Chapter 920 - Butterfly that entered the land
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Zhan Long Chapter 920 - Butterfly that entered the land

Chapter 920 - Butterfly that entered the hand

I raised my head to look at the dragon nest and eagle nest. Then I lowered my head and looked at the horse fields and drill fields. I couldn't help but feel delighted. Fan Shu City was a gift from the gods to [Zhan Long]. Any player base wouldn't be able to compare to Fan Shu City — just the production alone was insane. I opened the City Lord interface — Fan Shu City's stats were just so shocking and unbelievable that I felt like a king near God Mountain...

  Fan Shu City (Level 10 Territory)

  City Lord: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

  Guardians: Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han

  City construction: 270

  Army: 14,322

  Labor: 292,881

  City scale: Extra Large

  City production—

  Food: 1,128,810/hr

  Wood: 900,000/hr

  Stone: 900,000/hr


  Moreover, the special soldier types of Fan Shu City also inherited things from Chi Yu Han. Flame Hawk Archers could come from the eagle nest, the Cliff Dragon Cavalry from the dragon nest, the Deep Freeze Cavalry from the horse stables, and the Heavy Flame Archers from the practice fields. All these buildings could conduct recruitment at the same time. The production of troops here was shocking. Moreover, Fan Shu City could produce 290 thousand resources each hour! If one followed the resources needed by the Cliff Dragon Cavalry (Gold x3,000, food x2,950, wood x3,200, stone x3,000), as long as one had enough gold, one could recruit 300 Cliff Dragon Cavalry in an hour. What kind of speed was that? As long as I was willing, if Fan Shu City focused solely on recruiting troops, I would get 7,000 Cliff Dragon Cavalry in a day!

  Of course, with a closer look at the city management rules, counting the resources consumed, along with commerce usage, construction restoration, and diplomacy, roughly 50% of the production wasn't mine. However, that was enough as I could recruit 3,000 Cliff Dragon Cavalry each day.

  Without saying a word, I recruited 2,000 Cliff Dragon Cavalry from the 2 million extra city resources, 2,000 Flame Hawk Archers, and 3,000 Heavy Flame Archers. It was best to use these troops to fortify the Fan Shu City defenses. As for the basic repair, we could just rely on what was given by Tian Ling City. Who knew if the Swirling Abyss City, and the Moon City NPCs would attack. I was more worried about the threat from the Sea of No Return. Lanais and Igoras saw me as a nail in their eyes, right?

  I clenched my hand as I looked at the initial soldier strength of Fan Shu City. I included the new troops that I recruited so the overall strength was still okay—

  Heavy Flame Archers x3,820, Deep Freeze Cavalry x2,436, Flame Hawk Archers x5,124, Cliff Dragon Cavalry x9,942.


  In the number of troops I grasped, for attack I had the [Zhan Long] brothers. For defense, there was the Royal Army barbarian infantry unit. I would also have to depend on the Deep Freeze Cavalry, the Flame Hawk Archers, the Heavy Flame Archers and the Cliff Dragon Cavalry. As for the Swirling Abyss Light Cavalry and Iron Armored Heavy Infantry, I didn’t recruit any of these soldier types. In the past, the small amount recruited at Dragon’s Den had all died. That was fine as well as we were able to keep pure few soldier types.

  Fan Shu City's current production wasn't at its limit yet. If we continued to develop, the future Fan Shu City would allow me to have 100 thousand private troops, up to even 200-300 thousand. Even the Tian Ling City NPC army all added together wouldn't be a match for Fan Shu City, right? Thinking about it, even I was frightened.

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  I held the Saint Heaven Jade in the bag. The jade didn't give off a cold feeling but a kind of warmth like the body heat which Pearl left.

  I raised my head and looked at the sky. I held the Saint Heaven Jade and said, "Pearl did you see? We are walking towards our dreams step by step..."

  The sky was silent and there was no reply. She was just the memory implant of a certain person and she didn’t have her own life right? However, I still felt that maybe Pearl was looking at me from some place and looking at everything that I have done for her. Pearl was already dead and all I could do was continue to travel ahead alone — for her dream, for my game life, to continuously fight and win.


  Just at this moment, there was suddenly some laughter from the guild channel. There was surprise from the crowd. Of course, the guild chatting interface changed...

  Palace Decree (Flagbearer): Ah ha, finally I dug it!

  Li Mu (Elder): Haha, you dug a Grade 13 or 14 metal?

  Palace Decree (Flagbearer): 14 Glare Metal! Tsk tsk, there are many of them too. This Flaming God Mountain Range is a treasure mountain. F***, thankfully we snatched it back from Swirling Abyss City and Flaming Cloud City!

  I laughed and also spoke in the guild channel...

  Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Guild Leader): Glare Metal? Tsk tsk, what kind of tier equipment can you craft?

  Palace Decree (Flagbearer): As long as I find rare enough gems, Ling'er and I are confident in making level 150 and above [Divine Tier] blades and bows.

  I was really excited, "Great, Li Mu send people to guard Flaming God Mountain Range and craft equipment and weapons that belong solely to [Zhan Long]. Also, how is the progress on the armor smiths?"

  Li Mu (Elder): Armor blacksmiths and the armor crafters were all found by Qing Qian, the mechanic profession is under Wan'er.

  Yue Qing Qian (Deputy Guild Leader): Brother Xiao Yao, don't worry about armor, [Zhan Long] will never fall behind.

  Cang Tong (Deputy Guild Leader): Piggy, I have been busy managing Flaming Cloud City troops, er... I left it to Dong Cheng...

  Dong Cheng Yue (Elder): Aiya, I forgot... Brother Xiao Yao hit me!

  "Your sister..."

  Palace Decree said, "Guild Leader, Ling'er set out today so she will reach Hangzhou around 3. She will head to where you stay so remember to pick up your phone!"

  Li Mu was excited, "Oh oh, Ling'er finally couldn't take it anymore and decided to send it herself to Guild Leader?"

  "Pui! She is sending a sword to Guild Leader."

  I was delighted, "She has already forged it?"

  "Yes, I hope you like it!"



  I went offline in joy, filled with total happiness. After Xiao Hei broke, I had never had a good and suitable weapon. Lin Tian Nan gave me the Electric Arc Sword which was quite strong, but it felt awkward. The Electric Arc Sword was just the clash of strength and there were no sword techniques to speak of.

  In the hall, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue both came offline. Looking at how excited I looked, Lin Wan Er couldn't help but laugh, "Dummy, look at how happy you are. Are you going to stop bathing and eating because of your new sword?"

  I nodded, "I will bathe after we eat! Oh right, tell the chef to prepare food around 3, make some nice dishes. Ling'er must be hungry."



  After eating, I didn't go online, I sat in the hall and waited instead. My phone finally rang at 3:15. Palace Spirit's sweet voice spread over, "Brother Xiao Yao, where are you all staying?"

  "You are outside, I will come out to pick you up!"


  I dashed out of the villa. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also followed me out. Not far from the school road was a black SUV which stopped in front of our door. When the door opened, Palace Spirit carried a sword case and got off. She smiled, "Come, take a look at your new baby!"

  I nodded my head happily and took the sword case from Palace Spirit. I opened it and took a look — in it was a long sword which looked ancient but had a modern feel to it. On the sword sheath was a beautiful Chinese pattern. Palace Spirit smiled and said, "The sword sheath is specially made, the outer layer is pure wood and the inner layer is alloy metal. It is heavier but is really firm and is able to block hits. Brother Guild Leader, pull out the sword to see if you like it?"

  I was on cloud nine — I used strength with my right arm and with a "keng", the sword came out of the sheath. The sword body gave off an eye-piercing light. As expected, the two blood grooves were filled with killing intent and around the blades there were exquisite details. With the naked eye, one couldn't see through the impressive and complicated forging techniques. On the sword handle, there was a hook-shaped handguard like that of a butterfly. The instant I pulled out the sword, the ringing sound rang out incessantly.

  "How is it?" Palace Spirit said sweetly, "To make this Butterfly, my eye bags came out."

  I laughed, "Yes, thank you Ling'er! I really love this sword!"

  As I said that, I waved the sword and there was the crisp wind breaking sound. Sword energy broke the air and the leaves ahead were all broken. Lin Wan Er was stunned and giggled, "Dumbass, be careful, we have to pay for that..."

  I nodded my head and kept Butterfly in the sheath. Then I hugged it in my arms and said, "Ling'er and Mr. Driver, please head in to eat!"

  Palace Spirit didn't decline and called the uncle to enter the house to eat. She asked me about how the Fan Shu City rebuild was like. I was thinking solely about Butterfly and didn't reply quickly, causing her to giggle.

  I took out a black cloth and wrapped Butterfly in it. After all, this sword wasn't for keeping and admiring. It was to be used to kill. Since it was a weapon, then be it to wipe out evil or kill people, it was best to wrap it with cloth. The rules of the underworld were like that —  weapons shouldn't be revealed.

  In the future, this sword would never leave me. Even if I go out to play, I will keep it in the boot of the car.

  However, thinking about it, even if I don't use weapons, very few people could fight me with my cultivation, right?

  Suddenly, my heart jumped and You Yi’s face before he died appeared in my mind. That beast-like roar, such a monster... probably wasn't considered a person.

  The people behind Artificials weren't dug out yet so there was still a long way to go.

  At the side, Dong Cheng Yue sat on the corner of the sofa and laughed at me, "Okay, the Fan Shu City rebuild is mostly done. Shouldn't it be time for me, the elder, to do something?"

  "What do you want to do?" I looked towards her.

  Killing intent flashed in the eyes of the beauty as she said, "Who knew when Wei Fan went online and officially handed over [Thousand Burial] to Free Time? During these few days, Free Time brought [Thousand Burial]'s Greedy Wolf Cavalry to sweep the War God River and killed many Moon City and Swirling Abyss City players. They also killed many China Players. They used such methods to grow once more. Brother, hand me the rights to the [Zhan Long] camp. I am going to take care of [Thousand Burial]!"

  My heart turned cold. Dong Cheng Yue wasn't a girl that liked to fight, however... It was Wei Fan who killed Dong Cheng Lei and he single-handedly built [Thousand Burial]. Dong Cheng Yue wanted to take revenge for her brother. This was something she had to do. She wanted to wipe out [Thousand Burial]!

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