Chapter 924 - Rising sun like blood
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Zhan Long Chapter 924 - Rising sun like blood

Chapter 924 - Rising sun like blood

I woke up roughly at 8 am in the morning. I ate something, and while eating, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue said that they had looked at the forums. Wang Ze Cheng did indeed use the Name Change Token to change the Level 5 [Hero’s Mound: First Division] into something else.

  "What did he change it to?" I chewed on bread while asking.

  Dong Cheng Yue, "He renamed it [Rising Sun Like Blood]. I think he named it like that to show that the guild would rise up like the sun and the process would be filled with slaughter. I think he wants to overturn Tian Ling City!"

  I smiled, "To tell the truth, the name sounds really good. Wang Ze Cheng is much more elegant and has more style than the Tyrant of Western Chu."

  Dong Cheng Yue said, "Let's not talk about it. Wang Ze Cheng is the China Region CEO of Booster and he has a lot of money. He doesn't look that bad, and his upbringing wouldn't be too far off. Although it seems like all his education is useless, he still attracts many girls. Half a year into school and most of the top beauties were all taken by him."

  Tang Qi touched his nose and said, "You and Wan’er were not?"

  Dong Cheng Yue said, "Yeah, we belong to Brother Xiao Yao."

  Tang Qi nearly coughed out blood, "F***, my heart hurts..."

  I broke into a laugh, "Let's stop joking. Dong Cheng, [Zhan Long] must be careful when we go out to level. Since Wang Ze Cheng has established [Rising Sun Like Blood], then he’ll definitely attack us first."

  Lin Wan Er wiped the ketchup on the corner of her lips and she smiled, "You don't have to worry. His first step is to strengthen themself and not find trouble with [Zhan Long]. They don't have the strength to do so. Piggy, why not we attack and trample over them before they get a footing in Tian Ling City?"

  Tang Qi was shocked, "Big Miss is amazing..."

  I was speechless, "Forget it, [Rising Sun Like Blood] has just been built and if we attack them now, we will have no moral high ground. Since Wang Ze Cheng wants to develop it, then let him. We will just rebuild Fan Shu City and train at Flaming God Mountain. Oh right, are there any high-level mounts nearby?"

  Lin Wan Er shook her head, "Flaming God Mountain spreads thousands of miles. It has mines, monsters, BOSSes, and the only thing it doesn't have is high-grade mounts. There are a few, but their stats are weaker than Steel Blade Cavalry’s. We recently sent people to the Endless Land to look at the Fire Dragon Beasts’ spawn. We’d capture the level 1s right away. Don't worry, no one will fight with us for them."

  "Yes, scout the small maps in the large ones and don't miss any details. There are many mysterious things that we don't know about, and these are really important."

  "Right, understood. Qing Qian, Li Mu and I will do so..." As she said that, her gaze turned dim, "This mission was supposed to be handed to Qing Qian and Matcha. Unfortunately... Matcha deleted her account..."

  Dong Cheng Yue also felt sad, "Sigh... Xiao Yao's efficiency is on the level of Wan'er and Qing Qian, but in the end, she isn't [Zhan Long]. Brother Xiao Yao, Old K, and Song Han mentioned that she has always listened to you. Did she not privately contact you after deleting her account?"

  "Her phone is off."

  I frowned, "Forget it, don't think about it. If she really loves [Zhan Long], she will come back. If she wants to hide from us, then we won’t be able to find her no matter what."

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "Actually, there is a method. Piggy, you are one of the special forces in the Hangzhou Base and are also a captain. With your identity, you should be able to easily track down Xue Rou. If you can persuade Xue Rou to make her return, you can even make her bring Xue Jing over. Think about it, [Zhan Long] with Xiao Yao and Enchanted Painting, who would be able to touch us?"

  I was also tempted, but then I felt that it was impractical. I mocked myself with a laugh, "Forget it, it isn't really feasible. If we find her, it will just make things more awkward. Forget it, what is the overall experience of [Zhan Long] now? Are we about to breakthrough?"

  "Quick!" Lin Wan Er smiled, "A little more, just these one to two days."


  Tang Qi was shocked, "What overall experience? What breakthrough?"

  Dong Cheng Yue smiled, "Low-level Guild Supervisors won't know about such things. Tang Qi, your position in [Hero’s Mound] isn't high, so you naturally you wouldn't know about such things..."

  "What are you all talking about?" Tang Qi was exasperated.

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "Destiny's original official setting is level 5 with a limit of 10 thousand people. However, after the update, the upper limit was broken through. There is a level 6 guild limit, but the required experience is really high. Once one becomes a level 6 guild, the upper limit would be 50 thousand people and they would be able to obtain a super strong BUFF — [War God Blessing]. The guild member’s attacks will increase by 20%, much better than the buffs from level 4 and 5."

  Tang Qi's eyes were opened wide, "[Zhan Long] is going to break through so quickly?"

  "Yep, 99,7%, so within these two days."

  "How terrifying. Your overall experience is higher than [Hero’s Mound] and [Legend]?"

  "What do you think?" Dong Cheng Yue's chest was raised high as she smiled proudly, "Our average level is 1.2 levels higher than [Legend], so naturally our guild experience would be higher than all the other guilds. One can even say that in the entire game, our overall experience is the highest."

  I smiled, "Which is why it will be tough to calculate the level of the other guilds. Once the main guild reaches level 6, we can select players from the sub guilds to reach the 50 thousand limit. Then we will add to the power of the sub guilds. During this period of time, [Zhan Long] has been recruiting many players."

  Lin Wan Er nodded her head, "Understood. What requirements do you have for the class composition?"

  "The cavalry will be expanded to 30 thousand, and the main guild must have 60% as combat occupations. We will fight the west, Moon City, Swirling Abyss City, and Iron Skull City. They are all far away and we must maintain mobility and attack strength. What will lead the battlefield will be the calvary."

  "Yes, understood! The sub guilds will recruit in the afternoon. Don't worry, there are many that want to join in. As long as we are willing, we can even make [Zhan Long] a 200 thousand men guild."

  "That's great. Oh right, has the Chinese Server Guild Rankings been updated?"

  "At 5 pm, we will be able to see it after we go online."

  "Okay, let's go. You all will be busy, so I will take a look at the Fan Shu City rebuild."



  After talking for a long time, we went offline!


  I appeared in Tian Ling City and directly teleported over. My eyes lit up — a silver city appeared in front of my eyes, much more exquisite and majestic than yesterday. With the white iron silver-like metal on the walls, there were many Royal Army troops standing there and guarding. Many shiny Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons were pushed to the walls and were prepared to bombard the enemies at any moment.

  In the air, the dragon next and eagle nest had a white target hanging between them. A large bunch of Flame Hawk Archers were practicing archery. The hawks cried out, adding a solemn killing atmosphere to Fan Shu City.


  Han Yuan held his blade and galloped over. He jumped off his horse and smiled, "General finally came. His Majesty came over in the morning, but after walking around and seeing you weren't here, he headed back. I sent Long Xing to lead 5,000 Royal Army iron cavalry to accompany him back. Moon City recently sent some mercenaries and bandits to strike us so I wanted to ensure his safety."

  I nodded my head and smiled, "Well done, we must take care of his safety. We can't let what happened to Emperor Owen happen once more. If not, we will have failed our job. Who followed His Majesty over?"

  "Commander in Chief Louis, Commander in Chief Les, and also Baili Ning and Qin Ye. The guarding troops were the ten thousand men Guards Army iron cavalry led by Situ Xin. They didn't face much danger along the way."

  At the side, Xiao Lie walked over slowly and said, "The Imperial Guards Army is getting stronger and is getting stronger under Situ Xin's leadership. Don't worry, His Majesty will be safe with them by his side."

  I nodded, "Alright, what is the situation in the direction of Flaming God Mountain?"

  Xiao Lie said, "Dragon Crystal mines and gold mines have begun excavation. We moved many miners from Jiu Li City, Ba Huang City, and Tian Ling City and I believe Sir will be pleased with the speed."

  "Did we get interrupted or disturbed?" I asked.

  Han Yuan held his blade and laughed, "Don't worry, General. The mercenary troops that disturbed us were beheaded and their heads were used to send a warning. I believe that no matter how bold they are, they should understand that Fan Shu City isn't something they can taint. If they come, then they will die. The Royal Army is personally defending Flaming God Mountain and Fan Shu City is an iron castle."

  "That's good."


  Xiao Lie coughed and said, "Sir, yesterday we killed many of the mercenaries that disturbed us. We also captured many of them. Fan Shu City's jail is full. There are still some mercenary troops. Should we let them go, or...?"

  "How many?" I asked.

  "Around 50 thousand."

  I frowned and asked, "So many?"

  "Yes, for food and women, most are willing to become mercenaries, even homeless ones."

  "Can we tame them?"

  "Sir, you are saying?" The glow in Xiao Lie's eyes flashed and disappeared, "You want to use them as our own?"


  "It is possible, but it depends on who will train them."


  "Definitely not a problem!"

  "Great!" I patted his shoulder and smiled, "Take out 30 thousand elites from within and train them to be Royal Army reserve troops. Sooner or later they will know what honor is!"

  Xiao Lie's lone eye squinted and he smiled, "Although this bunch of troops lost their loyalty and honor, don't worry. We will remind them of it once more."

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