Chapter 869
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Zhan Long Chapter 869

Chapter 869

Looking at the time, it was already around ten at night of the second day. We had not eaten for a very long time and if this continued, we would hurt our own bodies. Therefore, I spoke to the core members of [Zhan Long] in the chat, "We have started to surround the city and it has nothing to do with us. Let the medium-sized guilds and NPCs do that, [Zhan Long] will all go offline to rest. Reconvene after ten hours and ensure that your phone is on. Tomorrow there might be a huge battle and members who don't need to work and can skip school please try to come!"

  Everyone nodded their heads, each of them giving orders to their various groups.

  At this moment, a cavalry galloped from the distance. It was the [Zhan Long] third division Guild Leader Death God's Elegy, a level 151 cavalry who rode on a steel blade mount. His body was covered with bright armor. Death God's Elegy's family background was quite decent which was why his armor was really great. Moreover, he had many brothers and friends whom he took really good care of.

  "What's up?" I smiled and asked.

  Death God's Elegy jumped off the horse, his face filled with guilt, "My apologies Guild Master, I had a business deal to do in the afternoon so I didn't manage to come. The third division also didn't act with the main division but they are all filled with energy and can help [Zhan Long] keep watch. Whatever you want me to do just tell me, my brothers and I will stay through the night."

  I couldn't help but laugh, "How many of you are there?"

  "The entire guild has around five thousand people that can be mobilized. Is there really a mission?" He thought about it before speaking.


  I heavily nodded my head and said, "Fire Elephant City has been surrounded so we don't need a lot of people here. However, there is a place where we need people with strength to wipe out and this has been something I have been bothered about."

  "Oh, what place?"

  "Tian Ling City NPC Army's grain path."

  "Grain path?" Death God's Elergy was shocked, "Guild Leader, what should we do specifically?"

  I reached out and summoned a map, pointing out a few locations, "Take a look. From Tian Ling City to Fire Elephant City, there are several spots that can be ambushed. Demon Surrendering Forest is one, and Flaming God Castle is one. There is also this place, the Blackwater River bridge where there is a high chance of ambush. Princess Pearl sent the Purple Spirit Army over to send the grain but there are only fifty thousand of them. You know who I am worried about?"

  Death God's Elergy's eyes lit up, "Clear Black Eyes, that woman!"

  "You are correct!"

  I nodded my head and smiled, "I am indeed worried about Clear Black Eyes. Wan'er and I forced her to leave Heaven Water Pass so she brought twenty thousand [Beautiful Life] members and thirty to forty thousand Fire Carp Army troops to roam the fertile lands to kill our people. Our grain has already been cut off once and this time Purple Spirit Army General Xiahou Ren is personally sending the grain. However, Clear Black Eyes definitely has her eyes on it and fifty thousand troops won't be their match. Bring your five thousand brothers over to protect the grain path."

  "How to protect?"

  "Send assassins to scout along the way, and grasp the NPCs grain cart's direction. Your five thousand men don’t have to directly join the party, but you can just roam near them and wait for Clear Black Eyes and the Fire Carp Army to attack. If they start, you immediately cut them off. Even if she is intelligent, she will still suffer. More importantly, protect the grain from being totally destroyed and at least support it till Fire Elephant City is out of food.”

  Death God's Elegy clenched his fists, fighting spirit blazed in his eyes and he smiled, "Understood. Don't worry Guild Leader, even if we all die, we won't let Clear Black Eyes succeed once more!"

  "Good!" I nodded my head and said, "I will inform [Enemies at the Gate], [Blood Contract], and the other guilds. If you need, you can borrow men from these two guilds. You don't need too many, a few thousand is fine. The moment you all get into a battle, seek help from [Hero’s Mound], [Prague] and [Judgment]. It isn't embarrassing if you do that."

  "Yes, then I will make arrangements. That batch of grain should have already been sent from Tian Ling City!"



  After arranging the movement of the third division I opened my friends list to inform Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song. At this time, Lin Wan Er also sent news that food was ready and they were waiting for me to go down. I hurriedly got onto the horse and charged into the Royal Army camp.

  The Royal Army camp was on the left. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Long Xing, and Xia Ye were all in the tent. The moment I stepped in they all bowed, "General!"

  At the tail end was a beautiful Dark Moon Elf girl named Ling Luo. She looked towards me and said, "General, we haven't really been able to contribute since we joined the Royal Army. When will you utilize us?"

  I smiled, "Soon!"

  "Really?" Ling Luo smiled happily, "That's great. If not, when I meet Queen Fiona in Purple Bamboo Forest she will be angry that I didn't achieve anything."

  "Of course." I pressed the handle of the sword and ordered, "Long Xing, Xia Ye, lead the Star Rifle Camp and Magic Flame Camp to surround the city. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie, lead thirty thousand men to lay hidden in the forest south of Flaming God Castle and wait for the grain troops to come. Once there is a battle, rush over to help. Ling Luo, bring ten thousand Dark Moon Elf archers to follow and when there is a battle, welcome them with your arrow formation. Send enough Blade Shield Unit soldiers to protect the Dark Moon Elves and ensure that they are unharmed!"

  Han Yuan patted his chest and laughed out loud, "Don't worry General, even if I die I won't let the beautiful Dark Moon Elves suffer any injuries!"

  "Oh, that's great."

  Xiao Lie looked toward me and said, "Sir, you are sure someone will attack the grain?"

  "Yes. Otherwise, why did the Fire Carp Army not return to Fire Elephant City? Even when it was surrounded, they didn't help. There is only one reason: they want to cut off our grain. Tian Ling Empire's troops consume so much each day and once the three days of ration is gone we will starve and will lose even before fighting."

  Xiao Lie said solemnly, "Sir is wise. General Han, Ling Luo, and I will not disappoint you."

  "Okay, I am going to rest. Work hard!"



  I went offline to eat. There was a great fragrance in the hall. I could already guess that our hired chef had returned and all the dishes were prepared well...

  Dong Cheng Yue was carrying out many dishes from the kitchen while Lin Wan Er was placing out bowls and cutlery. Tang Qi just sat there waiting to eat. When I sat down everything had already been prepared. Lin Wan Er opened a bottle of red wine, and the four of us shared one bottle. She said that it would aid in sleep. It was indeed true, a little bit would soothe the spirit and help sleep.


  I raised the half full glass and smiled, "Let's celebrate us... Erm, successfully taking down Fire Elephant City, Flaming Cloud City, and receiving many achievement points!"

  Lin Wan Er couldn't help but smile, "That is you. Dong Cheng and I didn't even enter the army, we just want good equipment!"

  "Who cares? Let's just be casual."

  "Yeah yeah."

  I drank a mouthful and then started to eat. Not eating for a long time really made me famished. Tang Qi and I started to wolf down the food. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were well-mannered girls and naturally wouldn't be like us. Thus, us guys finished the food. THe two beauties looked at us with pitiful eyes. Dong Cheng Yue nearly wanted to scold us for being animals.

  Tang Qi grabbed a drumstick with one hand and the wine glass in the other, biting once and then drinking a mouthful. He was so relaxed that even I couldn't stand it anymore. I couldn't help but say, "Tang Qi, didn't you say you were some successor to some enterprise? Those people all call you Young Master. Looking at you eat like that, how are you even a young master?"

  Tang Qi was sad and a little angry, "I was grabbed to serve the army early, following Q-Sword to fight battles and then Drunk Maple led me as a cavalry. Did you know? At least five hundred cavalry chased me and I nearly lost my soul. Sword Tears even told me to last a while longer. F***, I brought five hundred cavalry to run three rounds around Fire Elephant City and for three hours. That isn't something a human does. I am so hungry..."

  Lin Wan Er broke into a giggle, "You end up like this in [Hero’s Mound], so why not join [Zhan Long]?"

  Tang Qi rubbed his nose, "Although I am not a heroic person, I also know about loyalty. I don't want people to scold me for being a dog..."

  Dong Cheng Yue looked at him fiercely, "Are you mocking us for being dogs?"

  "That's not it..." Tang Qi laughed, "Big Miss doesn't think too much. Lin Wan Er and you planned to follow Xiao Yao and you are treated well in [Zhan Long]. Moreover, you all were experts when you met Q-Sword, unlike me. I need to repay his kindness."

  I laughed at the side, "Oh, then you don't have to join [Zhan Long]. Moreover we have many experts. Li Meng Yao, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Qing Qian, Old K, Mocha, Tang Xue, there are even many second rate experts like Star Blade, Tang Xin, Lin Xiao Ya, and Dream of a Thousand Cities. We don't lack one of you. Even if you join us, we still hate you for the Purple Demon Forest matter. Maybe Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K will lock you in a pig cage and drown you."

  Tang Qi suddenly felt a chill down his spine and he was speechless, "Locked in a pig cage and drowned? Aren't... only cheating husbands locked and drowned? What did I do? This is so unreasonable..."

  The two girls giggled while I said, “Let's eat quickly and get seconds. After we finish we need to sleep. Who knows how long we can sleep? Six hours in reality is a day in the game. Maybe if we sleep, two days will have passed. Fire Elephant City will also be totally different. We need to go online soon, the sooner the better."


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