Chapter 919 - Proud
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Zhan Long Chapter 919 - Proud

Chapter 919 - Proud

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The wilderness was fire red. A bunch of people wearing broken armor waved blades, swords, and halberds. They were all from the Fire Wolf Mercenary; there were fifty thousand of them as they covered the entire wilderness. However, it was obvious that this mercenary group wasn't that rich — they also didn't have that many war horses. The fifty thousand troops only had around five thousand war horses. Just that small bit of cavalry definitely weren't our opponents.

  The God Dragon Horse exhaled. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and I charged at the front of the Fire Dragon Cavalry. The Fire Wolf Mercenary consisted of level 162 [Titan Tier] monsters and their stats weren't that strong. They were really weak, even to me. However, when level 150-155 players killed them, they gave quite a lot of experience.

  The 2,000+ Fire Dragon Cavalry were like tigers that had turned into wolves as they killed in an unrestrained manner. Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, Dancing Forest, and the others led the ranged players to push forward. Spells and arrows splashed down such that the Fire Wolf Mercenary couldn't get close. Even if they got close, there was the Steel Blade Cavalry defending in front of them. The [Zhan Long] players formed an iron wall outside of Fan Shu City such that the Fire Wolf Mercenary couldn't achieve anything.


  I used the Dragon Reservoir Sword to slash the chest of a Fire Wolf Mercenary soldier, dealing 90 thousand lethal damage. Li Mu was shocked when he saw that and stuttered, "Xiao Yao your actual attack should exceed 100 thousand, right?"

  I thought about it, "Pretty much..."

  I continued to gallop forward. Wang Jian shouted from afar, "Brother Xiao Yao, Boss, bring people over, the Fire Wolf Mercenary Head is over here!"

  Li Mu and I charged over. As expected, under the protection of a bunch of mercenaries was a halberd-holding general. His swallow chin and beard made him look really majestic. Beneath him was a black war horse. He waved his halberd and swept past the crowd. Dozens of Fire Dragon Cavalry couldn't block him at all and retreated. This BOSS' level wasn't low!

  I hurried over and from afar I was able to read the stats of the BOSS and shared it in the channel...

  Fire Wolf Mercenary Head Ao Jue 3 Stars (Demon Harvest Tier BOSS)

  Level: 165

  Attack: 17,600-22,300

  Defence: 18,000

  Health: 1,000,000,000

  Skill: [Sudden Breakthrough], [Halberd Sweep], [Arrogance Descends]

  Introduction: Ao Jue was a general from Swirling Abyss City, a teen hero. At nineteen years of age, he stepped into the Holy Domain Realm and cultivated a bunch of amazing skills. However, this person was arrogant and during a duel in the Swirling Abyss City Brave Martial College competition, he killed the third prince, making him a hunting target. In the end, under the attacks of the Swirling Abyss City army, he fled into the Flaming God Mountain Range. He built the Fire Wolf Mercenary and became the strongest mercenary group in the land.


  "Hugh?" Wang Jian was stunned and said, "The system has changed and there are even stars behind the ?"

  I nodded my head and said,  "Yeah. Before I came online I read the patch notes. Each BOSS will have a star rating from one to five stars. That means that the same [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS will have a huge difference in stats."

  Meng Yao held her shield and stood beside me. She had already successfully became a Saint Hall Cavalry and the name on her head turned gold. She smiled, "In the past they were split into stars, but they were just hidden and we didn't know. Some [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSSes are easy to kill while some are extremely tough. Their health and attack differences are extremely huge!"

  "So, are you prepared?"

  I looked toward Ao Jue and then smiled, "I will draw him over. Meng Yao, you be the main tank. How about that?"

  Meng Yao was shocked and said, "Brother, don't overestimate me. I am only Level 154, and this is a Level 165 three-star [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS, its stats are so strong..."

  "It is okay, just go!" I waved and Dancing Forest immediately brought the healers over.

  After Matcha left, there were only three strong cavalry in [Zhan Long]: Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, and One Second Hero. The latter two's levels and equipment were stronger than Meng Yao’s, but their skills weren't as strong as her class. Moreover, it was time to train her BOSS killing skills. After all, we didn't know when or if Matcha would return. We had to develop our own top-end cavalry players.

  I pulled the reins of the God Dragon Horse and charged toward the BOSS. From afar, I opened my hand and locked the [Great Realm of Desolation] onto it. In the air, three Dragon Reservoir Sword images appeared. They intersected and struck, dealing a lethal strike...


  Everyone was speechless. My damage numbers were just too high. There was no other reason but the God Slaying Armor which had a God-Slaying effect. My damage toward NPCs was doubled!

  Ao Jue hollered before charging over on his horse. He raged, "Bold kid, you dare to injure me?"

  Dancing Forest burst into laughter, "Our Guild Leader Xiao Yao didn't f*** him, right? Aiya, what kind of taste is that? [Zhan Long] has so many beautiful girls who like Xiao Yao, who knew he was actually not straight..."

  My face turned green, "He said injured you f***, it’s in the first tone!" [1]

  Dancing Forest waved her hands; the bow in her hand was pulled as she smiled, "Don't care about the details, just quickly kill the BOSS!"

  I nodded and explosively retreated, "Meng Yao, prepare to receive the BOSS!"

  Li Meng Yao nodded, her beautiful face filled with seriousness. She placed her shield forward, holding her sword with one hand as she pointed at Ao Jue. A god decree attack fell from above and then the words [Holy Ghost Tier Grade 1] appeared on her body. That was a [Holy Ghost Tier] Grade 1 skill- Saint Hall Chant.


  While damaging the BOSS, it also caused a huge hatred effect. Ao Jue instantly looked toward Meng Yao in fury as he hollered, "Little girl, you are asking to die!"

  Meng Yao wasn't afraid. She held her shield up and instantly a golden shield light appeared beside her. It was the Saint Light Shield, SSS skill. A level 10 Saint Light Shield could raise a 1,505 defense effect, a little weaker than my [Wall of Douqi], not too bad.

  Ao Jue was filled with hatred. Before his halberd got close to Meng Yao, who knew that this petite little girl would charge a few meters forward. Her sword left a beautiful streak of light. With a "peng", she forced the BOSS back several steps, stunning him. This was the strengthened version of [Justice Provocation] - [Judgment]. It could instantly force back the enemy, and it was an SSS-grade ability. This Saint Hall Cavalry's skills were really overpowered!

  Using that three-second chance, everyone surrounded Ao Jue and released their skills. Once Ao Jue woke up, he swept towards Meng Yao. With a "keng", sparks flew on the shield. 30 thousand damage rose up. She could block it. Her health was already over 200 thousand and that was enough to kill a BOSS of this grade.

  With the healers adding her health and my participation in the damage dealing, this three-star [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS was at low health in less than 5 minutes. It activated its final skill: [Arrogance Descends]. However, I used [Ice Domain] to prevent it from instantly killing Meng Yao. It fell to the ground and died — a bunch of equipment exploded out.

  I didn't bother to look. With a wave of my hand, I let Li Mu and the others split it. As for me, my equipment were mostly at the [Demon Harvest Tier], [Deity Tier], and [Epic] levels so there was no need to fight with others for these equipment. My equipment came from the country war and large quests. Even if I got them from killing BOSSes, they were at least [Demon King Tier] BOSSes.


  The Fire Dragon Cavalry charged about in the mercenary group and in less than an hour, the Fire Wolf Mercenary that attacked the Fan Shu City ruins were all killed. Everyone headed back to get their rewards. However, Li Meng Yao, Li Mu, and Wang Jian didn't exchange their points. We waited for close to half an hour, and as expected, a bunch of troops charged over. Twenty thousand bandit group. I met bandits before, but I had never seen a 20 thousand group one, making it a truly majestic sight. From afar, they waved their blades and called for gold and women. However, after they saw Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Qing Qian, and Dancing Forest, they realized they weren't strong enough to control this bunch of women. Thus, they only shouted about money. Even the transport unit of the Royal Army fought alongside our group and we killed them all, giving us many kills and gold instead.

  Throughout the night, there was an endless bunch of bandits and mercenaries. The largest group had close to eighty thousand people. I even sent out the Royal Army and Chi Yu Han's Dragon’s Den army to sweep them. We only lost less than a thousand, letting the Royal Army level up by quite a bit.

  Fortunately, Lochlan didn't send the Fire Axe Army. If not, they might not have been able to deal with the endless amounts of mercenaries.


  When the sky lit up, we continued to move white stones. Apart from that, the miners started to enter the mountain to collect the Dragon Crystals and gold to proceed at the same time as rebuilding the Fan Shu City — only then would we not waste any time.

  On the other direction, I sent Xia Ye with my letter to lead 10 thousand new Royal Army troops to Waterfront City's Bright Saint Hall to let the priest train this bunch, making them the Saint Hall Cavalry. Most of them came from the Battle Academy; they were all good seeds and with some development, their future would be limitless.


  Fan Shu City's rebuilding process wasn't that quick, but it wasn’t slow either. It continued to the sixth day before the city finally took shape. The walls were already watered with white iron and its defense wouldn't be much lower than Tian Ling City. Under my orders, the officials recruited valiant warriors and civilians to return. After Duke Ding Fan died, those civilians who left now all returned. Each one that came back would increase production by 10. Within six days, the population of Fan Shu City reached 290 thousand from the initial 10 thousand, finally reaching a scale befitting of a secondary city.

  I rode my God Dragon Horse and traveled on the large path. The scale of Fan Shu City wasn't something that Dragon’s Den could compare to. Its scale was at least ten times greater. The production was also shocking. At the end of the path was the remodeled City Lord Manor which could also be considered my residence right? I temporarily let Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han lead a bunch of guards to move in.

  I raised my head and looked at the dragon nest and eagle nest above. The dragon nest produced the dragon race mounts needed for the Cliff Dragon Cavalry and the eagle nest produced flaming war eagles. This was the mount for the Flame Hawk Archers. Fan Shu City had 2 dragon nests and 5 eagle nests to speed up the recruitment speed and also to not waste resources.

  "Sha sha..."

  Chi Yu Han held his sword and walked into the manor. He knelt on the ground on one knee, "Sir, the city is basically rebuilt!"

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