Chapter 867 Who dares to touch you
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Zhan Long Chapter 867 Who dares to touch you

Chapter 867 Who dares to touch you

In less than three minutes, along with a strike from the Violet Thunder Tank, a broken stone flew about. Roughly forty meters of city walls suddenly crumbled from the middle. Shrapnel shot up into the sky, forming many small explosions. Not only many [Zhan Long] players but also Flaming Cloud City players were smacked into the sky.

  "It broke!"

  Li Mu laughed in joy.

  I activated [Icy Wings] and flew up. In the air, I grabbed a Fire Dragon Cavalry and sent him towards the ground softly. Then I grabbed many [Zhan Long] players who were about to fall to their deaths and allowed them to land safely. The Flaming Cloud City were left to die on their own, all of them smashed onto the ground with a thud and breaking their bones.

  The Violet Thunder Tank continued to follow my orders to destroy more parts of the world. We only broke a ten-meter hole. Although it was enough, it also felt a little small. The wall was covered in cracks and at this point, even Li Mu and the others were slashing down. I immediately sent the news to Q-Sword, Drunken Spear, Ye Lai, Yan Zhao Warrior, and Misty Clouds. Very quickly, [Hero’s Mound], [Judgment] and [Prague] all sent twenty thousand people over to support to defend this breach. Then they would set out from there to continue to invade. With that, the Fire Elephant City defenses would have a chance to totally collapse.

  It was funny to talk about it. The siege towards the main area of the city had gone on for a few hours. The Flame Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons struck for so long but failed to break through. In the end, they had to rely on [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army to do the trick.


  Not long later, the three large guilds' cavalry all arrived. I immediately gave orders. [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army retreated back and let the three guilds block up. We had already fought for a really long time and many players needed to rest, replenish items, and wait for cooldowns. We couldn't just continue like that - it would be too much of a waste.

  On the city wall, there were still many Fire Elephant City and Flaming Cloud City players who charged over. I sent a bunch of barbarian blade shield unit soldiers to cover the archers and mages when they attacked. The barbarians were not only strong, but their skin was also thick. The Flaming Cloud City NPC army normally had forty thousand health but my Blade Shield Unit soldiers basically had a million health points. Moreover, [Zhan Long] healers could heal the NPC army and all of a sudden they formed a natural defense which was enough to block both Fire Elephant City troops and players.

  A few minutes later, a cavalry flew over. He carried a messenger flag and said, "Marshal calls to meet Royal Army General Li!"

  I nodded my head and arranged the defenses of the breech and then I followed the messenger over. I also didn't know what new order the command center had but since we already made a breech, this had to be something good.


The middle troops’ tent was extremely simple and there were many king flags all around. This was an honor that only someone of the emperor race could obtain. It was only natural since Pearl was here.  If not, us normal generals didn't have the right to wave the king flags.

  There were specks of blood on the war robe which was left by the Flaming Cloud City NPC and players during the battle that just ended. I clenched my fist and walked over the red carpet. Both sides lined up the advisors and generals that joined in this battle. Pearl, Louis, Baili Ning, Xiahou Ren were all here. It seemed like our of the five armies only I wasn't there.

  "It has been tough General LI!"

  Pearl stood on the sand and laughed towards me, "I heard that you have already led the Royal Army to strike Heaven Water Pass and broken the walls from within. It is such a huge contribution!"

  I nodded my head and said, "Yes, after breaking it our men could directly enter. As long as we cut off their grain the few million people would finish their rations in a week. Once they lack rations and supplies they won't be able to last for long."

  I bothered about another matter. Players spending twenty-four hours was four days in the game. Which means that we needed 1-2 days in real life to wait for their rations to run out, and only then would we be confident to attack. Without the protection of the NPC army, the Indian Players wouldn't be able to block the China region players. After all, not all of them were with [Conquer the World] and not every guild was [Conquer the World] and [Beautiful Life].

  Pearl smiled, "What General Li says make sense. I have already recorded this contribution, however... Our grain was also cut off, does General Li have other suggestions?"

  I pursed my lips, "Send more forces to protect the grain channel such that we don't get attacked."

  "It is already late!"

  Xu Wei frowned, "Newest news, Fire Carp troops appeared in Flaming God Castle and killed a thousand of our transport troops, snatching away our first batch of grain!"

  I gritted my teeth, "Marshal Xu, I remembered telling you that you had to defend the grain channel. You sent a thousand people to transport, are you just sending grain to Fire Elephant City?"

  Xu Wei raged, "Li Xiao Yao, do you think I wanted it to happen? My army's main force was focusing on sieging, I didn't have many troops to protect the grain channels. If you want to talk about the responsibility you released the Fire Carp Army main force at Heaven Water Pass. I think that the responsibility is on you!"

  I couldn't help but laugh, "The responsibility is on me? If you aren't blind you should know who send Royal Army ten thousand people to assist the granary? You should also know who sent the Royal Army to take down Heaven Water Pass? What about me, I am not god I can't know everything in advance. I can only do what I can do. What about you? You are the commander of the three armies and you are useless only knowing who to blame. Is this what the Marshal is supposed to do?"

  "You!" "You!"

  Xu Wei was so furious his moustache rose but he didn't act up. That was because every word I said made sense but it directly attacked his weakness.


  Us two generals fought so badly that their faces turned red. Pearl was the one who laughed and giggled, making everyone stunned. She covered her mouth and said, "It is okay, General Li Xiao Yao, you can stop. If you continue, our General Xu will be angered to death by you."

  I said, "Yes, Your Highness."

  Pearl said, "We should think about what we should do. Fire Carp Army's main force is about forty thousand people and they are still at our backlines. They might disturb us and attack our grain. Even if we can keep Fire Elephant City and make them die of hunger, our hundreds of thousands of troops will still have no food to eat."

  Louis cupped his fists and said, "Then we can only siege and take it down quickly!"

  I frowned, "Fire Elephant City is very tough and it is impossible to end it quick. Moreover, their reinforcements are mostly in there and they might not be lesser than us at all."

  Pearl said, "Then what ideas do you have?"

  I held my sword and said flatly, "We can't discuss the grain plan, but what we should do is surround it and cut off their grain support. Then we will send a strong force to transport grain and then one more to strike Flaming Cloud City and force their main force out to support. Halfway there, we will send our main force to kill them and kill them one by one, maybe then we will succeed."

  Louis couldn't help but laugh coldly, cupping his fists, “General Li Xiao Yao, you really are vicious!"

  I directly looked towards him and said coldly, "I am cold towards the army while you let the armies attack Fire Elephant City to let them die for nothing, aren't you even more vicious?"


  Louis gritted his teeth, the Luote behind him looked towards me with animosity and said, "Li Xiao Yao as expected from the pillar of the country look at how arrogant you are now. How are you like that small kid that just entered the Royal Army!"

  I sighed, "In front of you people I have never bowed down. If you are not happy then come hit me?"

  Louis couldn’t believe it, "You..."

  Looking at the furious general and major, Pearl couldn't help but laugh, "Okay, then we will follow Li Xiao Yao's plan! The Purple Spirit Army in charge of logistics will personally lead their fifty thousand main force back to the city to transport enough grain over. The other troops will breach the hole and destroy their defenses and surround Fire Elephant City. Apart from that, save some Flame Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons ammunition. We still need them to complete the final battle."

  "Yes!" The bunch of generals bowed in unison.


  I didn't say much, only hoping that Xiahou Ren who was the Purple Spirit General could be smarter and ensure that grain reaches the front line if not the Tian Ling City would go hungry and die. However, I can't have too high hopes after all their advisor is Clear Black Eyes and with her intellect, normal NPCs might not be able to handle it.

  A bunch of generals split up and Pearl left me alone.   

  Only the two of us were left in the tent when she licked her lips and said, "You know why I left you?"

  What I asked wasn't replied, I smiled, "I want to know how long our grain can last?"

  Pearl said, "Normal soldiers roughly eat one and a half kilograms a day and we only brought 2.5 million kilograms so we can only last for three to four days."

  I said, "This is why you are anxious?"


  Pearl sighed and said, "If Xiahou Ren is unable to transport the grain to the front lines, then we will only have to return back to the city."

  I looked towards Fire Elephant City where smoke was rising up. I couldn't help but laugh, "Actually, it might not be a bad thing if we can't bring the troops back to the city, we have stayed here for too long."

  Pearl's lips twitched, "You are saying... Waterfront City and Moon City are moving?"

  I nodded, "If I were them I wouldn't watch Tian Ling Empire swallow Flaming Cloud Empire and do nothing."

  "That's through..."

  Pearl said leisurely, "So what? Brother gave us a decree to raise Purple Flame Saint Ruler's head to see him. If not then I can only kill myself..."

  I couldn't help but laugh, "Don't joke around, with me here, who will dare to touch you?"

  Pearl was touched and laughed, “Yeah..."


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