Chapter 951- Butterfly number 2
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Zhan Long Chapter 951- Butterfly number 2

A thin spiral of green smoke rose toward the sky as the blacksmiths in Fan Shu City bustled around. Almost all the blacksmiths in the store were either forging weapons for the Royal Army or smelting the pieces of the Dragon Crystal Cannons. Palace Spirit stood beside a furnace and looked at me with a smile. “Brother will be here soon. Guildmaster, do you have the items required to forge the Dragon Reservoir Sword?”

 “Yes!” I said confidently as I took out the Dragon Reservoir Sword and handed it over to Palace Spirit. I reached into my bag again and took out a long piece of purple-colored crystal. This crystal was coagulated by Luoding. When Palace Spirit saw the attributes of the God Crystal, her mouth widened as she exclaimed, “Wow! I have never seen a crafting material with such a good grade…”

 At this moment, Palace Decree, who drove a team of Fire Dragon Horses, arrived speedily. He put the mount away and ran over. He then stood firmly and said with a smile, “It’s starting already? I am just here to watch.”

 Palace Spirit nodded and said, “Yes, it is ready.”

 As Palace Spirit spoke, she placed the Dragon Reservoir Sword into the furnace and started burning it. She then slowly placed the God Crystal into the furnace, allowing it to be burned with the Dragon Reservoir Sword. A few minutes later, the God Crystal started melting, transforming into this luminous golden-colored liquid, which enveloped the Dragon Reservoir Sword that was blazing red in the flames. A few minutes went by. Suddenly, Palace Spirit froze and said, “The system notified me that I can add more gemstone materials. This is unbelievable!  I can’t believe your Dragon Reservoir Sword will allow additional gemstone materials!”

 I was confused and could not help but ask, “What do you mean by gemstone materials?”

 Palace Spirit explained, “Normally, swords can only attack and have attributes related to attack and speed. If you want special effects, you will need to add gemstones during the smelting process. The higher the quality of the gemstone, the stronger the special effect. Obviously, the success of this procedure depends on your luck, but if you have an extremely high reputation point, the possibility of getting a high-quality product will be 100%. Hmm… Let me think… I think your sword is compatible with this gemstone!”

 While she was still talking, she took out a gemstone with the color of the deep sea. She then grinned and said, “This level 15 gemstone is called Dinghai Stone. Guildmaster, you are lucky. I just got this the day before yesterday.”

 “The day before yesterday?” I muttered in confusion.

 Palace Decree laughed and said, “Guildmaster, did you forget? When you killed Vanguard Luoding, One Second Hero got the item when you all rolled the dice. Later, I spent 200,000 gold and bought it from One Second Hero. The Dinghai Stone is an exceptionally good crafting gemstone. During the smelting of weapons of a higher rank than [Divine Tier], a gemstone can be added. Usually, when we forge hellfire, we will use gemstones of levels ten, eleven, or twelve. Level 15 gemstones are as rare as [Epic Tier] weapons.”

 “You spent 200,000 gold?” I was shocked. I then smiled and said, “I can’t take advantage of you; I’ll pay the 200,000 gold myself!”

 With that said, I gave 200,000 gold to Palace Decree. When Palace Spirit agreed to help me reforge my Dragon Reservoir Sword, I owed her a favor. Thus, how could I still take the gemstone for free? The two siblings, Palace Decree and Palace Spirit, had more than enough money, but it still would not be noble of me to take things for granted. Financial matters should be settled clearly, especially between friends. This was how one built a long-lasting friendship!

  Ding! The Dinghai Stone transformed into a stream of light which entered the Dragon Reservoir  Sword. Palace Spirit continued hammering the Dragon Reservoir Sword, remodeling the shape. Simultaneously, I noticed something… With an expression of disbelief, I asked, “Spirit, why does the shape look more and more familiar?”

Palace Spirit smiled and replied, “Guildmaster, did you forget? This is the shape of a butterfly!”

“Oh, you are right! It is a butterfly!”

Palace Spirit smiled sweetly and said, “I have a feeling that the attribute will be extraordinarily potent. The addition of a God Crystal can increase the tier of the equipment by 1. In addition, the Dragon Reservoir Sword has a leveling-up effect. I am sure the [Demon Harvest Tier] will become a two-star [God Tier]. Don’t you think so?”

“Maybe not,” Palace Decree licked his lips and said. “It might become a three-star [God Tier]?”

I did not speak.

I was nervous. At the same time, I felt myself looking forward to the result. Palace Spirit continued smithing and crafting for about an hour. Finally, the bell sounded. The Dragon Reservoir Sword was forged. The shape of the Dragon Reservoir Sword was almost the same as a butterfly. Palace Spirit might be the only person in the game who had such superb crafting skills. If it was other ordinary blacksmiths, they would be unable to control the shape. They would have no choice but to let the system decide the final shape of the weapon.


 Palace Spirit held the newly crafted long sword in her hand. She grinned and said, “Brother, why don’t you name this sword? The name can now be changed.”

 I held the long sword and said with a smile, “Butterfly! The sword will be named Butterfly!”

 When I entered the name ‘Butterfly,’ a golden beam of light shot up into the sky. Immediately, the system notification rang in my ears. The result was beyond everyone’s expectations. The newly crafted sword, Butterfly, was not a two-star [God Tier] or a three-star [God Tier]. It was the legendary five-star [God Tier]! It was known to all that the five-star [God Tier] was only a grade lower than the ultimate [Epic God Tier].


 System notification: Congratulations to Player Palace Spirit for recrafting the weapon ‘Butterfly’ [God Tier 5 Stars]! As the first player to have forged a five-star [God Tier] weapon, she shall be given these rewards: +4 level, +80 Charm, +40% smithing skill!


 The stat and attributes of the new sword Butterfly immediately emerged before Palace Spirit, Palace Decree, and me. The information hovered in front of our eyes. As a close combat player, Palace Decree was obviously very familiar with the attributes of weapons. When he saw the attributes of the sword Butterfly, his mouth widened. He said in great astonishment, “Oh, my God! Such a high Attack stat! Isn’t this weapon ridiculously overpowered? It’s too powerful…”

 I looked at the weapon attributes and felt waves of emotions surging within me. Indeed, it was too powerful—

 Butterfly [God Tier 5 Stars]
 Attack: 12400-18500
 Strength: +550
 Stamina: +545
 Magic Attack: +540
 Agility: +535
 Attribute: Increase user’s attack by 175% and user’s attack speed by 100%.
 Attribute: Ignore 60% of the target’s defense.
 Attribute: Long-lasting. 100% resistance to abrasion.
 Attribute: 20% chance of activating the powers of the stars, causing four times the damage.
 Attribute: 30% chance of dealing remarkable damage.
 Attribute: Automatically bound to Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai. It will not be lost or stolen.
 Attribute: Easily mastered. The required level is reduced by 30.
 Attribute: Dinghai. When the user aims at the target,  there is a 10% chance of activating Dinghai Damage. The Dinghai Damage stuns the target for three seconds and recovers 50% of the user’s health.
 Special effect: Devour blood of the dead. For every player killed, the weapon’s attack will increase by 1% with the maximal increase being 200%.  The effect disappears and reboots when the player goes offline.
 Introduction: In ancient times, there was a dragon reservoir near the shores of South China Sea. According to legends, a celestial dragon will appear in this lake once every hundred years. The water of the dragon reservoir is clear and sweet. The consumption of this water can build up one’s health. There was once a godly blacksmith named Qin Fang. He decided to forge a sword with a meteorite. He then excavated the heavenly jade from the Azure Cloud Mountain and used it to assist the crafting of the sword. He built a shelter by the dragon reservoir and spent seven years forging the godly weapon, which was named ‘Dragon Reservoir Sword’. According to legends, the powers of the stars can be summoned when the Dragon Reservoir Sword is raised and swung around. The powers of the stars can cause the opponent to go crazy. The Dragon Reservoir Sword was reforged and renamed ‘Butterfly.’
 Required Charm: 1200
 Required level: 200
 Reforger: Palace Spirit


 “Swallow…” I gulped. As I held the sword Butterfly, I felt excitement surging within me. Was this the weapon I would rely on in the future? The attack level of this reforged weapon was probably tenfold the attack level of Dragon Reservoir.

Palace Spirit giggled and asked, “What do you think? Do you like it?”

I was extremely excited. “Of course! I love it! I love it so much!”

Palace Decree commented, “The attack of this weapon definitely beats the attack of the Dragon Reservoir Sword, right?”

“Yes!” I smiled and said, “In addition, I am most happy that this level 200 weapon can be easily mastered and the required level is reduced by thirty. I can use this weapon until I reach the maximum level!”

Palace Spirit laughed and said, “Hehe! That’s great. My signature is on this weapon. Brother will continue using the weapon that has my signature. This is awesome!”

“Why don’t you try using it and see how much your attack increased?” Palace Spirit suggested with a smile.

I speedily equipped the Butterfly sword and quickly felt an immense source of energy flowing into my arms. I had to satisfy my impulse. Swiftly, I waved the long sword and did a cross cut in the air. Palace Decree was surprised and praised, “Tsk, tsk. As expected of the swordmaster! Your powerful sword skills were revealed when you moved! Guildmaster, can you check your Attack stat? Can you show us your player stats?”

I smiled and nodded before I quickly took out a strengthening stone and strengthened the Butterfly Sword by seven points. I then shared the attributes with Palace Decree and Palace Spirit.

Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Guardian of Dragon City)
Level: 170
Attack: 35915-48790
Defense: 23825
Health: 238515
Magic: 33490
Charm: 1433
CBN Battle Net Ranking: 6
Title: Duke Suiding


 When Palace Decree saw the Attack stat, he could not stand it anymore. With an exaggerated expression, he said, “The Attack is about 50,000. What kind of power this is… I am guessing that even someone with Defense of 30,000 will fail to protect themselves against your attacks.”

 I held the Butterfly Sword and swung it around, trying to familiarize myself with the weight of the weapon and the slashing angle. I smiled and said, “I don’t know. I will need to fight an opponent to know the actual force of this Basic Attack.”

 “Why find someone when I am here?” Palace Decree leaped up to his horse and took out his shield. With a smile, he said, “I, Palace Decree, know that I’m not a highly ranked cavalryman in [Zhan Long], but as a level 161 Cavalryman, I should be one of the top 20 cavalrymen in this game. Guildmaster, let’s fight. My Basic Attack is 21000+. Li Mu and the others just forged this shield. It’s a 1673 Demon Harvest. Its Defense is ranked top ten in Zhan Long. It is a very good sword testing stone.”

 I laughed and nodded. “Okay. Let’s fight! Decree, what’s your Health now?”

 “My Attack is slightly lower, but my Health is now 120,000+!”

 “Sounds good. I am attacking!”

 The combat flags were raised. I summoned the Icy Wings effect. With my body hovering one meter above the ground, I roared and rushed out. The butterfly wings fluttered. Without using any special skills, I struck the shield of Palace Decree!



 This attack not only unleashed such powerful force; the impact also made a huge sound. The force knocked Palace Decree back several steps, leaving him stunned for one second. This was the effect of the weapon—if my strength was higher than the opponent, there would be a 50% chance of a knockback effect and a 10% chance of a one-second stun effect. Palace Decree was lucky. 

 After just one hit, Palace Decree’s health decreased by 50%. If I had struck one more time, he would have lost his life. Obviously, I did not… I raised my hand and sheathed Butterfly, turning off combat mode. I laughed and asked with concern, “Are you okay?” 

 Palace Decree answered with a frightening expression, “Your weapon is too scary. I’m happy I am not actually your opponent!”

 I turned around and looked at Palace Spirit with a smile. “Thank you for refining this weapon for me. If not for you, the Attack stat wouldn’t be this high. I must thank you and Decree. If there’s a chance, I will treat you two to a good meal!”

 Palace Decree laughed and responded, “If there is a chance! Still, we must wait until [Zhan Long]’s annual festival.”

 “Oh? [Zhan Long]’s annual festival?”

 “Yes. Li Mu said so. Every guild must have its own culture. To promote interaction in the guild, [Zhan Long] will be organizing an annual festival. We will invite two to three hundred core members to this festival and we will dine to our fullest. The money used for this festival will be taken from the guild funds.”

 “Good one. You decided even before you consulted me, but I like this idea,” I smiled and said. “Alright. Keep doing what you are doing; I still have some stuff to do.”

 “Okay. See you!”

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