Chapter 868 Surrounded
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Zhan Long Chapter 868 Surrounded

Chapter 868 Surrounded


  Yet another portion of the wall was destroyed. A full two hundred meters of the surrounding wars of Fire Elephant City had been destroyed. Tian Ling City players and troops entered directly. Xu Wei waved his weapons and blades, leading a group of Fire Dragon Army iron cavalry to slash directly into the Flaming Cloud City player camp. They were totally unstoppable. Along with [Hero’s Mound], [Prague] and [Judgment], the Flaming Cloud City players were facing a crushing defeat. They weren't able to block at all.

  Li Mu, Wang Jian led the [Zhan Long] players to charge, their goal was to take down a sizeable amount of country war achievement points. If not [Zhan Long] joining in this country war was the same as fighting for no reason at all.

  The amounts of contributions one did was all in spoken words but whether a person was strong or not depended on equipment and levels. This theory was really obvious. Like how I was the Royal Army General now and what I cared about wasn't my rank but whether or not the strength of the Royal Army got stronger or weaker, whether or not their equipment was good or not.


  I activated [Icy Wings] and charged about the crowd, like there was no one in front of me. Zhen Yue Sword and Dragon Reservoir Sword were covered in blood as I slashed. After using [Icy Wings] my killing efficiency rose by fifty percent. Along with the fifty percent Yang Yan Energy damage addition, my efficiency was pretty much double. Such that no matter where I flew too, the Flaming Cloud City players would avoid me like they had seen a ghost. Even Drunk Maple's Conquer the World would also purposely avoid [Zhan Long]. He was a smart person and knew that he couldn't fight [Zhan Long] head on if not they would be the ones at a disadvantage. Flaming Cloud City had many players and guilds but if Conquer the World and Beautiful Life were both wiped out, their third to tenth guilds were only at the level of The Knights Templar. Even if they fight two against one they wouldn't be on the level of Prague. In terms of closeness there was also a gap already.


  The blade slashed across and it broke both the shield and the armor of a cavalryman. His face was filled with loss as he fell off his war horse. At the same time he also dropped the shield which was already half broken. I picked it up and looked and it was actually a level 125 Divine Tier shield, currently an above average equipment. I turned and tossed it to Li Meng Yao to let her decide who to give this shield to. Moreover I also scoured the ground and found dozens of other equipment which I broke down into God's Army Card. Every hundred God's Army Card was a stack and it didn't occupy much space. I had already obtained seven stacks from this country war. Since the Violet Thunder Tank started showing off its might, I got an even larger need for God's Army Cards. No matter was it to attack Fire Elephant City or the even further Flaming Cloud City having more of these cards were definitely helpful.k

  On the plains of the inner city, the cavalry battle lasted for a full four hours. I commanded the [Zhan Long] and Royal Army cavalry to charge about the group for a full four hours. Everyone was bathed in blood and many people were lost. However we managed to kill even more enemies. With an order from Drunk Maple he brought the Flaming Cloud City players to retreat to defend Fire Elephant City. With that Fire Elephant City became a lone city with players surrounding it from all sides. Flame Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons were laid out and waiting for orders to siege the city. However, no one did. Pearl already gave orders to cut off their grain channel and surround the city for three days before we do anything.

  On the outer hills of the city, [Zhan Long] core players were temporarily resting up. Not long later Q-Sword, Ye Lai, Misty Clouds, Yan Zhao Warrior and Six Ya came along. These people were all the Guild Supervisors of the main guilds of this siege. For some reason they all recognised that [Zhan Long] was the leading guild for this siege.

  I rested on a low peach tree.

I wiped the blood off my Zhen Yue Sword and Dragon Reservoir Sword, using a bright grinding stone to brush slowly along the blade. This was produced by Tian Ling City and after grinding it would raise two percent of the durability. One can grind every hour. Dragon Reservoir Sword had a special quality of never being spoilt so it was okay. As for the Zhen Yue Sword its durability was already forty four percent. Each grind would recover some durability and it was a basic skill that each strong close combat expert needed to have.

  "Dang dang..."

  Misty Clouds also sat on the grass, taking out her grinding stone to grind her sword. Hero Mound Guild Leader Q-Sword galloped forwards and hopped off his horse, patting its head to let it eat the grass on the ground. He looked towards us and said, "Drunk Maple has backed into Fire Elephant City to be a turtle, are we just going to wait just like this?"

  I nodded, "En, Tian Ling City's strategy is to surround the city and make them consume their grain. Once they are hungry then we will siege."

  Q-Sword's black eyes constricted a little, the corner of his lips rising up as he smiled, "Then let me think of a way to speed that up."

  "How to speed it up?" I smiled and asked.

  Yan Zhao Warrior smiled and asked, "Yeah, what method do you have. Asking us to stay put and do nothing is not a plan."

  Q-Sword nodded, taking in a deep breath before saying, "Actually I have a few friends studying and doing business in India and a few of them are already listed as Indians which is why they are Flaming Cloud City players. Although they aren't very fervent in the country war but I can use them to confirm the coordinates of the grain. Then we can send assassins in or use airborne tactics to enter and use burning tools to burn their granary. I believe that they won't even be able to cry out."

  Yan Zhao Warrior clapped his hands, "Oh, this idea is pretty good."

  I said, "Fire Elephant City's walls have a watch tower every hundred meters and each tower has a magic crystal. Under the shine of that any assassin's movement will be scouted out so it is tough for assassins to enter."

  Q-Sword nodded, "En, which is why I am planning to cause chaos to give them a chance to enter. Just one chance and we would be able to succeed."

  I smiled, "What do you need us to do?"

  Q-Sword said, "The few guilds here each send a small amount of players to attack. I will launch a real attack and send a thousand assassins to try to board the city. If we can succeed or not will depend on the heavens."

  Yan Zhao Warrior smiled and nodded, "En, if this plan succeeds then you would take credit for it!"

  Q-Sword smiled, "The only thing I want to do is to destroy Flaming Cloud City, if not this main city with fifty million players is like a bone in our throats. With them there we won't be able to have any peace.



  I continued to sit there to rest and recover the durability of my weapons. I casually took a look at the current country war achievement points. As expected the China Region points were developing violently.

  1: Xiao Yao Zi Zai Country War Achievement Points: 5246

  2: Fang Ge Que Country War Achievement Points: 5117

  3: Enchanted Painting Country War Achievement Points: 4560

  4: Cang Yue Country War Achievement Points: 4412

  5: Cang Tong Country War Achievement Points: 4240

  6: Mu Xuan Country War Achievement Points: 4128

  7: Simple Country War Achievement Points: 3722

  8: Drunken Spear Country War Achievement Points: 3622

  9: Q-Sword Country War Achievement Points: 3514

  10: Ye Lai Country War Achievement Points: 3500


  I who had been right in the thick of the action was at the top of the leaderboard. Second was Fang Ge Que. Enchanted Painting had the Water God Halberd so he was third. Dong Cheng Yue used the Deer Cry Staff to get forth with Lin Wan Er close behind. Mu Xuan and Simple were mages and took sixth and seventh. Then was Drunken Spear, Q-Sword and Ye Lai these three strong close combat players. The top three players will all get Deity Tier, God Tier or Country Weapons, the temptation was just too huge. Due to that which was why everyone would go all out to kill. Of course there was also a portion who did so for the thrill and enjoyment.

  "Did battle break out over at Tian Ling City?"

  I didn't understand, "Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting's points are really high!"

  Lin Wan Er nodded and smiled, "En, eleven hours ago they started fighting at War God River. Waterfront City used ten million players and then roughly five million from Flaming Cloud City reached the south shore of War God River. At Coiling Dragon Ridge they wiped out a few small guilds and tried to swim across, in the end several thousand died. Frost Forest order them to retreat but Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting brought forty thousand men to sneak attack and they ended up suffering heavy losses."

  "Oh?" I was shocked, 'War God River has a strong current and unless Fang Ge Que has teleportation magic, the country war prevents teleportation. How did he cross the War God River?"

  Lin Wan Er grinned, "He ordered Legend's ten thousand Earth Bane Ox Cavalry to defend at Giant Demon Bamboo Forest, to cut the bamboo to build boats. In the night they sent forty thousand elite over the river and crushed Frost Forest and Witch Moon's troops. They chased the win, killing several times more of the enemy before returning to the north shore."

  I too a deep breath, keeping silent and not speaking. Fang Ge Que's intellect really wasn't ordinary.

  Q-Sword in the distance heard me speaking to Lin Wan Er, he couldn't help but frown. He probably didn't expect that Fang Ge Que's battle at War God River would be so smooth. The smoother it was, Fang Ge Que's position at the top of the CBN rankings would be even tougher to shake. Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han were leaders who wanted to be the top and naturally they weren't happy to hear this news.

  I didn't think about much. It was better the stronger Fang Ge Que was, this country battle would also be much easier to fight, however.. Just Fang Ge Que and Legend would be tough to deal with the Waterfront City and Flaming Cloud City forces. War was only temporary and what would happen next was unpredictable. Moreover, what I should be more concerned about now was the battle between Tian Ling City and Fire Elephant City.


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