Chapter 921 - Revenge on Thousand Burial
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Zhan Long Chapter 921 - Revenge on Thousand Burial

Chapter 921 - Revenge on Thousand Burial

"Just do what you want to do..."

  I sighed and said, "As long as you are happy, then it is okay. However [Thousand Burial] isn't weak now. They have at least forty thousand active players. If there is a need, ask Li Mu to bring the Valiant Bravery players to act too. If you still can't win, then call me. I will send the Royal Army to help you."

  Dong Cheng Yue burst into laughter, "Forget it, after all the Royal Army consists of NPCs. If you abuse your power to help me attack [Thousand Burial], the players will report you. When that happens, you will be removed from your post as Royal Army General."

  "Don't worry!"

  I thought about it and said, "After the army system is released, roles are not something the game company can change. Everything is managed by the main computer. The company can at most just change the equipment stats."

  "Right." Dong Cheng Yue said, "I got news that Free Time led [Thousand Burial] players to strike Demon Dragon Canyon. They are going to kill the Blood Demon Dragon at the depths of the canyon, so I am prepared to bring [Zhan Long] to cut them off and kill them all."

  Lin Wan Er said, "Dong Cheng, since you want to wipe out the guild, then why not use the token to start a guild challenge? If we challenge them with 10%, we will definitely win. [Thousand Burial] only has a few strong ones. You Yi is dead and his account is frozen so it is tough for Free Time to handle things alone. I also can't understand why Wei Fan would hand [Thousand Burial] to Free Time? Logically speaking, it would be much better to give it to Call Me Master."

  I smiled and said, "Maybe because Call Me Master wasn't in the same boat as Wei Fan. You Yi, Free Time, and Wei Fan were closer. Anyways, just do what you want — we don't have to worry about [Thousand Burial]."

  Dong Cheng Yue nodded her head and said, "During the few days that [Zhan Long] has been rebuilding Fan Shu City, they haven't been doing nothing. They used the special effect of the Greedy Wolf Cavalry and the Greedy Wolf Token to snatch equipment and experience. They angered many people. [Prague] and [Hero’s Mound] are tempted to teach them a lesson. If [Zhan Long] attacks now, we would probably be doing what everyone wants, right?"

  I smiled, "Okay then, since that is the case, then I will help too. 7 pm today right? Dong Cheng, you command, I will be the vanguard. Wan'er, what about you? Are you coming?"

  Lin Wan Er shook her head, "I won't be going. Flaming Cloud City has an NPC military meeting to decide the army system. I am afraid I won't be able to leave. These NPC things are so problematic, luckily... there is experience from meetings."

  "Alright, okay then. As long as you are happy!"


  After eating, I placed Butterfly lovingly under my pillow so that I could strike at any moment. At least the two girls were safe in the villa. Even Tang Qi was safe too. This kid was energetic and rash and probably had many enemies. He was a Peak Qi Control Expert, so there shouldn't be many who would be a threat to him, unless his opponent was a Yang Yan expert. I don't know how many there are in the world, but... If one really came, could I deal with him? The strength in my body surged. I could sense that in terms of power, I exceeded Ouyang Chuan. My battling techniques were much better too. When I stepped into Yang Yan, I was already in the middle, so there shouldn't be any problems.

  As I thought about all of these things, I went online!


  I appeared in Fan Shu City.

The war drums sounded out in the distance and there were many cavalry training on the huge drill field. This was the Royal Army camp. Fan Shu City was split into two portions. One was the Royal Army camp. The Royal Army which was about to expand to one hundred thousand people was more than enough to move into Fan Shu City. The other portion was the cavalry unit, target fields, dragon nest, eagle nest, and Dragon’s Den army. Led by Chi Yu Han, these two army forces were my strongest trump cards!

  I rode my horse to the City Lord Manor and continued to use the remaining resources to recruit Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry. I had to rush and expand the Fan Shu City troops before the next battle. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to block the attacks of Swirling Abyss City, Moon City, and Iron Skull City.

  I stepped up the city walls and saw that there was a never-ending line of transport carriages sending resources over. They were miners over from the Flaming God Mountain Range who shipped carts of Dragon Crystals and gold. The Flaming God Mountain Range was once the resting place of giant dragons and their bones were buried deep in the mountain, forming Dragon Crystals as time passed. After these Dragon Crystals were shattered and mixed with other ingredients they could be made into Dragon Crystal Cannon Ammo. In the last country war, everyone saw how strong the cannons were. Tian Ling City was also really rich in resources and had an abundant storage of Dragon Crystals. We probably should use this bit of time to raise our combat strength. Anyways, having the Flaming God Mountain Range as a treasure mountain pretty much made Royal Army invincible.

  Within the city, the area beside the furnaces was filled with incessant hits. Many boiling gold coins were forged and the picture on it was of Lochlan. Emperor Lochlan allowed me to forge my own gold, giving me really too much power. Even I found it inconceivable. Actually, Lochlan really listened to everything I said. If I was really a bad person, I would directly attack Tian Ling City and let my picture be on the coin. With my current power, I could definitely do so.

  But forget that, how tiring was it to be an emperor! Moreover, there was never a case where players were emperors. Who would kneel to you?

  As for Luo Xun, that South Protecting King, he had wanted to take the throne. However, he didn't expect that I would push Lochlan up. Lochlan was his son, so there was nothing he could say which was why he headed to Waterfront City to be a city lord. With Luo Xun's character, he would focus all his time in training troops to restrict the Royal Army. However, Luo Xun definitely wouldn't expect that the people in Bright God Hall to belong to me. As long as he tried anything, there would be thousands of Saint Hall Cavalry as his enemies, probably even more soon.


  Very quickly, the time got close to 7. With a "ding", Dong Cheng Yue sent me a message, "HI Mr. Vanguard Xiao Yao, come and fight with me!"

  I was speechless. After laughing, I used a City Return Scroll to teleport back to Tian Ling City. With a "shua", I appeared at the east gate. Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Old K, and the [Zhan Long] camp players were all here. A few seconds later, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Bai Qi led the Valiant Cavalry people over. All the elites of [Zhan Long] were gathered!

  "Let's go?" Dong Cheng Yue looked toward me.

  I nodded and the God Dragon Horse charged out. The Ancient God Tiger followed behind me and roared. Behind me, there were 3,000 Fire Dragon Cavalry. Outside the city, there were many [Zhan Long] members in the forest. All of them headed east. Based on my estimation, we had around 20 thousand people, more than enough to attack [Thousand Burial]. Although they said they had 30 thousand Greedy Wolf Cavalry, their mounts weren't defense-oriented so they wouldn't be a match for the Steel Blade Cavalry. Our Fire Dragon Cavalry was even stronger and could definitely fight one against three.

  The autumn wind blew. We passed through the maple leaf forest and from afar we could see Battle Academy students training. Some of them even looked towards me with their eyes filled with respect. They all felt like adventurers like us, galloping into the battlefield was the top life goal. In truth, the more you killed, the number you got. You would understand that war was just fire and blood and not heroes and legends.


  Not long later, I arrived at the border of Demon Dragon Valley. Rain pelted down from the sky like even the Heavens felt that an intense battle was about to occur.

  Li Meng Yao rode on the Fire Dragon Horse — she tugged heavily on the reins and said, "Brother I got the latest intel. [Thousand Burial] knows that [Zhan Long] will cause trouble so at 6 they gathered all their elites. They have forty thousand people and they are prepared to have a final battle with us! We... should we get helpers?"

  "There is no need..."

  I reached out a hand and smiled, "Just the 20 thousand of us is more than enough to fight double of [Thousand Burial] members!"

  Yue Qing Qian blinked, "Then what if they got helpers?"

  I smiled, "If anyone dares to help [Thousand Burial], I will use the Royal Army to make them disappear from the map. I really want to see who has the courage — even [Legend] will be treated the same!"

  Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others were filled with pride as they laughed out, "Okay, prepare to fight!"


  "Kong kong..."

  The God Dragon Horse suddenly stood still by the edge of the canyon. Any further and we would be inside already. There weren't many dragon type monsters, but there were earth dragon corpses. The Greedy Wolf Cavalry all stepped on the corpses, at least half of the 30 thousand of them came. The Greedy Wolves bared their fangs and growled as they looked at the [Zhan Long] cavalry. The backline consisted of the long-ranged troops of [Thousand Burial]. There were also many support players pretty much occupying half of the canyon. The map was just that big — sending just 5000 people would be enough to clear it. They actually sent 40 thousand people. They were obviously prepared to fight.


  I pulled the Dragon Reservoir Sword came out of its sheath as my lips curled up, "Brothers, prepare to kill!"

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