Chapter 950- Zhan Long Hall new member
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Zhan Long Chapter 950- Zhan Long Hall new member

Dancing Forest saw a streak of blood. "It is actually very simple if one wants high health; one must at least have a [Divine Tier] set. The higher the grade of the equipment, the more health added. [Gold Tier] equipment only adds a few hundred, [Demon Harvest Tier] by a few thousand, and [Deity Tier] by tens of thousand. A [God Tier] artifact can be compared to ten [Divine Tier] artifacts. This is the reason for the difference in health."

  Li Mu clenched his fists, his eyes shining energetically. "As long as we continue to play, sooner or later, we will gather a set of five-star [God Tier] equipment!"

  "Wistful thinking..."

  Dancing Forest stretched and smiled. "We have been online for too long. I will head offline to sleep; who else wanna come along?"

  Thus, many requests to sleep jumped up the guild chat and then everyone went offline together.

  I arranged the Royal Army to head back to the camp and then I went offline. Even a Yang Yan Realm expert could not stay up like that. Black eyebags did not bother about a person; as long as one stayed up, they would appear.


  I sent a message to Palace Spirit and told her to come online and help me reforge the Dragon Reservoir Sword. Last time, I pulled out Luoding's spine crystal and still had not managed to smelt the sword. The Dragon Reservoir Sword, which was a level 115 sword, could not keep up to my demands.

  I went offline and, after having a meal with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, went to sleep. After dinner, Lin Wan Er made a phone call to Lin Tian Nan to tell him that she was safe. Lin Tian Nan was satisfied with her daughter's current situation. She was having fun in-game every day, being by the side of the male she loved. What could be better and more blissful than that? I also called Wang Xin to ask about the Artificials. Recently, there were still some horrifying incidents happening, but they were very low profile and most were suppressed. Wang Xin told me to have fun in-game, to be loyal to the country... The Artificials also did not endanger Hangzhou and it also was not yet time for me to attack. After all, I could not fly around every day to hunt Artificials all over.

  As for me, after Palace Spirit crafted Butterfly, I still had not used it. As a cultivator, my hand was really itchy. However, the moment I thought about how if I struck Butterfly would taste blood, the later this matter came, the better it would be. No matter how inhumane the Artificials were, they were once humans. I did not reject killing, but I would also feel guilty and uneasy about the blood on my hands. Speaking of which, I was someone with higher cultivation. I was still human and was not heartless and cruel.


  That nap lasted nineteen hours. When I woke up, it was already noon on the second day. After I woke up, I took a cold water bath, wore a simple shirt, and looked at myself in front of the mirror. Before I cried from how handsome I was, Lin Wan Er knocked at the door. "Piggy, come out! My dad is inviting us for a meal at noon!"


  Lin Tian Nan probably had not seen her for a long time and that was to be expected.

  Many people were gathered this noon. Dong Cheng Yue, Qin Wen, and Tang Qi all headed there, too. The two cars headed out together, and the location was a hotel which was not that high class. Lin Tian Nan finally got down from his high horse and stood on the same spending level as Tang Qi and I, making both of us feel happy.

  We entered the suite of the hotel and Lin Tian Nan was already there. He brought two more people, one of them was a man in his forties. His sword energy was innate and his smile was warm but also tough to grasp. I swept him with my Yihai; he was an Energy Control Realm expert. Although he was not strong, it was more than enough to be a bodyguard. After all, the Chinese who cultivated learned from Lao Zi, Zhuang Zi, Mo Zi, and the others. Our grasping of energy was something people from other countries did not know about, which was why in terms of single strength, the east was extremely strong. 

(Do not ask me why these bunch of cultivators did not come out to protect their country during the war period. How would I know? Do not ask so many questions and let me write the book happily.)


  Lin Tian Nan was dressed in a black shirt and his aura was like a heavy bell, really calm. His once handsome face was now carved by time and he looked firmer and more stable. He reached out and his smile was really gentle. "Li Xiao Yao. Tang Qi, just sit."

  I nodded and smiled. "Okay, uncle."

  Tang Qi sat down beside Dong Cheng Yue. Maybe because Lin Tian Nan was there, Dong Cheng Yue did not sit next to me and she headed over to order fruit juice. Lin Wan Er held onto Lin Tian Nan's arm and smiled. "Dad, the female dress that has recently been released is really nice, but there is no stock within the country; take a look..."

  Lin Tian Nan could not help but break into a smile. "Okay, I will ask my friend to buy it. Just tell me the brand and photo."

  "Yay, dad is the best!"

  Lin Tian Nan smiled and looked at me. "Li Xiao Yao, Wan'er and your life in the game is not bad right?"

  My heart jumped. Was he trying to check up on our homework? I answered, "En, it’s okay. The country war ended. The BOSS attacked us, but fortunately we blocked it."

  Lin Tian Nan said, "I heard that you had taken down two of the seven main cities. Now, three of them belong to China; that is really tough."

  I said, "Yes, but we face many problems, too."

  "Are you talking about Xiao Yao?" Lin Tian Nan looked at my shocked expression and smiled. "Don't need to be shocked. I pay close attention to this game; after all, Wan'er loves this game so much."

  I said, "En, I didn't expect my friend to betray me and also didn't expect that Mocha was the Xiao Yao of legends. That she would give the city we built to the enemy, though... she has already deleted her account."

  Lin Tian Nan gave a deep smile. "Have you taken revenge?"

  "No..." I said in deep thought, "I don't know who to take revenge on. If it’s Fang Ge Que, he didn't force Xue Rou to give [Zhan Long]'s Dragon Den to [Legend]. If Xue Rou, I really can't..."

  I felt really conflicted and gave out a self-mocking laughter. "I can't do it. Apart from Dragon’s Den, Xue Rou has never done something wrong with all of us."

  Lin Tian Nan said, "The human heart is really scary sometimes but also really interesting at times. Some people forget about the beauty in it due to hate, while some forget about how much harm they cause. Life is like a chest; in the heart and even if one is unscrupulous, one can achieve great things. However, the true experts don't plot but use their heart and kindness."

  My heart lit up and I smiled. "Thank you for your teachings, uncle; I understand."

  "En, that's great."


  After a simple meal, Lin Tian Nan dragged Lin Wan Er out to buy a set of clothing for her. In the end, Lin Wan Er chose one. I followed them while Tang Qi returned home with Dong Cheng Yue and Qin Wen. After which, Lin Wan Er and I returned home. We headed online hurriedly as there were many things to do. One of which would be to decide the three entries into Zhan Long Hall.


  After appearing in Tian Ling City, I directly opened up the channel for the higher-ups and said, "Okay, I am back. Now, it is time to discuss the three people who should enter Zhan Long Hall. Everyone, suggest ten and then we will vote; the top three will enter Zhan Long Hall. No garnering votes; let's start!"

  Li Mu laughed out loud. "Wang Jian and Dancing Forest's time is finally here!"

  Dong Cheng Yue smiled. "Okay, make your nomination. The few that I feel deserve it are Wang Jian, Old K, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, and Death God's Elegy."

  I nodded. "Dong Cheng has suggested five; let's have five more and we will vote."

  Wang Jian said, "Out of the Healers, Darling Duck is the top. Yue Yao Yan and Meng Yao out of Cavalry, and Song Han and Life a Fierce Flame for the next two. What about One Second Hero?" 

  I smiled. "Eleven, do you all have any other choices?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled. "As for the rest, they don't have much experience. Next time. Let's just select these eleven. One vote each?"

  I nodded. "En, the voting lasts for sixty minutes; let's end this quickly!"


  A voting page appeared and the votes of the eleven started to soar. Half an hour later, the numbers started to stabilize. The votes of the top five crossed ten thousand...

  Dancing Forest 19201 votes

  Wang Jian 18773 votes

  Hero Ran Min 15342 votes

  Meng Yao 13180 votes

  Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands 12312 votes


  From another viewpoint, [Zhan Long] had so many people, over one hundred thousand. We had over two hundred thousand registered and had become a super guild!

  Looking at the results, I said, "Okay, Dancing Forest, Wang Jian, and Old K will enter Zhan Long Hall, let us find a reason!"

  "En en!"

  A few minutes later, the three of them officially entered Zhan Long Hall...

  6. Dancing Forest, reason: [Zhan Long] top Archer, first country war country war achievement points top 5

  7. Wang Jian, reason: Valiant Bravery Hall leader, [Zhan Long] Cavalry CBN Battlenet top 3

  8. Old K, reason: [Zhan Long] core member, [Zhan Long] top berserker, country war merit points top Berserker


  At this point, Zhan Long Hall had a total of eight players: Yue Qing Qian, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu, Dancing Forest, Wang Jian, Old K, and me. These people were all top elites and core power-wielders who allowed [Zhan Long] to have their achievements. None of them could be missed. Just at this moment, Song Han felt emotional and said, "If Sister Mocha is still here, with her strength as second on CBN, she could directly enter Zhan Long Hall, right?"

  Fox was stunned. "What a waste; Mocha killed Yong Jie and me just for Fang Ge Que..."

  One Second Hero took a deep breath and said, "Actually, if everyone isn't blind, one can see that Xiao Yao’s under a lot of pressure. She deleted her account due to guilt toward [Zhan Long]. If I am correct, she will return. She loves [Zhan Long], right?"

  Fox  nodded his head. "En, Yong Jie finally said something humane. Mocha will definitely return!"

  I smiled. "En, I will also wait for her to return."

  At this moment, Palace Spirit sent news. "Brother Xiao, do you still want to forge the Dragon Reservoir Sword? I have waited till the flowers are withering..."

  I broke into a laugh. "Yes, yes! Head to the Fan Shu City’s blacksmith; I will be there soon!"


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