Chapter 922 - At all costs
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Zhan Long Chapter 922 - At all costs

Chapter 922 - At all costs

Rain pelted onto the bodies of the Greedy Wolf Cavalry, flowing along their capes as it fell onto the grass. The entire Demon Dragon Canyon was filled with a solemn killing atmosphere. It was really solemn and intense such that it was tough even to breathe. They seemed to have lost all their patience as they stared above fiercely, their teeth dripping saliva gave off a cold glow.

  In front of it all, a swordsman slowly rode his wolf out. It was the current guild leader of [Thousand Burial]: Free Time. He had a cold expression on his face as he looked towards us, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, what is the meaning of this? Don't forget that we fought side by side during the country war. We even helped cover for [Zhan Long] before!"

  I nodded and stood at the edge of the canyon, "I am grateful to [Thousand Burial] to your country war contributions, however... I am not grateful for you all randomly killing people. Moreover, [Thousand Burial] belongs to Wei Fan which means that you all are definitely our enemy. [Zhan Long] will definitely wipe out [Thousand Burial]!"

  Call Me Master walked up and wiped the rainwater on her face, "Xiao Yao, why are you doing this? Our [Thousand Burial] is just trying to survive in the game."

  I said apologetically, "This war is unavoidable. If you treat me as a friend, then bring your friends and leave [Thousand Burial]. As long as [Zhan Long] exists, we won't allow any [Thousand Burial] members to live!"

  "Why?" Call me Master shouted. Her eyes were red and she was on the verge of killing.

  I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, "Not for justice, not for fairness, we have to kill [Thousand Burial]. We have to kill you all to make all of you leave. All of this is for one person..."

  As I said that, my nose felt sour. I turned around and said towards Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and Song Han, "For Ah Lei!"

  "Kong kong!"

  The God Dragon Horse roared out, raising up its front hooves as I charged down the canyon. Behind me, the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry all charged towards the Greedy Wolf Cavalry opposite us. We all activated our attack skills. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K's eyes turned red. Dong Cheng Lei's ID was still at our flagbearer position and we hadn't cleared him out. We also never forgot about him. He was like a shadow that we couldn't ditch, like a sore in our hearts that made our hearts ache.

  Beneath the mountain, the Greedy Wolf Cavalry pulled out their weapons. The autumn rain landed on the blades like how they were washed with blood. Call Me Master was a strong woman, she pulled out her blade and looked towards the [Zhan Long] cavalry in rage, "To protect our honor, kill them. Don't show mercy. Even if they are [Zhan Long], they have to kneel before us!"

  Yue Yao Chen, Sick for You, and Su Yan all pulled out their blades and charged over toward us.

  I grasped the chance, changing the angle using the reins of the God Dragon Horse and charged toward Su Yan and Yue Yao Chen. I spread out my arm and directly cast [Great Realm of Desolation] right where Su Yan was at. The AOE damage splashed on the players around...




  Su Yan's health instantly fell to below 50%. Her face was filled with shock and SHE hurriedly dashed forward, slashing out with a blade. With a "keng", she smashed my armor and the damage number that came out was just 10 thousand. The difference in our stats was just too huge. I didn't bother about her — my Zhen Yue Blade sliced Yue Yao Chen's shoulder. Both he and his wolf fell to the ground. The gap in strength was just shocking.

  Ghost God's Dance!

  I activated the special technique along with [Sword Tempest].

The Ancient God Tiger activated its [Burstfire Raid] and charged over. When I swept across, both Su Yan and Yue Yao Chen died. This was the difference in strength. [Thousand Burial]'s two group leaders couldn’t even block my probing attack.

  Behind me, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K moved over. The Greedy Wolf Cavalry all roared out and charged — [Breaking Dawn], [Whirlwind Sword Break], and other skills flew everywhere. Many people constantly fell to the ground and in our first clash, numerous people died.


  The flames expanded and a blazing flame chain sped through the crowd, dozens of Greedy Wolf Cavalry fell off their horses and died. Dong Cheng Yue held her staff and flew forward. Her Deer Cry Staff gave off a shocking glow. Sick for You hollered in rage, "Brothers, kill that Cang Yue!"

  A few dozen Greedy Wolf Cavalry charged towards Dong Cheng Yue. She didn't retreat — her Deer Cry Staff suddenly landed on the ground and formed a shockwave. Flames scattered all around, forming a flame wall ten meters ahead of her. It was a [Holy Ghost Tier] Grade Two skill. Instantly, the 20+ cavalry led by Sick for You struck the war, suffering from tens of thousands of magic damage numbers. Dong Cheng Yue opened her hand and lightning glow surged. She cast [Thunderbolt Finger] and instantly Sick for You was scorched black and died.

  My mouth was agape. After the country war, Dong Cheng Yue's stats went up by a lot. She looked like the top mage of China. Probably apart from Fang Ge Que, Simple and Mu Xuan would be weaker than her, right?


  Very quickly, Dancing Forest, Lian Po, and the long-ranged players reached the frontlines. Both sides engaged fire and it lasted for close to 20 minutes. Finally, the [Thousand Burial] players couldn't take it any longer and started to fall apart. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and I were like four blades slicing at their formation such that they had no way to defend at all. Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero, and the cavalry troops were like an iron wall between both sides such that the Greedy Wolf Cavalry couldn't break through at all.

  [Thousand Burial] focused on attack speed and explosiveness and didn't change their mounts. That was why there was such a huge difference. With numbers and speed, they crushed some small groups. However, once they faced the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry of [Zhan Long] which were all well-rounded, their strategy didn't work anymore. They were totally suppressed. Even if we were outnumbered, it wouldn’t matter.

  The battle lasted for two hours. Players died and revived, revived and then died. After that, fewer and fewer of them were willing to come online. I led 1,000 Fire Dragon Cavalry to slice their backline to kill their mages and archers such that their last bit of hope was gone.


  Call Me Master retreated several steps; her shield was covered in arrows. Two of them stabbed her chest. It was the work of Dancing Forest. His penetration was strong enough and could even shoot through the shields of cavalryman so naturally the damage he did was really high. Call Me Master panted as she had only 20% health left. Her beautiful face was filled with unwillingness as she said, "Continue to charge, don't give up. All you men really are lacking!"

  Just as she finished, flames shot through and she was smacked into Dong Cheng Yue's flame wall. She lot a ton of health. Before she was able to be healed, Dancing Forest's [Shot of the Archery God] shot through her armor and she fell off. Finally, the Flagbearer War Goddess of [Thousand Burial] had died.

  The rain ceased but the flames of war continued to spread. In the distance, a giant dragon stepped on the ground as it exhaled its dragon breath. It was the final BOSS of Demon Dragon Canyon. The [Thousand Burial] members attracted it over. Were they planning to use it to wipe us out?

  "What grade is it?" I asked.

  Yue Qing Qian said, "Four-star [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS. Brother Xiao Yao, what should we do?"

  I smiled, "Simple, Meng Yao, and Yue Yao Yan, be the tanks. Bring 500 people over to kill it. The rest charge with me and kill all the [Thousand Burial] members!"



  We split up. Meng Yao brought people to kill the BOSS while I helped them clear up the other problems. In the end, all 40 thousand of them were killed. Out of the 20 thousand [Zhan Long] men, some died but they revived. We kept up our 100% combat strength as we cleared the map out.

  Call Me Master, Free Time, and the others didn't revive anymore. Player corpses and equipment were strewn all over the canyon. Naturally, most were kept by [Zhan Long] players. Wei Fan's 50 million army was just wiped out like that. [Zhan Long] naturally took it all without shame.

  Not long later, there was only the roar of the Blood Demon Dragon left. [Thousand Burial] was all cleared out.

  "Brother Xiao Yao, look to the left!" Song Han suddenly said.

  I turned around and noticed a bunch of people appearing. They were from [The Knights Templar]. Guild Leader Shang Li held his halberd and stood there as he looked towards the canyon with his brow furrowed.

  [The Knights Templar] probably came to assist [Thousand Burial] but they didn't expect for them to die so fast.

  I pointed my sword forward and smiled, "Guild Leader Shang Li, have you been well?"

  Shang Li's face was a little ugly, "[Zhan Long] is really getting more and more… Sigh, Demon Dragon Canyon is yours. [The Knights Templar], let's go!"

  He and his group turned around and left, not bothering about those [Thousand Burial] people waiting to revive.

  I looked at the corpses in the canyon and spent 5,000 to make a system shoutout...


  System Notification Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai: [Thousand Burial] players, listen up. Your Guild Leader Not Ordinary is a drug trafficker, kidnapper, and killer. He has been captured and locked up. Before this, his men killed my brother Dong Cheng Lei, or [Zhan Long]'s Cang Lei which is why we will definitely take revenge. We will kill you all such that no more [Thousand Burial] players exist. I hope you can understand us and quit [Thousand Burial]. If not, we stop at nothing to wipe you all out of Tian Ling City!

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