Chapter 918 - Rebuild
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Zhan Long Chapter 918 - Rebuild

Chapter 918 - Rebuild

"Are we really giving up Dragon’s Den?" Li Mu said in an annoyed manner within the guild channel.

  Wang Jian added, "We haven't even bought any city siege tokens yet so let's just wait..."

  Dong Cheng Yue said, "It seems like [Legend] also doesn't plan to return Dragon’s Den. After all, this almost-level-11 city had its construction and soldier research completed. What a waste... The city Brother spent so much effort to form was sold by Sister Matcha..."

  Lin Wan Er coughed, "Dong Cheng, don't mention Matcha..."

  Everyone knew that Matcha was a pain in my heart. A person who was one of ours instantly became a stranger, and she also gave [Zhan Long]'s Dragon’s Den to [Legend]. Matcha really betrayed us, but I couldn't hate her. After Matcha joined the [Zhan Long] studio, she washed clothes, cooked, and cleaned for Old K and the other two. That was not something Xiao Yao, the top Pulse Breaking Style Player would do. After all, Xiao Yao was a legend in the hearts of players. She was a queen even in the hearts of the game media world. How would a queen willingly do that for those few people? The reason was simple: she merged into the [Zhan Long] environment and she liked all of us.

  What a waste. In the end, Matcha still left.

  I cleared my voice and said, "Little Wolf, Old K, Fox, continue to search for her. She has returned all the favors she owed Fang Ge Que and it is time for her to come home to pay us back as the real Xue Rou!"

  Song Han said, "Brother Xiao Yao, we have been searching. Don't worry, we will definitely find Sister Matcha and bring her home."

  Li Mu sighed, "I was even instant-killed by her once... The Pulse Breaking Grandmaster Xiao Yao's one on one skills are top in the world. Wang Jian and I don't even have a chance of winning against her, for example… if Matcha is really willing to return to [Zhan Long] as Xiao Yao, we will be like tigers with wings. However..."

  "However, what?" I asked.

  Li Mu said flatly. "However, she killed Song Han, Wang Jian, and I. She also handed Dragon’s Den over to Fang Ge Que. The guilt in her heart isn't a small amount. What I am worried about is that this guilt will make her hide and that she would never be willing to see us again. Sigh... how should we make up the crack at the bottom of our hearts?"

  Yue Qing Qian smiled, "Who thought that Brother Li Mu would be so thoughtful? So he is soft deep down!"

  Li Mu was speechless, "What are you saying? I have always thought things through!"

  "Brag, continue to brag!"


  I coughed and said, "Maybe the chance is about to come!"

  "Oh, what chance?" Lin Wan Er asked excitedly.

  I said, "I brought the Royal Army majors to the palace to get the rebuilding rights to Fan Shu City from Lochlan. Look at my title! I am now the Fan Shu City Lord. So we no longer need to get Dragon’s Den back. If Fang Ge Que wants it, then let him. Our [Zhan Long] will use Fan Shu City as the foundation to sweep the world!"

  Dong Cheng Yue smiled in surprise, "F***, Brother Xiao Yao, you really are the Fan Shu City Lord?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "I have checked the title. This fellow really owns Fan Shu City!"

  I nodded, "Next, we can use Fan Shu City as the core to stretch [Zhan Long]'s power. Don't worry, with the Royal Army as the shield, I will also order Chi Yu Han as the Fan Shu City Head. Then we will be able to produce the Cliff Dragon Cavalry, the Flame Hawk Archers, and the other troops. Along with the Royal Army, looking out at the world, no one would be able to go up against [Zhan Long]."

  Yue Qing Qian smiled, "Brother Xiao Yao, I am going overseas to a forum over these two days. You know, they are all shocked. After the Hero's Wings Cup, they didn't expect there to be a Xiao Yao Zi Zai in the China Region. Hehe, all of them were gobsmacked by Brother Xiao Yao and [Zhan Long]!"

  I laughed out loud, "Good luck everyone. [Zhan Long] is truly famous now. Next, we’ll sweep the world.”

  "Yes, good luck!" Li Mu said, "Should we help with rebuilding Fan Shu City?"

  "Let's go over and take a look. As for the specifics, I am not sure about it!"



  As I said that, I had already passed the War God River — a huge NPC army followed behind my back. The Royal Army all set off, shipping all their resources towards Fan Shu City. Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han led 10 thousand Dragon’s Den troops to bring us to Fan Shu City. A bunch of Dragon Crystal Cannons, Flame Dragon Cannons, and crossbow carriages slowly proceeded forward. Such huge mobilization was rare in Tian Ling City especially after the country war ended.

  The army quest appeared, making people feel the charm of such a game. So players could control this world as long as you were strong enough!

  An hour later, we arrived at Fan Shu City. The white wall-like jade city had turned into ruins. The city walls were broken at over 80% of the areas and much of the architecture within the city was destroyed. The shops had become a bunch of broken bricks and were totally crushed. Apart from not needing us to level out the area, we had to pretty much start from scratch.

  "Let's begin, get to work. Clear the ruins of the city!" Han Yuan raised his blade. The Royal Army's troops and workers started to dig and move the walls and broken parts away.

  The Ministry of Revenue troops brought a bunch of officials to follow me, "Commander in Chief, we need large amounts of white stone to build the city walls. White stone is really tough and was the main material for the foundation of Fan Shu City. There are white stones above Flaming God Mountain. We need to move stones for half a month to meet the requirements."

  I nodded, "Let your subjects release quests around the area to let adventurers join the construction. Each white stone will give a certain reward. Take the rewards from our treasury."

  "Yes General, I will do so immediately!"


  Not long later, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Dancing Forest, and the others brought around 10 thousand [Zhan Long] players over. Everyone knew what to do and after accepting the quest, they headed to Flaming God Mountain. After the refresh, all the mobs on the mountain were high-level monsters. The Fire Dragon Cavalry opened the path, clearing out the monsters around before starting to search for white stones to complete the quest.

  I ordered Long Xing and Xia Ye to lead 10 thousand Royal Army to defend the dragon crystal mines and gold mines. This was the lifeline Fan Shu City had to develop, and we couldn't lose it. Luckily, the players' mining technology wasn't good enough excavate the two types of NPC mines.

  Riding my God Dragon Horse, I brought a bunch of Fire Dragon Cavalry to charge at the front. After killing a bunch of wild bears, the ground was lined by white stones. We directly used weapons to dig. The Dragon Reservoir Sword smacked the ground and clanged against it. A large meter-wide white stone appeared in front of us. It weighed 10% of our maximum capacity so even if a player's bag was empty, they could collect 10 pieces only.

  I loaded up with 8 white stones and headed down the mountain. The Royal Army troops who saw me expressed their respect instantly. They probably felt that although I was the Suiding Duke and Commander in Chief, I was still personally moving stones too. They felt that I was easy to get close to.

  I came to where the Department of Revenue official was at, handing over a white stone. He blinked and said, "Commander in Chief, you have provided a white stone. You will obtain 2,000,000 experience and 10 gold!"

  Tsk tsk, it didn’t look bad. The current gold to RMB rate was 1:5. So each stone would give 2 dollars, and that meant that one could obtain 16 dollars at once. In one day, I would be able to make 20 trips back and forth from the Flaming God Mountain Range which was equal to 320 dollars. That was much better than moving bricks and there would also be experience, what a huge gain!

  [Zhan Long] players all spread out to move stones. Apart from [Zhan Long], there were many other guilds who came over to do the quest. Fan Shu City was really busy, artisans were cutting around and there were sounds of stone being hit. The main quest now was to repair the city wall to be able to ensure safety.


  It reached the dead of the night very quickly. The sound of the cold wind blew across the entire Fan Shu City. Most troops and craftsmen went to rest. We amassed most resources outside the city and allowed Han Yuan to lead 10 thousand Royal Army troops to defend.

  "So cold... "Yue Qing Qian grabbed her cape and smiled, "At most, it will take 48 hours and the outer surrounding will be built. Next would be the inner construction, right?"

  I nodded my head as I looked at the construction progress and said, "Next would be to build the Lord’s manner and appoint the next leader. After that, we can confirm specialty soldiers. If I make Chi Yu Han the City Lord, then Fan Shu City will be able to produce Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry..."

  Yue Qing Qian nodded her head and smiled, "I also heard that after Fang Ge Que took over Dragon’s Den, he hired an orange [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS from Tian Ling City as the Dragon’s Den City Head. What a waste... the soldier types are much weaker than Chi Yu Han so he wouldn't be able to recruit troops based on the City Lord's stats."

  I felt delighted and smiled, "He deserves it!"

  Yue Qing Qian also laughed, "Yeah, he deserves it!"


  After a few minutes, the sound of horse hooves spread over. A notification sounded out in my ear—


  System Notification: Player, please pay attention, a mercenary group from Lingnan is heading towards Fan Shu City. Their goal is to pillage building resources. Please head out to kill them. Then you can obtain equipment and experience. The more you kill, the better the equipment you can get. Your achievement value will also increase!

  "A quest is here!"

  I was delighted. I held the Dragon Reservoir Sword and jumped on a horse and said, "Brothers, let's start the night quest!"

  A bunch of [Zhan Long] players set out and headed south of Fan Shu City. On the map, a dense amount of red dots appeared. As expected, over fifty thousand fierce mercenaries headed over. F***, even a random mercenary army had so many people. That didn't make any sense. One must know that the Empire's Dragonling Army only had 50 thousand troops after it was rebuilt!

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