Chapter 925 - Hellfire
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Zhan Long Chapter 925 - Hellfire

Chapter 925 - Hellfire

Han Yuan held the blade and said, "Sir, is this considered the privately-expanding the army? Les, Long Zhong, Qin Ye, and Xiahou Ren will badmouth you to His Majesty. They are people who support the South Protecting King — although he is at Waterfront City, he has eyes and ears all over from Tian Ling City. They have wanted to remove the Royal Army from the empire for a long time."

  I thought about it and nodded my head, "Okay, take my token and head to the Imperial Capital to request His Majesty to expand the upper limit of the Royal Army to 200 thousand in case those old people badmouth me."

  "Yes, General is wise!"

  Han Yuan led hundreds of cavalry out. Xiao Lie smiled, "Sir, Fan Shu City is really prosperous and many commoners have moved into Fan Shu City. They probably came for the kindness and fame of the Suiding Duke."

  I turned around and looked toward him and said, "If you have something to say, just say it directly. There's no need to beat around the bush."

  Xiao Lie laughed out loud, "Sir, Fan Shu City being prosperous is a good thing, what I am worried about is that Sir's merits would cover that of the Emperors. If Lochlan blames you, then he probably won't fully trust Master Li, right?"

  I frowned and said, "Don't worry about that. Lochlan is a really pure person. He is originally a valiant warrior and isn't too shrewd. Even if he suspects me, it would be because of Long Zhong, Qin Ye, and the others. When that time occurs, I wouldn't hesitate to wipe them all out."

  "Sir is wise!" The respect in Xiao Lie's eyes grew by a little.


  At this point, Li Mu was leading a bunch of [Zhan Long] Fire Dragon Cavalry to repair weapons. Seeing me head over, he said, "You saw that kid, Wang Ze Cheng, rebuild [Rising Sun Like Blood] right?"

  "Yeah, I saw it."

  "I heard that he is discussing with Free Time and Call Me Master about taking in [Thousand Burial]." Li Mu's brow furrowed as he said worryingly, "Once [Thousand Burial] joins [Rising Sun Like Blood], Wang Ze Cheng would be in charge of 100 thousand people, even more than [Hero’s Mound] and [Legend]..."

  Wang Jian laughed confidently, "They aren't a problem!"

  I agreed, "They truly are a problem, but there's nothing to worry about."

  In truth, since Destiny began, more and more players surged in. The number of registered players in China reached close to one hundred million. There would regularly be at least 50 million online. Guilds like [Prague], [Hero’s Mound] and [Legend] didn't break 100 thousand, but if they were willing, they definitely could recruit a million. However, too many people might not be a good thing. This was the reason why Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Yan Zhao Warrior didn't expand. Thinking about it, once the level 6 guilds appeared, those guilds would start to expand.

  At this time, Palace Spirit was smacking a piece of iron with her hammer. She added in various gems and moments later there was a "ding" sound. A flame-wrapped sword appeared in her hand. The crafting was a success. She looked at the stats of the sword and exclaimed, "Brother, take a look! Such a good sword appeared..."

  I excitedly walked up, smiling as I asked, "Ling'er, what weapon did you craft?"

  "Brother Guild Leader, take a look at it for yourself!"

  She handed the sword over to me. I was shocked when I saw it. Tsk tsk, player-crafted weapons actually reached such a strong level; it really wasn't simple...

  Hellfire [Superior Divine Tier]

  Attack: 3,900-5,250


  Stamina: +130

  Magic Attack: +127

  Agility: +125

  Bonus: Raises user’s attack by 72%

  Bonus: Ignoes 25% of the target’s defence

  Bonus: Raises splash damage by 15%

  Special Effect: 10% chance of activating Hellfire effect

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Deals three times the basic attack damage to target

  Unique Effect: [Hell on Earth] 5% attack scaling. Maximum is 20 stacks.

  Creator: Palace Spirit

  Required Level: 150

  Required Charm: 200


  Holding onto Hellfire, I smiled and asked Li Mu, "The attack of this Hellfire isn't much lower than Neptune’s Blade, right?"

  Li Mu nodded, "Yes, with the stack damage, it is stronger than Neptune’s Blade. But the special effect is a little weaker."

  I laughed, "This is enough. Ling'er, can you mass produce this?"

  Palace Spirit nodded her head, "Yes, but Guild Leader, this Hellfire's stats are out of the ordinary..."

  "How so?"

  She pursed her lips and smiled, "Player-crafted Hellfire attack is around 4,500-5,300. The added attack fluctuates between 40-75%. Therefore, the 5,250 and 72% of this Hellfire is the strongest out of the 100 that I crafted."

  "You have already crafted 100?" I was delighted, "The materials needed are rare, aren’t they?"

  Palace Decree said, "Rank 14 Glare Metal, there is a large amount in Flaming God Mountain. That mine has been guarded by [Zhan Long], so no other guild members have noticed it. The other support stones are bought from the market. More importantly, only Ling'er has learnt the Hellfire blueprints. It came from a [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS that Old K and Wolf Totem killed in the mountains. So, it is temporarily unique."

  I was delighted, "On estimate, what is the cost for one Hellfire?"

  Palace Spirit said, "Around 1,000 gold? Including the metal, 1,000G is the max, so it’s around 200 RMB for one."

  "With these stats, it is definitely not only 200RMB, even 20 thousand RMB is possible!"

  "That is because other people don't have the Hellfire blueprints!"


  I clapped my hands and smiled, "We can't let you two lose out. How about this? We use the Fan Shu City earnings to add to your costs. We will purchase each one for 2,000G, even the weak ones. Ling'er, it will be tough on you. Is that okay?"

  Palace Spirit squinted her eyes, "Sure, then we will earn a lot, right?"

  "It is fine, [Zhan Long] is really rich now!"

  "Okay, I will work hard. As long as we have enough materials, I won't rest. I will produce 3,000 Hellfires a day. Is Brother Guild Leader sure? That will add to up to 6 million?"

  "That's okay, just craft it!"


  I looked toward Li Mu and smiled, "Let the higher level miners in the guild to head over to Flaming God Mountain. Let all the sixth advancement cavalry change to Hellfire. Even the cavalry and berserkers can use swords. The [Hell on Earth] effect of Hellfire can raise 100% strength, with 20% reduce effects!"

  Li Mu nodded, "Okay, even if you didn't say it, I would’ve done that. What I wanted you to say is that Fan Shu City will pay for all this. Hahaha, as an elder I don't have the rights to move money so I can only request things from Fox and Wan'er. Life has been tough these few days..."

  "Tsk... no wonder Dancing Forest didn't like you..."

  "If I weren’t like this, would she like me anyway?"

  "Probably not..."

  "F*** you..."


  I headed to the City Lord Manor and used the ammassed resources to recruit troops. During these two days, the soldier strength of Fan Shu City greatly increased, surpassing the number of the original Dragon’s Den troops. The production was too strong and I really couldn't take it...

  Fan Shu City (Level 10 territory)

  City Lord: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

  Guardian: Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han

  City Construction: 270

  Army: 32,322 (Heavy Flame Archers x7,820, Deep Freeze Cavalry x2,436, Flame Hawk Archers x8,124, Cliff Dragon Cavalry x13,942)

  Labor: 34,720

  City scale: Super huge

  City production—

  Food: 1,247,200/hour

  Wood: 1,100,000/hour

  Stone: 1,100,000/hour


  After half a month, the Dragon’s Den's troops will reach hundred thousand. Tsk tsk, if we pull them out at that time, we might not be able to sweep Swirling Abyss City and Moon City, but it would be enough to cause problems for them. These NPC troops had 100% of my stats, so as long as I didn't lose my equipment, they were pretty much invincible.

  Not long later, Li Mu headed over while holding his blade, "Xiao Yao, something happened!"

  "What?" I frowned, "It definitely has to do with Wang Ze Cheng, right?"

  Li Mu nodded, "Yeah. Free Time and Call Me Master agreed to the deal Wang Ze Cheng proposed to them. [Thousand Burial] players are leaving their guild to join [Rising Sun Like Blood]. Wang Ze Cheng promised him 5,000 slots in the main guild. Free Time, Call Me Master, and Su Yan would definitely cause their strength to rise."

  "Did they do anything else?"

  "Temporarily, no. However, Ageless Beauty, Wind Walker, and the others have been spending money to purchase various equipment. The top equipment in the auctions are being swept. Wang Ze Cheng is richer than Wei Fan and is more willing to spend his money."

  "Pay close attention! As long as they don't disturb us, don't bother about them."


  A few minutes later, there was a "ding", a message from Yue Qing Qian, "Brother Xiao Yao, there is some news. Swirling Abyss City second RBN battlenet player, Mage Mu Xin, brought 5,000+ players from her guild to head over toward Flaming God Mountain."

  "Is she attacking us?"

  "No!" Yue Qing Qian opened the communicator and said firmly, "If they wanted to, they wouldn't send only 5,000. Based on my news, Mu Xin is trading with China Players. The 5,000 people she brought should be to transport goods. My friend in [Rising Sun Like Blood] told me that Wang Ze Cheng transferred a huge sum of money. 10 minutes ago, he brought Su Yan, Call Me Master, and Free Time, a total of 10 thousand of them toward the Flaming God Mountain Range. However, they went around Fan Shu City and are probably thinking about heading over the mountain range."

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