

  However, thinking about it, I still replicated the [Defeat the Dragon] ability. It was too useful one on one. Thus, in the next moment, the Overlord Arm Guards had one more [Defeat the Dragon] effect! Unfortunately, the [Defeat the Dragon] was bound and I could not give it to others. I could only toss it into the treasury to wait for my Overlord Arm Guards to be dropped before I continued to use it.

  After equipping two [God Tier] artifacts, the stats were so strong that I could not resist the urge...

  Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Country Protector Dragon Rider)
  Level: 170
  Attack: 24437-30865
  Defense: 23825
  Health: 238515
  Magic Attack: 33490
  Charm: 1433
  CBN Battlenet Rankings: 6
  Title: Suiding Duke

  When I shared the stats, everyone wanted to vomit blood. Li Mu directly said, "F*ck! After I wore the equipment, I only obtained 130,000 Health. I already feel invincible, but what is your 240,000 Health even about? Do you want everyone to die?"

  Lin Wan Er giggled. "I only have 110,000. I really don't want to play anymore..."

  Wang Jian laughed. "Brother Xiao Yao's equipment is top across the server, right? Along with the players improving, we’ve entered the era of 100,000 Health. As a Cavalry player, without 100,000 Health, no one will have the face to show themselves."

  Dong Cheng Yue held her staff and grinned. "Then what about mages like me with only 80,000 Health?"

  Darling Duck was momentarily speechless. "80,000 Health Mage, that is so overpowered. Ask others; there are many with only 40,000!"

  Song Han smiled. "Things to get one-shotted..."

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