Chapter 923 - Rising Storms
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Zhan Long Chapter 923 - Rising Storms

Chapter 923 - Rising storms


  A message came from Call Me Master, "Xiao Yao, what is the reason for this? Wei Fan hasn't come online in a long time and the current [Thousand Burial] is not the [Thousand Burial] of the past. What benefit does [Zhan Long] get for forcing us to the wall like this? Don't forget how [Zhan Long] lost Dragon’s Den. The number of guilds that want to go against [Zhan Long] isn't just one or two..."

  I immediately replied, "Call Me Master, Wei Fan killed my brother and that is something that cannot change. That is why we have to take revenge for Ah Lei. In reality, the law will deal with scum like Wei Fan. In game, Free Time pretty much represents his will. With him as the guild leader, [Thousand Burial] has to be wiped out. Moreover, You Yi from before..."

  Call Me Master interjected, "I understand... You Yi was a murderer and you already killed him..."

  "So, Call Me Master, if you treat me as a friend, then join a different guild. There is really no need to continue to be enemies with [Zhan Long]. Or you can bring your friends to come over to [Zhan Long]. If you want to become a guild leader, then you can be an ally guild of ours."

  Call Me Master laughed bitterly, "Am I that kind of fame-chasing girl? Forget it... Xiao Yao, if you want to attack [Thousand Burial], then go ahead. There is nothing I can do. My friends are all here and many of them treat [Thousand Burial] as their home and want to create a legacy here. What a waste... We seemed to have joined the wrong guild and followed the wrong person?"

  "I am sorry, there is nothing I can do either."



  I switched off the communicator, holding my sword and wiping out the few Greedy Wolf Cavalry who had just revived. In the distance, Li Meng Yao stabbed into the Blood Demon Forest, dragon blood splattering out as she killed the Blood Demon Dragon. The bunch of them happily split the equipment. I didn't join in, bringing a bunch of other players to clear up the battlefield. We also cleared out the mines and herbs that spawned in the canyon.

  Only until 10 pm did the [Zhan Long] players leave Demon Dragon Canyon and this battle finally came to an end. Lin Wan Er sent a message asking me to eat dinner and supper and then sleep early to keep my body in shape.

  I went offline to a really sumptuous dinner. They said that it was Shandong cuisine, but I didn't understand it. I just felt that the steamed buns, along with hot and spicy dishes were really fragrant. Tang Qi swallowed seven to eight steamed buns and he praised that apart from Shu Cuisine, there was actually something that tasted so good.

  After eating, we sat on the sofa and talked casually. Lin Wan Er held her laptop and surfed the net while laying on my arms. I hugged her waist from her side, Yang Yan Energy circulating around my body as I cultivated. A few minutes later, Lin Wan Er suddenly exclaimed and said angrily, "Pfft, someone actually came out to seek justice for [Thousand Burial]?"

  "Who?" I asked.

  "Take a look for yourself..."

  She passed the laptop to me and as expected, there was a really red post with tens of thousands of shares. The person who posted it was actually Wang Ze Cheng whom we hadn't met in a long time. That fellow didn't do anything in the country war and actually came out to seek justice for [Thousand Burial]...

  [Hot Post] Discuss what rights did [Zhan Long] have to attack the people who contributed so much to the country war? (Poster: Cang Cheng)

  Content: Everyone knows that Li Xiao Yao (Xiao Yao Zi Zai) as [Zhan Long] Guild Leader and the general of Royal Army is the biggest contributor to this country war, even exceeding that of Fang Ge Que. Li Xiao Yao has been given the title of Suiding Duke by the NPC Emperor and is now at the top of all players? As such, Li Xiao Yao pretty much forgot about his place and actually led [Zhan Long] to start a war with [Thousand Burial]. Everyone knew that [Thousand Burial] got wiped out to cover for [Zhan Long] during the War God River battle. What rights does Li Xiao Yao have to attack an ally? Why do the [Thousand Burial] players have to take the blame for what Wei Fan did? I personally feel that Li Xiao Yao has lost sight of himself. He forgot who pushed him to the throne step by step, and he forgot what he as a player was supposed to do. Of course, I am a person who looks at the matter and not the person. I don't dislike Li Xiao Yao; I just feel like his actions were wrong. However, if there is really no one willing to help [Thousand Burial], I am willing to think of a way. Even if I am targeted by everyone else, I would like some fairness. What does everyone think?

  Below, there was a large number of replies, and some of them were really interesting...

  1. Crazy Skull: Actually I think that Li Xiao Yao isn't wrong; he is fighting for his brother Cang Lei. Such a person is a true man and someone who can lead the China Region to Victory.

  2. Goodbye Tears: Cang Cheng is so amazing! Brother Cang Lei got killed and he did nothing and actually starts sprouting all the nonsense here!

  Blood Tears: I support Cang Cheng. Xiao Yao Zi Zai has forgotten himself and has become too arrogant. He thinks that Tian Ling City is under him, so such a person should be given a waking call. I support [Prague], [Judgment], and [Hero’s Mound] to all wipe out [Zhan Long] to teach Xiao Yao Zi Zai a lesson!

  4. Yan Zhao Warrior: If you want to support Cang Cheng, then go support him. Don't drag [Prague] with you — we aren't a spear for you to use. Be careful since we might wipe you out instead!

  5. Bits and Pieces: Looking closely, Cang Cheng's words make sense. [Zhan Long] has gotten too arrogant.

  6. Lu Zhi Shen: Xiao Yao Zi Zai led [Zhan Long] to so many victories and got the Country War MVP, his greatest proof. As for those people blaming and pointing at him, I only want to say this to you, "You can you up, no can no bb!"

  7. Yue Qing Qian: Brother LS's English is so good!


  There would definitely be no end to the chatter online.

  I switched off the forums, pursing my lips as I said, "Forget it, let's not bother about such things."

  Dong Cheng Yue looked at the forums and said, "The waters of the world is too deep... Fairness is sometimes not even in the hearts of the people."

  I smiled, "One's heart is often manipulated by others, that is normal in the world."

  Lin Wan Er blinked her beautiful eyes and said, "What is Wang Ze Cheng planning to do? What does he mean, he wants... To bring [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division to challenge [Zhan Long]?"

  Dong Cheng Yue looked towards Tang Qi and said, "Oy Tang Qi, they are your First Division. Does Q-Sword want to bother? Shouldn’t you say something now as an elder? That Tang Gu, he is also a [Hero’s Mound] elder. Shouldn't you all care about Wang Ze Cheng?"

  Tang Qi touched his nose and smiled, "We wanted to care, but we can't. They aren't under our control and Wang Ze Cheng isn't someone Q-Sword can control. And that Tang Gu..."

  "What happened to Tang Gu?" Lin Wan Er asked.

  Tang Qi smiled, "Tang Gu said he wanted to join our villa studio here and stay with us, but Wan'er rejected him. His heart was shattered like kidney stones, so how could he bother about this matter?"

  Dong Cheng Yue giggled, "Hmph, to think he says that he is her fan. It obviously isn't true love."

  I was speechless, "There is no use talking about all this. It seems like our intel system is too slow..."

  Just at this moment, my phone rang. It came from Yue Qing Qian, after the call connected her sweet voice spread over...

  "Brother Xiao Yao, latest news!"

  "What’s up?" I smiled and asked.

  Yue Qing Qian said, "I obtained from my secret intel channel that 2 hours ago, Wang Ze Cheng spent 1 million RMB and got a secret token known as the Name Change Token. What do you think it is for?"

  "To change IDs?" I asked.

  Yue Qing Qian burst into a laugh, "It costs 15 to change names in Illusionary Game, and 30 for Monster World. Why do you think it costs so much to change names in Destiny?!"

  "Okay, actually..." I took in a deep breath and said, "Is it to change a guild name?"

  "You are correct!" Yue Qing Qian smiled, "It is to change guild names. It is really rare and the drop rate is super low. No more than 10 have been able to obtain the drop to date. It seems useless, but in the hands of Wang Ze Cheng it is different."

  I frowned, "So you are saying... Wang Ze Cheng is planning something?"

  "Yeah!" Yue Qing Qian exclaimed, "Wang Ze Cheng has been controlled by Q-Sword for too long and now [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division has 10 sub-guilds with more than 50 thousand people. Although most of them are randoms, they have some skill. Wang Ze Cheng has secretly raised them for so long so it is normal for them to do something."

  I nodded, "Understood. Are there other matters?"


  "That's good, rest early."


  After hanging up the phone, Lin Wan Er smiled, "I roughly understood. He wants to separate and break away from the control of [Hero’s Mound], right?"

  I nodded my head, "That isn't the key. It’s something I expected. However, to choose to do so now... I suspect that he has always been waiting for us to attack [Thousand Burial]."

  Dong Cheng Yue jumped, "So he wants to swallow [Thousand Burial]?"

  I took in a breath, "Yes, he wants to swallow all 60 thousand of them. He has such a huge appetite. Who knows how much he can take in?"

  Tang Qi was stunned, quickly taking out his phone, "I need to call Q-Sword. Wang Ze Cheng, this bastard traitor..."

  I smiled, "What can you do if you call? Maybe after he rebuilds the guild, the first order he will give is to wipe out [Hero’s Mound]..."

  Tang Qi's face turned even more green.

  Lin Wan Er patted my leg and smiled, "Piggy, don't scare the kid like that..."

  I laughed out loud and leaned on the sofa. Storms were rising once more in the skies of Tian Ling City.

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